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How To Share Your Linkedin Profile

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Where To List Your Linkedin Profile Url On Your Resume

How to Share Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that you have spiffed up your LinkedIn profile and created your very own custom URL, you are ready to add it to your resume.

When you add the URL of your LinkedIn profile, it is crucial that you keep the placement in mind. The link to your profile should be placed along with your contact information.

When adding the URL to your resume, you do not have to add the entire link. The way to include it without adding the full-length of the link is to create a hyperlink. To create a hyperlink, highlight the words , right-click, and select Hyperlink.

Example # 1

123 Maple Street Apt. 21B New York, NY 12345 | 555-5555 ||

Dont Give Dont Take Match

How do individuals get the most value out of using LinkedIn? Pick one answer and find out if you are right!

Question: Individuals reported gaining the most value from LinkedIn when they focused on what?

  • Seeking out new jobs
  • Writing new content
  • Hard question, but the correct answer is b!

    A study published in the International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments found that individuals report gaining the most value from LinkedIn when they focus on sharing professional resources, not directly on building themselves up.

    The reason for this stems from the desire that most people have to foster reciprocal relationships.

    Organizational psychology researcher Adam Grant studied more than 30,000 professionals across multiple industries and foundone striking similarity between most LinkedIn users: the majority of people have a sharing mentality they are willing to offer value to others with the expectation that other people will offer value in return.

    Basically, LinkedIn users can be grouped into three different categories: Givers, takers, and matchers.

  • Givers constantly go out of their way to help others without asking for anything in return.
  • Takers, on the other extreme, relentlessly pursue their goals without regard for the people they use along the way.
  • Matchers are those who strive for fairness.
  • Can you guess who succeeded the most?

    Here are specific ways to give back to your network and prove youre not a taker:

    Add Your Resume To Linkedin

    Be sure to upload a new version of your resume when you get promoted, change jobs, add to your education or certifications, or upgrade your skills.

    In addition to showcasing your LinkedIn profile on your resume, you can add your resume to LinkedIn, by either linking to it or uploading it. This is an excellent way to provide in-depth information about your employment history and expertise to prospective employers and business contacts.

    You can either upload a resume file directly to LinkedIn or link to your resume document on another site. Here’s how:

    • When you are logged in to LinkedIn, go to your own profile page by clicking “Me” and then selecting “View Profile” from the dropdown menu.
    • Go to the introduction section in the top right corner of your screen. This is the part of the page listing your name, headline, and location. Click “Add Profile Section.”
    • Open the “Featured” section, and select “Media.”
    • Upload your resume from your computer.
    • Or: in the “Featured” section, select “Links” from the dropdown. Enter the URL of your online resume.
    • Edit the “Title” and “Description” in the pop-up window.

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    What Linkedin Information Is Public

    Unless you have edited your settings, most of your LinkedIn profile is public. Information like your name, company, summary, and experience can be viewed by other LinkedIn users and the general public. In fact, LinkedIn recently updated their platform to make all status updates public, meaning that theyre picked up by search engines like Google. This can be helpful from a research perspective, but it also means you should be careful what you post.

    In general, this means that you should be careful about what you update, when you update, and how you update on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a default setting that notifies your LinkedIn connections if you update your profile. If youre actively searching for a new job, you will want to turn this off.

    Can You Add Certifications From Other E

    How to share your own LinkedIn profile or someone else

    LinkedIn Learning isnt the only place you can learn new skills. So, if LinkedIn doesnt have a course youre interested in, check out platforms like Coursera, edX, or IDEO. There are many more! And youll enjoy the same benefits by adding certifications from one or more of those platforms to your profile.

    Once youve received your certification from one of those platforms, you can follow the same steps I shared above to add it to your profile. Just jump ahead to step #5 and youll be good to go!

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    Its Your Chance To Say Hello

    Compared to other social networks, LinkedIn carries a certain expectation of decorum and professionalism. This expectation varies from industry to industry regardless, the profile summary section is your best opportunity to inject a little personality into your profile. In an age where culture fits or culture adds are top of mind, the LinkedIn summary is where you can really let prospective employers see who you are and what you care about.

    More than any other LinkedIn profile section, the summary provides an opportunity to address the reader directly and share multiple sides of yourself from professional accomplishments to life motivations.

    Why A Good Linkedin Summary Matters For Your Job Search

    Writing a great LinkedIn profile top-to-bottom is the easiest way to set yourself apart from half a billion other LinkedIn users. Even if youve uploaded a great profile photo, customized your headline, created a cover story video, and detailed your work and education history, leaving the summary blank is a huge missed opportunity for a number of reasons.

