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How To Set Your Linkedin Profile

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Linkedin Summary And About Section Examples For Career Changes

How to set up your LinkedIn Profile | Wonsulting

Here are several examples of how to write a LinkedIn summary when youre making a career change or pivot. Again, use these as guides for your LinkedIn About Section, but dont copy and paste.

Jacob H., Airline Pilot to Aviation Technical Writer

Even if youre making what feels like a big jump, you are likely more qualified than you think you are! Try to provide specific examples of how your previous experience is relevant to your new dream role, and the efforts you are putting in to close any gaps in your education or training.

Michael R., Staffing / Recruiting Account Manager to Software Sales Account Executive

This is a good LinkedIn summary outline to follow for career changes, particularly if youre looking to stay in the same general line of work but shifting industries or niches. Highlighting key qualities and learnings that also are relevant to your new direction can help keep hiring managers focused on the good.

Look For A Job Without Looking For A Job

Not only do recruiters turn to LinkedIn to fill current job openings, but they also use it to build their candidate job pool. This pool consists of people who dont want a job right now but have a desirable combination of skills and experience that the recruiter may need in the future. When a role that matches your profile opens, the recruiter may contact you first in hopes that youll be interested in the role. But, youll need to make sure that your .

Add Linkedin Badges To Your Websites

A LinkedIn badge is a small image that is linked to your LinkedIn profile. You can use it in your email signatures, website, other social networking sites or any online profiles you maintain. This creates backlinks to your profile page, which improves your SEO rankings.

To grab the code necessary to do this, click on Profile and then Edit Profile. Now click on Edit in the same place as you did for your vanity URL.

In the right hand navigation column, near the bottom, you’ll see Profile Badges. Beneath that click the link, Create a profile badge. Here’s an example:

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Give Details About Your Education

Employers will want to know you have the level of qualifications they are looking for as well as seeing what you gained from your course of study.

Highlight any important achievements or aspects of your education that are particularly relevant to your career aim. Give details of anything impressive, like:

  • winning an award
  • giving a presentation at a conference
  • projects youve done really well in
  • any positions of responsibility youve held

+ Essential Linkedin Profile Tips For Job

10 tips for setting up your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is still the hottest place for job-search in 2021:

  • Recruiters and hiring managers come to YOU instead of vice versa. You can sit back and just wait for all the job offers to pour in without lifting a finger, saving you A LOT of time and effort
  • You get A TON of offers, LinkedIn is full of recruiters spending their entire day on the platform looking for candidates just like you
  • The job offers youre getting are always relevant to your experience and preferences
  • If you personally havent been contacted by potential employers, though, you might be wondering whats wrong

    Well, thats because you havent properly optimized your LinkedIn profile.

    Want to know how?

    Read on & follow our essential tips to turning your LinkedIn profile into a lean, mean, job-offer generating machine!

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    Build Your Connections And Connect With Groups

    Get out there with the people in your field and interact–that’s what social networking is all about. That doesn’t mean “connect” with every person, targeting the right people is paramount to your success. Be selective and choose respected colleagues, industry experts, potential clients and the people they work with and so on. In an article from entitled, Recruiters Say: Avoid LinkedIn At Your Peril, Kathleen Yazbak, partner at Executive search firm, Bridgespan Group, had this to say, “using LinkedIn to be strategic about expanding your network is just plain smart.”

    Involve yourself in a group or two relevant to the position you would like to be in. Groups are found in the top navigation bar and are easy to use. LinkedIn has recommended one’s available. These are located in the top navigation–click Groups and then, Groups You May Like. To search on your own click on Groups and then Groups Directory. There are, at the time of this article, 1418650 results or groups. Use the filters in the left column to drill down to the groups that interest you.

    Add content to groups when possible and contribute to ongoing conversations. Doing so will not only help you learn more, it will also help you network with people that could potentially hire or recommend you down the road. Which leads us to number 7…

    Linkedin Profile Tips For New Developers

    This article was contributed by Laurence Bradford from learn to code with me

    If youre a career-changer transitioning into web development, or are an aspiring techie entering the workforce for the first time, you need a LinkedIn presence to get noticed in your new field.

    Heres why:

    94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates. In fact, some research has found up to 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn. Yet despite the heavy recruiter and hiring manager presence on the platform, only 36% of job seekers are active on LinkedIn. This disparity leaves you, the new developer, with a huge advantage.

    Below are nine LinkedIn tips to help you take advantage of the opportunities it holds.

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    Linkedin Profile Writing Tips To Make You Standout

    LinkedIn logo is seen displayed on a phone screen.

