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How To Sort Gmail By Size

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Filter By Date In Gmail

How to Order Gmail By Size!

If ordering Gmail by size isnt working for you, how about ordering them by date?

This can be very useful in sorting out older emails and deleting those. We can use a search filter for that rather than size.

  • Open Gmail
  • Type older:2018/05/09 in the Search email field
  • Hit Enter
  • The olderoperator will filter all emails older than May 9, 2018. You can then delete them as required. I tend to delete anything older than a year to keep things tidy. If the email is important, I add a label to keep it safe. The rest is disposable.

    Sort Your Emails Using Gmails Search Function: The Simple Version

    Now lets return to your inbox again. Our next step is to filter your emails such that only the emails youre thinking of deleting will show up.

    You may have noticed that the search bar at the top of the page contains a small gray arrow at the right side of the box. If you hover your cursor over the arrow, it will say Show search options.

    Simply fill in the drop-down list with your desired search terms, which youll ideally create based on the type of documents you want to delete.

    For example, lets say I am interested in deleting documents which contain attachments, are larger than 6 MB in size, and are older than 6 months old.

    Consequently, I would check the box that says has attachments, under size, select greater than from the first drop-down list, key in 6, and select MB from the second drop-down list, and under date, select 6 months from the drop-down list, and select todays date from the second box . As such, my completed search box will look like this:

    Then all I have to do is click the big blue button depicting a magnifying glass on the bottom left, and Gmail will pull up all the emails that fit my search parameters.

    In Case You Need To Filter Out And Sort Gmail By Size Set Within Certain Limits Follow These Steps:

  • Open your Gmail Account
  • Ensure youre on the primary inbox tab
  • Click on the Search tab
  • Type larger_than:3MB smaller_than:12MB, with 3 and 12 being replaceable with the desired size
  • Press Enter
  • All the emails holding a size larger than 3MB and smaller than 12MB will appear on the screen. You can also use these functions separately to search for the required array of mails.

    Gmail is full of features that remain undiscovered, almost forever.

    Heres a list of functions and their use in Gmail:

    • Type older:2007/07/01 to search for emails older than the typed date
    • Type newer:2007/07/01 to search for emails after the classified date
    • Type from:name to search for received mail from a particular individual
    • Type to:name to search for sent mail of a specific individual
    • Type has:document, with document being replaceable with the required attachment type, to search for emails with documents

    Overall, Gmail offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for emails with attachments, pictures, larger sizes, smaller sizes, etc. So the next you get frustrated with your overflowing email and are confused with to filter and sort Gmail by size, remember the functions mentioned away to search the desired email lot, in a click.

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    Use Stars To Mark Important Emails

    Stars in Gmail are like the ! Important marker in Outlook. For a start, there are lots of stars you can use in Gmail, and when used correctly, they can make sorting emails very simple. You can assign different star colors to different things, making Inbox navigation a breeze.

  • Open Gmail and select Settings from the cog icon in the top right.
  • Stay in the General tab
  • Scroll down to Stars
  • Click Save changes at the bottom.
  • Now you can click a gray star in your inbox to give it a color. Click it multiple times to work your way through the options. When you need to filter for those emails, type has:orange-star in the search box.

    How Can I Sort Emails In Gmail By Size

    How to Sort Gmail by Size Using Gmail Search

    Google has started to warn me that I am almost out of space in my Gmail account. How can I sort my messages by size to identify any expendable large emails in my account?

    This is not possible at the moment. If you look at the list of search operators, you’ll see that the closest thing you can do is filter out all emails with an attachment.

    An alternative would be to use an IMAP client and then use that interface.

    Since you want that feature, express your needs over at the feature-suggestion site of Gmail.

    • 1If you’re a programmer, you can also use the IMAP interface to query by size. That’s how does it.Mar 17 ’12 at 0:31
    • 7

    When I had to search for a large e-mail, I went for the try-and-see-if-it-works method and used the search term size:5000000 to find e-mail of 5MB large, and that seemed to actually find all my emails larger than 5MB. I tried different numbers and it seemed to work consistently.

    Even though this operator isn’t documented in the advanced search options, it worked for me. 🙂

    As of November 2012, this is now an officially-supported search operator. The syntax is a little different than it was.

    to find emails larger than 5MB, you can search for size:5m or larger:5m

    • I know, great isn’t it!! )Sep 24 ’12 at 10:00
    • 3

    Sadly you can’t sort by size so you might find this article at Lifehacker on how to clear down your Gmail account useful.


    Etc., etc. Hope that helps!

    Note: I have not tried it.

