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How To Send Location On Whatsapp

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Using Live Location In Whatsapp

How to Send Your Location on Whatsapp on an Android Device

WhatsApp Live Location is a feature that allows you to share your location in real-time for a particular period of time. This feature is end-to-end encrypted, so you can be sure that your location can only be seen by the people you share it with.

You can turn live location on or off in WhatsApp depending on your needs. Heres how to use it.

How To Share Google Location On Whatsapp

You can directly send the location from Google Map to your friend through the WhatsApp platform. Make the right click to get the desired outcomes. Follow the below instructions to share the Google Location on the WhatsApp space.

Step 1: In your Android phone, open the Google Maps

Step 2: Navigate through the places on the map and pin the perfect location to send.

Step 3: Hit the “Share” icon to send the location details via desired communication application. A pop-up appears, and you must select the âWhatsAppâ icon to share the pinned location details from Google Maps

Next, choose the contact from WhatsApp to send the pinned location details and press the “Send” button to share the Google location on the WhatsApp environment.

You had an enlightening stepwise procedure on how to send location on WhatsApp from the Google Maps application.

In iPhone, a similar process holds good, and you will direct to the iPhone WhatsApp space while sharing the location details from Google apps.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone, go to Google Maps to pin the desired location to share.

Step 2: Press the “Share” option, and a pop-up screen appears at the bottom. Select the “WhatsApp” icon from the expanded list.

Navigate through the contacts on WhatsApp and choose the right contact from the list. Finally, tap the âSendâ button and share the Google location with your friends or family member on the WhatsApp environment.

How To Share Your Location On Whatsapp Using Your Android

1. Open WhatsApp on your Android device.

2. Tap on “Chats,” if not already selected.

3. Tap on the group or person that you want to share your location with.

4. Tap on the paperclip icon at the bottom of the screen.

5. Tap on the Location icon.

6. Just like on iPhone, you can either select “Send Your Current Location” or “Share Live Location,” which will update your location as you move.

7. Tap “Send.”

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How To Share Google Map Location With Whatsapp

Google Maps is also a useful application developed by Google Inc. for Android phones. It offers street maps, satellite images and real-time traffic conditions, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, aerial photography, and route planning different types of transportation.

Step 1: Turn On Device Location

Make sure your Android phoneâs location has been turned on and you have permitted Google maps to access your location.

Step 2: Locate Yourself

Launch the Google Maps app on your phone and click the white circle logo to identify your current location. A blue dot would appear on the map showing your current location.

Step 3: Share Your Location

Now, click on your profile picture and select the Location Tracking option. A new screen would appear with the Share Location button. To learn more about this option, tap Learn what information will be shared option at the bottom. Press the Share Location button and set a time for how long you want to share your location. Once youâre done, select WhatsApp from the available options, choose your contact, and press enters to share your real-time location for a specific period. See the below pictures for a better understanding.

How To Share Live Location To Your Contacts On Whatsapp

How to send current location map in Whatsapp

WhatsApp allows you to share your location in two ways. One, of course, is the live location feature mentioned above, the other is to just share your location once. Heres how to share your live location.

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the contact whom you want to share with.
  • On Android, tap the share button that appears on the text box where you type your chats.
  • On iPhones, tap the + icon next to the text box and then tap more.
  • Then choose the Location option.
  • If you havent given location access to WhatsApp, the app will ask for that permission at this point. If youre sharing a location only once, then you can choose to give it access only for one time. However, but sharing a live location will require you to change the location permission to Always.
  • Tap the location option and it takes you to the location screen.
  • There are two options here Send your current location and Share live location.
  • Tap the Share Live Location option and choose how long you want to share it for.

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How To Share Fake Location On Whatsapp

Not only can you share your actual location over WhatsApp but also your fake location, in case you want to avoid a few people or not let them know where you are to enjoy your own personal space. The process of sending a fake location is as follows.

  • Open WhatsApp and then open the chat you want to send the fake location in.
  • Go in the options and click on the option to send location.
  • When the phone judges your location, manually change your location by putting another address in the search bar and search it.

How To Share Your Location On Whatsapp

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This wikiHow teaches you how to send a map with your current location to a contact in WhatsApp.

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Send Location On Whatsapp Ios

Here, you will learn about how to send location on WhatsApp at the iPhone gadgets easily. Focus on every step to ensure the successful completion of the desired task on this instant messenger tool.

Step 1: Open your iPhone and launch the WhatsApp tool.

