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How To Set Up Profile On Linkedin

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Creating A Linkedin Account

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Profile

To sign up for a free Linkedin account youll need a professional sounding email address.

Once you have signed up, Linkedin will guide you through the process of completing a profile. Youll appear in more searches and rank higher if you complete all sections of your profile. To develop your Linkedin profile and stand out to employers, you will need to:

Create A Summary That Stands Out

Your LinkedIn summary is the first thing a recruiter reads after your headline, so its super important to get it right.

See, recruiters dont have the time to read your entire profile from top to bottom – they read your headline, then summary, and quickly decide if youre relevant for the position theyre hiring for or not.

So, its important to get your LinkedIn summary right.

A good LinkedIn summary section includes the following info:

  • Your years of experience in your current field
  • A list of your most relevant skills. This usually includes hard skills, tools youve used, programming frameworks, etc.
  • What youve excelled at, any relevant accomplishments
  • What youre passionate about
  • What kind of role youre looking for

Or, to turn this into an example:

Correct Example:

Im a Level 2 Customer Service Representative with 5 years of experience in the field, including chat, e-mail, and phone tech support. Ive worked with plenty of CRM systems, most familiar with Drift and Intercom.

Ive handled up to 200 different customer calls per day and Ive been named Employee of the month twice:

  • Once for being fastest and most efficient with resolving tickets.
  • And second time due to having the highest customer rating.

Now, lets look at the DOs and DON’Ts of the LinkedIn profile summary section:



Keeping Your Profile Active

Aside from participating in LinkedIn Groups and Answers, which we discuss in the next article in this series, you can keep your profile active by adding status updates. To do so, go to your accounts home page using the menu link and use the ‘Share an update’ box. You can also attach a link to your updates that pulls in a pages title, meta description, and a few thumbnail images to choose from.

If you want to change the title or description of the URL entered, click on the ‘Edit’ link. Otherwise, simply enter an additional comment and click ‘Share’. This will post your update in the news feed for your connections and on your profile itself.

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Linkedin Profile Headline Example : Demonstrate What Problems You Solve

Your value proposition will fit nicely here. What challenges do you help solve? How do you solve it? Are there tangible results that you can show? Whats in it for the members to connect with you.

In the 3 examples above, youll notice exactly the service that they provide. Their headlines also calls out the audiences they work with. Clear measurable results and specific benefits makes these headlines stand-out.

You can use this headline by starting with I help to do .

Use Your Summary Wisely

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Profile for Digital Marketers ...

Your summary or About section is where you can really show your personality and share your story, Hallow says. And it doesnt need to be complicated.

Heres how you might structure it:

  • Introduce yourself. Who are you as a professional and what do you do? What value do you bring to the organizations you work for?
  • Highlight your key skills, experiences, and achievements in paragraph form or a bulleted list.
  • Talk about who you are outside of work. This is optional, but you never know which of your interests might resonate with a recruiter, future employer, or professional connection.
  • by asking them to connect with you to discuss growth marketing, contact you about job or speaking opportunities, or do whatever youre currently looking to get from your LinkedIn profile.

Even if you follow this structure, there are infinite ways to write your summary. The About section is very personal, Wasserman says. Use the first person, and dont be afraid to talk about what really matters to you in your career.

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Throw In Strong Data Points In Your Job Description Under Your Current Company

For the descriptive space under your current company, dont make the mistake of talking about what you do at the company. Instead, talk about how your solutions impact your clients. Give some data about how your products or services save companies money, improve their operations, make them more efficient, or improve their safety.

Once you set up your LinkedIn profile for lead generation, it will quickly become one of your top tools for sales.

Until then, the only people you can expect to hear from on LinkedIn are recruiters, which is great if youre looking for a job, but not so great if you have a sales quota to hit.

How To Create A Company Page On Linkedin

Do you use LinkedIn? Chances are you have a personal profile on it but, if you arent actively looking for your next career opportunity, then you probably dont use it that much.

In a minute, Ill tell you why you need to create a company page on LinkedIn and how to do it but first, let me tell you this: if you dont regularly check LinkedIn, you are not alone. . Its easy to neglect this social network.

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How To View Your Linkedin Profile In 2021

To view your own profile from the LinkedIn homepage, click on the Me icon on the top right hand corner, then select View Profile from the menu. This should bring you to your profile homepage where you can view and edit your own professional profile.

If you copy and paste the current URL in your browsers search input bar while you are at your profile page, this is also your public URL for your LinkedIn profile.