    Today, my first phone call was from a Baby Boomer who asked if she really needs a LinkedIn profile? She was not job hunting, and she didnt realize that employees, customers, clients, and other colleagues might be checking her out. Oh no, she replied. No one will be impressed if they see what I have up. I havent updated it in years. She was mistaken to think only job hunters use LinkedIn. However, US News reports that 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and evaluate job candidates. It seems everybody is using this professional network. One of the best things you can do for your career is to have a terrific LinkedIn profile. These 17 useful tips will help you create a profile that will impress others.


    Job Titles

    Your profile headline and job titles are weighted heavily in LinkedIns search algorithms. State the most accurate name for what you do to clarify to a reader if your formal title isnt clear. For example, Tech 3 might be the internal title, but Network Engineer is the actual work you do, so you would want to use that instead. You have 100 characters available so add anything distinctive, example: Product Manager – Global Emerging Countries

    Your Profile picture


    How To Build The Perfect Linkedin Profileaccording To Recruiters

    How to Use LinkedIn : Setting up your LinkedIn profile |Top 5 Tips

    Because everyone likes to get ahead of the competition.

    This post is sponsored by Southworthyou know, the brand you go to anytime you need beautiful resume paperdidnt

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    Linkedin Summary And About Section Examples

    Here are 13 examples of strong LinkedIn summaries that use different approaches. Take inspiration from these profiles but DO NOT copy them.

    Cal, Marketing & Communications Director

    Contextualizes his experience with a personal anecdote, shows off entrepreneurial spirit, and peppers dollar signs and percentages throughout.

    Dina, Marketing Executive

    Confident opening, context into what makes her passionate about her work, keyword dense, and uses every available character. We dont advise using this many special characters, but the content is very strong.

    Daniel, Customer Experience Specialist

    Contains personality and a look into his interests, but most importantly demonstrates his process and allows prospective employers to see exactly how he would approach the work.

    Jessica, Software Engineer

    Not everyone is a writer and not every job will care if you can craft a narrative in your summary. If youre not sure what else to do, use the summary to clearly lay out your skills, tech proficiencies, and certifications.

    Alaina C., Social Media Director

    Short, easy to read sentences keep this summary moving while still providing important information about who the writer is beyond just a description of their job. This is an excellent example of providing a holistic viewpoint of an individual, beyond just the hard skills.

    Michelle V., Software Developer

    Alison H., SEO Content Writer

    Straightforward Headline And Bio

    This step is the one-line elevator pitch to your followers cum customer base. Linkedin gives you a default headline with your job title in your current company. You can always choose to customize it, making it more attractive and eye-catching.

    A persuasive headline and a strong bio are the reasons why anyone will click on your profile. Just like websites having on-page, off-page Search Engine Optimization implementations garner more clicks, and your Linkedin profile should also have SEO keywords in the headline and the bio.

    For example, if someone is looking out for a digital marketer for his company. He will type out Digital Marketer in the search bar. If you have mentioned the Digital marketer keyword in your headline or bio, chances are there that your name will pop up in the suggestion. This is exactly how inbound clients will approach you.

    So framing a correct headline and bio with keywords related to your job profile or skill set lets you leverage this platform in your favor. Make sure your 120 characters headline is crisp and direct.

    The People you may know section also recommends profiles similar to yours for connecting based on the headline and bio.

    Tips Use the pipe symbol to separate the targeted keywords in your headline.

    Make sure you have covered the following:

  • Explained your role, the challenges you had been dealing with, and the outcoming result.
  • Spoke about your personality traits and incidents when you realized your true potential.
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    Upload A Professional Photograph

    A photo increases profile views 14X. Beyond views though, your photo is your first impression. As they say: a good picture is worth 1000 words. Dont be tempted to save money here and DIY unless you have advanced lighting skills. Most people think the issue is having a good enough camera, however, your cell phone likely can take a sharp 4K image, so that’s not the issue. The one thing that separates a good portrait photo from a mediocre one is good lighting. Also, keep in mind your audience and the brand you are conveying. Because of the range of clients that I work with I prioritized being approachable for mine and went out of the studio with the photographer I hired. I have many elements that communicate competence and trust throughout the rest of my profile. However, if for example I was an investment banker, then I would use a studio photograph and wear a 3-piece suit and tie.

    Make Yourself Admin Of Things Administrated By The Old

    ASPIRE TO HER5 Steps to Spruce up your LinkedIn Profile ...

    If you have any company page, showcase page or group that you are administrating, make sure to make your new profile admin of those.To do this you will need to send and approve a connection request from one profile to the other and link the pages and groups to your new profile.

