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How To Share Video On Linkedin

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Make It Easy To Share Content

LinkedIn Video Marketing | How To Upload and Share Videos on LinkedIn For Maximum Results

Make it straightforward and easy for your employees to find the right content to share. Also, provide constant reminders if you have new and share-worthy content that you want their help promoting.

Here are just a few ideas on helping your employees with easy access:

  • Email: Most employees are active in their email inbox. Some companies use it to communicate with employees and to share important company news.
  • Company Intranet: Larger companies have a dedicated intranet where they house all company information, employee handbooks, and even content.
  • Blog Notifications or Newsletters: Some companies encourage their employees to sign up for their company blog newsletter. Any time a new article is published, they are notified.
  • Employee Advocacy Platform: A platform provides a centralized hub thats dedicated to providing relevant content for employees and making it easy-to-share. Also, all of the content is pre-approved so employees can safely share the right posts to social media.

Whichever method you use to help your employees share to LinkedIn, has to be easily accessible, simple, and straightforward.

Using Links To Youtube Or Vimeo

If you host your videos on YouTube or Vimeo, you can just copy/paste a video link from these platforms on LinkedIn, and its going to work.

However, just like the Facebook algorithm, the one behind LinkedIn feed doesnt show your post to many people in your community . People should click to watch the video and views will be counting on the hosting platform, not LinkedIn.

Interesting fact: YouTube itself posts only YouTube links. Vimeo publishes short LinkedIn Native videos.

Linkedin Video Quick Intro

There are mainly 3 types of LinkedIn videos:

  • LinkedIn embedded video – You post your videos on YouTube/Vimeo, and then share the video link on LinkedIn. Before 2017, this is the only way to insert a video on LinkedIn. Now, it is phased out by the platform.
  • LinkedIn native video – The video you directly post to the LinkedIn personal profiles. LinkedIn native video is proved to be able to increase in-feed engagement and enhance your websites’ usability.
  • LinkedIn video ad – The sponsored native videos that appear in the LinkedIn feed which are helpful to build brand awareness, increase brand consideration, and develop a sales pipeline.

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How To Make Good Linkedin Video Messages

Sending personalized LinkedIn video messages is a very easy task to do. But a few things need to be considered while sending a message.

Sending random video messages with no greetings but purpose can create a bad impression of yours. Moreover, stumbling in your videos can also make you feel tired of recording repeatedly.

To make good videos for your business or yourself and your connections, you need to keep a few things in mind:

Video In Linkedin Articles

How to Share Videos on your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn has a feature for publishing complete articles, not just posts. Formerly called LinkedIn Pulse, its gone through several iterations. After a spike in individuals simply reposting articles from elsewhere, LinkedIn hid the feature and made changes to encourage original content only.

Now its making a comebackat the bottom of the Share a Post button is the text Write an article on LinkedIn. These articles are an underused and underrated opportunity to share video on LinkedIn.

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Posting A Video On Linkedin: In Conclusion

LinkedIn does everything to help you with your content marketing. Among other things, the platform offers various features and various means to publish videos. Today, it is even easier and faster to publish a video thanks to native videos . With quality videos and consistency, you can claim more notoriety and visibility on LinkedIn while bringing value to your audience.

Once again: choose option 3 for publish your videos directly on the social network . You will see the difference. Your posts will be well highlighted by the LinkedIn algorithm.

Speaking of which, if you want to post content and go from passive to active, then I recommend this article:

Articles associés :

How To Use Linkedin Native Video

On desktop or mobile, sharing LinkedIn native video is pretty much a three-step process. Mobile allows you to record and post in-app and add text and stickers, whereas desktop requires a pre-recorded video.

On desktop:1. From the homepage, click Share an article, photo, video, or idea.2. Click the video icon.3. Upload the video you want to share.

On mobile:1. Look for the share box or post button at the top of the feed.2. Tap the video icon.3. Record a video in the app, or upload something you re-recorded.4. Tap the filters or text button.5. Add filters and/or text.

After posting a video youll have access to audience insights, including how many views, likes, and comments your post is receiving. Youll also be able to see the top companies, titles, and locations of viewers. Learn which video metrics matter most.

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Newest Caller Of Shots: Director & Editor

A breakfast and lunch favorite for the hospital crowd at the University of Maryland Medical Center was nearby Colleens Café. The omelets arrived quickly and the tuna on rye was always reliable. At age 14, Taylors capable hands started juggling plates and pouring coffee refills. But it wasnt just balance that she learned from that first job waiting tables, it was the same thing anyone whos taken orders to earn tips knows. Its hard, but it forces you to develop social skills, Taylor remembers. And if you are good at it, you learn that you can talk to anyone.

