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How To Send Queued Mail In Gmail

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The Reason Your Email Is In Queue

How to Fix Queued Email in Gmail

We’ve listed a few of the causes that could cause this problem:

  • Storage space is low First, you must check the storage space since low storage could result in the delay of emails. Emails will be in queue until you can find additional storage space available within your phone.
  • Problems between the application and server In the second instance, if the root of the issue is that this, then you have the option of waiting for a while until the issues with your network are resolved. There are other options, but they’ll only add to the procedure.
  • The threshold has been reached Then you might have crossed the threshold in one of the following scenarios: size of the attached files, the number of emails sent out, or too many emails that you have sent.

Why Do Emails Get Queued In Gmail

To begin with, there are a number of reasons for an email to get queued in Gmail. Some of the most common issues that you may examine for are:

Device Storage Issue

Likewise, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram Gmail also demands device storage to save and process emails. In an activated Gmail account, there can be thousands of emails saved including promotion emails, spam emails, main emails, and whatnot! Therefore, if you are having trouble sending an email or if an email is going into the outbox category over and over again, try deleting useless emails and resending the email in the queue.

To resolve device storage issues, deleting useless applications also helps. Moreover, if you have already done that, try to clean your phone storage via space cleaner for Android. Such cleaners target unwanted and repetitive data in your device and further, make space for important things.

Network or Server Issues

How to resolve network issues in Android phones?
  • Turn off mobile data.
  • Re-set Preferred mobile Network from LTE to 3G to LTE again.
  • Now, turn on Mobile Data again.
  • Go to Gmail App.
  • Your queued emails will process successfully, if not, connect to Wifi.

Zero Threshold Limit

How to resolve the Zero threshold limit for Queued means in Gmail?

To resolve this issue, we recommend you to try the following solutions:

HES Traffic Restriction

  • Go to the Google Sign-in portal.
  • Enter your Username and Password.

Check If Gmail Is In Offline Mode

Gmail has a handy Offline Mode available in Google Chrome. It allows users to read, respond and delete emails without an internet connection. Once you get back online, it automatically sends out all your emails from the outbox.

If youve been using this feature, it can also be the reason why your emails are stuck in Gmails outbox. Read on to learn how to disable offline mode in Gmail.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and log in with your Gmail account.

Step 2: Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select See all settings.

Step 3: Now switch to the Offline tab and uncheck Enable offline mode option. Finally, click on Save Changes.

Refresh the webpage and try sending an email to see if the issue is resolved.

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Ways To Fix Gmail Queued And Failed Error

Before discussing different ways via which you can fix the Gmail queued and failed error, there are a few things that you must consider:

  • Make sure that the issues are only with the Gmail app and not the web version of Gmail. This way, you can know whether the Gmail server is down or not. However, if you face the same issue on the web version of Gmail, then it is probably some server related issue from the Gmail side.
  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Gmail app that you install from the Google play store and not from an unknown source.
  • Ensure that you are not sending the mail with attachments exceeding 50MB file size.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

After ensuring the above steps, you can try out the following methods to fix Gmail queued and failed error:

How To Fix The Issue Of Queued In Gmail

Gmail Outbox Queued Not Sending

Remember, whenever the cause for the queued in Gmail is dispersed i.e. server is up and running again or storage space is back- then the outbox emails will be sent automatically by the app. However, if you want to fix the issue immediately or the issue persists for a long time, then you need to do something about the issue. Follow these steps for the solution.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your phone and find the Apps and notifications option.

Step 2: You will notice the list of all the apps that are installed on your phone. Find Gmail from there.

Step 3: Click on Force Stop button. Dont worry it wont hurt your Gmail app or the stored emails.

Step 4: Click on the Storage option from that very page.

Step 5: Now, you will be directed to the next window where you will see two different options marked Clear Data and Clear Cache. Hit both of the options one after another. This will help in clearing any erroneous files in the Gmail app hopefully, the issue is fixed.

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Clear Gmails Cache & Data

To fix queued and failed error on Gmail, you can try to clear the Gmail apps cache and data. Make sure you close the Gmail app before you clear the cache and data.

1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

2. Go to the Apps tab then tap open Manage Apps.

3. Locate and open your Gmail app from the list of applications that you see on the screen.

4. Now tap on Clear data at the bottom of the screen. A window will pop up, where you have to select Clear cache.

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Try Wavebox To Enhance Your Everyday Gmail

Wavebox is a unique browser that allows you to group your apps together in one handy sidebar that’s always on the screen. Each Gmail app shows an unread badge and notifications, just like the Gmail app you have on your phone.

Wavebox helps you power up your daily workflow, so you can be more productive, give it a try!