Step 2: Go to the friendâs chat page, and hit the “+” icon available at the left bottom of the screen. In the pop-up window, select the “Location” option

Step 3: Press the “Only while using the app” option in the displayed message that queries the location access.

Step 4: You can choose either “Send your Current Location” or “Share Live Location” according to your needs. Quickly hit the “Send” option to share the location details with your friends and family members.

Thus, the above steps help you send the location details to your friends on the WhatsApp tool without any issues.

Tracking Your Waze Drives With Whatsapp

How To Send Location In WhatsApp Tutorial

As you can see, sending your Waze location and ETA via WhatsApp is relatively straightforward. You can choose to use other messaging apps or only Waze if you want to, but WhatsApp is usually the best companion. All you really need for both apps to work seamlessly is a stable internet connection.

Sharing your drive with friends on WhatsApp is a great way to let them know where you are, without using your phone while driving, which can be dangerous and, in some cases, illegal.

Have you ever sent a location or shared a Waze drive via WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments section below.

How To Change Your Location in Bumble

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How To Send Locations In Waze With Whatsapp

One of the most interesting things about Waze is that its also a social navigation app. The social aspect sets it apart from similar apps.

This is especially true when you consider how easy it is to send your location from Waze via WhatsApp, and from other messaging apps you can use with Waze. WhatsApp and Waze work well together when you and the person youre sharing with both use them regularly.

In this article, well give you a step-by-step guide on how to share different Waze data on WhatsApp and a bit more about how you can communicate via Waze.

Sharing Your Drive Via Whatsapp

Another great Wazes feature is that you can share your drive with your friends on WhatsApp. Imagine youre on your way to a gathering, but your friends are getting impatient. To ease their minds, you can share your exact location and ETA in real-time, so they can anticipate your arrival. Heres what you need to do:

  • Open the Waze app on your device and enter your destination.
  • Before you start driving, select the option Share drive.
  • Then select More options to skip choosing from your Waze contacts.
  • Select WhatsApp from the pop-up menu.
  • Confirm by tapping Send in WhatsApp.
  • Not only can you share your drive from the start with someone, you can also share your drive mid-navigation. Just tap the ETA bar at the bottom of the screen and select the Share drive option.

    Once your contact clicks on the link youve sent, youll receive a notification on the screen so youll be sure that theyre now following your Waze drive.

    While WhatsApp is a common choice for sharing location and drives from Waze, you can do the same with other apps as well.

    Facebook and Waze are seamlessly integrated, too , and you can now use Facebook Messenger as one of the options for sharing.

    Even if the person youre sharing with is temporarily offline, you can still send them a text message with your location. They can click on the link once theyre online again.

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    Iphone Live Location Sharing Not Working On Whatsapp

    1. Enable Location Service

    Are you getting: No nearby Places Found, Turn on location service on iPhone and also check its not disabled for WhatsApp. Scroll down the screen and Find WhatsApp app, Customize Settings like while in use or Enable.

    Go to the Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Enable Location Services.

    2. Reboot or Hard Restart

    iPhone 8 Plus/8 Plus/ iPhone X, iPhone XS, XS Max, XR:

  • Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,
  • Press and Quickly Release Volume Down Button,
  • Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.
  • To Start the iPhone, Again press the Side button until the startup apple logo on the screen.

    iPhone 6S and Earlier: Sleep/Wake + Home button

    iPhone 7/7: Sleep/Wake + Volume Down button until Apple logo on the screen.

    3. Reset Location & Privacy

    Fix any issue related to location service, Go to the Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone / Reset > Reset Location & Privacy.

    Above are the Quick tips for using WhatsApp Live Location Sharing from iPhone, iPad, and fixed issues.

    How To Send A Location In Whatsapp

    How do I send a location on WhatsApp on an android phone?

    To send your location to someone on WhatsApp, just follow the steps below.

    Important NoteTo send location, the location or GPS of your phone must be on.

    Step 1

    Open the private chat of the person to whom you want to send your location. Just tap on the paper clip icon and then select Location from the items that appear.

    Step 2

    This step may not appear to you. At this point, WhatsApp may ask you for permission to access your location. In this case, select Continue to allow access to WhatsApp.