Use Linkedin Live To Stream Live Video Content In Real Time

Uploading Video To Linkedin | Linkedin Video Upload Guide

LinkedIn says, in its :

“Through its unfiltered nature, live video presents a unique and exciting opportunity to create authenticity, give exclusive access to a private event, celebrate a moment or establish a brand as bold and innovative. We believe this is the ultimate channel to drive deep engagement with your followers on LinkedIn.”

You’ll need to apply for and be approved to use .

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Link Videos To Your Personal Profile

On your personal LinkedIn profile, you can add a link from YouTube or other video hosting platforms to your introduction and some other sections. Linking to video and other content in your profile is an interesting way to add some extra oomph to your LinkedIn profile and engage your followers. You can use video as an overall introduction, in connection with a current or past job, or attach it to a specific expertise or skill.

Write More Than Three Lines Of Text

When your video appears in the LinkedIn feed, three lines of text appear above it and viewers have to click the See More link to see the rest of it. Alex recommends that you always use more than three lines of text. The more time you can get somebody to spend on your post, the better. LinkedIn factors in dwell time when deciding to promote content.

Having really good copy also gives you a chance to approach your topic differently. For instance, if your video is about being confident on camera, you might give two or three tips in the video. In the copy, you could offer two or three different tips on the same topic or offer a different perspective on it.

Additionally, some people will read the copy first before they decide if theyre going to watch the video. So if you put your time and thought into both the copy and video, you can meet people where they are.

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How To Post A Video To Your Companys Linkedin Page

According to LinkedIns own research, a company page video is five times more likely to get conversations started among members than other forms of content.

Heres a simple step by step guide to post a video on your companys LinkedIn page:

Step 1: On your LinkedIn homepage, you will see your company page under pages in the left column. Click on your company page – this will take you to your companys page

Step 2: Click on the status bar on the homepage of your companys profile.

Now you can follow the exact same steps mentioned in the previous section to upload a video to your companys page on LinkedIn from your mobile device, desktop or via a YouTube link.

Promoting Your Linkedin Native Videos

LinkedIn Adds Support For Native Video Sharing, Shutters Record App

So, youve uploaded your video to LinkedIn. Now what?

Top Rank Blog recently recapped LinkedIn video influencer Allen Gannetts How to: 0 to 1 million LinkedIn Video Views and 6 months presentation from Content Marketing World.

In the recap, Gannett says the reach of your LinkedIn video is determined by its initial performance. He recommends driving as much engagement with the videos within the first hour after posting. Recruit a quick response team of fellow co-workers, friends and/or family that will quickly visit your activity feed and Like, comment or share the video.

Also, put in the extra time at the bottom of the fold, or in the comments below the video, to respond to those comments, as well as request connections to 2nd- and 3rd-degree connections that like your video.

Another tactic Gannett recommends is posting during the quieter periods of the day, say earlier in the morning, then engage your quick response team to engage with the video and let that snowball into more traffic when folks come online.

Your LinkedIn videos autoplay on mute, and will play sound only if a viewer clicks the play button. As a result, like Facebook, it pays to include captions for your videos.

You also need to practice . Summarize your video in your post description. Use relevant hashtags, and consider creating your own. Mention any brands or people that are either mentioned in the video, or that you want to see the video.

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Direct Video Message Using Vidyard Chrome Extension

When it comes to virtual selling, you couldnt get a better combo than personal video and LinkedIn.

If you use a tool like the Vidyard Chrome extension, its easy to record and send a video right within the LinkedIn direct message composer. You can also share videos from your Vidyard library on your personal LinkedIn feed, in a direct message, or to a company page.

Key benefits of using direct video message on LinkedIn include:

  • Adding a video increases the chance that your recipient will open the message and hear what you have to say.
  • If an interested buyer reaches out to you, you can start building a personal relationship right away with a friendly video reply.
  • No more getting lost in an email inbox with a quick video replay right in a direct message.

Specs For Linkedin Native Video

LinkedIn native videos can be as short as three seconds and as long as 10 minutes. LinkedIns video player is just short of widescreen format and vertical videos will be either cropped into a square or displayed with pillar boxing.

Video File Requirements:

  • Frame rates: 10fps 60 fps
  • Bit rates: 192 kbps 30 Mbps

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The @mentions And #hashtags

Hashtags help members of the LinkedIn community to find topics of interest to them. However, not everyone who follows the hashtag will see every single post that includes it.

Mentions and keyword hashtags should only be used if they are relevant to your post.

A couple of recommendations:

  • Use a maximum of 3 hashtags on a post, choosing the most relevant to the subject of your video.
  • Mention no more than 5 people: give priority to influencers in your industry, viewers whoâd be interested in the content, or to people appearing in the video.

Youre A Silent Film Director

How to Share Your LinkedIn Profile

Thats right, if you want the message of your ad to have universal impact, youre going to have to manage it with the sound off.

This is because, when your video starts playing automatically on someones feed, its initially on mute. If theyre interested enough, they have to manually unmute it.

