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How To Sign Out On Gmail App

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Same On Ios Or Android

How to Sign Out of Gmail App on an iPhone?

The process to sign out of Gmail is the same whether you are using IOS or Android as its about removing the account, not changing any settings or preferences in client-specific menus.

1. Open the Gmail app

The first step is to open the Gmail app by tapping the icon on your homescreen or searching for the app with the search function. Once you find the app, just open it up as if you were going to use it normally.

2. Open your accounts list

Once your Gmail app is open, tap your profile picture in the top right. This will either be a picture of your choice, or the initial of your first name, as it is on mine.

3. Manage your accounts

When you tap your profile picture, a list of accounts connected to your device will pop up. This is where you select which account to use, but thats not what you want to do right now. Right at the bottom you will see Manage accounts on this device. Tap that option.

4. Select the account you want to sign out of

The same list of accounts will pop up, and this time you want to select the one you wish to remove. Tap on it to select it.

5. Remove the account

On the information screen you will see a remove account option below the Gmail address you selected. Make sure its the correct Gmail account you want to remove and make sure you have your login details saved before you do this. Once you are ready, tap remove account.

6. Confirm removal

How To Sign Out Of The Gmail App On Iphone And Ipad

In the Gmail app for iPhone or iPad, you can sign out in one of two ways. You can temporarily pause your Gmail account, or you can completely remove the account from the device.

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app and tap your Google Profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

In the menu that appears, tap the Manage Accounts on This Device button.

Youll see a list of all the accounts that are added to your device. If you want to temporarily disable an account, tap the switch beside the account name.

To fully sign out of the device, tap the Remove from This Device button.

In the pop-up, confirm using the Remove button.

Gmail will now completely sign out from the account. Tap the Done button at the top of the Manage Accounts page to go back to the Gmail home screen.

How To Sign Out Of Gmail On A Computer Without Current Access

To sign out of a shared computer that you are not currently logged in to, complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to or to open Gmail.
  • Enter login credentials .
  • On the top right of the screen, click on the profile photo. A small box will appear.
  • Select Manage your Google Account.

  • On the left side of this new tab, click on Security.
  • Select Security.

  • Scroll down to Your devices, and click on Manage devices. A new screen with boxes will appear: Each box shows a device currently connected to this Gmail account.
  • Locate the box for the device where your account needs to be logged out. Click on More details.
  • See all devices connected to the Gmail account in Your devices.

  • On the new page that appears, click on Sign out. In the box that appears, click Remove.
  • Select the device to disconnect from, and click Sign out.

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    Say Goodbye To The Gmail App

    While logging out of the Gmail app isnt as straightforward as some other actions on mobile devices, the action is certainly possible.

    Now that youve learned how to log out of Gmail on your phone or tablet, you can make space for an alternative email app and choose your options.

    Did you manage to log off your Gmail app? Let us know in the comments below.

    By Using Where You Sign In The Feature Gmail Feature

    How to Sign Out of Gmail (On Desktop and iPhone App)

    Using Computer:

    The steps are as follows:

    1 Open your Gmail account from where you want to clear all logged-in sessions.

    2 Click on your photo located in the top right corner.

    3 Click on “Manage your Google Account“.

    Manage your account

    4 Under Left Pane, click on “Security“.


    5 Scroll down, then under Your devices section, you will find all active signed in to your Google account. Click on “Manage devices” under Your devices.

    sessions individual devicesManage devices

    6 You will get all devices that have used Gmail accounts.

    The first one is your current login devices. In my case, it is Windows Laptop. The other 4 devices are other unknown devices. You will see other information like the Time and date as well. You can log out from those devices one by one.

    The times that are displayed here indicate

    7 Click on any pane, except the first one. Then click on the “Sign out” button.

    Here, you can clearly see that this Gmail account is the first login into this unknown device on Feb:22. By clicking on the IP address, you will get the exact location where this Gmail account is logged in.

    Sign out

    8 Next click on “Signout

    9. Next, click on “Ok

    That’s it.

    You can also get your few active login histories of Gmail, so that you may know from where your Gmail is accessed so that you can change it later.

    1 Open your Gmail home screen.

    2 Scroll down to the bottom and click on Details.

    When you click on Show details, it will show details of the system.

