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How To Share Content On Linkedin Company Page

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How to post on linkedin company page. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced linkedin user, in this blog post you will find actionable tips and tricks that will help you set up and maintain an outstanding linkedin. With recent renovations to the linkedin company pages, theres more room for creativity and innovation when it comes to connecting both with other businesses and with consumers. Here is a workaround to show you how to reply to any linkedin post via your company page.

Due to high support volume, it may take longer than usual to hear back from our. However, your company page can easily blend in with the competition on this social platform. Drive brand awareness & quality engagement with professional audiences by creating a linkedin company page.

This process works on desktop only: But it has always been hard to get any kind of exposure to potential customers on linkedin company pages. As the worlds largest professional network and home to over 600 million users around the globe, linkedin is the place to make connections in your industry.

I believe this question is asking specifically about publishing an article to a company page, as opposed to just a regular post. If you are a large business with employees, the job post function is useful. No great marketing channel lives in a silo.

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Give People Reasons To Engage: Headlines

An intriguing and relevant headline is critical if you want to reach individuals on your Linkedin page!

In fact, advertising legend David Ogilvy once said that On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.

Creating a high-performing headline for LinkedIn is easier if you start by doing a little research. BuzzSumo analyzed 10,000 of the most shared posts published on LinkedIn and found a few interesting insights:

  • Use the word habits. Headlines with this word received an average of 1,196 shares.
  • The word mistakes drives shares. Content using this word in the headline generated an average of 556 shares.
  • Integrate the word successful. The word successful fueled, on average, 416 shares.
  • Use leader or leaders in your headline. Content that uses this word fueled an average of 483 shares.
  • Pay attention to the length of the text. The highest-performing headlines have, on average, 40 to 49 characters.
  • The most-shared phrases are: How to The future of You need to Why you should Can learn from
  • Include numbers. Big numbers almost always create the extra intrigue required to stop someone dead in their tracks.

Based on BuzzSumos findings, you will want to write about success, what others have done to achieve success and things relating to industry trends.

Feature Employees In Company Page Linkedin Live Q& as

A LinkedIn company page admin has to apply for LinkedIn Live for the pageeven if the admin already has access on their personal account.

When you go live on LinkedIn, youre encouraged to go longer than 10 minutes. In your live stream, you could feature employees, celebrate a win, or simply talk about the company culture.

Showcasing your employees in a live stream is also a great way to attract new employees. In the example below, an employee is interviewing members of her team to ask them what its like to work for the company.

Plan your video before you go live on LinkedIn, and if youre featuring team members, invite them to wear the company logo. Note that LinkedIn will generate captions for the video.

You can schedule live streams using a third-party app. With StreamYard, for instance, your scheduled broadcast will show on LinkedIn with a Remind Me button so your audience can be notified when you go live.

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Complete All Page Details

According to LinkedIn, fully completed LinkedIn Company Pages get 30% more views. Take the time to fill out every Page detail, even those that arent required.

The more details you provide about your company, the easier it will be for people to discover and connect with you. It will also serve to educate those who are interested in working for or investing in your company.

Checklist Of A Good Linkedin Business Post

How to Create a Relevant LinkedIn Company Page
  • addyour point of view
  • Includea call to action
  • Staysynthetic: less than 160 characters
  • Aska question
  • Alwaysuse rich media: according to Google, the Rich media is a digital advertising term designating an ad that incorporates advanced features such as a video, sound or other elements that encourage Internet users to interact with the content..
  • Alignthe content with the expectations of your target
  • Includekey figures or quotes
  • Engageyour audience in the comments
  • Increasereach by sponsoring your best content
  • Anticipateand plan with a publication calendar

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Why Linkedin Business Pages Matter

Lets go back to that moment of confusion I shared earlier.

I was attending a conference, giving and taking business cards, exchanging handshakes, all the works for finding a job. I wasnt expecting an in-person LinkedIn request.

Fast forward a day or two, I checked out their profile and navigated to the business page, crossing my fingers for a job opportunity and I was instantly turned off by what I found.

They had a nice cover photo, but it couldnt cover up a lot of other issues with the page:

  • The information provided on the page was extremely generic.
  • There was no content or opportunities present for audience engagement.
  • And, of course, there were no job listings of any kind .

I exited their LinkedIn business page, and at the same time, their company exited my mind.

Compare my experience to what you may experience with a companys website. Doesnt sound that different, right?

Pretty early on, you can tell if some of the fundamental pieces are there , and base your response on that.

A businesss LinkedIn page, just like their website, is a huge opportunity to present who a company is, what they do, and why people should want to follow their brand.

Thats the impact of an effective or ineffective LinkedIn business page.

Today, there are over , and users are more engaged than ever on the platform.

Whether you are updating your current page or creating one for the first time, here are the most important factors you need to consider for building your companys LinkedIn page.

