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How To Share Linkedin Profile Link

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Is It Best Not To Share Any External Links At All On Linkedin

How to Share Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIns aim is to keep you on its platform for as long as possible, which is why the algorithm hates external links so much.

Think of LinkedIn like a party. If you show up and say hey, come to my party instead and heres a link to take you there well, LinkedIns bouncers are going to be escorting you out of the building pretty quickly.

Thats what happens when your posts include an external link: LinkedIn will not want to promote that sort of content.

What LinkedIn really want is for you to come to their party and never leave!

The fix here is to try to create content that is consumed natively on LinkedIn, so that your audience dont need to go to another place to read, watch or listen to your stuff.

So, for example, instead of pointing people to your latest blog post on your website, maybe you could summarise the points in a post. You could even create a document post if you wanted to dig into more detail without making people leave the platform.

Still, if theres no option but to point people to an external resource then its fine to share external links so long as you use the write-post-edit method.

How To Customise Your Linkedin Url

Now that you understand the importance of customising your LinkedIn URL, what are you waiting for? Luckily, you don’t have to be a genius hacker to make this small change to your profile. In fact, the entire process should take you no longer than a couple of minutes. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage and click on the ‘Me’ icon. From there, you should see a drop-down menu. Choose ‘View profile’.

Step 2: Head to the top-right side of the page and click the button that says ‘Edit public profile & URL’. You will find that this option opens up a new tab in your browser.

Step 3: Under the ‘Edit URL’ tab, click the small pencil icon next to your current URL. Doing so will mean that you can edit the link to make it shorter and snappier.

So long as the URL isn’t already taken by someone else, you should be able to choose whatever you please. Hit ‘Save’ and you’re done!

How To Change Linkedin Profile Url

To change the URL on a LinkedIn profile, users can go to the LinkedIn site in a browser on your device, and log in using the account you have.

After that, on the main LinkedIn page, select your photo icon, and the user will be given a menu option, and select “View Profile”.

Then on the right side, the “Edit Public Profile & URL” menu will appear, which you can use to change the URL. Select the menu to continue the process of changing the URL.

You can select the pencil icon to edit your LinkedIn URL by clicking “Edit Your Custom URL”, then select “Edit”.

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Developing A Debriefing Culture: Empower People To Come Clean

The key to successful debriefings is creating a culture focused on learning and self-reflection for everyone, regardless of their position. People need to feel comfortable speaking up, owning up and holding others, as well as themselves, accountable. The attitude that participants bring into a debriefing will ultimately determine whether the exercise is useful or not. Everyone should remember to:

  • Learn: This is the primary goal of debriefing. Mistakes provide valuable lessons, so confront them head-on.

  • Don’t make it personal: When reviewing an event, focus on the actions and not the individual. The point is not to make people look bad it’s to help them improve.

  • Own your mistakes: Leave pride and excuses at the door. Learn to depersonalize criticism and respond positively to it.

  • Consider every detail: Mistakes are not always straightforward. Get to the root cause, and learn exactly why things happened.

  • Commit to improvement: Log the lessons learned, and keep them top of mind moving forward. Use them to self-correct and benchmark your progress.

  • Pro Tip For Checking Shortened Linkedin Links

    How to Share Your LinkedIn ProfileLisaMarie Dias Designs

    If you want to know where an automatically shortened link will take you before you click it, you can copy the shortened link from the post and then paste it into this free website:

    The result will look like this:

    If the Effective URL doesnt look good, dont go there! Its unlikely that dodgy people will try to trick you with a shortened LinkedIn link, but I guess you never know.

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    What Counts As An External Link

    An external link is anything that you can click that loads content hosted somewhere other than on LinkedIn. Things like this:

    • links to a website or blog.
    • links to apps, documents and file downloads.
    • embedded videos from YouTube and other sources.

    It even looks as though links to your own LinkedIn articles are treated as though theyre external links.

    How To Include Your Linkedin Url On Your Resume

    One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that it gives prospective employers and professional connections a synopsis of your credentials. Viewing a LinkedIn profile is a quick and easy way to get insight into someone’s career history.

    You can create a custom LinkedIn URL to add to your resume, email signature, and anywhere else you’d like to market your credentials. Hiring managers will be able to easily access your profile and see recommendations and skill endorsements from your colleagues, clients, and managers.

    Get advice on how to include your LinkedIn URL on your resume, create a custom URL, and make your profile stand out to employers.

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    How To Copy Linkedin Url

    Every device, be it desktop, laptop, or mobile device, all have built-in copy functions.

