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How To Spy On Whatsapp Messages Without Target Phone

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Simple Steps To Hack An Android Phone

How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone ( WITH PROOF USERS)
  • Register an accountFirst, click “Free Trial” and register an account. Use your email account to create a monitoring software account. Then write down the username and password.
  • Complete the setup procedureUse the account you just created, enter the target device information, click the “Android” icon, and then click “Next”.
  • Install the application on the target Android phone__ On the target Android device, go to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources”, then download and install the spy application software on the target device. After the installation is complete, start and log in to the monitoring software account, while allowing the application to access the target device, and then click “Start Monitoring”. The application software icon will disappear from the target device.
  • Start monitoring your phoneOpen the browser and log in to your account, click “Keylogger” on the dashboard, you can get the text message typed by the target user, including the lock screen password of the Android phone and other passwords. Through this method, you can easily crack the password of your Android phone or tablet. You can also remotely monitor all data on the target Android device, such as WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, GPS locations, emails, etc.

S That Dont Work Fake Websites

If you type in spy WhatsApp only with phone number or spy WhatsApp for free into Google search engine, you will see dozens of websites that make false claims. According to these websites, all you have to do is type in the phone number and click on the spy button to get the information you are looking for. Keep in mind that there is no way to spy on WhatsApp like this and all such websites are simply a scam.

They will just redirect you to an advertising website or download a promotional or malignant software on your device. We highly recommend you to stay away from such websites. They are basically designed to lure non-technology savvy people with false promises and then make money by deceiving them into clicking promotional ads or installing irrelevant apps on their phones.

Remember that such apps can be quite hazardous. They often contain viruses or malware designed to collect personal information from your phone.

Using Ikeymonitor To Spy On Whatsapp Messages Without The Target Phone For Free

If the target device is an iPhone or iPad, then you can use iKeyMonitor to spy on his/her WhatsApp messages without the target phone.

  • First, for a free trial and install iKeyMonitor.
  • Next, log in to the Cloud Panel.
  • Then, you can go to Logs> Keystrokes to check the keystrokes entered in WhatsApp.
  • Last, you can go to Logs> Screenshots app to see the screenshots of WhatsApp messages.
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    Cocospy Hidden Whatsapp Spy

    Cocospy is the most widely used WhatsApp spying apps out there, having years of experience in the field. It counts millions of people all over the world among its user base. And that is not surprising, considering all the things that Cocospy is capable of.

    In fact, I have read in depth user reviews from others who have used Cocospy. These even include authority media outlets such as Forbes, TechRadar, PCMag, etc. Hearing so many great things about Cocospy made me want to try it.

    Let me tell you this- it was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

    Just like Spyine, Cocopsy too works for both Android phones and iPhones. Its stealth mode is superb and you can use it with blind faith in the app. It has some of the best encryption protocols that are possible. Therefore, all of your private data is completely safe at all times.

    Here are a few things to love about Cocospys WhatsApp spy module:

    Ease of Use:

    Not everyone who wants to use a WhatsApp spy app is a tech pro. In fact, most of these people are parents or spouses who feel distant from technology.

    Therefore, Cocospy is designed to be used with ease by the most novice users out there. Even your grandma can use Cocospy to read someones WhatsApp messages without any help from you.

    User Support:


    I do realize that Cocospy is close to the most perfect WhatsApp spy app out there. If you feel the same, you can start using Cocospy right away.

    Why Use Spyier To Read Whatsapp Messages

    Spy WhatsApp Messages without Installing on Target Phone ...

    Here are a few things that make Spyier the absolute choice when it comes to spying WhatsApp conversations:

    Online Spy- No App Downloads

    First things first, when you are using Spyier, you wont have to download any application on your phone or computer in order to read WhatsApp messages. Spyier works through any web browser that you already have. You just need to head over to Spyiers Free Live Demo.

    No Root or Jailbreak Needed

    Rooting and Jailbreaking is the worst thing that you can do to a smartphone. It not only compromises the security of a device, but also puts it through innumerable risks.

    This is why Spyier doesnt require you to jailbreak or root the target phone in order to spy on their WhatsApp conversations. This is unlike any other WhatsApp spy apps and definitely a sigh of relief.

    Data Privacy

    When you are spying on someones WhatsApp, it is obvious that they are an important person to you. Therefore, you must make sure that their data is safe. Spyier makes that happen.

    It has top notch data security measures that make exploiting the app impossible. In fact, it does not store any personal data on its servers. Therefore, even Spyiers own team cannot view it.

    Additional Features

    If you are looking for a WhatsApp spy, you got the best of them in Spyier. Additionally, Spyier has over 35 more features that you will be interested in. These enable you to view the data of every other app on the persons phone. And remember, all that is without their knowledge!

