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How To Sign Out Of Your Gmail Account

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How To Setup A Google Account On My Computer

How To Sign Out Of Gmail

To create a Google account: go to Click on “Create account”. The registration form is displayed. Read the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, check the box, and click Next. The page to create your profile opens. Your account will be created and the Google homepage will appear.

How to set up a group email in gmailHow do you make a group email? Proceed as follows: Open Outlook. Go to the Home tab and select New Items. Select More Items > Contact Group. Or press Ctrl + Shift + L. In the Contact Group window, place the cursor in the Name text box and enter a name for the distribution list. To send an email to a mailing list, type the name of the list in the To text box in the new messa

How To Sign Out Of Primary Account On Chromebook

Chromebooks are easy to use and fast, but there are few easy things that are weirdly hard on Chromebooks. One of the obvious ones being signing out of the Primary account on the Chromebook. Though you can log in with as many accounts as you can, you can log out them easily by selecting the profile name on the lock screen and clicking on remove this user.

However, there is no easy way to remove the first Google Account that is used to sign into a Chromebook, also known as a Primary Account or Owner account. Actually, you cannot even remove the primary account from the Chromebook itself. Lets see how to remove the primary account without factory resetting your Chromebook.

Faq: Signing Out Of Gmail

Does Signing Out of Gmail Automatically Log Out Other Devices?

No signing out of a Gmail account on one device doesnt log you out of any others. If you want to log out of every device, you must do so in your Google Account Security settings .

What Happens if I Forget My Gmail Password?

If you sign out of Google and lose track of your password, youll be able to reset it using your recovery email address or phone number. If you were unfortunate enough to lose your password before adding a recovery number to your account, youll have to head to and follow the instructions given to avoid a lengthy and stressful lockout.

Why Cant I Log Out of Gmail?

If youre confused about why you cant just sign out of Gmail itself, its because Google signs you in not just to a site or app but to the entire device/browser. So, if you sign in to Gmail, youre also signed into Docs, Sheets, and YouTube. If you sign out, you are also signing out of Google on your entire device/browser.

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Sign Out Of A Single Google Account On Android

On Android, you can sign out of one Google account when using multiple accounts with ease. Heres how you do it:

  • Go to Settings from the pull-down notification panel and tap on Accounts. On some devices, this might be listed as Users and Accounts or something similar.
  • On the next page, tap on the Google account you want to remove from the device. Finally, hit the Remove Account button. Confirm your choice to sign out of that particular account on your Android device.

This method will sign you out of one Gmail account while keeping you signed in to the rest of your accounts on that particular Android device.

Sign Out Of One Google Account When Using Multiple Accounts

How to Remotely Sign Out of Gmail on Multiple Devices ...

The inability to log out of a single Google account at a time may not be a big deal for people who only use one Gmail ID, but it is really inconvenient for folks who manage multiple accounts. This tutorial will show you a trick that will let you sign out of only one Google account on your computer instead of having to sign out of all accounts at once. So without any further ado, lets check out how you can log out of one Google account while remaining logged in to the rest.

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Sign Out A User From A Lost Or Stolen Device

To sign out of your Google Account on your own device, go here instead.

Supported editions for this feature: Frontline Business Starter, Standard and Plus Enterprise Education Fundamentals, Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Plus G Suite Basic and Business Essentials Cloud Identity Free and Premium. Compare your edition

As an administrator, you can block unauthorized access to a user’s Google Account if their device is lost or stolen. You can sign the user out of all current HTTP sessions and reset their sign-in cookies. When you reset sign-in cookies, users must enter their username and password to sign back in to their account.

Note: If you suspended a user, their sign-in cookies are automatically reset and you don’t need to complete these steps.

How To Sign Out Of Gmail On Android

To sign out of Gmail on your Android device, open up the Gmail app and tap on your profile photo. This brings up a box with your signed in accounts. Tap on Manage accounts on this device.

Youll then see a screen showing your signed in email accounts again. Tap on the one you want to sign out of.

On the screen that follows, tap Remove account.

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Logout From Gmail On Any Mobile Browser

Thousand of users use their Gmail account on their mobile browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, UC Browser, etc. However, sometimes you may wanna sign out. I will be using the Firefox browser for this demo. To sign out of your Gmail account on a mobile browser:

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Tap the Menu bar at the top left corner.
  • Now tap your Gmail address at the top.
  • Finally, tap on Sign out of all accounts.
  • Once you do, you are good to go. Keep this in mind the clear the saved passwords in the browser. Chrome and Firefox have this feature, I dont know about any other browser. Moreover, the procedure of logging out is the same as above.

