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How To Share Pinterest On Instagram

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How To Pin An Instagram Pic

How To Share an Instagram Post to Pinterest

YOURE ALREADY TAKING PICTURES, RIGHT? Of course you are! So if you are spending the time to post all of these awesome pics of your work, your products, your motivational quotes and your lifestyle experiences on Instagram, I highly recommend that you share them to your Pinterest account. People on Pinterest want to know how awesome you are too!

How To Share Instagram Reels In 3 Different Ways

  • You can share Instagram Reels with your friends, even if they don’t have Instagram, or post them to your Story in a few simple steps.
  • Similar to TikTok videos, Reels are short-form videos, typically accompanied by music, that can be up to 30 seconds long.
  • In the latest Instagram update, the Reels feature can be found in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom.
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launched Reels, its competitor to TikTok, in August 2020. Users can upload and share short-form video content, typically accompanied with music, to their story or with friends.

Sharing a reel is easy, just like sharing any other kind of post on Instagram, and can be done in just a few simple steps.

In Instagram’s latest update, the Reels feature can be found directly in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

Here’s how to share a reel in your Instagram story and with friends.

How Can I Grow My Following On Instagram

Leverage all of the social channels you currently use to tell customers and supporters about your new account.

Let your contacts know youre on Instagram in your next email newsletter, and make it easy for those interested to follow you. Also include your Instagram username so those without a smartphone can check you out on the web.

Find your customers on Instagram with this social media trick to see who is sharing photos while visiting your business. Or access Instagrams Find People to Follow feature within your Account Settings.

Lastly, help your customers find you by adding an Instagram badge to your website or blog.

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Quick Caveat: I Believe In Creating Content On Your Website And

Id be remiss if I didnt start this post by being clear about something:

I believe in creating long-form content on your website. I believe in building a body of work that you have full control over. I do NOT believe that anyone should build a business solely on social media or even rely too heavily on social platforms to pay the bills.

Honestly, I could go on about this for hours. But this post is not the What if Zuck took away your IG account tomorrow???? post, so Ill just leave it at that

Pointing pins to your IG account, should in my opinion be a secondary strategy for an effective, sustainable marketing system for your biz.

All of that being said, I know you are creating so much valuable content on Instagram and I also know that there are Pinterest pinners who need it and would love to find it in their searches and feeds!

So, lets capitalize on your genius content, and the hard work you put into it, shall we?

Curation And Shareability Are Key

How to Share Instagram Pictures and Facebook Videos on Pinterest to ...

Pinterest is a curation-heavy platform, with over 80% of Pins being repinned from elsewhere in the site.

In fact, you can divide the four sites Im analysing here down the middle by distinguishing between platforms that revolve around curation and platforms which revolve around original content . Shareability is key.

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Factor #: Image Editing

Instagram started as an image enhancement tool, allowing users to edit photos, which is an important feature even today.

If you are a regular user of Instagram, you should already know how it helps you enhance your images.

increasing brightness, improving sharpness or adding more contrast you can make your visuals stand out from the rest.

While matching the tone of your content with your branding. Whats more, theyve even added face filters to live video.

How To Share Someones Post On Instagram

Screenshot via Repost

You can also share posts from other users on Instagram in some cases. Instagram doesnt have a share button per say, but it does have that lovely little arrow icon underneath every post. However, that only allows you to share another users Instagram post to your Instagram Story as a sticker, and only if they havent disabled the ability for other users to reshare their posts.

Youll know right away if this is the case because once you click the arrow icon, the sharing menu appears, which will either have the option to Add post to your Story or not. If its not there, the user either has a private account or has turned off the ability for others to reshare their posts. If the option is there, click Add post to your Story and then add any text or other effects you want. When youre ready, click Your Story to add it to your Story for everyone to see or choose Close Friends if you just want to share it with a select list of your friends and family.

Using this same method, you can also send Instagram photos to other people on Instagram.

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How To Auto Post To Instagram With Tailwind

  • If you havent already done so, signup for Tailwind and join my new blogging and social media tribe!
  • Now, from the Tailwind dashboard, click on Publisher
  • Click on Pin from Instagram
  • Find the post youd like to pin and click Schedule in the top left hand corner
  • Choose the Board where youd like to pin your post
  • Edit the Description so that it uses
  • Click the blue Schedule button and let Tailwind choose the optimal time to auto post your image from Instagram to Pinterest!
  • To review your scheduled pins, simply click Publisher and then Scheduled Pins for a detailed overview of Your Schedule that includes each upcoming Day and Time Slot.

