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How To Set Linkedin To Private

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How To Turn On Linkedin Private Mode To View Profiles In Private

How to make your LinkedIn profile private and only accessible to logged in users

This article explains what LinkedIn Private Mode is, how to turn on private mode in LinkedIn to browse others profiles in private. To find more computer tutorials, you can go to MiniTool Software official website.

How to view someones profile on LinkedIn anonymously? You can turn on LinkedIn Private Mode. Check how to enable private mode on LinkedIn to browse other members profiles in private below.

What Is Private Mode On Linkedin

Different people have different reasons for staying anonymous when they browse in private mode on LinkedIn. Job seekers may want to remain anonymous while reviewing prospective employers and companies. In contrast, recruiters may want their leads to get a notification to give them a heads-up before reaching out.

Depending on your purpose, you can turn the private mode LinkedIn ON or OFF. And you can do it even if you dont have a LinkedIn premium account.

This is useful when you want to stay anonymous because you will appear as either Anonymous LinkedIn Member in private mode or as your job title in semi-private mode.

Linkedin Private Mode For Growing Your Network

Just getting started with LinkedIn?

Then you might find private mode very useful and you should consider turning it on.

This will help you stay anonymous while youre looking around and working on optimizing your profile.

When your profile isnt fully optimized, ideally, you shouldnt be connecting with many people yet.

Its unlikely theyll connect with you if they dont know what you do, how you can help them, and so on.

So, you might want to turn on LinkedIn private mode and take a look at LinkedIn profiles that are close to what you do.

Use them as inspiration and take notes on how you can improve your LinkedIn profile.

Once you feel your profile is ready, you can turn it back on. Then, when youre ready to connect, you can mention in your connection request that you were viewing their profile and felt that you had to connect.

Not sure what to write in your connection request messages? No problem. Check out our guide on 10+ !

Once you start growing your network, you can then focus more on your outreach campaigns and advanced LinkedIn lead generation tactics.

Be sure to check out our 7 for more info on how to optimize your profile and other outreach rules you need to keep in mind.

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How Do I Turn Linkedin Private Mode On

To enable your LinkedIn private mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click the Me symbol, and then select Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu.
  • 2. Select Visibility from the left menu.

    3. In the Visibility of your profile & network area, select the option Change next to Profile viewing options.

    4. Select the mode that you want to use. You have three choices:

    • Public Profile: Your name and headline
    • Semi-Private mode: Private profile characteristics
    • Private mode

    Why Would You Go Private On Linkedin

    How to Manage Your LinkedIn Privacy Settings

    Why would I want to activate the private mode on LinkedIn? There are several reasons. You may want to browse the profile of a competitor, a new colleague, a customer, or a service provider in total discretion.

    Job-seekers might also activate the LinkedIn private mode to keep some discretion.

    When networking, and wishing to expand your professional network, you may want to observe the personal profiles of many people, without getting in touch with them afterwards. To avoid raising questions, the private mode of LinkedIn is perfect.

    You can also, for example, want to search for information on targets and prospects, and do not want to let them see your profile. Searching for customers can be done discreetly.

    Everyone can have their reasons to use the incognito mode on LinkedIn.

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    Stop Syncing Your Contacts

    If you’ve granted your permission in the past, LinkedIn periodically scans your phone and email contacts to help you find new connections. But the company uses some of that data for targeted advertising as well. LinkedIn also settled a lawsuit in 2015 after it bombarded members’ contacts with email inviting them to connect. Its easy to stop syncing your contacts, and delete any the company has collected.

    To stop syncing contacts: Click the Me icon near the top right corner > Settings & Privacy > Account preferences > Sync Contacts > Remove All.

    Can Everyone Use Linkedin Private Mode

    Private mode is available to everyone, regardless of whether they have LinkedIn Premium or not.

    However, the account type you have has an impact on this setting:

    Free account: If you turn on private mode, you won’t be able to figure out who’s looked at your profile either.

    Premium account: you may browse in private mode and still see a list of people who have viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

    Even if you have a Premium account with Linkedin, you can’t see the names of private mode viewers of your own profile because of Linkedin’s user privacy policies.

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    Linkedin Private Mode For Different Linkedin Accounts

    Different types of LinkedIn accounts enjoy different benefits of the Private Mode feature.

    For LinkedIn Free account, if you turn on private mode on LinkedIn, the person you viewed wont see your profile, but you also wont be able to see who viewed your profile either.

    For account, you can still see who browsed your profile in the last 90 days if you turned on LinkedIn Private Mode. However, you cant see the profile of a private mode viewer of your profile.