    To add yourself as administrator of a page you can follow these steps:

  • Click on Me in the header section of your old profile to see if there is any company page in the dropdown. Click on its link
  • Click on the link Admin tools in the upper right section, then click on Page admins
  • Type in your name in the text field on the top of the section that pops up and select your new profile from the list
  • Make sure you do it for all of your pages.

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    Create A Linkedin Profile

    Linkedin is a free, professional social networking site used by millions of people all over the world. You can use Linkedin to:

    • build a network of contacts
    • raise your profile with employers who are hiring
    • learn more about the sector youre aiming for
    • find and apply for jobs
    • get mentoring advice and career support from experienced professionals

    LinkedIn have created a short video that shows the benefits of using the site.

    Linkedin Tip #: Show Examples Of Your Work

    This is especially important if you dont have a lot of experience to show yet. By showing work, you are substantiating your stated skills and experience.

    One way you can do this by adding media to the summary, experience, and/or education sections. On LinkedIn you can add documents, photos, links, videos, and presentations.

    Another way you can provide evidence of your skills is by including links to your portfolio, Github, CodePen, or blog.

    For instance, Jennifer Dewalt showcases her 180 websites in 180 days project in her Projects section on LinkedIn.

    She even has this project placed above her experience section. This is a great example of showing what she can do, along with her passion and ambition.

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    Linkedin Cover Photo Examples

    Let’s take a look at some real people who did a fantastic job of incorporating all of the tips mentioned above:

    Georgia’s cover photo is awesome. It’s unique, it’s well designed, it shows off her beliefs, and it immediately grabs attention with those color pops and bold font.

    She also did a fantastic job lining up the black backgrounds in her profile picture and cover photos to create a seamless aesthetic that’s guaranteed to stand out. This is definitely levels above your average LinkedIn profile, but putting in the effort to create something similar is absolutely worth it.

    At the beginning of this section, I mentioned leveraging cover photos to inject some personality into your profile. Aaron’s cover photo is a 10/10 example.

    He’s a front end engineer so using code as a means to convey his interests and ability is super creative. Before I’ve even scrolled I know about where he’s been, what he enjoys, what he’s good at, and what his goals are. That’s powerful!

    Johny’s cover photo is a great example of sharing something you love to do. Speaking is a great options but so is volunteering, sitting on a panel, running a marathon, a picture of you and your family, or any other hobby/interests that’s professionally kosher.

    Images of you in action are an awesome way to convey more about what you love to do.

    Whether it’s a sunset, a city skyline, or a piece of art, if you feel like an image speaks to your personality you should share it!

    Linkedin Profile Evaluation 101

    How To Use LinkedIn for Beginners 2020 (Setup 9 Profile Tips)

    In order to get a sense of the level of awareness you need on LinkedIn, lets start by viewing LinkedIn from a curiosity perspective. With its emphasis on searchability, transparency, and public perception, LinkedIn is the ideal social network for would-be stalkers, from potential contacts to your current manager.

    The first thing you should know is that LinkedIn will notify someone any time you look at their profile, if you are logged in and in a non-incognito window. This essentially makes a profile view like a first point of contact with a person, so if you arent ready to engage with a potential customer, partner, or employer, dont initiate contact this way.

    Heres a tip:

    Searching for potential new contacts in LinkedIn is deceptively easy, with extra filters and searching functionality for users with LinkedIn Premium. When a LinkedIn user pops up in your search results, it wont count as a profile view, unless you click through to their actual LinkedIn profile. This may seem small, but its something to keep in mind if you simply want to find a specific person in a specific role at a specific company.

    Heres a tip:

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    How To Create A Custom Linkedin Url

    Here’s how to customize your LinkedIn profile URL:

    • When you are logged in to LinkedIn, click on your own profile page. Then, click on the “Edit public profile & URL” link on the upper right corner of the page.
    • On the right side of your public profile page, you will see your current URL. Immediately underneath it, you will see a link to “Edit public profile URL.” Click on the pencil icon, and you will see a box where you can fill in your new custom URL.
    • Type in a new URL composed of 3-100 letters or numbers, with no spaces, symbols, or special characters allowed.

    Once you have created a customized URL, it’s a good idea to add it to your resume and to your social networking profiles.

    Customize The Profile Url And Defaulters

    Often we need to give our Linkedin IDs. Sometimes we need to mention it in our contact details at multiple places, like conferences, corporate decks, resumes, etc.

    Customizing helps massively here and saves you from the embarrassment of having a never-ending URL. Remove the random characters assigned by Linkedin by default.

    Head over to View Profile, and click on Edit Profile URL. Generally, this format,, is followed. You can tweak it a bit so your followers dont end up connecting with somebody having the same name as yours.

    Tips Linkedin URLs customization half is case sensitive. You are allowed to change it five times in six months.

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