    Sign Out Of A Single Google Account On The Web

    How to Sign Out of Your Gmail Account

    You cannot directly sign out of a single Google account on the web with the click of a Sign out button when using multiple accounts. Instead, you will need to use a second device, either a desktop or mobile, to remotely log out of a single account on the target device. Heres how it works:

    • On your Android smartphone, go to Settings -> Accounts, as explained in the first step in the article. Now select the account you want to sign out of and tap on Google Account.

    Note: You can also access these settings from any Google app, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, etc. For that, tap on your profile picture at the top-right corner in these apps and select the account you want to log out of. Then tap on the button that says Google Account or Manage Your Google Account.

    • Next, tap on the Menu button at the bottom-right and select the Security option. You can also directly navigate to the Security tab by swiping left on the row under your Google ID.
    • Now scroll down on the Security page until you see the Your Devices section. Here, tap on Manage devices to see a list of devices you are logged into with your Google account. On the next page, tap on the three-dot menu button next to the device you want to sign out of. Finally, hit Sign Out on the pop-up menu.

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    How To Sign Out Of The Gmail App On Android

    The Google account is deeply linked to the Android operating system. And the only way to sign out of Gmail is to sign out of the .


    To log out of the Gmail account on Android, you have to use the Settings app. The Settings interface can differ depending on the Android smartphone youre using, but the steps will be the same.

    The Gmail app has a handy shortcut for directly opening the Accounts page in Settings. Open the Gmail app on your Android smartphone and tap the Google Profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

    Tap the Manage Accounts on This Device option.

    This will open the Accounts screen in Settings. Tap the Gmail account that you want to log out from.

    Next, tap the Remove Account button.

    In the pop-up, tap the Remove Account button again to confirm.

    The Google account will be removed from your Android smartphone, and you will be logged out of the Gmail app as well.

    How Do I Add An Email To Google

    Add another email address Open your Google account. You may need to login. Select your personal information under Personal information and data protection. Select Advanced Email. Next to additional emails, select Add another email or Add another email. Enter the email address that is yours. Select Add.

    Google checklistHow to create documents using Google templates?Please make a choice:Create a new document, spreadsheet, presentation, or form.Open an existing document, spreadsheet, presentation, or form and make any necessary changes to the template.At the top of any document, spreadsheet, slide, or form, click Template Gallery for your organization’s name.Click Send Template.Click “Select Document” and select the template file you created.

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    By Using Where You Sign In The Feature Gmail Feature

    Using Computer:

    The steps are as follows:

    1 Open your Gmail account from where you want to clear all logged-in sessions.

    2 Click on your photo located in the top right corner.

    3 Click on “Manage your Google Account“.

    Manage your account

    4 Under Left Pane, click on “Security“.


    5 Scroll down, then under Your devices section, you will find all active signed in to your Google account. Click on “Manage devices” under Your devices.

    Manage devices

    6 You will get all devices that have used Gmail account.

    The first one is your current login devices. In my case, it is Windows LaptopThe other 4 devices are other unknown devices. You can log out from those devices one by one.

    7 Click on any pane, except the first one. Then click on the “Sign out” button.

    Here, you can clearly see that this Gmail account is the first login into this unknown device in Feb:22. By clicking on the IP address, you will get the exact location where this Gmail account is logged in.

    Sign out

    8 Next click on “Signout

    9. Next, click on “Ok

    That’s it.

    You can also get your few active login histories of Gmail, so that you may know from where your Gmail is accessed so that you can change it later.

    1 Open your Gmail home screen.

    2 Scroll down to the bottom and click on Details.

    3 Popup will appear. There you will get all devices, their location of use, IP address, Data/Time, types of devices where your Gmail is logged in. It only provides a few login histories.

    4 Click on Security Checkup

    Method 2

    How Do I Open A Google Account

    How to Log out of Gmail?

    Open your Google or Gmail account. To sign up for a Google account, go to the Google home page listed in the Resources section of this article and click Sign in in the top right corner. Click the Create Account Now link on the right and enter your desired account information.