Experiment With Your Company Page Banner

First things, first! Give priority to your Company Page branding. A visually appealing page that shows off your brand will pick the interest of the visitors and encourage them to connect with your business and follow your page for the latest updates.

For greater engagement, it is a good practice to keep on updating your Company Page banner to different kinds of events, like

  • Festive banners

For eg., During Diwali, Myntra came up with this banner that perfectly highlights the purpose of the banner with a touch of festive sentiment.

  • New product launching banners

For eg., Bata showcases their latest footwear range that hooks their customers attention.

  • Any sales-related banners

For eg., Cult.Fit emphasizes their sales campaign, making their audience aware of it.

  • Latest achievements, and so on.

For eg., HealthifyMe dedicates a banner to highlight their achievements.

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How To Post Content To Your Linkedin Company Page

To create a post directly from the LinkedIn Company Page, you will need first to navigate your company page.

Once at your company page, click on “Start a Post.”

Enter what you want to say within the post. If you’re URL renders an image, you can use that one, or if it doesn’t, then you can add your own image or replace the one it generates.

Make sure also to add your hashtags as well.

Create A Social Media Policy

Sharing LinkedIn Company Page Content Best Practices

Around 63% of employees state that their employers do not have a social media policy. Not having clarity on whether they can share or what to share can often discourage participation.

Companies that have had success in encouraging their employees to share content have established and clear-cut social media guidelines. It helps your employees understand how they can use LinkedIn professionally in the workplace. It also avoids any confusion about what’s allowed and what’s not.

Here are a few things to consider when creating corporate social media guidelines:

  • Legal and Confidentiality: Employees should know what information should not be shared outside the company.
  • Disclosures: Employees should know whether they need to share any disclosures when sharing content from your company blog.
  • Hashtags: Your employees should know the recommended hashtags that they can use when sharing content on LinkedIn.
  • Brand Voice and Tone: Is there a corporate tone or language that they should follow?

These are just a few of the things to consider. The goal of a social media policy is to empower them with the right knowledge. Once your employees know what and how they can share on LinkedIn, they will be ready to promote your content.

Once created, make sure to inform your employees. Make it easy for them to find and refer to the corporate social media policy. Provide training sessions on your social media policy both for new hires and existing employees.

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Best Practices For Sharing Content On Linkedin

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If you develop content with a business leaning, LinkedIn is a great place to dramatically increase exposure to your site, content and message.

What do I mean by content?

I’m talking about articles , videos, podcasts, webinars, white papers, reports, etc.

Sharing content on LinkedIn can be achieved with groups, status updates, answers, company pages, and through direct messages.

Having run many LinkedIn marketing campaigns, and simply spending a ton of time on LinkedIn since 2006, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Most people spin their wheels, trying to push content out but getting very small results. Sure, some of them just don’t have good stuff to share.

But for most, it’s a matter of not having a clear distribution strategy.

If you don’t have any content to share, you NEED to get started on developing some or having somebody else do it for you. If you HAVE content, and are struggling to get traction with it, here are 5 things you can start doing immediately to get better results.

Easy Ways To Optimize Your Linkedin Company Page

Is your brand making the most out of LinkedIn? Find out how to optimize your LinkedIn Company Page and improve your presence, authority, and recruitment prospects.

LinkedIn is the worlds largest and most active professional networking platform, with over 13 million companies vying for the attention of more than half a billion users. As such, your LinkedIn Company Page represents a huge opportunity to establish your brand as an industry thought leader and attract top talent.

Here are seven steps you can take today to optimize your business page and improve your presence, authority, and recruitment prospects on the platform. If youd like to learn how to setup your Company Page, our .

Bonus:Download a free guide that shows the 11 tactics Hootsuites social media team used to grow their LinkedIn audience from 0 to 278,000 followers.

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Essential Guidance: How To Manage Your Linkedin Company Page

As the manager for a social platform, your core responsibilities around content creation and distribution are the same, whether you work at a startup or an 80,000-person enterprise. Weve refined our top nine tips for how to manage your LinkedIn company page, including how to generate content in an organized, consistent, and professional manner:

  • Define your company page goals.
  • Fill out your page completely.
  • Establish content governance guidelines.
  • Manage your LinkedIn page as a content hub.
  • Linkedin Sharing Tips And Tricks

    Using LinkedIn Sponsored Content to Reach New Audiences ...
    • Try sharing during the best times on LinkedIn: Wednesday from 810 AM and Noon, Thursday at 9 AM and 12 PM, and Friday at 9 AM

    • Look to add your own commentary/insights when sharing

    • When liking or sharing a post, try to include people who may find the post as well interesting

    • Don’t limit to sharing to your personal LinkedIn Feed but also look to specific groups that you belong to and share within there as well

    • Remember, when you add your own commentary/insights, you are engaging with the content instead of just clicking, which has a better chance of others engaging and commenting as well, which helps increase impressions.

