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How To Stop Linkedin Premium

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Why Is Linkedin Like This

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium

I know. I think its trying a bit too hard as well. But then it is supposed to be a networking site, so perhaps giving people a push in the right direction by telling them when others are interested in connecting is a good thing?

Or maybe it just means you feel rejected when someone visits your profile and buggers off again without saying hi. Your mileage may vary.

How To Cancel Premium On Linkedin Sales Navigator Account

If you have a LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator Account, canceling this account will require you to follow fairly similar steps.

  • Access on your computer or smartphone.
  • Sign in to your Sales Navigator account by entering your username and password.
  • Move the cursor over your profile photo if youre using a computer.
  • If youre on your smartphone, simply click on your profile picture. This should be located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • A dropdown list should appear now, following which you must select the Settings tab from the list.
  • Locate the Account type heading in the new page.
  • What Does Linkedin Premium Cost

    How much is LinkedIn Premium? Well, it varies based on the type of package you pick.

    Premium Career: $29.99* / monthPremium Business: $47.99* / month when billed annuallySales Navigator Professional: $64.99* / month when billed annuallyRecruiter Lite: $99.95* / month when billed annually

    *These prices do not include sales tax. Also those billed annually are up to 20% more expensive if you choose to pay month-to-month.

    Also important: these are just the bottom tiers. There are 2 higher tiers that branch off each at additional cost. LinkedIn does not disclose anything about these until youve already become a customer.

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    Is Linkedin Free Trial Really Free

    Even though you must enter credit card details when you decide to try LinkedIn Premium for free, your card wont be charged until the free trial expires.

    You should cancel the free trial at least one day before its scheduled to end, or it will turn into a recurring paid subscription automatically. Your card will be charged for the monthly or annual subscription based on what you chose at the signup.

    If you cancel the LinkedIn Premium free trial before it expires, it wont be available for at least 12 months. You will lose access to all Premium features and revert to the basic free profile.

    How To Refund Linkedin Premium

    How to Cancel a Premium Account on Linkedin (with Pictures)

    If you forgot to , you might have found that you’ve been charged hundreds of dollars if it auto-renewed without you realizing the date was coming up. Many people get stung by this, and unfortunately, the wording that LinkedIn offers surrounding refunds can be confusing.

    Some users on Reddit report this issue and how confused they were when they were attempting to get a refund. Typically, you will be taken from pillar to post around the platform attempting to find the refund page. Unfortunately, the Help section is bloated enough to convince you to stop attempting altogether.

    To refund your LinkedIn Premium Subscription:

  • On a device that’s logged into LinkedIn, go to the page.
  • Click submit your account for review, which is hyperlinked amidst their bullet-point list explaining their refund policy.
  • You’ll be taken to the Refund Policy page, where LinkedIn will suggest Premium subscriptions are non-refundable. Ignore this, and click Request account review.
  • Click Submit and review.
  • Despite their earlier comment that Premium is non-refundable, you should find that you are refunded instantly, which is unusual for companies. You can follow these steps on a PC or mobile browser, but it’s easier to do so on a PC since you’d have to log in to the mobile browser version of LinkedIn on your mobile to follow the steps there.

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    Which Premium Accounts Does Linkedin Offer

    LinkedIn offers multiple Premium account options, including Premium Career, Business, LinkedIn Learning, Recruiter, and Sales Navigator. Each type of LinkedIn Premium account is designed for specific work-related situations and offers different features.

    For example, LinkedIn Learning offers courses to help you grow in your career, while Premium Career is meant for finding different job opportunities and getting hired.

    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Free Trial With Donotpay

    No matter what subscription or membership you want to terminate, DoNotPay can provide you with a fast and easy method to stop those recurring charges:

  • Set up your DoNotPay account in a web browser
  • Select Find Hidden Money when you log in
  • Enter LinkedIn Premium when asked about the subscription you want to stop
  • No need to dig deep for ways to contact customer support or obscure cancellation options. When your cancellation request is processed successfully, a notification will pop up in your DoNotPay app.

    Do you have trouble keeping up with all your paid subscriptions? Connect your email address or bank account to DoNotPay and get a list of all monthly recurring charges. This overview is great if you forgot about some memberships you no longer use but still pay for. You can repeat the steps described above and save some money in the process!

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    What Are The Benefits Of Having A Linkedin Premium Subscription

    Having a premium subscription on any social networking platform comes with a range of exclusive benefits. The same goes with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform. Over the years, LinkedIn has made changes that cater to job seekers and those who want to grow as professionals.

