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How To Show Sensitive Content On Twitter

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Why This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content Error Occurs

How to See Sensitive Media Content on Twitter (Easy)

Whenever someone post NSFW content on Twitter, the person has to beforehand mark the media they tweet as sensitive content. If not, there is an obvious risk of getting the account suspended.

In general occurrences Twitter says, This Tweet might include sensitive content as a result that the containing material of Tweet may not be suitable for viewing. And the user has marked it to be sensitive in the privacy and safety settings.

Media That Is Already Flagged

I havent found a way to go back to media Ive already tweeted that was flagged as sensitive and mark it as not sensitive, so if you find it, let me know.

Also, according to AdWeek, Twitter might change this setting back if people report your media/tweets as being sensitive and they look at it/their algorithms look at it/they just randomly change things. If your account gets the may be sensitive warning again, check the setting hasnt been changed.

Can I Appeal A Decision Made By Twitter

If you are suspended for having graphic violence or adult content in your profile image or header image you can appeal by logging into your account and submitting an appeal here.

There is currently no way to appeal a decision by Twitter that permanently changes your account setting to in response to repeated mislabeling of sensitive content.

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How To Mute Certain Words Or Phrases On Twitter

  • Open the Twitter app on your iPhone and tap on the hamburger icon at the top left.
  • Tap Settings and Privacy Privacy and safety Muted.
  • Tap Muted words Add.
  • Enter the desired word or phrase.
  • Choose where you wish to mute them from Timeline, Notification, etc.
  • Next, choose the duration, and finally tap on Save.
  • Check The Box For Sensitive Content

    How to hide or view sensitive content on Twitter?

    The last and final step is to fix the This Tweet might include sensitive content error is to turn on/off the sensitive content setting. It can be done by checking the box for Display media that may contain sensitive content.

    You need to follow the path as:

    Content you see > check the box for Display media that may contain sensitive content.

    If you want to see sensitive content on Twitter you can just check the box, or else uncheck it if you want to restrict sensitive content on Twitter. Note that you can turn the option on and off at your will by using Content you see settings on Twitter web. And it will help you to get rid of this problem permanently.

    Thats it!! You have now successfully learned to turn off sensitive content on Twitter!!

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    Remove Sensitive Content Label From Your Tweets

    At times, Twitter may mark the media you upload as sensitive based on its sensitive media policy. However, you can stop it from doing so by tweaking the settings, as shown below.

  • Open Twitter and click More in the sidebar.
  • Select Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety.
  • Click on Your Tweets.
  • Uncheck the box for .
  • You can repeat the same steps in the Twitter mobile app. Although, the option is not available yet on the iOS version.

    Note that if you regularly post media having sensitive content, keep the option enabled. Otherwise, Twitter may permanently disable the option for your account.

    How To Show Sensitive Content In Searches

    Tweets with sensitive content are normally hidden from searches, but you can enable them if you prefer.

    Just like above, you can follow these steps in the , but the setting isnt available for iPhone or iPad.

    To do so, go to the and click More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Content You See > Search Settings. Uncheck Hide Sensitive Content here.

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    Skipping The Sensitive Content Warning

    You can actively disable the warning about sensitive content from the privacy settings of the platform. You will also find these options in the same area in the Android app, according to AdWeek.

    However, they are not available in the Twitter app for iPad and iPhone. If you change the settings on the Twitter web, the apps on your smartphone and other devices will show you the content without any label or warning.

    To be able to disable the warning tag, go to the website and select “More,” which is located on the left side of the screen–represented by three dots inside a circle.

    From the menu, choose “Settings and Privacy.” Select the “Privacy and Safety” from the list of options on the left and choose “Content You See.”

    At the top of your screen, tick on the box next to the label that says the display media may contain sensitive content so you can disable the warning when you tweet and when you look for tweets.

    How To Enable Twitter Safe Search Mode On Iphone Ipad And Pc

    How To Turn Off Sensitive Content On Twitter (Guide)

    With more than 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, you stumble upon all types of content from witty to offensive to vulgar. But not everybody likes to see such sensitive content in their Search or Timeline. If you, too, would like to keep yourself away from these, here are the quick steps to enable Twitters safe search mode.

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    How To Filter Block And Report Harmful Content On Social Media

    Social media privacy and safety tools update constantly and while this is a good place to start for ideas, the best place to learn about how to enact features is on each social media platform. Here are some tips for filtering, reporting, and blocking harmful content or users on social media platforms.