Given this fact, its not surprising that most videos on LinkedIn are actually seen with the sound turned off. So, how to make yours work given these constraints?

Here are my top tips:

  • Its all about the STORY. Go into brainstorming your concepts thinking how you can show your message in a story with action, movement, gestures, dance, unique behaviour, etc. Its all about balancing the theatrical with the subtle, like an explosion cut with a close up of someones shocked eyes, and not leaving a dull moment.
  • Choose expressive actors with interesting and diverse appearances that you can really visualise telling your story through their body language alone.
  • If dialogue is unavoidable, you should definitely include subtitles in your video.
  • An effective way to avoid boring your audience is to use multiple contrasting locations relevant to the plot. A 10-second ad jumping from 1 dramatic location to another is going to work much better than a single shot with a still background.

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Give Context With Text

Second in importance to your headline for click rates is the text that accompanies your videos. It should be a concise summary of everything that will be covered in the video.

But also, it should:

  • Give the reader a compelling reason to watch the video in the first sentence. Why exactly is it worthy of their time?
  • Use keywords and phrases that are relevant to the content. If youre in need of a little inspiration, try using free search engine Ubersuggest to see what phrases are trending in your niche. Go to tip 7 to see how!

Preview Events And Launches

As well as sneak peeks, it is also worth producing some higher quality LinkedIn videos to preview upcoming product launches, events, etc.

In these videos, begin with the benefit that the viewer will get from attending or buying. If you offer them something they didnt expect or ask for, but could improve their lives, they are much more likely to opt-in when the occasion comes around.

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Are You Using Linkedin Video

Are you using LinkedIn video right now? How have you seen it impact your results?

If you are ready to dive in, get started using these steps:

  • Choose the types of content you would like to create.
  • Analyze how video on LinkedIn will fit with your other social media marketing.
  • Apply for LinkedIn Live if you think it is a good fit for your strategy.
  • Make sure your videos fit the technical requirements for LinkedIn.
  • Start creating content.
  • Promote your content to the world!

Want more helpful, actionable content like this? , and get the most recent blog posts and news about the social media channels you use most.

Best Practices For Video In Linkedin Articles

LinkedIn: Difference Between âShare an Article, Photo, or Updateâ? vs ...

Add videos to LinkedIn Articles just as you would any other blog post. You can either post one full videoa webinar, an explainer, or an interview, for instanceor intersperse several videos throughout.

If the video is the focus of the article, use a header image that, like a thumbnail, teases the idea that theres video inside. Use Video in the title, and place your video after a brief introduction.

If youre supporting your point using video or embedding video examples, write your article as you would typically, adding the videos where relevant throughout.

Use a clickable thumbnail: LinkedIn Articles pulls in whatever thumbnail your video has set. Ensure that the one it shows makes viewers curious and want to click.

Set the thumbnail as the header image too: Once the article is published, the header image becomes the thumbnail in the feed and on your profile. If it looks like a video, complete with a play button, itll earn more clicks.

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How To Launch A Linkedin Video Ad Campaign

Heres a quick guide to setting up a campaign:

1. Log in to Campaign Manager to create your campaign.2. Select Sponsored Content.3. Name your campaign.4. Choose your main objective. Options include: get website visits, collect leads, or get video views.5. Select video as your ad type format and click Next.6. Click Create new video.7. Fill out the form, upload your video, and hit Save.8. After your video has uploaded, select the video by clicking the checkbox next to it and then hit Next.9. Choose your target audience criteria and click Next.10. Set up your bid, budget, the duration for your campaign, and click Launch Campaign.

LinkedIn video ads provide richer analytics than LinkedIn native video. Learn more about here.

Using Linkedin Native Video

This is the most interesting option for us, and thats why:

  • You can upload the video to LinkedIn from your phone or computer. On mobile, you can add text and stickers. If you upload a video from your computer, you can upload subtitles and thumbnails, title, subtitles
  • Native video posts reach more people. The more people engage with your videos, the more people it will reach in their feed.
  • Its auto-played! Which means it will start playing automatically when people see it in their feed.

If you want to publish a video in your feed, just choose Home in the top menu. You will see your feed where you can share your videos.

You can preview your video before publishing and add captions clicking pencil button .

Its recommended to use a horizontal or square format. Your video can be up to 10 minutes long. Other more technical requirements you can find in .

You can still publish vertical videos on LinkedIn, as well. However, when played on desktop, the platform will add bars on both sides of the video so that it looks like this:

Pro tip: If you want other people to find other videos posted by you, come up with a unique hashtag and add it to all the videos you post on LinkedIn.

If you publish a video on a company page, consider using a title with a related keyword. This way, it will be searchable on LinkedIn, but not in Google . And it will be helpful if one day LinkedIn becomes another YouTube.

Create engaging LinkedIn videos with

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