    Hence, LinkedIn Premium now includes new features such as LinkedIn Learning Courses and Interview Preparation that allow users to prepare for their next interview. Added to these services are tools such as advanced search, InMail messages, and more results in search queries.

    Heres how you can decide your plan according to your requirements:

    The feature page is great for you to make a final decision on the plan you wish to take according to what you are looking for.

    So Is A Linkedin Premium Plan Worth It

    How to Cancel a LinkedIn Premium Subscription

    If you already have a Basic LinkedIn account, you might be wondering if all the extra features you get by upgrading will actually be worth your money. Obviously, the way you plan to use LinkedIn will be unique to you, but in general, there are a few things you should ask yourself when deciding whether you’d like to try upgrading.

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    What Do You Get With Linkedin Premium

    Premium Career: 3 InMail messages per month See whos viewed your profile in the last 90 days Display at the top of recruiters applicant lists See how you compare to other candidates View salary insights while browsing jobs Get access to LinkedIns online video courses

    Premium Business: Like the Career plan but with 15 InMail messages you can browse more profiles up to 3rd degree see business insights .

    Sales Navigator Professional: Like the Career plan but with 20 InMail messages access to LinkedIns Sales Navigator lead-developing tool lead lists lead recommendations.

    Recruiter Lite: Like the Career plan but with 30 InMail messages advanced search unlimited visibility of your extended network automatic candidate tracking integrated hiring recruiting-specific design.

    They Want To Cancel Their Free Trial

    Users can enjoy a free month of any LinkedIn Premium plan. This offer allows them to experience the benefits of subscribing to a premium LinkedIn plan without spending a dime for the first 30 days. This is an incredible advantage to any individual or business that genuinely wants to utilize the premium features to fulfill their goals.

    Unfortunately, many users subscribe to the free trial on a whim just to see what its like even though they may not really need it. So, they waste a precious resource and panic when the trial period nears its end. The only option left for them is to cancel the subscription.

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    No Need For Cancellation Reminders When You Have Donotpay

    If youre worried about getting charged after your LinkedIn Premium free trial ends, you can use our Free Trial Card. Our app will generate a free virtual credit card that will work at the signup.

    This method is risk-free because our virtual credit cards are not connected to your bank account. Once the trial expires, LinkedIn wont be able to charge you even if you forget to cancel the trial on time!

    Request For More Linkedin Connection Requests

    How to Cancel a Premium Account on Linkedin (with Pictures)

    Now, if you do not wish to follow the above methods and they dont seem to suit your ideas and strategies, then you can always contact LinkedIns support and request more LinkedIn connection requests as per your needs. If youre a premium LinkedIn user, then your response rate might be a little quicker than the free user.

    Typically your waiting period might range from 2-4 days for a response from the support team. But, your request will be attended without fail. Note that you can only request again after 30 days from your previous request date.

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    Can I Request For A Refund For Linkedin Premium

    LinkedIn doesn’t offer refunds when you cancel LinkedIn Premium.

    What happens is that when you cancel, all your Premium features will be forfeited/expire by the end of the billing cycle.

    This also includes your unused InMail credits if any.

    This is why it’s advised that you use your Premium along with your InMail credits to the fullest before the end of the billing cycle.

    However, there are some exceptions to the refund rule.

    If you live in the EU, you can get a refund within the first 14 days that your subscription has been active. People in Denmark and the Netherlands, are even entitled to a refund of their subscription that will remain after cancellation.

    LinkedIn does provide an option for special cases if you feel like you really deserve a refund.

    We don’t hear of a lot of people getting refunds under normal circumstances, but it’s worth a shot.

    Refunding Your Linkedin Premium

    There’s no need to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a service you don’t even intend to use. Things happen, and you can’t be expected to remember everything you’ve signed up for on trial.

    While LinkedIn seemingly tries to place barriers between you and the refund request, you can refund your Premium subscription so long as you haven’t used any content since they took the money.

    If you’re still looking to learn online but don’t wish to use LinkedIn Learning, alternatives such as Udemy exist and are available for you to try.

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    How To Cancel A Premium Account On Linkedin

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher. This article has been viewed 346,212 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to remove LinkedIn’s paid Premium membership from your account. You can’t cancel a premium account from the LinkedIn mobile app, though you can cancel a LinkedIn subscription from the iTunes Store if you purchased the subscription through Apple.

    You Get Information About Your Competition

    How to cancel LinkedIn premium subscription with English subtitles

    Another advantage tied to applying to jobs on LinkedIn is the ability to get access to competitive intelligence about other job applicants for each unique job posting. You will be able to both compare your skills to the qualifications required for open job as well as see how you stack up against other applicants. You can use this information to help craft your own unique story and prep for your interview. In particular, answering the why you vs. your competition question will be much easier to answer.

