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How To Stop Linkedin Premium On App

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How To Deactivate Linkedin On Your Desktop

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium on iPhone or iPad

If youre ready to cut LinkedIn out of your life for a while, temporarily disabling your LinkedIn account on your desktop is a pretty straightforward process. To do so, youll need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Click on your profile picture in the upper right of your screen. The tab is called Me.

Step 3: Go to Settings & Privacy.

Step 4: On the next page, click on Account preferences on the upper-left side.

Step 5: Scroll down to or click on Account management.

Step 6: Select Hibernate account.

Step 7: If you want to, you can tell LinkedIn why you wish to deactivate. You can either add a comment or tick a box or both.

Step 8: On the next page, enter your password and click Hibernate account.

Once youve completed these steps, LinkedIn will deactivate your account. Youll need to wait 24 hours before youre allowed to reactivate. When youve deactivated your profile, people wont be able to see your account it will show up as A LinkedIn Member instead.

If you have a paid membership, LinkedIn will cancel this when you deactivate your account. The only exception is if you bought via a third party like the App Store youll need to cancel there if you want to stop payments from going out.

What Should I Do If I Have Multiple Linkedin Accounts

Since managing multiple accounts is not allowed, you need to choose one of the jobs or profiles which could get greater leverage through LinkedIn. In the headline, only mention the job you have chosen. Mentioning two different jobs in a headline can confuse people. Also remember that despite not being able to mentioned to jobs in your headline, you can add it to your actual profile as current work. There are no rules as to how many jobs you can be doing at one time.

If you want to without your boss knowing, we advise you to use the LinkedIn Job Search app, as no updates are sent to your LinkedIn contacts. Also check your Privacy settings to make sure you know what type of updates are being posted on your profile and who can view them.

How To Cancel Your Recruiter Lite Account

Before you cancel your Recruiter Lite account, you should contact your LinkedIn account manager or a customer service representative to see if they can help you in any other way. Once you cancel your Recruiter Lite account, you would lose all the data associated with that account including job postings and projects. Your InMail messages would be deleted and your InMail credits cannot be transferred to your personal LinkedIn account. So, make sure to use all the InMail credits before canceling your account.

Also, you wont receive any responses to previously sent InMail after the Recruiter Lite account is canceled. And, if you decide to use a Recruiter Lite account again in the future, you have to start with a new account. Make sure to contact LinkedIn support to transfer unused job credits. Your personal LinkedIn account wont be affected in any way after you cancel your Recruiter Lite account.

Now, follow the steps below to cancel Recruiter Lite account:

  • Log in to your Recruiter Lite account and visit the homepage.
  • Next, move your cursor to the top and hover it over More to select the Admin Settings.
  • From the Manage Your Account box, click Cancel Subscription. Then, you just need to follow the series of guidelines to complete the cancelation process.
  • You have the option to undo the cancelation process by clicking on Undo beside the cancelation date in the Manage Your Account box.

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    Some Details To Keep In Mind

    Even after deactivation, your profile will still be visible to others for some time. That, and in searches, too. When you deactivate your account permanently, it is not removed from the LinkedIn database right away. It takes some time for your account preferences, settings, privacy, data and all those important bits that made up your profile to completely disappear.

    But note, your account will only be visible in searches through engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    There is no option to temporarily disable your account. It goes straight to deactivation. However, thanks to LinkedIns reactivation process, you can get a deactivated account back right away by sending reactivation request and logging back in. It is as simply and quick as that.

    What Are The Benefits Of Having A Linkedin Premium Subscription

    Cancel LinkedIn Premium: How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

    Having a premium subscription on any social networking platform comes with a range of exclusive benefits. The same goes with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform. Over the years, LinkedIn has made changes that cater to job seekers and those who want to grow as professionals.

    Hence, LinkedIn Premium now includes new features such as LinkedIn Learning Courses and Interview Preparation that allow users to prepare for their next interview. Added to these services are tools such as advanced search, InMail messages, and more results in search queries.

    Heres how you can decide your plan according to your requirements:

    The feature page is great for you to make a final decision on the plan you wish to take according to what you are looking for.

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    What Does Linkedin Premium Cost

    How much is LinkedIn Premium? Well, it varies based on the type of package you pick.

    Premium Career: $29.99* / monthPremium Business: $47.99* / month when billed annuallySales Navigator Professional: $64.99* / month when billed annuallyRecruiter Lite: $99.95* / month when billed annually

    *These prices do not include sales tax. Also those billed annually are up to 20% more expensive if you choose to pay month-to-month.

    Also important: these are just the bottom tiers. There are 2 higher tiers that branch off each at additional cost. LinkedIn does not disclose anything about these until youve already become a customer.

