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How To Set Up Linkedin Advertising

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You Cannot Remove Your Linkedin Ads

How to set up retargeting for your LinkedIn ads

Does this seem contradictory to everything I said above about the magic of being able to modulate your advertising? Not really. In fact, you can activate and deactivate your ads, but not remove them from the Campaign Manager platform. At best, youll be able to archive an ad campaign that you no longer want. In addition, on Campaign Manager, you can group together several campaigns, or separate them, according to categories that you have defined yourself.

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Setting Up Your Linkedin Sponsored Content Ad

1. Log into and go to your company page.

2. Click on Admin Tools in the top right. Then click on Sponsor Your Updates from the drop-down list. This will take you to a Campaign Manager screen where you will set up your ad account.

3. Once on the Campaign Manager page, you will need to add an account. Click the blue Add Account button in the top left and proceed through the process.

4. On the next screen you will be asked to enter an account name and your currency. You can associate your LinkedIn Page with the account by typing in your company name and choosing your page from the drop-down list. Save when finished.

5. Click on the blue Create Campaign button below your account campaign.

You will be prompted to choose the following:

Objective: Select brand awareness, website visits, engagement, video views, lead generation, website conversions, or job applicants.

Audience: Choose location, profile language, and target audience .

Ad format and placement: See options below.

Budget & schedule: Set a daily budget or daily/total budget for your campaign , set start date/end date, and choose bid type.

Conversion tracking: Measure members actions taken on your website .

As you make your choices, you will see Forecasted Results appear in the right sidebar area. This will give you an idea on how many members you can expect to reach based on your selections.

6. Once finished with your selections, click the Next button at the bottom of the page.

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Choose Your Desired Ad Format

If you want to learn how to create LinkedIn ads, the next essential step of the process is selecting your ad format.

Currently, you can choose from 8 different ad formats:

How to create LinkedIn ads: Selecting the right ad format for your goal

It is important to keep in mind that, depending on the objective that you chose, you will have different ad formats available.

So, if you cant see a specific ad format in this section, go back to your objective and check what youve selected.

If you want to learn more about each particular ad format, and when to select which one, you can visit my article

Six: Set Up Conversion Tracking And Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices

After determining the key metrics to measure your LinkedIn campaign performance, the next step is to set up Conversion Tracking and Lead Gen Forms.

Conversion Tracking allows you to quickly measure conversions, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. However, before you can create a conversion, you first need to define conversions by choosing from the following:

  • Page Load Tracking

For this, LinkedIn will count conversions if users visit your web pages. Thus, you need to set URL parameters to determine which page conversions LinkedIn will measure.

  • Event-Specific Tracking

LinkedIn will count conversions if users take an action on your site. To track conversions for this, you need to add an event-specific code to a button or link on your site.

  • Event-Specific Tracking

LinkedIn will also count conversions if users take an action on your site. However, to track this type of conversion, you need to install an event-specific image pixel that loads whenever the user performs an action.

Meanwhile, Lead Gen Forms let you measure leads and cost per lead. You can create Lead Gen Forms by selecting the Lead generation objective .

Image Source:

However, you can also create it from the Account Assets tab on the account homepage of your Campaign Manager. Select Lead Gen Forms, complete the sections that you want to include in your form, and then click Create Form.

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Track & Optimize Results

Advertisers can access campaign results in real time through the LinkedIn campaign manager. Here you can access performance metrics based on your bidding and engagement metrics about how users interact with your brand. LinkedIn also provides demographic data to learn which job titles, industries or markets are most likely to convert. These insights can be helpful in influencing future campaign optimizations.

Set up Conversion Tracking to gain additional insight into how users are interacting with the landing page and taken actions like downloads, purchases, form fills, etc.

When assessing creative performance, it is best practice to launch multiple ad variations to A/B test ad copy and creative images or video. This can help marketers gain insight into language or imagery that resonates most with their target audience.

LinkedIn is a powerful advertising platform for marketers looking to connect with a targeted audience of professional decision makers. While LinkedIn advertising costs can often be higher than social platforms such as Facebook, the return can be much greater due to the granularity of targeting options.

If youre looking to take your LinkedIn marketing to the next level, reach out to our paid social experts for more information and best practices.

What Are Linkedin Display Ads

Log in to your LinkedIn account and look at the right rail. Youll notice a section called Promoted. These are LinkedIn display ads.

LinkedIn display ads can also be at the top, like a banner ad. In this example, Promo is advertising their video marketing services.