    Images: Always look to add images when no images are showing as imagery draws more attention to the post and helps with better engagement.

    If you feel you still need help, then reach out to Marketing Monarchs either via or by calling 617 256 6178, and we can assist you with your LinkedIn Company Page strategy.

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    Linkedin Company Page: How To Create Engaging Posts

    We have seen above that, one of the objectives at thecreation of a LinkedIn business page, is to create and publish contentto engage the community and encourage them to subscribe and gain influence.

    Publishing content isnt just for adultsgroups.

    You too can create engaging content!

    Nevertheless, it is necessary to demonstrate a marketing strategy.

    First and foremost, you need to be active and regularly post content so you dont get forgotten.

    Read also:

    Indeed, a company that rarely publishes contentis losing popularity and visibility.

    So be sure to post several times a week .

    To create content that engages, the right thing to do isinsert a call to action in your posts.

    A call to action is, in French, a callto action.

    For example, if you post information aboutyour new product, you will need to get people to discover your product.

    If your asset is only informative and is not an incentive,do you think internet users will take a closer look? No.Why would they do it?

    For this to be the case, you have to make them want todiscover your products or news, by talking to them, in particular, about youradded value and what they can gain from it if they become customers.

    A call to action can also be a call to visit your website or your blog business.

    If your business is international, thinkglobal !

    Does your company have an international presence?

    Adapt your strategy!

    English is a minimum.

    Obviously you will not be able to manage everything atseat !

    How To Comment/like On Behalf Of A Linkedin Company Page

    Company page followers are tough to get. But, they translate to brand awareness, a resource you can leverage in paid campaigns, posting job openings without having to pay, PR distribution, and more.

    If only you could comment on material as a company to encourage engagement and follows.YOU CAN!

    Heres how:

    Also Check: When To Post On Monday

    Company Linkedin Page: Best Practices

    I have already given you a lot of advice throughoutThis article.

    But there are still some good practices to knowfor an optimal business LinkedIn page.

    1. Be synthetic . When you post content, you dont need to be too long. You risk losing users and not achieving the desired result.

    2. Share your best content! Bornnot publish to publish. Having really interesting and strong contentadded value to share.

    3. Be visual!LinkedIn often says that:The visual is the new title .

    4. Observe the 4-1-1 rule . You can talk about your products, but I advise againsttalk about it every day so your followers dont feel like theyrepushed to purchase. Vary your publications between informative posts,educational, entertaining and promotional. Always alternate betweensoft promotions and hard promotions

    5. Use tracked links forhave statistics on your content. So you can know what type ofcontent is the most popular or the most shared.

    6. Featured pin your best content

    7. Use the web as a laboratory .Test different methods, analyze and draw conclusions.

    8. The organic method is satisfactory, but to obtain more results, use .

    What To Post On Your Linkedin Business Page

    LinkedIn: Sharing Business Page Content

    Im repeating myself, but, on a business LinkedIn page, likeon your LinkedIn profile, it is important to regularly post contentrelevant and attractive.

    Content can take written, audio or video form.

    For more efficiency and less redundancy, I willadvises to vary between different types of content.

    On a business page, you can post:

    • Ebooks
    • Blog posts
    • Case studies
    • Independent reports ofyour market
    • Study results
    • Tutorial articles that learn how to do
    • Visuals
    • Themed posts with a hashtag
    • Etc.

    There is no shortage of possibilities to seduce and makeaddicted to your audience so go there without moderation! Whatever watch outdo not spam your followers with more than one to two posts per day

    The idea is to make quality to encourage sharingrather than quantity. So ask yourself: is this contentrelevant ?

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    How To Comment On Linkedin Posts As Your Company

    Raise your hand if you love LinkedIn!

    As much as I love LinkedIn, there are a handful of features I wish it had, such as an easy toggle between commenting as a personal account and a business/company account. I dont find this feature in particular to be a super complicated addition. I mean, Facebook has this option

    but anyways

    LinkedIn doesnt have an easy way to toggle between commenting as a personal page and a business or a company page.


    • Find a post you want to comment on as youre brand or biz.
    • Paste the link in the blank URL tab Go to your biz page and copy the page ID string of numbers.
    • Go to notepad or word and type: /?actorCompanyId= At the end of the = add your company page ID digits and copy the string. .
    • Go back to the blank URL tab that has the URL of the post and add /?actorCompanyId=123456 and hit enter.

    Boom !

    Youll see the post and youll see your biz page as the icon and you can comment on the post as your brand or biz!

    I dont know why this isnt an easier function on LinkedIn but hey we have it sorted out.

    Let me know if you try this workaround!

    This YouTube video gives you quick directions on how to comment on LinkedIn posts as your company.

    Oh, if youre in a rush watch this TikTok video that quickly explains how to comment on LinkedIn posts as your business page in 15 seconds.

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