    Lets see the steps to copy the URL:

    • Go to your LinkedIn profile on Desktop or mobile app.
    • On Desktop, simply copy the URL from the URL section on top of the website.
    • On the mobile app, the process is a bit different. First, click on the three dots beside the Add Section button.
    • Secondly, click on the Share profile via button.
    • From there you can see the option to copy your LinkedIn URL.

    Access Level : Account Manager Access To Your Linkedin Campaign Manager Account

    how to share your linkedin profile link

    You must have Account Manager access to your companys LinkedIn Campaign Manager account to proceed with these steps. If you have Campaign Manager, Creative Manager or Viewer access to the Campaign Manager account, you will need to work with someone within your organization that has higher permission levels.

  • While logged into the LinkedIn Campaign Manager account as an Account Manager, click on the gear icon in the top-right and then select Manage access in the drop-down menu that opens.
  • I always suggest granting Account Manager access over just Campaign Manager access because it allows your PPC professional to download all necessary reports and troubleshoot billing issues.

    Pro Tip for Agencies: Create a fake LinkedIn profile for your agency and share the log-in credentials for any account manager who manages LinkedIn ads. This will ensure that another account manager is able to manage your LinkedIn campaigns while you are out on PTO, or if you have an employee leave your agency, the agency will still retain access to the campaigns without requiring your clients to go through this process again.

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    How To Get My Linkedin Url: The 2021 Guide With Detailed Steps

    How to Get My LinkedIn URL?

    With LinkedIn crossing 675+ million users, it has become evident that having a Linkedin profile is important for your company or for you as a professional to enhance your outreach.

    However, just having a LinkedIn profile would not do you need to update it regularly, make connections, and establish yourself as a trusted brand.

    If you have a well-maintained LinkedIn profile, you should provide the LinkedIn URL in your resume.

    Now, if this question – how to get LinkedIn URL – comes across your mind when you are on the right blog.

    We are here to guide you on how to get your LinkedIn URL.

    This blog will answer the following questions:

    So, let us start.

    Where To Put Linkedin On Your Resume

    You might not be surprised to hear this, but it should go in the header where the rest of your contact information is.

    I recommend you put the link right after your email.

    You dont need to include the full address starting with is enough you dont need the https://www. at the front.

    You also dont need to add a label to the link, like LinkedIn. The URL is clearly visible, so the recruiter will have a good idea of where its going to take them. No need to add a LinkedIn icon, either, as it will probably just take up space.

    If youre sending your resume over via e-mail, dont forget to include the link to your LinkedIn profile in your signature. That way, they can make their way to your account quickly.

    If youre mailing a physical copy of your resume, make sure the URL is completely visible and legible. Also, dont use anchor text just type out the address otherwise, the hiring manager wont be able to visit it .

    If youre not sure how your header section should look, take a look at some helpful resume examples to get your creative juices flowing.

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    Tips For Making The Best Linkedin Profile

    Its a great idea to put your LinkedIn URL on your resume while youre looking for a job as long as your LinkedIn profile looks presentable. Weve got tips for writing resumes, cover letters, and even , but well cover the essentials here.

    Before you add LinkedIn to your resume, make sure recruiters and hiring managers end up a professional-looking LinkedIn page by following these key tips:

  • Complete every section. If you take nothing else away from these tips, remember this. A recent study found that job-seekers with a comprehensive LinkedIn profile were 71% more likely to be called for an interview. Sounds like a pretty easy to way to get more job offers.

  • Prioritize your headline, summary, and photo.Your headline is like a little catchphrase at the start of your profile. Allow recruiters and hiring managers to quickly understand your professional background here.

    Your summary is a more long-form description of yourself, kind of like a default cover letter. This is your chance to engage whoevers reading your page more fully.

    Finally, dont forget to add a photo that follows the rules we cover here.

  • Have 50-100 connections . Having any fewer than 50 connections will give recruiters pause. At best, youre not a very active LinkedIn user, but at worst, you dont know many other professionals.

  • Customize your URL. More on this below.

  • Your Link Not Customized

    how to share your linkedin profile link

    When you create your LinkedIn account, youâre given an automated URL. This URL is usually a combination of your name along with some numbers and letters. Like

    This is too long and unprofessional looking to include on a resume. You have the option to This will allow you to include the live link on your resume while maintaining a neat and professional look.

    Here are the instructions to personalizing your LinkedIn profile link:

    • Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

    • View profile.

    • On your profile page, click Edit public profile & URL on the right rail.

    • Under Edit URL in the right rail, click the Edit pencil icon next to your public profile URL.

    • It’ll be an address that looks like

  • Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box.

  • Save.

  • Change the end of the LinkedIn profile URL to a combination of your first/last name. If your name is taken, you can add your initial or try a number.