    What If I Dont Change My Media Settings And Post Sensitive Media

    If one of your Tweets containing media is reported as sensitive, it will be sent to Twitter for review. If we find that the media wasnât marked as being potentially sensitive at the time of the upload:

    • We may label the media as being potentially sensitive, or in the case of live video, remove the content entirely.
    • We may also change your account setting to so that future posts are marked accordingly.

    You will be able to change your media settings on your account settings page, though this image and any other images that have been labeled will remain marked as potentially sensitive.

    If you repeatedly upload media that is mislabeled, we may:

    • Label your media as having potentially sensitive content.
    • Permanently adjust your account setting to so that your future posts have a warning message users must click through before viewing your media.

    Twitter may also use automated techniques to detect and label potentially sensitive media, and to detect and label accounts that frequently tweet potentially sensitive media.

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    How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter Iphone And Web

    You can also turn off the Sensitive Content warning on tweets from your iPhone and Web. Note that the Twitter app for iPhone does not contain this option.

    Step 1: On any browser, log in to your Twitter account. For iPhone, tap on your profile avatar in the upper left corner, and from the menu that pops up, select Setting and Privacy. For Desktop, go to the three-dotted More options icon on the navigation bar on the left and click on Settings and privacy.

    Step 2: Select the Privacy and safety settings from the menu.

    Step 3: Now, select Content you see and check the box beside the Display media that may contain sensitive content option. After that go to Search Setting and uncheck thehide sensitive content box.

    Select Privacy And Safety

    How to Turn Off " This Tweet might include sensitive ...

    Settings > Privacy and safety.

    After youve selected Settings and privacy, the Settings page will be opened.

    There are various options in the SettingsYour account, Security and account access, Privacy and safety, etc.

    The option that youll be using is the Privacy and safety option.

    Select Privacy and safety to go to your Privacy and safety settings.

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    Twitter Sensitive Content Media

    Generally, Twitter accounts that contain sensitive content send out sensitive media tweets, be it photos or videos. Therefore, you also have to handle it in order to see the content.

    How to view sensitive content on Twitter:

    • Open a Twitter account on your device.
    • Then open the media tweet that you want to see.
    • A warning appears that the media contains sensitive content.
    • Press the View option on the right.
    • Then, the photo or video media will be visible.
    • Done.

    Well, thats how to open Twitter media that may contain sensitive content. This method applies to access sensitive photos and videos on Twitter.

    What Is Not A Violation Of This Policy

    You can share graphic violence and consensually produced adult content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive. We may also allow limited sharing of hateful imagery, provided that it is not used to promote a terrorist or violent extremist group, that you mark this content as sensitive and donât target it at an individual .

    To mark your media as sensitive, navigate to your safety settings and select the option. If you donât mark your media as sensitive, we will do so manually if your content is reported for review.

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    How To Turn Off Sensitive Content In Twitter On Iphone

    Follow the above steps and uncheck the box for Display media that may contain sensitive content. Further, to stop sensitive content from showing up in search results, etc. take a look at how to enable safe search mode.

    Thats all, folks!

    This is all about enabling sensitive content for your Twitter account. If you have a related query, feel free to ask in the comments down below. Also, just so you know, we post informative content on our handle.

    You may also find these helpful:

    How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr From Your Desktop

    How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter – (Android/iPhone)
    • Open the browser
    • Go to Tumblr and log in
    • Wait till you get redirected to the Dashboard
    • From Settings, go to the Filtering section and you can find a Safe Mode switch that would be turned on by default
    • Switch it off by clicking on the gray button
    • Go ahead and click on an NSFW content
    • It will redirect you to an NSFW blog and a Safe Mode Warning will eventually pop up
    • Below the warning, click on Go to my dashboard
    • Youll get to see the NSFW blog option on the right side of your Dashboard
    • The blog will open in a new browser
    • Though the procedure of viewing the NSFW content is quite a lengthy affair and seems quite complicated, the end results might bring you happiness and satisfaction.

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    Why Cant I See Sensitive Content On Twitter

    You cant see sensitive content on Twitter because the setting for Display media that may contain sensitive content is turned off.

    Users who post NSFW content on Twitter will

    As long as the Display media that may contain sensitive content is turned on, you wont be able to see media that are marked as sensitive.

    How To Remove The Warning From Your Own Tweets

    To stop Twitter from marking media you upload as sensitive, choose menu > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety. Ensure Mark Media You Tweet as Containing Material That May Be sensitive is unchecked.

    This option is available on the web and in the Android app but not in the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad.

    Note that Twitter reserves the right to permanently enable this option for your account if you abuse this option and upload sensitive media without tagging it as such. If you cant disable it, thats why.