    How To Make The Most Of Private Mode Linkedin

    How to make LinkedIn profile private

    Theres a lot you can do with LinkedIn private mode.

    #1) Grow Your Network

    If you have just joined LinkedIn, you might want to look around and optimize your profile. When you are doing that, it will help to stay anonymous. Dont connect with many people until your profile is optimized.

    They might not want to connect with you if they dont know what you are good at and how you can help them. So, stay anonymous and look through the profiles of those close to what you do, take notes, improve your profile, and then go public, building your connections.

    #2) Generate Leads

    The best way to generate leads is to create a cold audience first. A cold audience is those people who are completely unaware of your content. When doing that, it is best to hide that you are visiting their profile and might message them.

    Once you have a list of leads or people you want to send messages to and know what to say, you can make your profile visible. Then, when you visit their profile and send a connection message, they will know who you are and that you have seen their profile.

    #3) Competition and Option Research

    If you are looking at your competitors or looking for other job options while you are still employed, you might want to keep your visits hidden. You wouldnt want your competitors to know you are spying on them or your employers to know you are looking for other opportunities.

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    Choose Who Can Discover Your Profile Using Your Email Address

    There are several ways that people can find your LinkedIn profile. Often, people can find you using your name or your email address.

    But you can prevent people from searching for you using your email address. Click on Profile discovery using email address under Visibility settings. Next, select who can discover your profile and connect with you using your email address.

    This is set to Anyone on LinkedIn by default.

    Linkedin Privacy Settings On Mobile

    The settings on mobile have pretty much the same functionality, but are not arranged as neatly as they are on the desktop version of the website.

    Here’s what portions of your profile visibility to others you can control on mobile.

    • Profile Viewing Options – Allows you to enter private mode on the app
    • Story Viewing Options – Controls whether your profile is hidden when viewing other people’s stories
    • Manage Active Status – Changes whether or not and to whom you appear online when you are active in the app
    • Notifying Connections When You’re In the News

    There are also a couple of other privacy settings found in the menu that allow you to change different aspects of your LinkedIn experience.

    And control the information you have on the app, the way it’s shared with others, with whom it’s shared and how it’s shared as a whole.

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    Enable The #opentowork Work Feature

    The second way to let recruiters you are open to new opportunities and provide them with specific details regarding the types of opportunities you would consider is located right on your home page.

    To enable it, simply click Add profile section and select Intro.

    You’ll then see the edit job preferences options shown below.

    When looking for potential candidates, recruiters typically filter by both location and job title.

    To maximize your chances of appearing in their searches, be sure to fill this section out with as much detail as possible.

    Most importantly, make sure to select under the choose who sees you’re open tab as shown below if you want to keep your search private.

    Otherwise, all of your connections will be able to see that you are looking for a new role, and LinkedIn will automatically add a banner to your profile picture.

    If you don’t make your #OpenToWork preferences visible to all LinkedIn members, LinkedIn will only share your information with relevant recruiters.

    Control Who Sees Sensitive Information

    Navigate The Changes To LinkedIn Privacy &  Settings

    There’s a variety of information you could add to your LinkedIn account for which you might want to limit access.

    For instance, you could be happy keeping the email address they’ve provided on display, or you many want to restrict that information to direct connections or hide it altogether. The same goes for other details, such as your phone number, list of connections, or even your last name.

    LinkedIn provides controls for a number of sensitive details. With some controls you can only choose public or private, but in a few cases you can fine-tune who can see the information. You can also decide whether other users can see when you’re logged in.

    To limit sensitive information: Click the Me icon near the top right corner > Settings & Privacy > Visibility > Select the various options and choose your preferences.

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    Activating Your Private Mode Settings In The Linkedin Mobile App

    Now, if you are a mobile-first user, you can still access most of the settings mentioned above.

    However, to get to these settings is arguably a bit more tricky.

    The LinkedIn Mobile app doesn’t have a proper categorization of your privacy settings, but still gives you control over what to hide and what to make visible.

    Here’s how to access your Private Mode settings in a few easy steps.

    Step 1: Open the LinkedIn Mobile App

    Step 2: Click on your Profile Picture

    Step 3: Click the “Settings” Button

    Step 4: Click on the “Privacy” Button

    Step 5: Select the Privacy Option you are Interested in Changing

    This will get you to the private mode settings in the LinkedIn mobile app as a whole.

    How To Configure Notifications

    What for: To avoid distractions and focus on what is important.

    Notifications about private messages, comments and other activity in LinkedIn may appear as pop-up messages or arrive by e-mail. Frequent notifications can be annoying, and getting a large number of them increases the chances that you will miss something important.

