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How To Share Your Twitter Account

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Wait For Suspension Expiration

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If all else fails, but your suspension was a temporary one, your last recourse is to simply wait it out. Most suspensions are no more than a month, after which your account will be restored. I know its harsh, but its better than having to start from scratch. Of course, if your suspension was permanent, you will have to start over. Just make sure not to do whatever it was that got you suspended again. Dont try to rush you growth; take it slow and easy. Shortcuts lead to more suspensions.

Respond To Any Responses

If and when Twitter sends you a response asking for information or directing you to a form to fill out, fill it out as promptly and completely as possible. Err on the side of too much information, because the last thing you need is another 24-hour round of waiting while they respond to your response to their response to your ticket. Adding another round on top of that just makes it worse.

Sometimes it will be simple, sometimes it will be complex and require more explanation. Always be nice to the Twitter rep; their job is hard enough as it is, they dont need irate users yelling at them. One good tip is to ask for instructions or an explanation as to why you were suspended, so you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Create Your Twitter Profile

A is a powerful tool in your social media marketing strategy. Create the right image for your brand and youll build trust with your audience, enhance your ability to appear in the right social streams and more. Before you move into the next stage of learning how to use Twitter effectively, make sure you:

  • Complete and optimize your Twitter profile: Choose a branded image for your Twitter profile pic and use your bio to describe what you do. Dont forget to sneak a secondary link into your bio to drive more leads to your website.
  • Get verified: Want your customers to trust that youre a credible company? Getting the blue verified badge on Twitter is an excellent place to start. Check out our guide to getting .
  • Link back to your profile from other places: Make sure you show your profile off by linking to it on your website, in your email signatures and on your other social accounts. This will give your social profile greater reach.

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Stop Measuring Success By Follower Count

This next Twitter tip is less of a tactic and more of a general best practice. In the early days of Twitter before we had access to all the data and analytics tools we have today, one of the most common ways brands measured success was by follower count. The assumption was if you were getting more followers, your strategy was working.

But its 2018 and were past the days of basing all our efforts on the goal of getting 100K Twitter followers. Instead, you can set goals that connect to your larger business objectives. And there are plenty of metrics to track your progress.

These days, brands measure success by:

  • Engagement growth
  • Customer response time
  • Leads generated

Start by thinking of what your brand hopes to accomplish on Twitter. Then set goals around that and decide what metrics youll use to measure your progress.

Use Buffer To Post Amazing Tweets

How do you know if your twitter account has been hacked ...

Increasing your followers is NOT easy especially when you dont have much online reputation. The simplest way to increasing your twitter following is to post amazing tweets.

If people notice that you are posting great tweets, they will start following you. Dont be self promotional. Try to spend time in finding the epic content in your industry and tweet about it often. Another great thing about is, it gives you right timings to post across all the social media sites and you can add your own timings too. Look the image below.

Buffer is a free platform to find and tweet quality stuff. Just create a free account, add your twitter profile and you can schedule tweets in advance so the tool automatically sends tweets at the optimized times so you can get wider reach.

Using BufferApp to get more followers on twitter

Posting great content on twitter is the KEY to increase quality followers on twitter.

Without sharing quality tweets, you simply dont get natural twitter followers for free. You always need to find a way to organically increase your followers and that can only be done by sharing great content.

One of the best ways to share great tweets is to use BufferApp.

BufferApp is a fantastic tool to schedule your tweets in advance. Moreover this is a free tool that allows you to schedule 10 tweets in advance. You can also use different times to post on twitter to increase your tweets and interactions.


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Spend More Than 2 Seconds On Your Copy

Since a tweet is so short, its easy to write it and just send it out into the world. However, taking a few seconds to double check your spelling and tone can save you from embarrassing mishaps.

Sometimes a seemingly innocent tweet can be misinterpreted simply because of a typo or the way it was worded.

Why Its Important To Be Twitter Verified

There are likely to be a lot of obvious benefits to having a verified status on Twitter.

  • You might get more followers
  • Youre bound to gain trust and respect from the community
  • You have one more data point on your being an influencer/authority
  • There are some immediate platform benefits, too. You can opt out of group DMs, and you can filter your notifications to include only notifications from other verified users.

    Its this last point that might be the most important.

    And to look ahead into the future, this may be an area that Twitter moves toward for everyone. The Verified filter is only available to other verified users now, but its possible that this could be rolled out to all Twitter users in some form, perhaps even as a filter in the main Twitter stream.