    Step 3

    A map will then open on the page showing your current location. Confirm your current location on the map, select Send your current location from the available options, and touch the green button at the bottom right of the page to send your location to the contact on Google Map

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    How To Share Location On Whatsapp Using Google Maps

    • Open the Google Maps app on your Android mobile phone or iPhone.
    • Find the location you wish to share on the map, then long-press there to drop a pin.
    • Tap on the name or address of the location youve pinned at the bottom.
    • On the window that opens, scroll the options to the left and select Share.
    • From the list of apps, choose WhatsApp followed by the person or group with whom you wish to share the location and then click on the send icon.

    Check Someones Location On Whatsapp Via Command Prompt

    Medium 10mins

    Another easy way to track someoneâs WhatsApp location is to use the Command Prompt feature on your computer. This can only work with WhatsApp Web but it is highly effective and very easy to do. The following simple steps will show you how.

    Step 1: Begin by opening WhatsApp Web and start a chat with the person you want to track to obtain their IP address.

    Step 2: Close all apps running in the background to prevent interfering with the process. Then on your keyboard, hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the task manager.

    Step 3: Hit Win +R on your keyboard to open the âRunâ function on the keyboard. Type in âcmdâ on the field and then hit enter.

    Step 4: In the command prompt that appears, type in ânetstat-anâ and then hit enter. Write down the IP address that appears before closing the command prompt.

    Step 5: You can then go to and enter the IP address to determine its approximate location.

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    S To Send A Live Location In Whatsapp Chat

    Follow the steps below to let your contact know your current location for a specific period of time.

    Step 1

    Just follow the steps mentioned above first. Open the private chat of your desired contact. Tap the paper clip icon and then select location.

    Step 2

    Then a message from WhatsApp will appear on the screen. Select Continue.

    Step 4

    Specify how long you want the contact to access your location. The available options are 15 minutes , 1 hour and 8 hours . It should be noted that after this period, the ability to share the location is automatically disabled. At this stage, you can write a description or text in the comment section that will be sent to your contact along with the location. After determining the duration andinserting the desired explanation, just touch the green button in the lower right corner of the page to send your location to your contact.

    Step 5

    Now your location will be sent live to your contact on Google Map and he will be informed about it moment by moment. Whenever you want to stop sharing your location with your contact, just press the stop sharing .

    In ConclusionIn this article, you have learned how to share your location on WhatsApp. We hope you will find this article helpful.

    How To Send Fake Location On Whatsapp On Ios And Android

    How To Send Location In Whatsapp For iPhone

    Often, we run into some unexpected problems and often late for meetings, especially with near and dear ones. Sometimes, people would casually ask us to share live location on WhatsApp to get an idea of where we are. So what do I do if I dont want people to know where I am? Is there a possibility of a fake location? How to send a fake location on WhatsApp iOS and Android?

    Here are some of the ways that you can send a fake location for WhatsApp.

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    How To Send Location On Whatsapp

    Sending location to your friends and family members on WhatsApp is very easy. Follow these steps to send your location on WhatsApp:

    Step 1: Turn on Device Location

    Whether you are using an iPhone or Android, you cannot share your location on WhatsApp without allowing the device to track your location first. For this purpose, go to your phone settings and turn on your location.

    Step 2: Select Contact/Group

    Once you have turned on your location, itâs time to send your location. WhatsAppâs new features allow users to share their location with one person or a group. For this purpose, launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android, tap on Chat, and select the group or individual with whom you want to share the location.

    Step 3: Choose Your Preferences

    There is a plus sign located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Tap this sign and click on Location. You will get two options about location sharing: Only While Using the App and Always Allow. Select any of these two options according to your preferences as shown in the figure.

    Step 4: Share Your Location

    There is a plus sign located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Tap this sign and click on Location. You will get two options about location sharing: Only While Using the App and Always Allow. Select any of these two options according to your preferences as shown in the figure.

    Stop Location Sharing On Whatsapp

    1. To stop location sharing on WhatsApp, tap the Stop sharing button below the map listing. When the confirmation prompt appears, tap on Stop to stop sharing your live location.

    2. You will see the text Live location ended below the map preview to highlight that you are not sharing your live location anymore. You could look for this text to confirm that you have stopped location sharing.

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    When To Use These Methods

    If you want to track your friend or partner to provide them with real-time directions, its best to start by sharing your location with them. However, if you need to track down a rebellious teenager, you can do so with some of our more complicated methods. Your target may never find out that theyre being tracked. Consider this note of caution, though. The third-party location tracking methods are not very easy to perform, and you need to be very tech-savvy in order to work your way out and avoid falling into any internet scams.

    How to Block Someone on Waze

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