You can also use display ads to drive more LinkedIn group membership and promote your businesss LinkedIn page to attract more followers, like this example from online professional training platform Simplilearn:

When you run display ads, LinkedIn gives brands the power to set parameters for the type of people who see the ads.

Why Use LinkedIn Display Ads?

Target marketing allows you to create very specific messaging to appeal to a very specific customer group. When you use LinkedIn display ads, you control who does and doesnt see your ad. This way, you can create hyper-targeted campaigns that are more effective than generalized messaging that targets a huge audience.

You also get control over your budget, locking in a fixed cost per impression based on financial, reach, and engagement goals.

You can also display ads to complement other LinkedIn ad types. GE, for example, did exactly that with a combination of display ads, Sponsored InMail, and Content Ads. Their campaign had a 5.75 percent interaction rate, 1,300 unique content downloads, and 13 percent open rate for Sponsored InMails.

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Craft Your Ad Copy Around A Succinct Clear Call To Action

LinkedIn ads should typically end with a clear CTA, often in the form of a text button.

Your readers are busy. They need someone to spell out exactly what they should do next, otherwise, they might miss out on signing up for that career-boosting webinar or purchasing a new product that could simplify their life. Just make sure that your CTA matches the objective you initially selected.

Some effective CTAs include Register Now or Sign Up Today!

Read Hootsuites blog to learn more tips about creating captivating CTAs.

Define Your Target Audience

How To Setup A LinkedIn Ads Account – Tutorial

If you want to learn how to create LinkedIn ads, one of the most important things that you should pay attention to is how to define your target audience.

How to create LinkedIn ads guide: Defining the criteria for your target audience

We will be back to Audiences in a minute, but first, lets start our LinkedIn guide with Audience attributes.

Audience attributes

Company Category

This attribute is relatively new, but it gives you a quick way to automatically target the top companies across various countries using pre-built selections.

This way, you will not have to search for these companies and target them manually one by one.

Company Connections

With this attribute, you will be able to reach the 1st degree connections of employees at the companies you select. However, you can only select from companies with over 500 employees.

So, if you are only targeting small or middle-sized business, it might not be the right attribute for your campaign.

Company Follower of

I am not particularly fond of this attribute as it only allows you to target your own followers. Which, to be honest, can be done organically without spending your budget on it.

Although its true that even organically, you are probably not going to reach all of your followers, so this might give you the boost that you need to reach all of them.

Company Growth rate

This attribute allows you to identify companies that are still small, but fast-growing, and have a huge potential down the road.

Company industries

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Frequently Asked Questions About Targeting On Linkedin

Regardless of what targeting criteria you ultimately go with, the right combination of targeting options will get you the scale and reach for a successful LinkedIn ad campaign. If youre still unsure of what targeting options to choose in your ad campaigns, you can call on the experts! Schedule a time to chat and create a targeting plan that works for your marketing goals.

Build Your Linkedin Ad

This section corresponds to what type of LinkedIn ad you chose for your campaign.

Once you establish the basic parameters for your ad in step one, you’ll be prompted to start building it and choose how LinkedIn will display and rotate your ad variations if you create more than one.

To get started, click Create new ad.

A screen will pop up with the title Create a new for this campaign, on which you’ll create the copy for your ad, pair it with an image, and preview the different layout options.

Of course, there are a few guidelines around the copy that we suggest:

  • Ad image, which is the artwork or graphic that your audience will see for your ad. It must be 100×100 pixels and uploaded as a .jpg or .png file that is 2MB or smaller.

  • Ad headline, which is the main message your audience will see. It cannot be more than 25 characters.

  • Ad description, which is the body of your ad. It can be up to 75 characters long and should be relevant both to the person viewing the ad and the offer or page to which you’re sending them.

  • Destination URL, which is where your audience will go when they click your ad. Double check that the URL is accurate.

Once you input this information, youll see it reflected in the Preview box to the right.

Once you click Create, youll be directed back to the previous Campaign Manager screen. From there, you can create more ads and, eventually, review and submit your order.

Here are a few of our best copywriting tips for LinkedIn Ads.