    Click Your Story In The Bottom Left Corner

    How to Share Instagram Post to Pinterest 2021

    You also have the option to click “close friends” on the right, bottom corner if you only want a select group to view your story.

    Once you click “Your story” you’ll see the option to click “Share” to repost your image to your Instagram Story.

    With stories, the same best practices should be followed as for sharing a post. If you dont know the person and suspect the content youd like to re-share might be licensed material, ask for permission first. Give credit to the original posters whenever possible.

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    Drive Traffic To A Website And Promote Your Ig From There

    This is one way that I have seen pretty good success with linking my pins to a website and using my pins to drive traffic to that website.

    Then, I promote my Instagram on that website by showing some of my posts and including a link to it.

    In 2021, there were over 2,300 clicks from my website to my Instagram.

    In my personal experience with this, I created a free website. However, this certainly has its limitations with one of them being that you do not have your own domain .

    If you want your own domain and are serious about your website, I recommend using a self-hosted website .

    Make sure youre also carefully putting together your Instagram feed because that is likely really what will make someone want to follow you!

    Tip: If possible, claim your website on Pinterest! If you claim your website, you will get a blue globe with a checkmark next to your website which will make you seem legit. Plus, youll be able to see analytics specifically for the pins linking to your website!

    Factor #: Display Order

    Does the display order matter? To an extent, yes. Because how your followers see your content can influence the results you see.

    Lets first talk about Instagram that displays all photos/videos in an organized, chronological order.

    The Instagram newsfeed is refreshed and any of your new visual content is shown to your followers as soon as they login.

    Which means, the more you post on Instagram, the higher is your reach.

    Pins displayed to users are in a way based on their past history or their current interests.

    Because people following your brand may or may not see your pins.

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    Factor #: Video Content

    Instagram has come a long when it comes to the kind of visuals it lets you share, including social media videos.

    Besides posting images, you can share many different forms of videos to your page, such as

    • Video clips that you directly upload from your mobile phone
    • Video content that you record right inside the app
    • Boomerang clips, which are mini videos that loop back and forth
    • Live videos that you share with followers in real-time
    • Story videos that add personality to your brand

    Since Instagram is not limited to images, you can use it creatively to make the most of its video sharing feature.

    another site such as Vimeo or YouTube.

    How To Share An Instagram Reel To Your Story

    Using Phone images, photo sharing, Instagram and Pinterest

    1. Open the Instagram app on your device.

    2. In the menu at the bottom of the app, select the Reels icon in the middle.

    3. Scroll through the reels until you find the one you wish to share.

    4. Select the share icon on the left .

    5. In the pop-up menu, select “Add reel to your story.”

    6. Once the reel appears in your story you can customize the post however you’d like. When you’re finished, select “Your Story” to add to your story, “Close Friends” to share with those only on your close friends list, or “Send To” to send to a specific person or group chat.

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    Create New Pins Often And Consistently

    Unfortunately, posting 1 pin per week is likely not going to give you results.

    If you think about it, it kind of makes sense

    More pins = more exposure and more chances to go viral

    On Pinterest, it is highly recommended that you publish at multiple pins per day.

    I would try posting a minimum of 2 pins per day. However, many people are reporting good results with at 4 or more pins per day.

    However, whatever number of pins you choose to publish per day, make sure you are being consistent!

    Tip: Repurpose your content from other platforms! Just be sure to remove any watermarks from other platforms.

    Use Keywords To Drive Traffic Between Sites

    There are several places in which keywords can be added. First of all, you can put them in your pin captions. You can also include keywords in your profile, as well as in the title and description of your boards.

    Try to keep your keywords relevant and as specific as possible. Overly generic keywords wonât attract as much engagement as the more niche ones. Youâll receive more attention if you cater to specific demographics.

    Take some time to observe the latest trends. Look for any notable keywords that fit your brand. You could use them to influence your Instagram content. Then when you share your images between the two sites, there will be instant crossover appeal. This might prompt them into visiting your Instagram for more as a result.

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    Pin When Engagement Is High

    For maximum effect, pin when your audience engages with your content the most.

    Additionally, reports from Oberlo show that the best time to post on Pinterest tends to be between 8 p.m and 11 p.m. Saturdays tend to be by far the best day to post on Pinterest. Sundays work well too. Work hours tend to be less popular for Pinterest users.

    About author: Marvellous Aham-adi is a freelance writer and Head of Content at TheZeroed. Where he writes on growing a blog and actionable SEO strategies you can use in growing a brand. He has been featured in top blogs like Social Media Examiner, GetResponse, Mention, and Wordstream.

