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How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp

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How To Send Large Videos Using Messaging Apps

How to send long videos on WhatsApp

If you dont have a cloud storage account, or youd prefer a method of sending your video to friends or family thats a little more convenient, you always have the option of sending the video using your favorite messaging app.

One example is Skype, where youre allowed to share a file with a recipient thats up to 300 MB.

This is a lot easier than uploading to a cloud storage account first, or even composing an email to send the file. So long as your video is under the limit of the messaging app, youre good to go.

The file transfer limits of the most popular messaging apps are:

  • WhatsApp: 16 MB
  • iMessage: 220 MB

Send Large Video Files Via Google Drive

The best method of sending large video files is by Google drive. Google Drive is your personal space to upload your important documents and share them with anybody using the link. Now you can share large video files on Whatsapp using the Google drive link. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Open Google Drive from the home screen apps.

Step 2: Click on the + icon and tap on the upload option.

Step 3: After that, select the file that you want to upload.

Step 4: Once uploaded, click on the three-dot menu and tap on Copy Link.

Step 5: Once done, go to Whatsapp and open a chat session with whom you want to share the video file. Paste the copied link and send.

The Google drive link allows your contact to see and download the video via the link.

Send The Video Files Using Video Compressor Panda:

Video compressor Panda is an app that you can download on the Google Play Store. The app will compress your video so that you can send the large video files on WhatsApp in the 64MB limit. Here is how to send using the app.

  • Open the app and select the video you want to send> Next.
  • Tap on Compress.
  • Now you can choose the options: Share directly or Save it on your device and send it.

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How To Send Large Videos On Whatsapp

Facing WhatsApp video limitation issue & not able to send large videos from your WhatsApp? Check this out.

Want to send large videos on Whatsapp? Dont worry The Android Portal team is here to help you out. Today, in this article, we will discuss how to send large video files on Whatsapp in one shot.

Whatsapp is the most demanding messaging app in the world. Besides all the data and privacy controversies, Whatsapp is still the most used social networking app. Apart from sending text messages, we use Whatsapp for sharing media files like photos, videos, documents, etc.

Have you ever faced the error message if you are trying to share a larger than 100MB file? I think yes because Whatsapp has a limitation on file size. It means you cannot share more than 16MB of video via Whatsapp.

The situation is frustrating when you need to share a large video urgently. The irritating Whatsapp error message stops you from sending large media files to the contacts. However, these limits do not restrict you from sending large video files to your contacts. Lets cut all the jargon and explore some cool tips and tricks to send large videos on Whatsapp.

Split Whatsapp Long Status Videos Using Apps

How to send long videos on Whatsapp(4 Best Ways ...

An easy way to post long status videos on WhatsApp is by making use of an app called Audio Status Maker. This App takes your video and automatically splits it into multiple 30-second parts.

For example, if the Video that you want to upload as WhatsApp Status Video is 3 minutes long, the app will split the Video into 6 equal parts of 30 seconds each.

1. Download the Audio Status Maker App from the Google Play Store

2. Once the App is downloaded, open the app and tap on the File Manager icon located at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

3. On the File Manager screen, tap on the video that you want to post as your WhatsApp Status.

4. Tap on Done, from the bottom right corner of your screen

5. Next, tap on the WhatsApp status option. The app will now trim the video for you

6. Once the video is trimmed, you will be redirected to WhatsApp. Simply tap on My Status, to post the trimmed videos as your WhatsApp Status Videos.

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About Whatsapp Video Size Limit

Long story short! WhatsApp allows up to 16 MB size when it comes to media file sharing. Be it videos, audio, or documents, the video size limit of WhatsApp is 16 MB. This implies you are supposed to send up to a 3-minute long video depending on the quality.

To send long videos on WhatsApp, you will take the help of some cloud services. There is no direct way of sharing media files over 16 MB in WhatsApp. Hence, we are going to introduce two well-known cloud services from which you will be able to send large videos on WhatsApp on iPhone and Android respectively.

How Can You Edit Your Video On Whatsapp After Recording It

You can edit your video in the top line on WhatsApp before sending the video. Here is how you can do it:

  • You can change the side of the video. The video can be turned to the right and left. Also, you can set the dimensions of the video. To illustrate, the dimensions can be 2:3, 3:5, or square.
  • You can add stickers and emojis to your WhatsApp video by tapping the smiling emoji icon on the top line.
  • You can type a full text on the video by clicking the T option. The color and size of the text are changeable.
  • Lastly, you can draw something on the video by tapping the pencil icon in the right top corner. You can set the color of the drawing.