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    What Are The Linkedin Premium Benefits

    Previously we discussed how to cancel linkedin premium but this section is all about linkedin premium benefits.

    LinkedIn premium subscribers get access to the new tab, Premium insights, on company pages. These insights can be invaluable in your job search. These include statistics on headcount, distribution of employees, and headcount growth by function. Additionally, they can view who has viewed their profile in the last 90 days. The data is valuable for research and business planning.

    Among the linkedin premium benefits, the LinkedIn sales navigator can dramatically increase your productivity by automating your sales process. It works with the automation tool, boosting sales actions. There is no risk to try the free version of LinkedIn. Sign up for the free trial to see what it has to offer. If you enjoy the features, you should upgrade to a subscription account.

    Here are some of the reasons why you should upgrade to get linkedin premium benefits:

    One of the major disadvantages of LinkedIns free version is that you cant optimize your profile. Without an optimized profile, it is impossible to create strong connections on LinkedIn. You can also choose to receive updates on industry news and free ebooks. The newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in technology. The newsletter will contain exclusive offers and tips for your business. And when you pay yearly, youll get access to the premium newsletter, featuring helpful tips and useful information.

    How To Refund Your Linkedin Premium Subscription

    Did you sign up for a LinkedIn Premium trial and got charged because you forgot? Here’s how you can get your money back.

    It can cause panic when you’re stung with a bill you weren’t expecting, only to find out you forgot to cancel a subscription. LinkedIn Premium is known for catching people off-guard and hitting them with a hefty bill, but luckily, there is a way to get your money back.

    Canceling your LinkedIn Premium simply requires finding the right page to do it. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is a little sneaky with how it hides this and tries to deceive you into believing Premium is non-refundable.

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    How To Stop Linkedin From Telling Someone You Viewed Their Profile

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    LinkedIn often tells people when you view their profiles and shows them your name. That person may even get an email or alert saying you viewed their profile. Heres how to browse privately without LinkedIn sharing this information.

    It may seem silly to prefer anonymity on a social network, but other social networks dont work this way. Facebook and Twitter dont send someone a notification whenever you view their profile.

    To find this option, head to the website, click your profile icon on the top bar, and select Settings & Privacy.

    Select how you want to appear. You can select Anonymous LinkedIn Member for pure private browsing or select your private profile characteristics, which may appear as just Someone on LinkedIn or something more specific.

    People will still see that someone viewed their profile after you view their profilebut theyll see only that an anonymous person viewed it.

    Additional Linkedin Premium Services

    How to Cancel a LinkedIn Premium Subscription

    Apart from these specific features that are accessible to employers and employees, LinkedIn Premium also has a lot of interesting features that make it hard to turn down a premium subscription. Some of these include:

    LinkedIn Salary

    LinkedIn Salary is a service that was launched in 2016. It helps users make an informed decision with regard to finding a job based on the industry standards salaries. You can now see how you stack up against your peers in terms of your current salary and in terms of how much your future employers are willing to pay you.

    Full Profile Access

    When youre looking at prospective employers or employees on LinkedIn, you only have access to a partial profile when using the free service. With the premium subscription, you can go beyond the names and headlines and check out the full profiles of members and organizations whove piqued your interest.

    Improved Searches

    As there are millions of members of LinkedIn currently, it becomes challenging to find the right people or companies with a regular search. Dig deeper into the vast database. Youll come away with improved results by using the premium search feature afforded to LinkedIn Premium account holders.

    In addition, you can now use insightful parameters such as searching the network based on seniority level, interests, company size, job function, Fortune 1000, and years of experience.

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    How To Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Recruiter Lite Account

    If you made your purchase for your Recruiter Lite account on, you can follow the steps below to cancel it. If you purchased it through a sales team, you must contact them to cancel it.

  • Go to in a desktop or mobile web browser and sign into your Recruiter Lite account.

  • Hover your cursor over More at the top of your screen.

  • Select Admin Settings from the dropdown list.

  • On the left side, look for the box labeled Manage Your Account and select Cancel Subscription.

  • Your profile, connections and other data will be retained on your Basic account after cancelation, but your premium benefits and features will be taken away at the end of your billing cycle. To avoid being charged, you must cancel your premium account at least one day before the next billing cycle. If you cancel during your free trial period, you won’t be able to sign up for another free trial period for at least 12 months.

    If you decide to return to LinkedIn Premium sometime in the future after cancellation, you can do so any time by signing up for the corresponding plan again, however you’ll be required to start from scratch. Anything you used or saved with the premium features you had access to prior to cancellation will not be restored.

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