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How To Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos

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How To Prevent Saving Photos From Whatsapp To Your Iphone Library

How to Stop WhatsApp from Saving Images or Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

For owners of smartphones or tablets with the iOS operating system, the procedure is similar to the previous one. You will need to open the WhatsApp app again, go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage and then in the Media Auto-Download section, go to each category and select Never or choose only Wi-Fi option without Cellular.

On both iPhone and Android you will still be able to save the files you received by clicking on the photo or video you are interested in.

Turn Off Automatic Download On Whatsapp On Android

If you use an Android device and not an iPhone, it’s still perfectly possible to turn off the automatic download option on WhatsApp. The autosave feature is turned on as standard on Android devices, so you will need to disable it yourself to prevent your phone’s gallery from becoming full. Below are the steps you need to take to turn off autosave on WhatsApp for Android:

  • Unlock your device and open WhatsApp. At the top of your screen, you will see three dots that you need to click on to access the settings.
  • After clicking on the dots, head into settings, followed by ‘Data and Storage Usage‘. In this category, you can then access the ‘Media auto-download‘ option. This allows you to download the auto-download feature on WiFi, mobile data, and roaming, so select the option you wish to change .
  • Tap the appropriate option and turn the auto-download feature off for photos and any other media file that you desire.
  • Finally, go back to the WhatsApp settings and open the ‘Chats‘ option. You can then turn off the ‘Media Visibility‘ option, which ensures downloaded photos don’t display within the main gallery of your phone.
  • Performing these simple steps will free your Android gallery from unwanted downloads and save you from removing photos from your device manually.

    Limit Automatic Download Of Photos And Videos In Whatsapp

    Now you know how to stop media from automatically saving to the Photos app. But did you know that you can also prevent WhatsApp from downloading photos and videos automatically over cellular data or Wi-Fi?

    This will help save your iPhone storage and net allowance if you are on a limited data plan.

  • Open WhatsApp on iPhone and tap Settings at the bottom right.
  • Tap Storage and Data.
  • Under MEDIA AUTO-DOWNLOAD, tap the desired options and choose Never.
  • From now, the selected media wont auto-download. You will have to tap the download icon manually to view it.
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    How To Stop Whatsapp From Saving Photos And Videos

    Messaging apps like WhatsApp are perfect for sharing photos and videos made on your phone. But not every photo and video needs to be automatically downloaded to your camera roll. If everything was automatically downloaded, your camera roll would soon become cluttered, and youd be spending lots of time deleting images and video. So how do you stop WhatsApp from saving photos and videos? As usual, the answer lies in the settings.

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    To stop WhatsApp from saving photos and videos, go to the contact in question and tap their name at the top of the screen. Scroll down till you see Save to Camera Roll. Tap on that and youll get three options Default , Always, and Never. Choose which one you want. Unfortunately, you need to do this process for each contact. Theres no one blanket setting for everyone.

    Bonus Tips: Backup Whatsapp Photos To Computer And Restore At Any Time

    How To Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos On Android « 3nions

    If you don’t have enough space to store your WhatsApp photos, you can back them up to computer before deleting them. And this is what iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp can help! You can follow the steps below to make a full backup of WhatsApp.

    Step 1.Download and install iMyFone iTransor for WhatsApp on computer. Launch it and choose ‘Back Up WhatsApp on Devices‘ module. Connect your Android or iOS device to computer via USB cable. When iTransor finish to anaylze your device, hit ‘Back Up‘ to start.

    Step 2.For Android users, you need to follow the instructions that show on screen to install cumsomized WhatsApp to access your WhatsApp data. For iPhone users, you can just wait till complete. iTransor will back up all conversations, stickers, photos, videos and attachments from your device to computer.

    Step 3.When the ‘WhatsApp Messenger backup successful‘ comes up, you are done with it!

    If you are interested in this, don’t forget to download it for a try.

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    Stop Whatsapp Photo Auto

    There’s nothing too complicated about turning off the autosave feature on WhatsApp for iPhone you just need to know where to look. This is excellent news for your cluttered camera feed, as you can easily change the settings on your iPhone to prevent your camera roll from becoming clogged. To turn off autosave on WhatsApp for iPhone and to de-clutter your camera feed, follow these simple steps:

  • Unlock your iPhone and open WhatsApp by clicking on its icon.
  • Access your WhatsApp settings by clicking on the ‘gear‘ icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Look for the ‘Data and Storage Usage‘ settings and select the ‘Media Auto-Download‘ feature.
  • You will now have the chance to turn off the option for photos by toggling the button off.
  • The final step is to head back into your WhatsApp settings and select ‘Chats‘. Within, disable the option ‘Save to Camera Roll‘, and images you receive from friends will no longer save automatically to your iPhone.
  • As you can see, turning off autosave on WhatsApp for iPhone is a super simple process! You no longer need to be worried about clogging up your device with unwanted images from your group chats and can free up your library for pictures that you want to store.