    If you dont want to see sensitive content, dont worrythats the default setting on Twitter. Just ensure the Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content option is disabled and the Hide Sensitive Content option for searches is enabled.

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    How To Skip The Sensitive Content Warning

    You disable the Sensitive Content warning from Twitters privacy settings. Youll also find these options in the same place in the Android app, but theyre not available in the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad. If you change the setting on the web, however, the Twitter iPhone and iPad apps will show you sensitive content without any warnings.

    To disable the warning, head to the Twitter website and click menu > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety.

    Under Safety, enable the Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content option to disable the warning for tweets.

    How To Disable Offensive Content Filtering For Your Twitter News Feed

    12 Tips for Staying Safe and Secure on Twitter

    By default, takes viewer discretion into consideration and imposes censorship on content that some users may find hurtful or offensive, but not everyone feels they need to be censored. Some people would prefer to view their Twitter feed in full without it.

    For anyone who doesnt like the censored Twitter feed experience, there is a simple setting you can change so youll always see everything that pops up in your Twitter feed. Well show you how in this tutorial.

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    Block And Mute Accounts

    Blocking an account ensures that it will no longer show up in your timeline, and it prevents that user from viewing your activity. However, users will know if you block them, so some people prefer muting instead. When you mute an account, it removes their tweets from your feed. If you follow them, you’ll still see replies and mentions in your notifications if you don’t follow them, they won’t appear.

    There are two ways of blocking or muting. On the account’s profile page, select the three-dot icon and choose Mute or Block. Or tap the downward-facing arrow from within your feed and choose Mute or Block.

    Review muted accounts via Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Muted > Muted accounts. Review blocked accounts via Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Blocked accounts.

    How Do You Turn Off The Sensitive Content Filter On Instagram

    Luckily, regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android, the way to change the sensitive content filter is the same. When you open the app, tap on your profile. Open the menu by tapping the three horizontal bars in the corner. One of the first things you see is Settings. Tap that and then tap Account.

    In the Account section, you’ll see all kinds of options to customize your experience on Instagram. One of those will be called Sensitive Content Control. Once you tap that, you’ll see a few different options. The default option is called “Limit ” where you get a moderate amount of content that might be considered offensive. “Allow” is another setting that lets you see the most amount of content that Instagram thinks you might not like.

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    How To Unblock Sensitive Content On Twitter

    Since sometimes social media such as Twitter has started blocking certain tweets, flagging them as potentially sensitive content. You might face this error while viewing certain tweets: This tweet is not available because it includes potentially sensitive content.

    While this is helpful to those who like to see filtered content, many dont appreciate it as they cant view the raw content. However, theres not much to worry about as this feature can be unblocked on any device with ease.

    But before we get to that, lets learn what is meant by sensitive content.


    Content Sensitive Twitter Account

    Change Sensitive Content Settings On Twitter (2021)

    Twitter accounts that frequently send tweets containing sensitive content cannot be opened normally. The Twitter account will display a warning, this profile may contain sensitive content.

    Heres how to view Twitter accounts with sensitive content:

    • First, open your Twitter account.
    • Then visit accounts containing sensitive content.
    • Then a warning appears that the profile contains sensitive content.
    • You only need to press the button Yes, view profile.
    • Done.

    Now you have successfully opened a Twitter account that contains sensitive content. All tweets and Twitter account media can be accessed and viewed.

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    S To Disable The Sensitive Media Flag

    Log in to your Twitter account.

    Click on Privacy and Safety over on the left.

    Twitter Privacy and Safety Settings

    Then scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the Safety section.

    Uncheck .

    Disable Mark media I Tweet as containing sensitive material.

    If you dont want Twitter hiding stuff from you just because they think its sensitive, then check Display media that may contain sensitive content.

    Advertising And Data Tracking

    Though Twitter hasn’t been hit by the data-collection controversies Facebook has dealt with, the platform still keeps track of your activity in order to serve personalized ads. If you’re looking to secure your account and information, you may also want to control how Twitter collects and shares data.

    Navigate to Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Personalization and data. You can turn off personalized ads, and personalization based on identity, location, and device. You can also prevent Twitter from sharing collected data with advertisers. Turn all these features off at once by flipping the switch next to the Personalization and data heading.

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    What Does Censored Content Look Like

    When youre looking at something that has been flagged as offensive by Twitter, the social network will try to hide it and youll see a prompt like the one below:

    Whether or not the content is actually offensive remains to be seen, but in my experience, most of the stuff I find censored really isnt offensive to me at all, so I go ahead and change the setting so I can see everything up front.

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