    To disable excessive notifications:

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    Should You Activate Private Mode On Linkedin

    LinkedIn is all about networking and growing your network for new opportunities.

    For that, its better to avoid using private mode for too long.

    After all, if someone gets a notification you viewed their profile, theyll probably reciprocate and view your profile in return.

    Then, if your profile is fully optimized and youre treating it like a landing page they might even take the first step and send YOU a connection request themselves.

    Or, alternatively, once you get a notification that someone viewed your profile you can send them a request asking if theres anything you can help them with .

    But if youre concerned about your online privacy and youre doing valuable research, you can use private mode to stay anonymous on the platform.

    All this to say, it depends entirely on your goals and objectives.

    How To Go Private On Linkedin

    #OhLikeThat: How to View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously in Private Mode ð?

    Many professionals use LinkedIn to develop their network, work on their brand image, increase their notoriety and be visible in short, work on their personal branding. But in some cases, you might want to see and not be seen, lets discover how to go private on LinkedIn!

    If you are familiar to the way LinkedIn works, you know that the people whose profiles you view are notified of your visit. They will then have access to your complete profile page. This can sometimes be annoying, for some reasons. But you know what? You can view professional pages and profiles in private mode on LinkedIn and go unnoticed.

    As with web browsers such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, there is a private browsing mode on LinkedIn that will allow you to see without being seen. If you want to visit a specific page, there is no need to : just activate this feature, and the other users of the platform will have no idea that you visited them.

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    Linkedin Privacy Settings You Need To Know

    Many regard LinkedIn as the safe social networkthere are no games that jeopardize your privacy and you arent posting incriminating photos of last weekends Halloween party. But thats no reason to ignore the privacy and account settings that LinkedIn has in place.

    You can find your list of settings by clicking on your name on the top right of the screen and choosing Settings. This list includes profile settings, e-mail notifications, home page settings, personal information, privacy settings and more.

    How much of your profile have you made public? Are all of your tweets being pushed to LinkedIn? Can others see that youve viewed their profile? If youre unsure of these answers, take a look at the following five privacy settings and adjust them appropriately.

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    Privacy Overview

    cookielawinfo-checkbox-analytics 11 months This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Analytics”.
    cookielawinfo-checkbox-functional 11 months The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category “Functional”.
    cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessary 11 months This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Necessary”.
    cookielawinfo-checkbox-others 11 months This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Other.
    cookielawinfo-checkbox-performance 11 months This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category “Performance”.
    viewed_cookie_policy 11 months The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. It does not store any personal data.

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    How To Make Linkedin Private

    The LinkedIn profiles appear in public search results by default. Also, those who are not logged in can see your profile.

    Heres how you can make LinkedIn private:

    • Select Settings and Privacy.
    • Toggle the button under Edit your visibility option to off.
    • Choose what you want to show and to who if you keep the visibility on.

    You can see the preview on the left of how your profile will appear to anonymous users with updates. If you want to disable access to your profile for LinkedIn partners and permitted services like Outlook, toggle the visibility to off.

    You can also change this setting by clicking on the Me option and selecting View My Profile. Then, on the right-hand side, click on Edit Public Profile and URL and toggle Your profiles public visibility button to off.

    Change How Data Is Collected

    How to: Stalk People on LinkedIn in Private

    Next, you want to minimize how much of your data is collected and used by LinkedIn for ad delivery purposes.

    Heres how to do that.

  • Click on the Me icon at the top of your homepage on LinkedIn.
  • Select Settings or Settings & Privacy .
  • Choose Advertising Data, then Data collected on LinkedIn.
  • In the Data collection on LinkedIn section, turn off the following settings:
    • Connections prevent LinkedIn from using your 1st-degree connection information for ad personalization.
    • Location prevent the city and postcode in your LinkedIn profile from being used for ad purposes.
    • Demographics eliminates LinkedIn from using your age or gender for ad targeting.
    • Companies you follow this prevents the information about companies you follow on LinkedIn from being used to target ads, including job ads.
    • Groups stops LinkedIn from using information about the groups you belong to target ads to you.
    • Education choose to turn off different options, including schools you attended, your fields of study, degrees, skills, and most recent graduation year.
    • Job Information choose to allow or prohibit ad targeting based on your current job, past jobs, or both.
    • Employer eliminate LinkedIn from using your current company, past companies, or both when personalizing ads.

    You may wish to pick and choose among the above options, depending on your LinkedIn goals. For example, if you are actively job-hunting you may want to receive targeted ads from the companies you follow.

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