    Optimizing Your Pins For Search

    How to Share Your Instagram Photos to Pinterest SO EASY!

    I do talk a lot about this on my blog and in other YouTube videos, but the basics are that if youre talking about how to create a Pinterest pin on Pinterest, then youll want to make sure that you create a Pinterest pin title that relates to what someone would search for.

    The visuals are important, but the words that you associate with the visuals are equally as important.

    Now that you know more about Pinterest, maybe youre looking for the easiest way to get started. Ive got a special free resource for you right here for getting started on Pinterest.

    If youre finding it hard to get more people to see your content or find people to collaborate with, Ive got a where you can meet other online entrepreneurs, collaborate, and share different advice and share what youre working on with each other. We would love to have you inside.

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    Tell A Story With Content

    Storytelling opportunities arent restricted to advertising with some creativity and planning, you can tell a powerful story just as well with content marketing.

    Take Red Bull, a notable Instagram early adopter, which uses Instagram to showcase adrenaline-pumping, daredevil stunts which are often sponsored by the brand itself.

    It had an early video hit with a six-second clip of Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov leaping from Mount Everest. The video is short, simple and impactful, featuring two shots linked by a single cut, more like a Vine than an Instagram video.

    Longer videos do give an opportunity for expanded storytelling, but if you can pack a punch with less, by all means do so.

    A dedicated Instagram page for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

    Why Should Your Brand Repost On Instagram

    First of all, it’s important to understand the benefits of reposting images and videos.

    Simply put, it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to consistently create high-quality social content. And since most , it’s vital you have a backlog of content to keep up with demand.

    Additionally, user-generated content performs exceptionally well. In fact, 90% of consumers say UGC holds more influence over their buying decisions than promotional emails and even search engine results.

    Reposting to Instagram can help you highlight brand endorsements from your customers, brand loyalists, and employees. UGC is typically considered more trustworthy, since a consumer isn’t gaining anything by promoting your product or service they’re just doing it to tell their audiences that they like your product.

    Not only does the image likely appeal to Warby Parker customers, but it ultimately makes Warby Parker marketers’ jobs easier now they don’t need to create all their own content in-house.

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    Make Sure You Have Permission Before You Repost

    This is crucial. make it clear that reposting content could violate copyright law, so you need to ensure that you get permission from the user whose content youd like to share.

    While you could simply repost a picture you like without seeking approval, it probably isnt worth it as Instagram notes: Its generally a good idea to get permission before posting content, and to get that permission in writing.

    Our best advice, then, is to contact the user whose post youd like to share and wait until they give you permission. Also, make sure you provide an image credit instead of just tagging the user as this could easily be overlooked.

    Is There A Way To Switch Back And Forth From Your Personal Instagram Account And Business Account

    How to Share Instagram Photos on Pinterest

    There isnt an easy way to switch from your personal Instagram account to your businesss account using the Instagram app yet.

    If youre looking to simply monitor your Instagram feeds, there are a few apps you can use.

    With Iconosquares integration with HootSuite, you can monitor multiple Instagram feeds and analytics from the HootSutie mobile app.

    Fotogramme is another app that allows you to switch between multiple accounts for monitoring, but not posting.

    Im keeping my fingers crossed Instagram releases an app for brand manager, similar to Facebooks Page Manager app soon!

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    Organize With Themed Boards

    Boards are collections of pins that are selected by a user, or a community of users. They are usually assembled around a theme, central idea, or visual connection. Some contain a wide variety of content, including links to pictures, blog posts, recipes, articles, videos, and many other things.

    Think of it as multimedia scrapbooking on the internet.

    The allure of these boards is in how they are displayed on the page. Thereâs something oddly intriguing and satisfying about the way that the content is compiled. For many, itâs a source of inspiration.

    You canât help but let your eyes, and thoughts, wander from image to image across the board. It can help spark ideas or put you in a certain mood.

    Try making a board out of your Instagram photos with this in mind. Group them by their aesthetics or subject matter. Feel free to incorporate other usersâ content into your board if it feels like a good fit.

    An effective board will capture the viewerâs imagination and encourage them to seek out the sources of their favorite pins.

    Create A Style That Fits Your Brand

    Use Instagrams visual effects to create a style that fits your brand.

    encourages brands to look to their followers and target audiences when determining their own visual identity.

    He cites the example of Taco Bell, which used Instagram to launch its new breakfast line with a retro, sun-bleached colour palette to complement the brands youthful ethos.

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