    Being verified ensures that your content and your interactions always remain visible for the maximum number of Twitter users possible.

    As the Nieman Lab pointed out:

    If a significant share of Twitter users were verified, it would be easier for Twitter to make something like Show notifications and replies only from verified users and people I follow the Twitter default view.

    Its a bit early to tell for sure where Twitter may head, though it never helps to get ahead of the curve if you can. Just in case.

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    Identify Why You Were Suspended

    Knowing Twitters rules and knowing the list of common suspensions above, take a moment to think about your Twitter actions and what might have caused your suspension. When you fill out your appeal, you will have to be honest about it, because Twitter will be able to know whether or not youre lying. You cant go in and delete tweets to make yourself seem more innocent, either. In general, its better to admit that you were wrong, realize that the rules say your actions were against the terms, and promise not to do it again. Showing good faith is better than claiming innocence and hoping for Twitters benign goodwill.

    If you honestly dont know why you were suspended or if your suspension was from follower churn and you only started it recently you might be able to pass it off as a hacking. In this case, instead of submitting the usual suspension appeal ticket, submit a hacking appeal. You can find that option here, on the left, under hacked account.

    Are You Ready To Tweet Your Way To More Traffic

    How to Share Your Tweet Link in Whatsapp Status – Promote Your Twitter Account Through Whatsapp

    You wont become a traffic powerhouse on Twitter overnight, but if you follow these simple tactics, you can build your presence into a valuable source of new visitors and subscribers for your blog.

    And although having the social media following of a billion dollar brand like Coca Cola would be great, getting results from a Twitter following youve built yourself from scratch is actually more rewarding.

    To succeed as a blogger on Twitter, dedicate time to your community, express your interests consistently and promote your content sparingly.

    Pick a handful of tactics to implement and set yourself some simple goals for your first month. Try to gain 100 new followers, have meaningful conversations with 30 more influential Twitter users in your network, and gain the first trickle of new traffic from your tweets.

    Building a traffic-driving presence on Twitter is within the grasp of anyone whos willing to put in hard work, be consistently generous and let their natural wit and personality shine through.

    What are you waiting for? See you on !

    About the author.

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    Automate When It Makes Sense

    Theres a good and bad side to social media automation. It can be an extremely helpful way to be more productive, or turn your Twitter account into a complete chatbot that nobody wants to deal with. The key to using well is to be selective about what and how you automate.

    Some good examples of Twitter automation would be:

    • Scheduling tweets in advance instead of manually tweeting everything
    • Using a social media management tool to automatically tag incoming Tweets that contain a certain hashtag
    • Using Twitter chatbots to streamline your customer service workflow

    On the flip side, some bad examples of Twitter automation are:

    • Sending automatic DMs to new followers spamming them with links
    • Relying solely on automated tweets to handle customer complaints

    As a general rule of thumb, try to automate time consuming tasks that dont necessarily require too much manual work.

    Program Your Twitter Bot

    After developing, you need to program your bot so that it can take actions on your account automatically. Some options that you can add are:

    • Twitter search: This part is for putting your commands into place and is the most crucial part of programming your Twitter bot.
    • Choose actions: You need to choose the actions that your Twitter bot can undertake. For example, retweeting automatically or sending messages to your followers. You can also add text to your actions.
    • Start and end time: Choose the start and end time for your bot to function. You can choose a scheduling tool for this purpose too.

    After completing all the steps, dont forget to test your Twitter bot and check if it is working properly or not!

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    Give A Try To Twitter Chats

    Did you know that you can increase followers by participating in twitter chats?

    Usually twitter chats can be considered as a group conversation who talks about a similar topic which can be either done once a week .

    If youre a blogger and want to participate in twitter chats, here are few you can use;

    • #blogchat
    • #socialchat and so on

    How can you actually find relevant twitter chats to follow and participate?

    The best way is to search for various search terms on twitter that are relevant to your industry. For example if youre into fitness industry, you can use search terms like fitness chat to find all the top conversation and tweets so you can participate immediately.

    How Can Your Website Benefit From Custom Twitter Widgets

    How to Link Account, Contact & Lead in Salesforce to Twitter

    You spend a lot of time tweeting, engaging, and building a successful Twitter following, wouldnt it be nice if everyone you needed to communicate with were on Twitter? Unfortunately, thats not the case, many people have yet to discover your Twitter timeline and the exciting content you share. So how can you maximize your efforts without creating more work?