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    Use Size Or Larger To Find Big Size Gmail Emails

    Although there is no sort emails by size option in web based version of Gmail, you can use size and larger search operators to view specific size big email messages.

    1. Use Size: search operator to search for messages larger than the specified size in bytes. For example: size:1000000 will show all messages larger than 1MB in size.

    2. Use Larger: search operator to search emails of specific size that permits use of abbreviations for numbers. For example larger:10M will show all messages of at least 10M bytes in size.

    How To Sort Gmail By Attachment Size Of Emails

    Gmail email service has liberal attachment and total free storage limits. While single email attachment size limit is manageable, you can always explore alternative methods to send large files by email. There is no free option to increase allocated quota of free space in your Gmail account . Just like filter to sort emails by senders email ID, you can use filter to email messages with attachments .

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    What Is The Best Way To Sort Gmail By Size

    You can sift through your email contents in Gmail in a few different ways. To do so, log into your Gmail account using a web browser on your computer. Simply go to the search bar after it has been opened. This is where youll enter different strings to sift through your Gmail.

    Gmail may be sorted by size.

    You search through these emails as well if youre seeking for emails that include attached files of a certain size. All you have to do is type in size 6MB and hit the enter key. You will now get a list of all emails with a file attachment larger than 6MB. If youre seeking for huge attachments in the size range of larger than:10MB to smaller than:6MB, youve come to the right place. This string will filter emails with attachment sizes ranging from 6MB to 10MB.

    Making use of search options

    While it may seem that there are few alternatives for sorting through your email, there are really quite a few. All of these options are concealed in the Gmail search bar. Heres how to get your hands on it.

  • Go to Gmails search box and type something in.
  • Look to the right in the search bar.
  • Youll see a Settings icon with the words display advanced options on it. Select it by clicking on it.
  • This is where you may broaden your search possibilities even further. You may also use this page to sift through all of your emails.
  • You may search for a certain term by typing it in. It will then show all emails that include a certain term.
  • Can I Sort Gmail By Size

    How To Sort Your Inbox By Attachment Size

    No, you cannot sort emails in Gmail on the web by their size.

    Yes, you can search by size bracket in Gmail itself or use an IMAP email program to sort by size.

    Search Gmail Emails Sorted by Size Bracket

    To search for emails sorted by size brackets in Gmail:

  • Search first for larger:45MB in Gmail to find the biggest emails with and without attachments.
  • Search next for larger:750KB smaller:1001KB.
  • Then search for larger:700KB smaller:751KB.
  • Continue with brackets reducing sizes .
  • Sort Gmail Emails by Size in an IMAP Email Program

    To sort emails in Gmail by size, use an email program:

  • Open the /All Mail folder in the email program to see all emails in your Gmail account.
  • Sort the folders messages by size.
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    How To Sort Gmail By Sender

    Method 1

    What if youre looking for a specific email from a specific person? Lets say an email from your boss with important contact information. You know your bosss email address, and you know the name of the person whose contact information you need, but how can you easily find the email that contains it without going through all recent emails from your boss?

  • You type the email address you need into the search bar at the top of the main Gmail page and click on the small down-facing arrow.
  • A pop-up window should appear with multiple different search criteria. By default, the Has the words field will contain the email address you search for. Copy it and paste it into the From field. Use the Has the words field to make your search more specific by including the name of the person whose contact information you need.
  • When youre done, hit enter or click the blue search button located in the bottom-left corner of the pop-up window to get the specific email from that sender.
  • You can also create a filter with your search by clicking on the Create filter button in the bottom-right corner of the pop-up window.
  • This allows you to automatically apply certain actions next time you receive an email that matches the specific criteria.

    Method 2

    If thats the case, the simplest solution is to use the search function in Gmail:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Type the email address of your former colleague and hit enter to display all emails from the sender.
  • Why Should You Delete Large Emails In Your Inbox

    At the time of creating a Gmail Account, Google gives you 15GB of free storage. You can use this memory to store your documents, photos, and emails.

    Google also offers you to exceed that 15GB storage to 100GB with an extra charge of $20 per year.

    But you dont need to invest a single penny to increase your accounts storage if you can do it by deleting large size emails in Gmail mailbox!

    To track your Account Storage, go to the > Account Storage.

    Here you will see how Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos use your accounts memory. You always need to keep a buffer space of at least 1 or 2GB to receive new emails. So, to save some space, you have to delete your older emails with huge attachments and only keep the important ones.

    Its easy to find and delete emails with large attachments by sorting Gmail by size to free up some storage of your account.