In addition, you can see the whole video at the top and change the length of the video from there.

Finally, you can send the video by tapping the circle button in the right bottom corner.

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How To Send Large Video On Whatsapp Iphone

The workaround to send large video on WhatsApp from iPhone is similar to that from Android. Follow the steps below to do the same.

  • Ensure the video you want to share is saved to the Files app. If the video is in your Photos library, go to the Photos app, select the video, tap on from the bottom-left corner, and choose the Save to Files option.
  • Open WhatsApp on iPhone and select the chat where you want to share the large video.
  • Tap on the + button from the bottom-left corner and choose Document. Youll be taken to the Files view, where you can browse and select the specific video that you saved earlier.
  • Tap on Send from the top-right corner to share the video.
  • The video will be shared with the desired contact in its original quality without trimming.

    Compress Large Video For Whatsapp

    How to send long Videos in WhatsApp – 3 simple steps and its done !!

    You will now observe a compress video window where you will see the information of your video. You can compress the video by sliding the compressing bar. While sliding, you could see the parameters changing. They are video file size, resolution, bit rate, quality. Alternatively, you can simply do modifications in video size and resolution on your own.

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    How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp For Android

    For Android, Google Drive will help you. The steps are similar to the above i.e. first you have to upload your long video and then send it through WhatsApp. Follow the steps given below:

    Step 1: Launch Google Drive on your Android and look for the â+â icon. Tap on it followed by âUploadâ. Now, the file manager will appear. Just choose the video file that you want to send. Tap the video and it will start getting uploaded on Google Drive.

    Step 2: After it is uploaded, you will see it on the Home screen of Google Drive. Just next to the video, tap the three dots. Choose âCopy Linkâ from the option.

    Step 3: It will create a link for your video. Now launch WhatsApp and open the chat where the video needs to be sent. Press and hold the text field and paste the link. Finally, hit the send button and you will be able to share long videos on WhatsApp through an Android device.

    Use Whatsapp Gb To Post Longer Videos In Whatsapp Status

    Now, this is the least recommended method, because of several reasons,

    a) you will need to use a Modded WhatsApp, which also raises security risks, and

    b) whats longer videos will only be visible to people who use also using the WhatsApp GB.

    Actually, posting longer videos as a Status is one of the features people use WhatsApp GB, there are several, but not all are mean for normal people who just want to use it as a tool of communication.

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    Send Long Videos Whatsapp Video As A Document On Android

    Alike the option used by iPhone, the large videos can be shared as documents on WhatsApp for android. All you have to do is go to the internal storage and sort the files and you want to share on WhatsApp.

    There are few steps to follow to send large videos as documents:

    Step 1: Go to WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to send a video. Press on the attachment icon and choose document instead of gallery.

    Step 2: Open the document icon and choose the video file from the list that appears or browse from other folders

    Step 3: Opt for the video you wanted to share and click on send

    Step 4: The video and images will only show as documents and can be visible only after downloading

    Since there is a limit of 100 MB for sending WhatsApp documents, the file should not exceed this limit.

    How To Send The App Through Whatsapp

    How to Send long Videos on WhatsApp [Easily share]

    Here, you will be studying how to send an app through the WhatsApp program. You can use the Dropbox environment to carry out this process flawlessly. You must create an account with Dropbox to access its features.

    Step 1: Download the Dropbox app and install it. Launch the tool and hit the â+â option to upload the app into this space. Dropbox can carry nearly 50GB of data effectively.

    Step 2: Click the three-dotted line at the end of the attached app and choose the “Share” option from the pop-up list items.

    Step 3: Create the download link and attach it to the text field on WhatsAppâs chat page of the desired contact. Then, quickly tap the “Send” button.

    The app link reaches the desired destination gadget through the WhatsApp environment in no time.

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    How To Compress 3gp Video For Whatsapp With Online Video Converter

    For those who donât wish to install a program particularly for rare video conversion tasks, Wondershare Online UniConverter is a good option. Online UniConverter is a web-based tool that is almost as efficient as its desktop sibling and is free to use.

    If you have a large 3GP video that you want to send via WhatsApp, you can follow the instructions given below to compress and convert 3GP video to MP4 and send in WhatsApp using Wondershare Online UniConverter:

    Step 1: Import 3GP to Online UniConverter.