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    Using An Iphone Or Ipad

  • 1Open Gmail app on your phone or tablet. It’s the white icon with a multicolored “M.”
  • The only way to sign out of Gmail on your iPhone or iPad is to completely log out of your Google account.XResearch source This means you’ll also be signed out of other Google apps, including Drive, Maps, and the standard Google app.
  • 2Tap your profile photo. It’s at the top-right corner. If you don’t have a profile photo associated with your account, you’ll see your first initial instead.
  • 3Tap Manage accounts on this device. This option is near the bottom of the menu.
  • 4Tap Remove from this device. A confirmation message will appear, asking if you really want to remove the account. When you confirm, you’ll be signed out of all Gmail apps on your phone or tablet. You can always sign back in at any time.
  • If you’re signed in to multiple accounts, you’ll need to tap Remove from this device for each account you want to remove.
  • 5Tap Remove to confirm. This signs you out of Gmail and all other Google apps.
  • How To Log Out Of The Gmail App On A Samsung Phone

    Since Samsung devices are powered by Android, the method for logging out of your Gmail account on Samsung will be the same as for other Android devices.

    Youll need to enter Settings and go to Accounts and Sync or, alternatively, Accounts and Backup. From there, youll be able to find your Gmail account and toggle it off. This method will prevent new emails from coming in. All of your information will stay safe and nothing will be deleted. Of course, youll be able to access new emails by toggling on your Gmail account.

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    How To Sign Out Of Gmail On All Devices

    What if you wanted to sign out of Gmail, not just on your phone or computer, but on any device that is currently logged in?

    This is helpful if youre worried about keeping your email account secure or if youve noticed suspicious activity in your .

    Follow these steps to remotely log out of Gmail on any device, no matter where it is:

    Note: this can only be accomplished on a computer/in a web browser, not through a mobile app.

    1. Navigate to your home page:

    You can also access your account info by opening Gmail and clicking your profile icon, then clicking Manage your Google Account:

    2. Click Security in the menu on the left side of your screen:

    3. Scroll down until you see a section titled Your Devices and open it by clicking Manage Devices:

    4. Youll have to sign out of each device one by one. Click the More Actions icon , then Sign Out:

    When youre done signing out of all your devices, you can follow the normal steps to sign out of the computer youre using .

    Gmail Logout All Devices Using Change Password

    How to Log Out of Gmail on iPhone, iPad and Desktop (2021)

    If you notice any strange login attempts in your Gmail account, you should reset your password. It will log out of all currently connected devices. This will require all devices to enter a new password before using Gmail with the same Gmail account. Furthermore, if a hacker is already logged in and travels to any other page of Gmail or conducts any activity on Gmail, he will not be authorized and will be forced to provide a new password. As a result, this is one of the most straightforward and safe methods for logging out of Gmail from all devices.


    1 Signed in to your Gmail account.

    2 Click on your profile icon at the top right corner.

    3 Click on “Manage your account

    4 On the left pane click on “Security

    5 Click on the Password

    6 Enter your current password and click Next

    7 In the next screen may ask you to enter a new password and confirm the password.

    Use a strong password, which helps you to keep your Gmail files and content safe, and prevent anyone from getting into your account.

    8 Click the Change Password button

    That’s it.

    Thank god, now you are safe 🙂

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    Removing Access To The Gmail Account

    If you dont wish to log out with the method listed above but still want to disable access and notifications from the account, then tap the Blue Switch listed alongside your Gmail accounts. This will simply remove access for that particular account as long as that toggle is grayed out by tapping it. Simply click it again to reconnect your account to the iPhone.

    If you’re looking to add multiple accounts to your iPhone’s Gmail app, check out our guide on how to do so. If you’ve yet to set up the app on your iPhone, we have a guide for that as well.

    Editors’ Recommendations

    Sign Out Of Gmail Remotely

    If you lost a device or forgot to log out of Gmail when you left the school library, you can still log out of Google account remotely.

  • On your laptop/PC, navigate to and sign in with your Google account
  • Click on your profile photo in the top-right corner of the screen and select manage your Google Account.
  • Now, choose security from the drop-down list and scroll down till you see the Your devices tab.
  • Here, click on manage device, and you will see a list of all your currently logged-in Google devices.
  • Click on the three-dotted icon next to the device you wish to log out Gmail from and select the sign-out option.
  • You can use this method to sign out of Gmail on all devices remotely in case you suspect some major hacking or phishing attempts.

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    How To Sign Out Of Gmail On Desktop Or Web

  • Launch your Google account logged-in browser, and navigate to .
  • Now, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Here, you will see the Sign out button. Click on it, and you should be successfully logged out of your Gmail account from your laptop/PC.
  • However, Google still remembers your email address, so you can quickly log in by entering your password. However, we recommend removing your Gmail account entirely if you are logged into a shared/public PC for security and privacy reasons.

    To obliterate the Gmail account, follow the steps described above and select the Remove Account option immediately after logging out of Gmail.