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    What Is A Linkedin Url

    A URL is the address of a web page or a resource on the Internet. It is used to access this page or resource, either by writing this address in the address bar of your browser, or, if it is clickable, by simply clicking on it. Your browser will then automatically take you to the desired page.

    The URL of your LinkedIn profile is therefore the address of your profile on the professional social network. It indicates the location, on the web and on, of your LinkedIn profile page. It starts with followed by some text.

    To be noted: LinkedIn also has professional pages for companies. These companies also have URLs on LinkedIn, which can be shared or modified, just like any other professional profile.

    Be A Strategic Linkedin Liker

    How to share your LinkedIn profile

    Building a strong network is about making and maintaining connections. Connecting with someone after a networking event is just half the battle, after all.

    How do you maintain better LinkedIn connections? One word: Engage.

    Here are 2 things you should avoid, and how to use your likes to your advantage.

    • Dont be a LinkedIn crawler. You know, those people who just scroll through their feed and aimlessly browse without liking anything.

    Instead, try this: Every time you go on LinkedIn, take a few moments to like a few recent posts in your newsfeed. Whenever youre liking a post, youre also showing your connection some appreciation!

    • Dont treat your likes like gold. Unlike gold, likes are free.

    Instead, try this: My rule of thumb is, if the post I read provided just an ounce of value, I give it a like! But its important to be purposeful about thisdont just go around liking any and all posts.

    Likes are the easiest way to produce rapport.

    Look at the bigger picture. I used to be a serial judger, but liking creates deeper connections. Its great conversation fodder next time you see them. If you liked an article they postedeven if the post wasnt excellentyou then can talk about that article next time you see them. Bingo! Conversation starter and liker.

    Engaging with other peoples posts enhances your professional image in two ways:

    Right Now: Like at least three updates from your newsfeed.

    Whats one of the biggest misconceptions people have about LinkedIn?

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    How To Find Your Linkedin Url Edit It And Add It To Your Cv Written Instructions

    If youd like to have written instructions to print off and follow, you can find these below.

  • Log in to LinkedIn.
  • Edit your LinkedIn URL .
  • Copy your new LinkedIn URL .
  • Open up your CV in Word, click where you would like to add your LinkedIn URL . Paste the link into the CV by holding down the right click of your mouse and selecting paste.
  • Sign In With Linkedin

    You have already encountered and used these functionalities many-a-times on others website. Now, it is time to use them to add LinkedIn on your website.

    This Sign-in plugin enables the visitor to register or sign in using their respective LinkedIn credentials on your business website. As much beneficial this plugin is for your business, it profits the visitors equally. That is, they get to identify themselves whenever they leave a comment on your blog/forum. Vice-verse, you get access to useful insights. It also allows website visitors to sign in on your website smoothly through LinkedIn.

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    S To A Better Linkedin Profile In 2020

    Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

    As marketers, we invest a lot of time and resource in building brands. Were trained at it and were good at it. But how often do we apply those skills to building our own personal brands? For many of us, its nothing like as often as we should. I know that theres more that I could be doing to build my own profile on LinkedIn and I know that Im not alone.

    We dont get around to it because were busy, and because it can sometimes feel selfish or egotistical to invest time in marketing ourselves. However, when we neglect personal branding, we dont just sell ourselves short we also miss a big opportunity from a marketing perspective. The impact of employees who share content is huge. And the most effective employee sharers are those whove built their personal brand on LinkedIn.

    The LinkedIn profile page is the foundation for your personal branding. And we regularly add features to increase its capabilities as a personal marketing platform and give you new ways to signal your skills and motivations. If you havent checked your profile page recently, you might well find new ways to build your personal brand.

    Here are 20 profile features you should check and update for 2020. Some of them are very quick wins, some of them may take a little bit of time but all of them are very worthwhile. They will help to give you the LinkedIn profile and personal brand that you deserve.

    1. Choose the right profile picture for LinkedIn

    Consider Building An App Or Moving Your Community To An Existing App

    How to Demonstrate Your Expertise and Build Your Brand on ...

    Remember, most business is done via phones these days. The easier you can make it for people to engage with you or purchase from you, the better. This all comes down to basics, like making your information readily accessible so they dont encounter any blockages on their way to a sale. And with that said, theres another way to build customer loyalty and make things easy get an app involved.

    In 2020, mobile apps accounted for 18 billion downloads, which was a 7% increase from the year before, according to App Annies State of Mobile Report. That number will only rise. This makes it easier for your brand or company to be top of mind. If you dont feel its right to develop your own app or hire a developer, consider an app like MightyNetworks or Patreon, where clients or customers can subscribe to you for a nominal fee in order to access content or services behind a paywall. Having an app also creates a sense of dependability and professionalism in the eyes of your target audience. This will help to promote sales as well.