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    Gmail How To Sort Emails In Gmail By Size


    Google has started to warn me that I am almost out of space in my Gmail account. How can I sort my messages by size to identify any expendable large emails in my account?

    Best Answer

    This is not possible at the moment. If you look at the list of search operators, you’ll see that the closest thing you can do is filter out all emails with an attachment.

    An alternative would be to use an IMAP client and then use that interface.

    Since you want that feature, express your needs over at the feature-suggestion site of Gmail.

    How To Sort Gmail By Sender On Mobile Using Gmail App


    The good news is that you dont need to log in to Gmail on your computer just to sort Gmail inbox by sender. You can simply open the Gmail app on your iOS or Android smartphone and complete the following steps:

  • Launch the Gmail app on your smartphone.
  • Log in with your username and password if prompted to do so.
  • Tap on the search bar at the top.
  • Type the email address of the sender whose emails you want to display and click the search icon.
  • Unfortunately, the Gmail app doesnt let you include additional search criteria to further filter the search results. If you want to an email from a known sender that contains or doesnt contain specific words, you need to log in to Gmail on your computer and follow the first method.

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    Sort Your Emails Using Gmails Search Function: The Slightly More Complicated Version

    Lets say, though, that you dont like the restrictions imposed on your search by Gmails form. For example, lets say you want to search for emails that are older than 4 months oldwhich is not an option available to you on the drop-down list in the date category.

    Well, Gmails search box functions by interpreting specific search operators. If you use Gmails search options form, youll notice that after you hit the big blue button, a string of search operators will appear in the search bar. This really means that you can bypass using Gmails form and enter more specific search terms if you know how to manually key in those operators.

    Lets cover the three most important categories of search operators that will help you search for emails to clear.

    a) Sort by attachment

    has:attachment will show you all emails containing an attachment. This is useful to the extent that large attachments likely constitute the bulk of your inbox size.

    b) Sort by size

    size: or larger: will show you emails that are at least the specified size. If you type only numbers and do not use units, Gmail will automatically interpret the label using bytes. 1000 bytes = 1 KB 1000000 bytes = 1 MB. So, for instance, if I type size:1000000 or larger:1000000, this means that Gmail will display all emails sized 1 MB and above.

    c) Sort by date

    d) Sorting using a combination of all of the above

    Sort Incoming Mails With Filters

    You probably know that, you can use Gmail id with a plus to create a new version of your account. Suppose your email id is . Now, even if you subscribe any website with , then also all the mails will come to you only. You can create as many versions you want by appending any word with your username with plus symbol.Now the trick is to use Filters and Multiple Inboxes with this feature to sort different types of incoming mails.

    Go to Gmail Settings > Filters > Create New. In the To field, specify your alias id with plus sign and then chose a label for it. Now go to Labs under Gmail settings and enable Multiple Inboxes. After saving you can see Multiple Inboxes tab within settings. For the different panes, use the labels that we have configured with filters. Thats all, you will now have different panes in Inbox based on different labels or senders.

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    How To Sort Gmail By Sender Subject Size And Labels

    Released by the seventh July of 2007, Gmailis an advertising-supported online secure email service programmed by Google. In the day and era where Yahoo mail and Microsofts very own Hotmail used to rule the email domain, Gmail brought the fight to them by initially providing one gigabyte of free storage. Thus you must learn how to Sort Gmail easily. Also, You can increase productivity by using these Gmail tools.

    Soon with time, Gmail became the number one email provider recommended by the public and by various tech gurus. Currently offering a decent fifteen gigabytes of storage, internet consumers who sign up can welcome emails up to fifty megabytes and send emails with the apt size of twenty-five megabytes, which includes various attachments. If the media the user is trying to send is larger than the allocated size, they can aptly insert files from Google drive unto the email.

    Gmail became the number one go to email service due to the specialized filtration system they have in place. This very system also came under criticism by lawyers due to the fear that Google would retain data and also simplify third-party organizations to watch over your emails. Irrespective, the system is praised for automatically filtering emails by scanning them for malware or spam.

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    How To Sort Gmail By Size And Date

    INCREDIBLE GMAIL TIPS 2021: Sort Gmail Inbox by Unread emails, by name, by size, and so much more.

    You can sort Gmail by size and date by combining the search criteria we discussed above and Gmail search by date. This is particularly useful if you want to delete older emails larger than a particular size.

    In the example below, I demonstrate how to find all emails older than 4 years and larger than 10mb.

    • On the Gmail search enter the following:
    size:10mb older_than:4y 
    • To return results press Enter key. Here is what it looks like in Gmail.

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