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Set Days Of Emails To Sync Option

Your Gmail retrieves old emails from your app only for a few days. If you have newly configured your Gmail, all the old emails will also be synced. Even though this is an advantage of retrieving your mail, it also increases the cache and storage of the app. To resolve why does my email say queued, you have to limit your sync days to 30. Here are a few instructions for the same.

1. Launch the Gmail app on your Android.

2. Here, tap on the Menu hamburger icon> Settings, as shown.

3. Then, tap on the desired account.

4. Next, scroll down the screen and tap on the Days of email to sync option.

5. Now, adjust the days to 30 Days and tap on OK.

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Why Is My Gmail So Slow

How To Send Queued Mail in Gmail | Fix Gmail Queued Problem

Long time Gmail users may notice that their accounts have gotten sluggish over time. It can take longer to load your inbox and be a frustrating experience to open or send a message. This can happen for several reasons such as using a large number of add-ons or accumulating a high volume of messages, folders or filters.

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Turn Off Battery Saving Mode

The battery saver features in your Android device will help you save the battery with limited operations of services, sensors, and apps. If you have enabled the battery saver option on your device, network connection, Gmail, and other health apps may be turned off. It may lead to the discussed issue in your Gmail app. Hence, you are advised to turn off the battery-saving mode in your device as instructed below.

1. Pull down the Notification drawer on your Android device.

2. Now, turn off the Battery saver setting if it is turned on.

How To Send Queued Emails In Gmail

First off, access the web version of your Gmail account and see if it also faces the queued issue. To check, send an email to yourself and see if you can view the email via the Gmail app. When youre able to receive it without any problems, the issue should be related to the mobile app.

Otherwise, if you cannot send or receive any emails via the web version, the issue can be linked to Googles servers. So, its best to wait for a while until its up or visit third-party sites like this one to keep yourself updated.

When facing the issue on the Gmail app alone, you can follow these easy-to-do methods. Remember to follow each one to see which worked best for your device.

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Before You Start Off Make Sure:

First and foremost thing that you need to make sure that only Gmail App is having an issue. And youre able to send the emails with attachment via the Gmail Inbox web interface. This will help in assessing whether Gmail is down or not.

In-case, if you face the same issue on the web as well then these tips wont resolve the issue as this could be an issue from the Gmail side.

  • Youre running on the latest version of Gmail app and downloaded from Play Store only
  • Youre not sending the attachment over the Gmail send_limit of 50MB file size
  • Have a stable network connection to your phone either WiFi or mobile data

These pre-requisites actually help in initial troubleshooting and making sure that we arent missing anything important from our end as part of the configuration.

Remove And Set Up Your Gmail Account Again

How to Send Schedule Mail from Gmail

This can be a lengthy process for users. You can try to remove your google account from your phone and set your account again.

1. Open the Settings on your phone.

2. Go to Accounts and sync.

3. In your Accounts and Sync section, you have to tap on Google to access your google account.

4. Select your email account that is linked with your Gmail.

5. Now, tap on More at the bottom of the screen.

6. Tap on Remove account from the list of options.

7. Clear cache and data for Gmail and Restart your phone.

8. Finally, set your Gmail account on your phone again.

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What Is Queued In Gmail

When the Gmail app indicates a certain email message as queued, it means that its unable to send the message immediately. When this happens, chances are the email is temporarily stored in the Outbox folder. Here are the most common reasons for this issue:

  • Low Storage Space When sending and receiving emails on your account, it automatically takes up space on your phone. Depending on the type of email that youre trying to send, it needs enough internal storage to be sent.
  • Server Issues The Gmail app can sometimes have trouble communicating with Googles servers, especially when its down at the moment. On the other hand, you can check your own Wi-Fi network and ensure that its stable enough to send emails.
  • Account Exceeded Threshold Limits When using Gmail, your account is limited to certain thresholds. For instance, trial accounts are only limited to sending 500 emails per day. Certain thresholds are also applied for inbound emails and attached files. Its important to know, however, that these thresholds refresh after 24 hours.

Verify Google Servers Status

Google servers hardly get down. Yet in unexpected situations, if you think of a server issue, you might check the status of Gmail whether it is active or down for maintenance. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix Gmail queued Android issue.

1. Visit the official page in your phone browser.

2. Check if there are any server-side issues. If so, you have no other options than to wait.

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How To Reset Google Pixel Buds

This tutorial is about How to fix Gmail Queued and Failed Delivery Error Message on Android. Recently I updated this tutorial and will try my best so that you understand this guide. I hope you guys like this blog, How to fix Gmail Queued and Failed Delivery Error Message on Android. If your answer is yes after reading the article, please share this article with your friends and family to support us.