    Quit Linkedin Premium If It’s Not Right For You

    While LinkedIn Premium is a great service with a lot of amazing features, there’s nothing wrong with cancelling the service if you don’t feel like it’s a right match for your needs. It’s just another tool that you can use to find a job, and not actually a necessity.

    One thing you can do without a LinkedIn Premium subscription is follow companies you’re interested in? And here are .

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    How To Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Recruiter Account

    The LinkedIn recruiter account gives you the tools you need to find and engage qualified people for your companys needs. Its a useful tool for corporate recruiters.

    If youre still using this account, you can cancel your subscription by following the instructions below.

    • Firstly, Log in to your Recruiter Account.
    • Next, On the upper right corner of the Homepage, hover over the More option. There, select the Admin Settings option.
    • Under the Manage your account box, select Cancel subscription on the left.
    • Complete the steps necessary to confirm your account termination.


    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium On Android App Legally

    How to cancel your LinkedIn Premium Subscription – LinkedIn for Beginners

    The chance to lose the fight against the professional network is high for Android users. You may collide with some issues while trying to access LinkedIn Premium through the app for smartphones. The truth is that finding a special tip-off on how to cancel the LinkedIn Premium on an Android phone is a difficult task.

    The only way of making away with Premium suggested by Help Center is reaching the settings via their official site through a mobile browser installed. The LinkedIn mobile app makes it impossible to turn off LinkedIn Premium subscriptions via Android, so you wont cope with the task in any manner whatsoever.

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    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium: Conclusion

    Ultimately, your LinkedIn account is a social media account. You have to manage your account carefully to also manage your online professional network. Your subscription will depend on how you are using your account and for what purposes.

    If youre only looking for a job at the moment, then its more advisable to cancel your subscription as soon as you get hired since you can manage your work network in person. This also applies if you are only on the site to look for those you can fill up a recent vacancy in your department.

    However, if youre a recruitment manager, your subscription is part of the job. Winning and retaining clients and connections outside your personal network, as well as regularly updating the vacancies and looking for applicants in LinkedIn, need more than just the basic features.

    With how much a LinkedIn Premium subscription costs, you have to decide when to subscribe and when to cancel your subscription.

    The Fastest Way To Request A Linkedin Refunddonotpay

    Submitting your LinkedIn account for review is only one way to request a refund for its Premium services. DoNotPay offers anotherthe one thats much faster and easier to complete. You only need a DoNotPay account, which you can create in any web browserin under a minute, and youre all set to go.

    To request your LinkedIn refund with the help of DoNotPay:

  • Navigate to the Chargeback Instantly section in your DoNotPay dashboard
  • Specify its LinkedIn you need a refund from
  • Submit your request
  • DoNotPay faxes your refund claim to your bank immediately and notifies you about it in an email. We can also contact the merchant for you, to collect the evidence on your purchase that will support your claim and help you get your money back at the earliest time possible.

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    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium On Web

    If you didnt sign up and use your Apple ID or the Google Play Store as your payment method, you can cancel LinkedIn Premium through its website. To do this, head over to the website here and sign in to your LinkedIn account.

    From this page, scroll down and click Cancel Subscription. Your membership will then be terminated, though youll be able to use it up until the end of your billing cycle, so you wont be locked out of the application immediately.

    How To Cancel Linkedin Premium From A Browser

    Cancel LinkedIn Premium: How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

    Your options for canceling LinkedIn Premium depend on the method you used to get a subscription.

    If you bought your LinkedIn Premium subscription while you were using the LinkedIn desktop site, then you can cancel your subscription from a desktop browser, a mobile browser, or from the mobile app.

    Follow the steps below to cancel your Premium subscription from a browser:

  • From the dropdown menu that appears, select Access My Premium.
  • On the right side of the interface, you will see the Manage Premium account hyperlink. Click on this.
  • Now, you will be redirected to your profiles subscription settings.
  • Below the Manage subscription subheader, click on the Cancel subscription button.
  • Prompts will appear to confirm if you are sure of your cancellation. Follow them to fully cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription.
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    Provide All Your Credit Card Information

    When you get a response, you will be greeted with more information and will need to provide the following details:

    • Last 4 digits of the credit card used in the subscription
    • Payment use method
    • Name as appeared on the card
    • Date, amount and currency of the charge
    • Billing address on the credit card
    • Number next to âLinkedInâ on the 1st or 2nd line of your Cardholder Statement

    Be aware that incomplete information can delay the cancelation.

    As you can see above, LinkedIn will ask you to provide a lot of credit card and transactional information in order to cancel someone elseâs account. You’ll also receive yet another email from them:

    What Is The Single Best Thing I Can Do To Be More Successful On Linkedin

    Heres the truth: Once you have a that makes an excellent gut-level first impression, people read your profile and see your work in a much more positive light.