    Why Does The Whatsapp Save Photos Automatically

    WhatsApp saves all of the images and videos that you receive by automatically downloading them to your phoneâs gallery. The good picture here is that youâll never miss a photo, while the bad picture is that it eats up a lot of your phoneâs memory and also consumes your data storage. Cleaning WhatsAppâs automatically downloaded pictures and videos, makes room on your phone, while it can be too tedious as well.

    But, apart from all this, there arises a question as to why do the WhatsApp save photos automatically. According to WhatsApp, images are saved so that users can have quick and prompt access to their photos. This is certainly and definitely true. But, it can be troublesome for you. This can be an extreme headache and might also cost you the performance of your phone. The WhatsApp settings photo saving becomes unmanageable and this becomes too difficult for you to keep your gallery in the track.

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    How To Override This Setting For Specific Photos

    In the above steps, you saw how to prevent media from automatically saving to the iPhone Photos app. But what if you receive a useful photo or video that you want to save to the Photos app. Well, dont worry. It is easy to save media manually even after turning off automatic saving.

  • Open a Whatsapp conversation and tap an image or video.
  • Tap the and choose Save. This will save the image to the iPhone Photos app.
  • To save several images and videos manually: Long-press an image and tap Forward. After selecting multiple images and videos, tap the . Finally, tap Save Items.
  • Stop Whatsapp From Auto Downloading Photos On Android Phone

    How to STOP WhatsApp automatically saving ALL photos and videos in Android and iPhone

    Follow the steps below to prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading and saving photos on your Android Phone.

    1. Open WhatsApp> tap on 3-dot menu icon and select Settings option in the drop-down.

    2. On the Settings screen, tap on Data and storage usage.

    3. On the next screen, tap on When connected to WiFi.

    4. On the pop-up, uncheck Photos, Videos and tap on OK.

    5. Similarly, tap on When Using Mobile Data and disable Photos and Videos in the pop-up.

    After this, WhatsApp wont be able to automatically download Photos and Videos on your Android Phone.

    Note: This setting only applies to new Chats, previously downloaded WhatsApp Photos and videos will still be available on your device.

    You can either manually delete all previously downloaded WhatsApp photos and videos from your Android Phone or Hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos Folder.

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    How To Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos To Android:

  • Open up WhatsApp and, in the top-left corner, you should see the More Options button. This looks like three stacked dots.
  • Tap the three dots, then tap the Settings option.
  • From here, tap the Chats option.
  • You should then see an option to toggle on or off media visibility. Turn this off to stop WhatsApp automatically saving photos, videos and GIFs to your Android phone.
  • Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos On Android Phone

    The default setting in WhatsApp is to automatically download and save all the received Photos and Videos to the Photos App on your Android Phone.

    As you can imagine, this default setting can result on your Android phone being flooded with all kinds of unwanted WhatsApp Photos and Videos.

    Apart from cluttering the Photo Gallery and taking up storage space, certain WhatsApp photos can potentially land you in trouble, if they happen to be inappropriate or controversial.

    Hence, we are providing below the steps to prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading and saving photos to Android Phone.

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    Extra Tips: How To Transfer Whatsapp Photos From Samsung To Other Phone

    Less storage is always a concern for most people who receive media files from their friends and family. There is always an option for you to deal with storage problems. iCareFone Transfer is the best of the best media transfer and backup tools. It has a simple interface and makes ti easy for you to transfer, backup, and restore your WhatsApp data. This tool also allows you to transfer your data between iPhone and Android.

    Here’s how this excellent tool works.

    • Next, iCareFone Transfer will backup your WhatsApp data in the source device. Click “Continue” to go on.

    • After backing up successfully, this tool will auto transfer your WhatsApp data to the destination device.

    • The whole process will take a few minutes. Once done, you will see the below screen.

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    How to Stop WhatsApp from Saving Photos Automatically on ...

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    WhatsApp is regularly used by 1.5 billion people around the world. The -owned chat platform is incredibly successful as it allows pictures, videos and even files to be sent for free. But WhatsApp does have it drawbacks, as the app automatically downloads this media to your phone, swallowing data allowance and consuming storage.

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    How Do Stop Whatsapp From Saving Photos/videos On Android/ios

    WhatsApp is used by 2.8 billion people all over the world. Survey says that it is one of the first few apps downloaded by users when they purchase a new smartphone. This world-renowned messenger allows the exchange of messages, videos, pictures and audio files between two users.

    However, the downside of the messenger is that it ends up eating a lot of space on your phone since it downloads media files, Pictures, videos and GIFS automatically. This clutters your phones music player and photo gallery and consume a substantial amount of data as well.