Fixing The Sync Of Gmail App

How to fix queued email not sending on Gmail app Android

The Gmail queuing problem can be solved by fixing the synchronization of the Gmail app. Believe me, this is something incredible.

Whenever we send emails or receive emails on our email address we have to turn on the synchronization in Gmail App so that way we would receive all the latest emails after refreshing on the app. And synchronization is also responsible for sending emails also. If there is an error and that would potentially ruin your experience.

So lets see how to fix it:

METHOD 1. Turn On & Off Sync with a Quick Restart

2 Minutes 2 minutes.

In this method, we will get into the Gmail settings and turn off the sync. Then we will restart the phone and turn on the synchronization again on the Gmail app.

  • Turn Off Sync Gmail
  • Restart Smartphone
  • Now Turn Onn Sync Gmail Again
  • Just by turning on and off synchronization of the Gmail app after restarting you would see a massive difference in most of the devices.

    Dont forget to check out the other steps because sometimes it wont work on a few devices.

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    How To Fix Queued Gmail Problem

    First, you need to check with the mobile whether it is from the web interface or with the Mobile app. Go with the laptop or desktop and check whether a test mail is forwarded from the same web interface. If gmails are down, then any emails cant be sent from there. If the email is forwarded without any issues then the only problem is with your mobile application. Follow the below steps to resolve the issues with the mails. These are different ways you can fix all the mails that are ended up queued in the Gmail application. You can resolve all the issues with the occurrences.

    Fixes For A Queued Email In Gmail

    Wondering why your emails are queued in Gmail?

    While Gmail is an incredible email app, its not without its problems.And one of the more common and annoying ones on the mobile app is having multiple emails stuck in a mail queue for hours.

    Fortunately, there are lots of available solutions.

    In this detailed guide, Ill cover why your emails are getting stuck in a queue and go over some potential fixes to the Gmail queued error.

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    Delete Gmail App Cache

    Android devices store cache as temporary memories, but when these old data corrupt over time, you may have to face what does queued mean on Gmail problem. It is advisable to clear your app cache on a periodic basis to avoid any upcoming problems. Here are a few instructions to delete the Gmail app cache.

    1. Go to your home screen and tap on the Settings app.

    2. Now, tap on Apps.

    3. Tap on Manageapps.

    4. Then, tap on Gmail from the list, as shown.

    5. Next, tap on the Storage option.

    6. Tap Clear data.

    7. Now, tap the Clear cache option as shown.

    Note: You can also tap Clear all data if you want to delete all data from Gmail.

    How To See If Your Email Has Queued

    Gmail App Email Queued In Outbox

    There are 3 major aspects of queued email in Gmail:

    • Such emails has not received by their respective recipients.
    • Such emails do not get canceled/rejected.
    • Queued emails are neither in the inbox, draft nor in the sent category.

    First of all, it is important to know that all queued emails in Gmail are findable and trackable in the outbox emails category. Hence, if you want to see all the emails that are in the queue in Gmail, follow the given instructions as it is:

  • Open Gmail Account in your Android phone.
  • Go to the menu button at the top and click.
  • A left-to-right side menu will appear on the screen.
  • Now, scroll down the menu and click on Outbox.
  • All Outbox emails are queued emails.
  • If it says No Outbox messages, it means no email is in the queue.
  • Note: If you are reading this content regarding an email that you sent but is neither in sent, draft, or outbox, it means that your respective email got canceled. There can be different reasons for that. One of the most common reasons is wrong or deactivated recipients address.

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    How To Solve Queued Email Not Sending In Gmail

    Presentation Transcript
  • How to Solve Queued Email Not Sending in Gmail? There are times when your queued emails can be sent to the Outbox folder instead of their destination, causing some queued errors. You may be aware of the concept of queued emails when sending and receiving bulk emails. Additionally, if an email has been sent to your outbox but hasn’t been received, Gmail will attempt to send it again later. But if that fails, you must take action immediately. If you need to troubleshoot and want to know how to send queued mail in Gmail without facing issues, then you are in the right place. Here you will find some simple solutions to resolve this issue effectively. Steps to Solve Queued Email Not Sending in Gmail The problem of queued Gmail emails can result from many factors. These include low device storage, reaching the threshold limit, or server problems. So, let’s gather out how to solve this issue. 1. Try Enable and Disable Gmail Sync First, open the Gmail app Settings. Once opened setting, tap the ‘Accounts’ tab. Now, choose the option ‘Google Account.’ Then, select that Gmail account you are facing issues with. Then, tap on the option ‘Uncheck email.’ After performing these steps, restart your phone. After this, you need to recheck or allow the checkbox that was marked unchecked again.

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