    Its what psychologists call the halo effect, and it puts you way ahead of the competition.

    Get more out of LinkedIn by choosing a great profile pic using .

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    Control What Types Of Other Communications Youre Interested In

    The final set of email messages you have some control over relate to introductions to new people by someone on your network, InMail messages , and opportunities you can be pitched. Back on the Communications tab of the Settings page, click Which communications youre interested in.

    Unfortunately, you are forced to receive emails about introductions. Your only choices here are to receive messages about just introductions or to also receive messages whenever someone sends you an InMail message. You can also select a number of opportunities that people are allowed to send you messages about and even add a note for people who want to contact you. After youve made your selections, click Save.

    Factors To Consider Before Cancelling Linkedin Premium

    How to change the display of your LinkedIn Premium Icon & enable or disable the Open Profile Option

    Since a LinkedIn Premium subscription can be pricey for some, people often try it but cancel before taking full advantage of its features.

    Before you arrive at a final decision, you may want to consider the following factors:

    • Once you cancel your subscription, your billing will end immediately, and your access to Premium features will also be removed when the current billing cycle ends.
    • You will also lose access to all the accumulated InMail credits at the end of the billing cycle. It wont be granted back.
    • Basic profiles have limited free people searches every month. A warning is displayed as you approach your free people search limit and LinkedIn will not display the exact number of searches or views you’ve left. You will need to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium Business plans or above to increase the number of profile searches and views you have available.

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    When Should You Cancel Linkedin Premium To Avoid Being Charged

    While you can cancel your LinkedIn Premium anytime, you need to do it at least one day before the end of your current billing cycle to avoid being billed for your use of a Premium account.

    It doesnt matter whether youre actually subscribed, or if you just availed of promotion or free trial. Youll be charged if you dont cancel it one day before it expires.

    Take note that all billing cycles and dates on LinkedIn are in the Universal Time Coordinated time zone.

    How To Cancel Your Linkedin Premium Subscription

    Should you decide to cancel your LinkedIn Premium Subscription, its easy to do. Once you do this, youll return to a Basic account and lose access to Premium features at the end of your billing cycle.

    There are plenty of ways to cancel. Using the desktop site, your mobile browser, or the LinkedIn smartphone application if you bought your subscription from LinkedIn directly and not the third party.

    If you purchased your subscription from iTunes or the App Store, you can follow the first few steps, however, youll be redirected to Apples subscription management settings page to finish the process.

    To cancel, on the Me icon on the navigation bar at the top of the website or the app. Then select Access My Premium from the dropdown menu and choose Manage Premium account on the right side of the platform.

    Then, youll be redirected to the Premium Subscription settings page where, under Manage Subscription, you can click Cancel Subscription. From there, you can simply follow the onscreen prompts to complete the cancellation.

    Heres How To Cancel Your LinkedIn Premium Subscription simplified:
  • Me
  • Manage Subscription
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Lerryn Martin

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    How To Manage Multiple Linkedin Accounts

    In the professional world, LinkedIn offers the best way to meet genuine customers and clients related to your field. But if you have work in two or more different fields then you will have different contacts in both areas. Also, if you have both a job which satiates your financial needs and are an entrepreneur to satiate your creative need then you might want to keep these respective fields separate. In this case you might be tempted to create two or more different accounts in LinkedIn. If you are wondering how to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

    To Cancel Linkedin Premium:

    Come Cancellare l
  • Visit in a web browser and sign in.

  • Click Me on the top menu, and select Premium Subscriptions Settings from the drop-down menu.

  • Click Cancel Subscription under the Account type heading

  • Click Continue to Cancel.

  • Select a reason for cancelling your subscription, and then click Confirm Cancellation.

  • When youre all finished, click Done to return to your LinkedIn homepage. You will continue to have LinkedIn Premium features until the end of your billing cycle. Check out our detailed set of instructions below so you can understand each step a little better.

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    Notes For Cancelling Your Linkedin Premium Account

  • Remember that if you cancel a subscription to LinkedIn Premium, you still have the free account. You will need to delete your account if you want to take your profile off of LinkedIn for good.

  • You will still have access to your LinkedIn account Premium features until the end of your billing period. So for example, if your billing period ends on the 17th of the month, and you cancel on the 10th, you will still have 7 days of LinkedIn Premium before your account reverts back to the free account.

  • Once you find a job, it may often make sense to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription. Many of the features help you reach more people, and is less worth it if you arent actively pursuing a job.

  • And thats how you cancel your subscription to LinkedIn Premium. If you want more information on what youll be missing once you cancel your account, check out our previous article on what LinkedIn Premium is. If youre looking to get rid of your account for good, check out our step-by-step tutorial on .

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