    Due to this feature, internet data you start losing data rapidly due to which you might have to recharge often. However, the good news is that you can disable auto. Heres how!

    Stop Saving Photos From Individual Whatsapp Chats

    Are you seeing images from a WhatsApp chat within the Photos app which you particularly dont want to see? There are options to stop saving photos from individual chats on WhatsApp. Here is how.

    Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and select a chat from which you do not want any photos getting saved. Once you are in the chat, tap the contact name at the top.

    You will find certain chat settings and among them, tap on Save to Camera Roll.

    A menu will pop up now on your iPhone screen. On that, choose Never as your option. Now you can go back to the chat.

    This will stop saving any photos or videos from the particular chat in your iPhone Photos app. You will not find them anymore among the camera roll. To see any photos you received from, the person, you can open the WhatsApp chat and look for any media files.

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    It is always better to turn off the Save to Camera Roll option in WhatsApp. This will prevent any unsolicited images you got from WhatsApp from getting saved among other photos in your camera roll. Also, you can save your storage since the iPhone will not create another copy of the WhatsApp photos and videos.

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    How To Stop Whatsapp Auto

    Some 60 billion messages are sent over the WhatsApp chat platform every day. One of the reasons for the service’s massive popularity is that it lets users send and receive as many media-rich messages as they want, which as long as they’ve limited WhatsApp’s use of their cellular data plan costs them next to nothing.

    That’s great news for senders, but one of the drawbacks of receiving multiple images and video clips from your WhatsApp contacts is that they’re automatically saved to your iPhone’s Photo Library. Apart from being an unwelcome sight in your personal Camera Roll, they can start to take up valuable storage space. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this default behavior by following the steps below.

    Want To Delete Already Saved Whatsapp Photos And Videos

    How to stop whatsapp from saving photos, videos automatically in android phone

    On your iPhone, I can suggest you these two practical options to do this:

    #1 Deleting them from the WhatsApp album on Photos app

    You can see and delete photos and videos saved by WhatsApp on your camera roll so far by going to Apple Photos app / Albums / WhatsApp. You can select and delete a selection or whole content from this album that gathers photos and videos from all your chats.

    #2 Deleting all media from a specific WhatsApp chat

    Want to delete photos and videos from a specific chat or group? Maybe you are a member of a few groups that you are not interested that much but you dont want to leave either. Then follow the below steps to delete photos and videos from a specific group all at once.

    Go to your WhatsApp settings, Data and storage use and Storage usage. Select the chat from which you want to delete some media. Click on Manage, check the boxes for the type of media that you want to delete and click on Clear. Be aware: this action will delete all the media under the selected category for this chat from the beginning until now!

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    How To Stop Saving Whatsapp Photos To Android Phone’s Gallery

    If you are using an Android device and want to stop media files including pictures and videos from all individual chats and groups being automatically saved to Gallery folder, you need to disable the Media visibility feature.

    Open WhatsApp on your Android device and tap three-dots More options icon. Choose Settings and then go to Chats. Here you can turn off Media visibility to stop saving WhatsApp photos to the Gallery folder.

    Tips: Can I Backup Whatsapp Photo In Privacy Wy

    While everything else including WhatsApp image storage and saving is settled and is in your hands now, and you know how to turn off WhatsApp photo saving, itâs time to focus on the backup of the WhatsApp images. There are various ways through which you can take a backup of the WhatsApp, but the best way is through Dr.Fone.

    Dr.Fone is a well-known Android Data Backup and Restore software, which allows you get an easy backup of all types of data like call history, gallery, video, messages or audio that are available on your WhatsApp app. It has proved to be of immense help for people who are always on a lookout to keep a safe backup of the WhatsAppimages or videos.

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    How To Stop Saving Whatsapp Photos On Your Phone

    The whatsapp mobile app is regularly used by 1.5 billion people worldwide. The popular chat platform is incredibly successful, as it allows you to send images, videos and even files for free. But you cant have your cake and eat it. Using whatsapp without help has its downsides, since the application automatically downloads the videos and images sent to the phone, swallowing the data allocation we possess and consuming storage on the device. Today were going to inform you on how to prevent Whatsapp from saving photos on your smartphone:

    Stop Whatsapp From Saving All Photos On Iphone

    How to Stop WhatsApp Auto

    Generally, iPhone does not keep a distinction between your actual camera roll and photos saved from WhatsApp. If you do want to keep your camera roll only with the photos you take, you can stop WhatsApp from saving any photos at all.

    To do that, open WhatsApp from your iPhone and go to the Settings tab.

    Tap on the Chats option.

    On the next screen, toggle off the option Save to Camera Roll.

    If this is already off, that means your WhatsApp is not saving any photos to the camera roll. You will not see any photos you downloaded on WhatsApp among other photos in the Recents album once you turn it off. You will still find the photos that are already saved in the Photos app they will not be removed automatically.

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