    Example of LinkedIn URL on resume:

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    How To Find And Customize The Url Of Your Company On Linkedin

    You can also find and customize the URL of your company on LinkedIn, in the same way that you can do it for a personal profile.

    When you , the social network will ask you for different information. The name of your company, its industry, but you will also be asked to set up your URL. You can actually personalize it as soon as you create the page. But if you missed that step or want to change it later on, heres how to do so.

    On your companys administration page, you can simply click on Admin Tools and then Edit Public URL. A pop-up window opens where you can rewrite the URL as you wish. You do now have a new address for your LinkedIn company page!

    Keep in mind that this URL should be clear, descriptive, short and can use relevant keywords. The simplest thing to do is to put only the name of your company. It will make life easier for users who would like to find your page and will help its search optimisation on LinkedIn and on Google , while making it easier to find you. You will indeed tend to go higher in the search results if you have a good URL. Very useful for inbound marketing!

    You now know everything about URLs on LinkedIn! You can modify and share them a lot, to increase your professional network. Be careful though: there are limits to the number of daily invitations you can send.

    But did you know that? You can also ! Get the short link with a URL shortening service.

    How To Change Profile Link

    If you are on LinkedIn to expand your business or to get a Job then its very important to keep an easy and short username. A lot of users including me prefers to create the same username on all social media platform. So that our followers can remember it easily. For example, my username on and other platforms like , , is suvamb10.

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    Debriefing: Build Trust Continuous Learning And Feedback Loops

    In aviation, moments of reckoning are regularly scheduled. Mistakes are quickly caught, recorded and scrutinized. There’s an arsenal of tools to keep pilots accountable and learning from every mishap recurrent training, reports, debriefings and simulators. Of these, debriefings are the most important.

    How do debriefings work? They’re essentially performance reviews that happen immediately after a flight or mission. Pilots, astronauts and other professionals employ them for teaching, learning, benchmarking progress and ensuring procedures are working as intended.

    The format and frequency of debriefings will vary depending on the setting. But the concept remains the same: Do a deep dive into what went right, what went wrong and how to improve in the future. Any errors are subjected to a root cause analysis to dissect what happened, identify contributing factors and see how mistakes can be prevented moving forward. Those involved are expected to show no judgment or pride and give zero excuses. The priority is to learn.

    Debriefing is the other side of intense preparation. You can’t train obsessively only to pack up and leave after executing, failing to analyze whether or not your performance was up to par. Organizations with strong debriefing cultures, like the U.S. Air Force and NASA, thrive on the brutally honest feedback handed out during these reviews. This process helps build self-awareness, reduce error rates and instill a culture of continuous learning and development.

    How To Share Linkedin Profile From Mobile App

    How to Get LinkedIn URL for sharing your profile
    • To share your LinkedIn Profile from Mobile App, you have the app on your phone. So first of all, download and install LinkedIn Mobile App on your Android or iPhone.
    • Now go to the profile section.
    • If you want to share your own profile link from the mobile app then you have to type your username manually. But you can easily share other users profile link from the mobile app.
    • Simply open any user profile > > More.
    • If you want to share your profile with any other LinkedIn user via message then tap on Share Profile in a message.
    • If you want to share your profile via WhatsApp then tap on the Share Profile Via option.

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    Why Is Linkedin Shortening My Links

    After you edit your post to add the external link, youll see the saved version displays the link exactly as you added it. Great.

    But wait.

    If you go back and look at the post a few minutes later, youll see that the link has been shortened to use LinkedIns short URL format,

    Heres an example:

    The link still works as usual but theres no longer an indication to readers about where the link will take them.

    This is annoying and bad for brand awareness, because you cant show off your own domain name.

    Security-conscious readers might not wish to click a link when theyre not sure where it will take them. The text of your post ought to have made this clear but even so it doesnt make for a great experience.

    You can get around this by sharing your own shortened link from a service such as Bitly.

    Only links longer than 26 characters are shortened to format.

    If you remove the http:// or https:// protocol at the start of your link, perhaps itll fit into the 26-character limit and therefore avoid shortening. You can usually also remove the www part of most web addresses without breaking them.

    Thanks to Vasilena Gosheva and Haralambi Haralambiev for helping to discover this while they were sharing links to their site.

    Find And Share Your Linkedin Url Via Mobile App

    In the mobile app, well use your phones typical share action to either copy or share your profile link.

  • Open the LinkedIn mobile app
  • Tap on your profile photos icon at the top
  • Select View profile
  • Use the ellipsis under your profiles header section to select
  • Now choose whether you want to Copy the URL and paste it somewhere, or you can share the link directly via suggested/frequent apps
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