    Launch your favorite web browser, go to , click the + icon, and upload the 3GP file to the web app using the File Upload box that appears next.

    Step 2: Select Output Size and Convert.

    Choose your preferred compression percentage from the Reset size drop-down list , ensure that MP4 is selected in the Format menu, and click COMPRESS to compress the footage and convert it to MP4 for WhatsApp.

    Both Wondershare UniConverter and Wondershare Online UniConverter programs are equally good when it comes to compressing and converting clips to make them WhatsApp compliant. All you need to do in order get the best output is, import a source file, trim it to make the playback duration maximum of 3 minutes, compress the footage to reduce the file size to 16MB or less, and then convert 3GP video to MP4 for WhatsApp with ease.

    How To Download All Videos From Whatsapp To Computer

    The easiest way to download all the media from a WhatsApp group is to UltData. This WhatsApp recovery tool lets you export your phone’s WhatsApp videos to your computer with a few clicks. Here’s how you can use the app:

    • Free download and install WhatsApp Recovery app page on your computer firstly.
    • Plug in your device to your PC and run WhatsApp Recovery app on your PC. Let the app scan your device to help you recover WhatsApp contents from it. Once that’s done, you will see the results on your screen as below.
    • Since the aim of this guide is to teach you how you can export video contents from your phone to your PC, what you need to click in the app is the video file that should be exported and then choose Export. The file will then be exported to your PC.

    So, that was how you could download all videos from WhatsApp to your PC. The above method should work for both iOS and Android devices and also the app itself is available for both Windows and Mac users. Not only does the above method help you transfer video contents from your phone to your PC, but it also helps you recover text messages and photos from your device. To recover these two things, you simply need to click on the appropriate options in the app and it will get the job done for you.

    Updated on 2020-03-24 / Update for WhatsApp Tips

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    Way : How To Send File Larger Than 20mb Via Whatsapp

    You may know that WhatsApp cannot send a file more than 16MB, if you don’t want to use the methods we provided above, then you can have a try of video converters.

    As there are many online converter can help to reduce the video size, you can simply search from Google, or try these sites we have listed below:

    Using Dropbox For Iphone And Android And Whatsapp Web

    How to send long videos on WhatsApp (updated version)

    Like the above application using Google Drive, we are going to use Dropbox application to send files more than 16 MB on WhatsApp on iPhone. Same can be done on Android in case you dont want to use the above application. Download Dropbox for Android Link, iOS Link. Now, lets get to the steps.

    • After downloading is finished, open the Dropbox application. For sharing files using Dropbox, you will need to register an account with them. If you already have an account, then use the credentials to log in, or sign up to create one.
    • Once the account is set up, tap on the + icon and then select the Upload option depending on your file type. Browse through the storage and select the photo, video or any desired file.
    • After you select, it will upload the file to the Dropbox cloud. As soon as it is done, tap on the three dots in front of the file that you have uploaded. You will see various options, from there select .
    • Then select the option to Create a link at the bottom right. This will create the link for your file, after this, select Copy Link.
    • As you get the notification that the link is copied, head over to WhatsApp, open the chat of the person you wish to share the file with, paste it and send it to them.


    • Can be used in Android and iPhone
    • Even works with WhatsApp desktop or web application


    • You have to upload the file and then create the sharing link manually

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    Streaming Very Large Video Files To Friends

    All of the options above work fine if your video file is up to 15 GB, but what if youre trying to send a movie length video? None of the options listed so far will work. But youre not entirely out of luck.

    The last resort for sending very large video files is hosting the video file on a video streaming service, and sharing it privately to only the recipients who you want to see the video. YouTube is actually one of the best services you could use to privately share very large videos with people you know.

    Most people know YouTube as a platform for delivering content to millions of people online, but what many dont realize is that you can upload videos on YouTube and share them privately to just a few people.

    • To do this, create an account if you dont already have one.
    • Once youre logged in, select the video recorder icon next to your profile image. Select Upload video from the dropdown menu.
    • On the first screen, you can drag the video file into the upload area, or select the Upload button and navigate to where the video is stored on your computer.

    YouTube does a good job compressing the video during the upload process. Even large files upload fairly quickly.

    • On the next screen you can give the video a title and description.
    • Scroll to the bottom of this window and select Next twice to get to the Visibility window in the video upload wizard.
    • In the visibility window, select the Publish now dropdown and choose Private.

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