Tip #1: Linkedin Recommendations Are Job Search Gold Put In The Time To Build Them

How to set up your LinkedIn Profile | Wonsulting

When was the last time you made a big purchase?

What did you do before you pulled the trigger? You probably did a bunch of research, watched some videos, andyou read reviews.

Research shows that word of mouth recommendations influence the decision for 83% of purchases we make. Things aren’t much different when it comes to your LinkedIn profile!

Recommendations are one of the most powerful selling tools available to you. They’re like references that employers can read before they talk to you. If your experience looks good and you’re heavily recommended by a range of people you’ve worked with, chances are good you’re going to get more calls.

The good news is that most people don’t seek them out. They think it’s weird to ask for and they aren’t sure about the guidance they should offer when they do ask. This means most people never get them, which is a huge opportunity for you if you’re willing to put in the work.

How to get people to give you recommendations on LinkedIn

Following suit with the recommendations for Skills, the best place to start is with people you know.

Friends and work-buddies are the best place to start. They don’t have the same last name so you won’t lose credibility and, if they’re former colleagues, they’ll carry weight because they worked alongside of you.

You can also boost your chances by giving them a template to use. It’s much easier for people to fill in the blanks than it is for them to come up with something from scratch:

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Use Your Top Post And Articles In Your Linkedin Feature Section

If youre getting great engagement from your posts and articles, featuring them would be a great idea. It showcases all the engagement that youve received. The perception of you being a thought leader would increase.

This is especially useful if youre a CEO or senior executive. People want to hear about your thoughts about the industry.

Linkedin Profile Headline Example : Product Type Headline

You could list your product name in your headline and provide a call-to-action to it. Product-type headline seldom works if its the only thing on your headline. Itll make you seem narcissistic.

Tie in your product with other credibility and proof points. Dont just tell them that your product is good, show them through results and customer stories.

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How To Craft An Impressive Linkedin Profile Summary

I use Resume Worded quite often when it comes to optimising a Linkedin profile.

If you already have a Linkedin profile, just plug your profile in and it will give you a score with recommendations on how to improve it.

If you do not have a completed Linkedin profile, you could use Linkedin profiles of industry-leaders you want to model after. Paste in their Linkedin profile into Resume Worded. They will give a score and what they like about the profile.

Apply these recommendations into your Linkedin profile.

There are a couple of examples and structures that makes a good summary.

Add Links And Media To Your Work Experience

How To Set Up A Professional LinkedIn Profile

You can add links, images, videos, and files to the entries in your Experience section as well as your Featured section. So use this to your advantage: Link to your company websites, projects youve worked on, articles or reports youve published, or anything else that can let recruiters see the work youre writing about with their own eyes.

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Create An Engaging Linkedin About Page

The About page is the first thing a person sees when they click on your companys profile on LinkedIn.

You need to do three things in it:

#1 Tell Your Story

Remember how back in high school youd memorize dates for a history test and then forget them the second you walked out of the classroom? Memorizing those dates was hard because humans arent wired to remember facts, we are wired to remember stories.

But what does this have to do with your LinkedIn page? Well, if you present your company page visitors with a set of facts, their eyes will glaze over and they wont remember much once they leave the page.

On the other hand, if you tell a story and do it well, people will remember it for a long time. And they will remember your company as well.

#2 Sell Your Products or Services

No, I dont mean literally asking people for money in exchange for a product. I mean conveying the value of the product/service youre selling.

Here its important to understand the difference between the features and the benefits:

  • A feature is a characteristic of a product .
  • A benefit is the value your customer will get from that product .

Theres a saying in copywriting: Features tell, but benefits sell.

Focus on value, not features

Its important to understand that while listing the main features of a product can be useful, you must always sell on benefits.

Dont just tell people what your product does, tell them how it will make their life better.

#3 Provide Social Proof

Become An Active User

Once your profile is finished, you cant just abandon LinkedIn until the next time youre applying for a job: You need to be an active user. Thats your number one way to start seeing more success on LinkedIn, Hallow says. In the year after he started actively commenting on posts, engaging with other users, and writing content on LinkedIn, Hallow saw a 600% increase in his followers and connections and a 1,000% increase in profile views. Actively using LinkedIn will help you grow your network, be more visible to your existing network, and learn more about your role, industry, and potential opportunities.

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Choose A Professional Profile Pictureor Take A New One

Gone are the days of needing a professional headshot for your profile image, Yurovsky says. Now, your iPhone or Android has a high-enough resolution camera to ensure your picture is clear and crisp. But just because you dont need an image taken by a professional, doesnt mean your picture shouldnt be professional. You should be appropriately dressed and not at a party or a wedding. Dont use any image where you have to crop other people out.