    Gmail switch accountsHow do I switch between accounts in Gmail? If you’re using Gmail, click your profile icon in the top right corner and click Add Account. Log in to another account and you can switch between the two accounts by clicking the profile icon again.How do I switch my Google account?How to change your Google or Gmail account. 1. Go to your phone settings and search for the Google tab. 2. Scroll down until you fin

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    How Do I Set Up My Gmail Account On My Computer

    Log into your Gmail account, select Settings, go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, select Enable POP for all messages, then click the Save Settings button. The Enable POP for all messages option allows you to download all Gmail messages to your computer after you configure Gmail to work with Outlook 2007.

    Can I Make A Google Account The Default Email Address

    You can set your Google account as your default email address. However, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, this tip will teach you how to choose a specific Gmail address. By choosing your preferred email address, your contacts will know that the email they just sent is yours and you can avoid falling into the spam category.

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    The Android Gmail Logout Process

    Android phones generally come with a Gmail app that you can use to access your Google email account. Your Google account is also associated with other features on the phone, such as cloud backup facilities and Google apps like Google Maps, Google Drive and YouTube.

    If you want to log out of a certain account on your phone, it will generally be disassociated with all of those apps at once. You can do so through the phone’s Settings app by scrolling to the “Accounts” section, tapping the “Google” button, then finding the account that you wish to sign out of. Then tap the account name and under the “More” menu and tap “Remove Account” to remove the account from your device.

    How Do You Set A Default Google Account On Chrome

    Gmail 2014 – How to sign in and sign out of your Gmail account

    In the menu that appears, click Settings. Scroll down on the settings page and you will see the button Make Google Chrome the default browser. Click the button to set Google Chrome as your default browser.

    How to select all in gmailHow can you sort mail in Gmail? Hover over the sender’s name to sort Gmail. Another quick way to sort Gmail by the sender’s name is to hover over the sender’s name and click the Mail option in the pop-up window. 1. Log in to your Gmail account. 2. In your Inbox, hover over the name of the sender whose messages you want to sort and click Email in the pop-up window.How c

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    How To Sign Out Of Gmail On Chromebook

    Recently it has been reported in the Google Forum and Chromium Forums that the Sign out option is disappeared. However, people are stuck and they cant sign out of Chromebook as the button is disappeared from there. There are two ways to fix this, log out of Gmail on Chromebook remotely or set the flags as disabled. dont worry I am gonna show you both the procedure to sign out of Gmail on Chromebook even if the sign out button is disappeared.

    Most people are commenting that it is a bug and they are gonna fix it soon. I think its not and if it is then you really think they dont know about it? Strange isnt it? they will fix it because they have to, as people are starting doesnt like the Chrome OS anymore. They are worried about their logged-in account, and who should not be.

    However, as far as I know, it is not a bug they are testing different things and getting to know the peoples reactions. Anyways I cant get into it deeper here. Moreover, lets get to the procedure of fixing it.

  • Open Chrome.
  • In the search bar type in chrome://flags/#-chromeos-account-manager or just open chrome://flags.
  • Now set flags to be disabled and restart the device.
  • Give the above options a try as it fixed the solution for many people out there. It is not me saying this, it is mentioned on the for Chromebook.

    How Do I Set Up My Gmail

    First, set up POP in Gmail. Open Gmail on your computer. Click ‘Settings’ in the top right corner. Click on “Settings”. Click the Transfer tab and select POP/IMAP. In the POP Download section, select Enable POP for all emails or Enable POP now for incoming emails. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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    Remove Gmail Account From Other Devices

    In case you have logged into your Gmail account in any device, whether its Android, iOS or Windows PC then you can log out or completely remove the account from it. This is helpful in cases when you have lost your mobile device and want to remove the Google account from the device remotely. Speaking of lost phone you can find IMEI number without the phone and then erase data, lock or block the device.

    Now, coming back to the task at hand of removing Gmail account from unnecessary devices, it can be done from both web browser using Gmail site or using the smartphone with the Gmail app. To do that:

    • Open Gmail and log in to your account. After this, click on the profile icon at the top right corner.
    • Then from the menu, select Google Account.
    • Now select the Security tab, scroll down and look for Your Devices.

    Under this, you will see the list of all the devices in which your current Gmail Account is used. Here click on Manage Devices.

    • Next, if you find a device that is not yours or you do not use it anymore but is still connected your Gmail account, click on it. Then select REMOVE and confirm. With this, your Gmail account will be completely removed from that device.

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