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    More and more business is trending toward the online world. Capitalizing on these trends by creating free value, infusing sales, elevating happy customers and solidifying your business online presence through an app will help you grow your number of clients in the years to come.

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    How To Include Your Linkedin Url On Your Resume

    One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that it gives prospective employers and professional connections a synopsis of your credentials. Viewing a LinkedIn profile is a quick and easy way to get insight into someone’s career history.

    You can create a custom LinkedIn URL to add to your resume, email signature, and anywhere else you’d like to market your credentials. Hiring managers will be able to easily access your profile and see recommendations and skill endorsements from your colleagues, clients, and managers.

    Get advice on how to include your LinkedIn URL on your resume, create a custom URL, and make your profile stand out to employers.

    How To Change Profile Link

    If you are on LinkedIn to expand your business or to get a Job then its very important to keep an easy and short username. A lot of users including me prefers to create the same username on all social media platform. So that our followers can remember it easily. For example, my username on and other platforms like , , is suvamb10.

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    Make Someones Linkedin Day

    Imagine this: You spend countless minutes crafting the perfect LinkedIn status update. You submit it, and BAM!

    Someone shares it with their audience.

    Instant. Dopamine. Hit!

    Sharing is the ultimate show of support! When you share other peoples posts you get great social capital. In addition to showing your interests and increasing your activity level, this is a great way to show people that you are thinking about them without having to personally reach out.

    Whenever you want to be more memorable, keep this LinkedIn profile tip in mind. Thats because dopamine is the chemical in your brain that actually aids memory and information processingthe more dopamine thats released in the brain, the more memorable youll be!

    Want more interesting tips? I talk all about the science of creating pleasurable and memorable conversations in Chapter 3 of my latest book,Captivate.

    Now that youre on your way to perfecting your digital brand, I want to show you how to succeed with peopleyour boss, your colleagues, your friends and family.

    This is the first comprehensive, science-backed, real-life manual on human behavior and a completely new approach to building connections.

    You can have all the best LinkedIn profile tips in the world, but it all starts with your social skills to build up a great network.

    Heres a LinkedIn profile tip for the busy:

    • You are busy.
    • Your VIPs on LinkedIn are especially busy.

    People are busy. So whats the best thing you can do?

    Is There A Way To Hide My Resume From Linkedin

    How to share from your LinkedIn Company Page to your Profile

    What if youve added your resume to LinkedIn but want to remove or hide it? Luckily, thats not hard to do.

    If you simply want to hide your resume, head over to the Me icon, then click on View profile.

    On the right, go to Edit public profile & URL.

    Under Edit visibility on the bottom right, you can control which sections of your profile youd like to show or hide.

    If you want to delete your resume from LinkedIn, you can easily do that by simply heading over to it and selecting Delete this media.

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    How To Share Your Linkedin Profile On The Mobile App

    1. Locate the LinkedIn app on your iPhone or Android’s home screen and tap to open.

    2. Go to the profile you wish to share. To share your own profile from the mobile app, and type it in manually.

    3. Click the “More” button in the introduction card of the profile you’re sharing.

    4. On iOS, choose Share via private message. On Android, this option will appear as Share Profile.

    5. Type the names of the people you wish to share the profile with in the relevant field and hit Send when done.

    Why You Need Seo For Your Linkedin Profile

    Just like search engine optimization for your website, optimizing your LinkedIn profile and pages can help increase your search visibility. Optimized profiles and pages will appear in search results, creating leads, and leading to conversions. optimization allows you to build connections with like-minded professionals in your industry, as well as attract clients.

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    How To Share Linkedin Profile From Mobile App

    • To share your LinkedIn Profile from Mobile App, you have the app on your phone. So first of all, download and install LinkedIn Mobile App on your Android or iPhone.
    • Now go to the profile section.
    • If you want to share your own profile link from the mobile app then you have to type your username manually. But you can easily share other users profile link from the mobile app.
    • Simply open any user profile > > More.
    • If you want to share your profile with any other LinkedIn user via message then tap on Share Profile in a message.
    • If you want to share your profile via WhatsApp then tap on the Share Profile Via option.

    Should I Include My Linkedin Url On A Resume

    How to Share Your LinkedIn Profile â a tutorial

    Yes, you should be including your LinkedIn information within the contact section on your resume. Most hiring managers and employers will check your LinkedIn either way so including it on your resume makes their life easier.

    Your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your modern job search toolbox. It has vastly more space than your resume, plus opportunities to add compelling social proof like endorsements and recommendations to your job applications. Many recruiters also want to know who you know and what your interests are.

    However, there are some precautions you need to take. Including a link to a bad LinkedIn profile will do more harm than good.

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