    How To Sign Out Of Gmail On A Lost Or Missing Device

    How to Sign Out of Gmail (On Desktop and iPhone App)

    Although users should keep in mind that even if you delete the account from your phone or tablet, it wont affect your ability to use it on other computers or devices. To use Googles privacy features to log off all linked devices remotely, you only need access to your Gmail account. To sign out of your Gmail account on your lost or missing device, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, open from any web browser and log in with your Gmail account.
  • After that, tap on your profile photo and select your Google account option.
  • Now go to the Security tab and select the manage device option.
  • To sign out of a device, locate the three dots in the upper-right corner of your device and select Sign Out.
  • Once prompted, click Sign Out to confirm your decision to log out.
  • Users must remember that once your lost device is connected to the internet, your Gmail account will get signed out.

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    How To Log Out Of The Gmail App On An Ipad

    You can log out of your Gmail account on an iPad in the same way as you would on an iPhone. Your options will come down to turning the Gmail account off or removing the account.

    To turn your account off, enter the Gmail app and follow these steps:

  • Select your profile picture.
  • Tap Manage accounts on this device.
  • Toggle the blue button off.
  • If you wish to remove the account, you should repeat steps 1 and 2. Then, select Remove from this device instead of the original step 3.

    How To Log Out Of The Gmail App On An Android Phone

    One of the easiest ways to log out of your Gmail app is to remove your Gmail account from the device. Heres how to do just that in a few simple steps.

  • Open Settings on your phone or tablet.
  • Go to Accounts and Sync, then to Google.
  • Find the Gmail account you want to remove and tap on it.
  • Tap the three vertical dots to reveal additional options. Select Remove account.
  • If you use this method, you should be aware that this will remove the account across all apps in the Google suite. In other words, you wont be able to use the personal information linked to Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, or other services from Google.

    Alternatively, you could prevent new emails from popping up without disabling your account. To do that, simply turn off the sync option:

  • Go to your Google account.
  • Enter the Account sync option.
  • Toggle off the Gmail button.
  • The final method is to clear your Gmail data. This action will effectively cause the app to behave like it was just installed, and you wont be logged in.

  • Enter Settings, then Apps.
  • Locate Google and tap on it.
  • Go to Storage & Cache.
  • Select Clear Storage or Clear Data.
  • Resetting your Gmail app this way wont affect the data stored on your account. It will only clear the information from the app on your device.

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    Android: How To Logout From Gmail App

    Gmail has gained enormous popularity, gathering the vote of confidence of users around the globe. Although, using this emailing service is a breeze, there are still some things that confound people now and then. One thing that frustrates them a lot is the arduous task of logging out of the Gmail App on their phones, which isnt hard at all, in my opinion. Of course, if youre going to waste long hours, frisking through the application, having no clue as to what to look for, youre bound to complicate stuff. Worry no more! In this tutorial, Im going to show you the easiest way to logout from Gmail app on your Android device.

    There are a lot for similar guides on the internet, but most of them are poorly crafted, tedious or dont provide a working solution. I felt a pressing need for a tech-solution on this topic, which was not only to-the-point, but also easy to follow. Hence, I put together this one. Lets get started.

    Using Smartphone To Logout Gmail From All Devices

    How To Sign Out Of Gmail

    Before you remove an account on your smartphone all the google apps you have signed with Gmail will get signout automatically like Google Maps, Youtube, calendar, drive, google assistant, etc.

    Many individuals are concerned, asking, “Does this delete the account?” and the answer is an absolute no. Furthermore, your search history, navigation, documents, images, and so on will not be destroyed. You may easily retrieve them if you log on to your computer with the same Gmail account. Personally, I prefer this if I am not going to erase personal information from the device before selling it to someone else so that they will not be able to access my personal information.

    Note that: This procedure is similar to what you have done on your computer. Here for demonstration, I am using Android Phone. Similar will be applied for iOS as well

    1. Open Gmail Apps.

    2. Then click on Profile Picture located in the top right corner.

    3. Manage Account

    4. Go to the security tab.

    5. Under Security, Select “Manage Device“.This will provide you with a list of google account logged in on your smartphone.

    6. Identify the devices, then click on 3 dots, and click on “Sign out” in the popup if you just want to remove the account from the device but allow third-party apps to access a Google account on your device. Click on Ok.

    Video Link:

    Using Smartphone ios to login Gmail from all devices

    The steps are as follows:

    1 Launch the Gmail app on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

    2 Tap the image of your profile.

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    Revoke Access To Your Google Account

    There isn’t a way to sign out of Gmail using the main account on an Android. However, from the Your devices area of your Google account, you can prevent the device from accessing your entire Google account, including your Gmail. This is useful if you lost the device or forgot to log out of a device you can no longer access.

  • From a computer, sign in to your Gmail account.

  • Select your Google profile picture near the upper-right corner of the page.

  • Select Manage your Google Account.

  • Select Security.

  • Scroll down to Your devices, then select Manage devices.

  • Select the More Menu for the device you want to block from accessing your Gmail account.

  • Select Sign out. Confirm your decision in the next window.

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