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    Is It Possible To Spy Whatsapp Messages

    If you would like to know if it is possible to spy on Whatsapp chat online yes, it is very possible. There are many people who have tried to find several ways to hack someones Whatsapp chats without installing the WhatsApp tracking software on the target phone. If you are one such then you are in the right place.

    If there are online bullies or predators making use of Whatsapp to bully or threaten your children, you can use Android spy software to track their activities. As a parent, you have the responsibility to monitor Whatsapp use to avoid them getting involved in immoral acts. Also, your employees may be using Whatsapp to divulge information about your company to your competitors to damage your business. Or worse still, your partner may be cheating on you. By considering all of these, it is very essential to spy on WhatsApp chats with the help of a spying app.

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    How To Read Someones Whatsapp Messages Without Touching Their Phone

    Unlike before, it is now very easy to hack, spy or access someones whatsapp account reading all messages without holding the device. Although, whatsapp has over time tried to block several known vulnerabilities which led to whatsapp exploitation in the past, nevertheless has it stopped the surge of other spying exploits with this leaving whatsapp users to be preyed on by hackers. Back in the days people would even go as far as employing a private investigator or a spy to spy on the victim in physical space but these, all it takes is to access anybodys phone in order to know what they are up to.

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    Whatsapp Spy: How To Spy On Whatsapp Without Access To Target Phone

    Find the Darkest Secrets: Be careful about the WhatsApp addiction of your significant other, your kid, or your employee. If your gut instinct tells you that something is up, and you dont want to turn a blind eye on it, then you should prepare your pen and notebook. For this is a complete guide to WhatsApp spy without a target phone.

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    Why Do We Like To Spy Someones Whatsapp

    How to spy android phone || How to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone

    As you know, almost everyone is on WhatsApp these days as it has replaced our native messaging app. In order to truly know someone who they talk to, what are their secrets, and so on, you can spy WhatsApp messages. Here are some common scenarios:

    • Parents like to spy on their kids to know about their company, the present state of mind, and more.
    • People in a relationship want to spy on their partner to check if they are being faithful or not.
    • Organizations like to spy on their employees to check if they are leaking any sensitive data to their rivals.
    • A lot of concerned individuals would like to read the WhatsApp messages of their friends, siblings, parents, and loved ones as well.

    To do all of this, you need to spy WhatsApp messages without installing and read their received and sent messages remotely.

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    Free Apps To Spy On Text Messages Without Software Installation

    This may sound very silly, but I need a free SMS tracker to access text messages without installing anything on the target phone. I am not spying on anyone by myself! I dropped my cell phone, and the screen is badly cracked now, I cant read my messages. Please help! Shannon

    We get requests for help from people who want to spy on cell phones of their spouses, children, or employees. Fortunately, you are in luck, because there are free options that will meet your needs.

    The only available free option is a web-based service, also an SMS tracker, that will enable you to spy on your phone text messages without installing software. allows users to access one hundred messages the last 50 incoming and the previous 50 outgoings. It should be more than adequate for your needs. You need to go to their site and follow the prompts to enter your cell number to begin the process. However, users report that this service is fake and malicious, so we dont really recommend using it.

    Umobix spy app is an excellent option to spy on text messages of your target. It offers a GPS location tracking feature and access through an online console, which would be perfect for you to check your texts. You can also download your data reports using this interface, which is useful.

    Tracking Whatsapp Messages: Final Words

    We hope you liked our tutorial about how to hack WhatsApp account and track WhatsApp calls, messages, photos, and videos.

    You can do it easily with a spy app mSpy. It will allow you to do WhatsApp hack and get every detail about WhatsApp from the victims phone and wont invoke any notifications on the target phone unlike using the WhatsApp Web method.

    If you need to also track Instagram, check out this post with the best spy apps that do that.

    Let us know in case of any further doubts or queries in the comments below. Also, share your experience if you have already used mSpy.

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    Reading Someones Whatsapp Messages On Iphones Secretly

    When you want to read the messages of a person who is using an iPhone, you will not even have to touch their iPhone once. This is made possible through the cutting edge coding that is done in creating Spyines iOS solution.

    Since all iPhones come prebuilt with the iCloud feature, all the data of an iPhone gets uploaded to the iCloud server. This includes their WhatsApp messages backup, among other things.

    While this data backup is generally encrypted and you cannot read it directly, Spyine knows how to decode it. Therefore, it decrypts these messages and uploads them to your Spyine dashboard.

    And that is how you can read all of their WhatsApp messages on your browser window through the Spyine dashboard. If you noticed, you never had to touch their iPhone even once. All you need to do is to verify the iCloud credentials of the other user.