    Get more miles out of your Twitter efforts with an embedded Twitter widget on your website!

    Twitter widgets allow you to embed a Twitter timeline widget that showcases all your Twitter posts right on your website. People can browse your web pages and get a sneak peek into your Twitter chatter without having to leave your site. When you embed Twitter feeds on your website, youre not only improving session time on your website but also turning visitors into potential Twitter followers.

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    How Do I Switch Between Different Accounts I Manage

    To access your ads account, log in to .

    If you only have access to one ads account, the default account will automatically display on the Ads Manager screen.

    If you have access to multiple ads accounts, you can select which account you’d like to enter by clicking on ads account tile.

    To switch between ads accounts, click on the account name in the upper-right corner and click âSwitch accountsâ in the drop-down menu. You’ll be taken to a screen showing you all the ads accounts you have access to.

    Use Twitter Ads & Paid Tactics

    While not yet as advanced as Facebook, is gaining significant traction. Decreased organic reach notwithstanding, paid options on Twitter are becoming more attractive to marketers since the social network stepped its game up after going public in an attempt to further monetize.

    Currently, incorporating paid tactics into your Twitter strategy is great for both content promotion, as well as promoting Twitter accounts. For marketers struggling with how to promote content on Twitter, execute Promoted Tweets. Leave Promoted Account campaigns for audience building or community building.

    Depending on your industry or niche, you may see more tweet interaction from keyword targeting instead of handle or competitor targeting. If you’re not sure which type of targeting is right for your business, create different tweets with different targets. Track their performance and optimize your future builds. Always execute three to four tweet variations for each type of targeting.

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    Read The Suspension Page

    When you log in to a suspended account, you see very little of your account functionality. You are restricted from using the site through that account, through your other accounts are fine unless they too were suspended. You will see, however, a yellow bar at the top of the screen with a link that tells you about suspended accounts. If youre not currently suspended or you want to read the link again, this is the page it links to.

    If youre lucky, you will see another message, one that tells you that you can lift the suspension by proving your identity. This usually happens with cases of mistaken identity, cases where you were reported for minor violations of the rules, or certain automated spam detection features. You can submit a phone number, confirm your email, and follow a few instructions to get your suspension lifted without filling out a ticket.

    Most of the time, however, you will simply be directed to the Twitter rules and to the appeal ticket form. This is for more mid-range or serious offenses. Its a lengthy process that will take a couple of days on average, though sometimes longer, so prepare yourself for the effort involved.

    Running Contests To Increase Followers

    How to share your twitter account with QR Code

    This is by far the easiest and most fun way to increase your followers, run a contest. You dont have to invest hundreds of dollars to run contents to increase your followers. You can either giveaway something for free to run the contests. Or you can also find different advertisers who can sponsor your contests, all you have to do is to search for the competitor blogs and find their relevant advertisers.

    I have seen lots of people using contests to get desired actions from their website readers like increasing their RSS Feed subscribers, increasing their fan base on Twitter, increasing more contents on their blogs in the form of guest posts etc. We can use the same thing to increase our Twitter followers.

    We can create some contests to increase our followers base on Twitter. We need to offer exciting gifts to the contest winners so that lots of people get excited to participate in the contest. We can think of promoting our contests through our websites, blogs and through social networks we are active to make contest a real success and to get desired results from it.

    You can expect some quick and targeted followers through contest for your Twitter profile page. Apart from creating your own contests, you should start participating in other contests created around Twitter promotions.

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    How To Share Your Newsletter Issues On Twitter

    When you choose to schedule your newsletter issue, youll have the option to auto-post it to several social-media platforms, including Twitter. Check out the guide below to find out how!

    Step 1: Go to the Schedule issue page

    That will bring up the Schedule issue page, where you can choose to send your newsletter now, or schedule it for later. Below that, youll see this box, allowing you to connect Revue with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium:

    Step 2: Connect your Twitter account

    Step 3: Edit the text youd like to accompany the link to your issue

    What do you want to see in the post? This screenshot shows the automatically-generated text, but you can change that to whatever youd like:

    Step 4: Click the box next to Twitter to activate the auto-post

    Just check the boxes next to the relevant social media platforms before you send, and youre good to go! When you check any of these boxes, well save your decision for next time.

    Step 5: Hit Send now or Schedule at the bottom of the page

    Whether you chose to send the newsletter immediately or schedule it for later, youll need to confirm your choices by clicking on that orange button. Then youre all set!

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