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Complete The Summary Section On Your Own Profile

“The summary section is the most overlooked. You have 2,000 characters to speak to your target audience, directly and persuasively. Use complete sentences, write in first person, and address their pain points clearly and succinctly. Many people prefer to go to LinkedIn a website. Most of the time, people want to connect with the person before the product or service, and this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to prospective clients and customers. Also, include your contact information at the end of the summary section. Even though it’s elsewhere on your profile, make it easy for people to reach you.” Susan Tabor-Kleiman, consultant, speaker and owner of Your Professional Writer

Set A Target Audience

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices

There are lots of targeting options to choose from, including:

  • Company size
  • Job title
  • Job seniority

If you dont already have a clear picture of who your target audience is, this section may feel overwhelming.

But if you take the questions one at a time, you should emerge with a clear description of your target market. Watch the forecasting area on the right-hand side of the screen to see how your choices impact the size of your market and your potential click-through rates .

Once youve created a target audience that suits your business, save it as a template so you can reuse it when you create your next ad.

Over time, youll be able to test different targeting settings to find what works best for your business.

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Create Ads For The Campaign

Finally, youve to add the ad in the campaign for which you can create an ad or sponsor existing posts on the page.

To sponsor the existing post, click on Browse existing content button, select the post you want to promote & then click on the Sponsor button above the preview bar.

Yes, its that simple!

But if you want to create a new ad, click on Create a new ad and then a new pop-up window where youve to name the ad, add introduction text, destination URL, image, header and choose a CTA for the ad.

After filling up every section, click Create button & your ad is ready to go live.

Lastly, click on the Next button & then Launch button on the next page to get the campaign live. Now your ad is live but do not expect it to start delivering at the same time as LinkedIn may take some time to review it and once approved, the ad will start appearing on your targeted audiences feed.

Now, this guide gives you every bit of information you need to set up your LinkedIn ad campaign. So, what are you going to run your first campaign for?

Let me know your objective and the goals you want to achieve using LinkedIn Ads.

Are Linkedin Ads Worth It

Absolutely! Although LinkedIn charges higher prices than alternative social media platforms, if you are a B2B business wanting to connect with your target audience, its the right place to start. However, do bear in mind that adverts can take a while to be successful, and repeat exposure to your brand will increase conversion rates. Prepare your budget accordingly to maximize your campaign results.

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Go For A Test Drive With Linkedin Advertising

When LinkedIn first began dabbling in advertising, managed accounts meant that you would work with customer service reps and commit to a fixed amount of money. Luckily, LinkedIn advertising has moved changed significantly over the past few years and now offers a self-service platform that recently got a UX upgrade.

If youre worried about spending too much money, the platform makes it easy to set budgets, bid types, and end dates. Stay on top of it, of course. But it is always worth a try to find the best customers for your business.

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How To Set up the Best LinkedIn Ads.
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With over 660 million registered professionals, LinkedIn is the largest resource for B2B marketers to tap into. So if youre not on the platform already or if you havent been using it to its full potential, its time you reconsider. The right LinkedIn marketing strategy can work wonders for your personal brand and eventually, your business too.

In this post, youll discover some of the best ways to improve your LinkedIn marketing effortswhether youre marketing yourself or your company. Lets begin.

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Log In To Campaign Manager Or Create An Account

The Campaign Manager platform, also known as LinkedIns ad manager, will be home to all your advertising activities, such as running campaigns and managing your budget.

Bonus: Get the LinkedIn advertising cheat sheet for 2022. The free resource includes key audience insights, recommended ad types, and tips for success.

How To Advertise On Linkedin: A Beginners Guide

LinkedIn is a great advertising option for B2B marketers. Read this guide to learn how you can make the most of LinkedIn advertising.

Rumor has it that LinkedIn may be the up and coming advertising player this year.

Sure, theyve offered advertising services for years now, but up until recently, LinkedIn has really nailed down the craft of being an ad service provider and a social media network.

What really helps set LinkedIn ads apart from other social media advertising platforms , is their B2B targeting options. B2B marketers flock to LinkedIn because thats where all of the professionals are.

Knowing this, LinkedIn has optimized its targeting options to allow marketers to really hone in and be able to connect with those specific professionals.

Want to focus on the healthcare industry? You can target it with .

Want to reach CEOs of investment firms? Yep, you can reach them with .

Want applications from college graduates who are general managers of natural food grocery stores? You can get real close to them with LinkedIn ads, as well.

Because of that B2B option, many business owners are heading to LinkedIn with their budgets this year. Thats not to say they arent advertising on Facebook, too, but depending on their budget they may be heading to LinkedIn first.

Do keep in mind that with LinkedIn the cost is going to be a lot greater than Facebook, so make sure youve got the cash to play before you sit down at the table.

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