    Now that you know how Spyines iPhone solution works, let me tell you the steps that you need to follow in order to use it:

    Spy On Whatsapp Messages Using Mac Spoofing

    How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without Target Phone

    Mac spoofing is one of the most time-consuming methods of hacking WhatsApp messages. The difficulty level is high, too, as the prerequisite is that a person should have proper knowledge about it.

    A detailed stepwise guide to help you Spy on Whatsapp Messages Using Mac Spoofing:

    • Whatsapp has to be uninstalled.
    • Get access to the targets phone and get the MAC address.
    • Get the MAC address of your phone.
    • Install the spoofing app. If the phone is iOS, install Wifi parody or MAC daddy and if the phone is Android, then install terminal emulator or busybox.
    • Next, change the MAC address of the target phone with the help of the spoofing app.
    • Now reinstall WhatsApp messenger on your phone and enter the phone number of the target.
    • Once the verification code is received on the targets phone, enter it into your phone.
    • You can read the target messages now.


    The major limitation is that one should have access to the targets phone for some duration which may not be possible at all times.

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    How To Hack Whatsapp Account And Messages Without A Target Phone

    WhatsApp is one of themost amazing applications, which is currently being used by almost everyperson. This is an instant messaging application which is having over 1.5billion active users. The most important reasons which are behind thepopularity of WhatsApp are its amazing features, security and most importantlythe application is free to use. With the help of WhatsApp, you can communicatebeyond the borders with ease, you can contact the people anywhere in the world.

    Although WhatsApp is offering strict security still there are some loopholes which can help you to spy on WhatsApp messages of someone else with ease. The availability of these loopholes is not letting the WhatsApp be up to the mark in terms of security. However, some of the people want to know how to hack WhatsApp without the victim phone.

    Are you thinking about tohack WhatsApp account of someone to get access of his or her WhatsApp messages?There is no wonder because most of the people at present are looking for theresults of how to hack WhatsApp profile of someone. They whether want to getaccess to the WhatsApp messages of someone or looking the best way to monitorthe activity of someone. Well, whatever the reason is behind your plan to spyon someones WhatsApp messenger, here we have brought some of the easiest waysto hack WhatsApp messages of someone without even a target mobile.

    Are Whatsapp Spy Apps Legal

    The laws about any application that is used to spy on another device arent always the same. They differ from country to country because the idea and the fact that you can actually spy on another persons private mobile device is newly developed. Installing unwanted software to some devices can cause you legal problems in some states while this will be overlooked in others. If you wish to avoid any legal issues we strongly advise that you contact your employee or any other person that you wish to spy on and inform them that their Whatsapp messenger is being tracked. The reasons for the existence of this software are numerous and each and every one of them is perfectly justified. So if you are a concerned parent or CEO of a company, the reasons are justifiable. The is no such thing as too much safety.

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    How To Use Ttspy To Hack Whatsapp Messages With Ease

    TTSPY is a perfect spyingapp which will help you to have an amazing opportunity to hack someonesWhatsApp with ease. This is an easy to use application which can help you toget done with its setup in just 3 simple steps. So, have a look at thefollowing information for better understanding:

  • The very first step is to buy TTSPY. You have to subscribe to TTSPY to get your copy of the application. Click to that and install the application.
  • Use the instructions given in the email to get the process done with ease.
  • After installing your application successfully, you can log in to the control panel, go to the WhatsApp monitoring and start to see the results.
  • How To Spy On Whatsapp Messages Without Target Phone 2021

    Read Anyone’s Whatsapp Messages In Your Phone | Without Touching Their Phone

    Are you looking for ways to spy on your partners phone to read WhatsApp messages? Or you might simply be worried parents wanting to know if the kids are safe in the cyber world. In any case, we will share with you how to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

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    How To Spy On Someones Phone Without Touching Their Phone

    But if you want to hack text messages on an android phone, you have to use the phone for installation.But there are other things to be on the lookout if youre worried that your phone may be hacked without touching it.Follow the following steps to spy on a phone without someone knowing.For an android phone, the answer is no.

    For android phones, you will need to touch the target phone at least once .For installing the app you require physical access to that android phone.Fortunately, its possible to spy on someones phone without touching it.Get an mspy subscription and select the target device type at first, you can visit the official mspy website to create your account by entering a valid email id.

    Here are 3 free ways to spy someones text messages without their phone.However, even its android app is 100% hidden.Ideally, you just have to follow these basic steps to know how to hack someones phone without touching it using the mspy tracker.If for some reason you cant use spyier to spy on a target android or ios phone, theres another solution for you.

    If you cannot touch the phone, then hacking is only possible on the iphone.In fact, you can spy on any iphone without even touching it if you use minspy.It has the same feature set as spyier and its been gathering rave reviews from.It is totally possible to spy on someones phone without them knowing.

    Your phone might be compromised by other means:

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