If you need a new picture, dont overcomplicate it: Get in front of a blank wall and take a picture, Dunay says. You should be smiling and facing a natural light source . Look at the camera. If the person who finds your profile cant see your eyes its hard to connect beyond the screen, Yurovsky says. Finally, according to LinkedIn, you should aim for your face to take up about 60% of the image once its cropped.

Why Am I Qualified To Share Linkedin Profile Tips

LINKEDIN PROFILE TIPS 2021: LinkedIn Profile Set Up Step-by-Step ( examples) & How To Use Linkedin

Good question! People always ask me what my #1 piece of advice is and I tell them this:

You should only take advice from people who already have what you want.

There are a lot of career gurus on the internet slinging LinkedIn profile tips with absolutely no qualifications or evidence to back them up.

If I were in your shoes, I’d want to know that the advice I was implementing hadactually worked in the past. My name is Austin Belcak and here’s my LinkedIn resume :

  • I personally used LinkedIn to land job offers at Microsoft, Google, and Twitter
  • I’ve coached thousands of job seekers and have helped them land jobs at places like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Sequoia Capital, Space X, and more all using LinkedIn
  • I’ve grown my LinkedIn following from 3,000 people to 20,000 people in just under 5 months
  • I average 5,000 LinkedIn profile views every month and over 1,000 people find my profile via LinkedIn search every week
  • My LinkedIn posts average 45,000 views and have accrued over 5,000,000 total views

For example, here’s one of my posts from two weeks ago which saw over 226,000 views:

And here’s a quick snapshot of my LinkedIn profile views for the past 90 days:

If you want to learn more, here’s a link to my profile. Feel free to check out my background and connect with me! Just make sure to send a custom note with your connection request and mention this article

Without further ado, let’s start with some basics:

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Linkedin Is For Anybody And Everybody Who Is Interested In Taking Their Professional Like More Seriously By Looking For New Opportunities

LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals. It is the world largest professional network with millions of members. Whether you are a marketing executive, a magazine editor, a journalist, a business owner or even a first-year college student looking for their first job after graduating, LinkedIn is the right social media platform for you. Linkedln is for anybody and everybody who is interested in taking their professional like more seriously by looking for new opportunities to grow their career and to connect with other professionals. So to make your own LinkedIn profile today, follow these easy steps:

What Are The Benefits Of Open Profiles

As the recipient of messages:

Open Profile enables any Linkedin member to directly contact you. That ease of communication can create more opportunities. Also, Open Profile is not a search option so its not abused by spammers.

As the sender of messages:

When someone on your lead list has an open profile you can send an InMail for free. It also creates another touchpoint during a campaign if that person has not accepted your connection request.

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Create A Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is a free, professional social networking site used by millions of people all over the world. You can use Linkedin to:

  • build a network of contacts
  • raise your profile with employers who are hiring
  • learn more about the sector youre aiming for
  • find and apply for jobs
  • get mentoring advice and career support from experienced professionals

LinkedIn have created a short video that shows the benefits of using the site.

How Does A Linkedin Profile Help You With Hiring

How To Set Up Your Linkedin Profile For Job Search

Linkedin is well known as a place for recruiters to find quality candidates. To be exact, there are 2.8 million recruiters on Linkedin looking for job-seekers. More than4 million members were

Without a Linkedin profile, recruiters simply cant find you. Having a profile also allows you to share content, build your network and get referrals into companies you want to work for.

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Keep Your Page Active

LinkedIn is more than an online resume it’s a networking social media site. That means to get the most out of it, you need to remain active. Check out what other people are posting, engage them with thoughtful comments, and like and share posts that strike you as helpful.

You can also join groups that are on LinkedIn. Whatever your professional interests are, from marketing to accounting, there are going to be groups talking about it. Join one or two and interact within that group. It’s a great way to meet some new people and share ideas.

Post Regularly On Linkedin

When developing a content calendar, remember that posting updates consistently and frequently are keys to a successful marketing strategy. Both build authority for the nonprofits cause and keep supporters up-to-date on the latest news.

What should a nonprofit share on LinkedIn? Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Testimonials
  • Breaking news
  • Relevant statistics or insights

Along with each post, use visuals, such as photos, motivational images, infographics or videos, to boost engagement. LinkedIn notes, Posts with images get twice as many comments, and videos get, Three times the engagement of text-only posts. Free resources like Canva for Nonprofits makes it easy to create eye-popping and attention-grabbing graphics.

With more than 645 million users, nonprofits can tap into LinkedIns network on a global scale.

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