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How To Send Gif On Whatsapp

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How To Create Your Own Gifs On Whatsapp

How to use GIFs in WhatsApp

Creating GIFs on WhatsApp using your own content is easier than you think. To create a GIF, just open the contact you want to send the GIF to and choose a video. To turn that video into a GIF, youll need to shorten it. To do that, slide the edges of the videos until you see the GIF option appear.

Right below the GIF youll see how long your GIF is. At the top-right you can also add emojis, text, and even draw on your GIF. If you ever want to remove anything you added, merely tap on the back arrow. To send, simply tap on the arrow.

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How To Send Gif On Whatsapp On Android And Iphone In Two Ways

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A while ago, WhatsApp rolled out much expected GIF feature from an instant messaging app. With this WhatsApp feature, you can send and receive GIF messages in addition to sending regular photos and videos. If you are facing any difficulty in using GIF messages, follow our tutorial about how to send GIF on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

Messaging becomes a lot more fun when an animated GIF is used in messages. Sharing funny GIFs or comical parts of a video as a GIF will definitely enrich the communication. So why not use it on the most used messaging app WhatsApp.


Sending Gifs From The Web

If you’ve found a GIF online that you want to include in a message then that’s easy to do as well. You can use dedicated sites such as Giphy or just look for them on social media feeds or through the normal web searches.

When you find one you like, press and hold the screen until you see an option to Copy the image. Do this then go to WhatsApp, start a new message, then tap and hold the text field until the Paste option appears. Tap this and you should see the GIF appear, complete with the editing tools we covered previously. Make your amends and then dispatch it forthwith to your chums.

If you’d like to send GIFs out through other means, take a look at How to send GIFs on iPhone, which is a broader tutorial.

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How To Add Favorite Gif Into Star In Whatsapp On Iphone

If you have GIFs that youâd like to send again and again, you can add them to your Favorites in WhatsApp so they are easier to be found. Hereâs how you can do that:

  • Open any conversation in WhatsApp.
  • Tap and hold on any GIF and then tap on the star icon. For iPhone 6s or later, pick the GIF and swipe up to reveal the menu. Tap on âStarâ to add it to favorites.
  • Tip: What If Want To Manage Whatsapp Data From Iphone

    Managing the data on your WhatsApp account is very important particularly when it comes to keeping your data safe. There are lots of ways you can keep from losing the data on your WhatsApp account. One of them is to back up, so you can export or back up the data to your computer.

    One of the great tools that can do both is iMyFone D-Port Pro. This backup and restore tool comes with a lot of features that will make it easy for you to manage the data on your WhatsApp account. These features include the following:

    • It can be used to back up all the data on your device or simply the WhatsApp data on the device.
    • You can also use it to simply export the WhatsApp messages and their attachments to your computer.
    • It is also quite useful when you need to restore the WhatsApp messages back on to the device.
    • You can also use D-Port Pro to restore WhatsApp messages from iTunes and iCloud Backups.

    To use the program, install it on your computer and follow these simple steps according to what you want to do.

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    How To Send Gif Over Whatsapp Web

    Connect Your Android WhatsApp to PC WhatsApp Web.

    Open WhatsApp Web on your browser.

    On Android, Phone: Go to Chats screen > More options > WhatsApp Web.On iPhone: from the Settings > WhatsApp Web.

    Through your Phone WhatsApp Web navigation, scan the QR code on your system WhatsApp Web.

    Now, your WhatsApp Web will be opening on your browser.

  • After entering into the WhatsApp web, where you can find all media files from which you can choose the GIFs Option.
  • 2. Open your friends name on WhatsApp Web Chat, where you can find different media, now select the GIF option, which shows you a number of GIFs.

    3. Next, select your wishing GIF from various categories of GIFs.

    4. Type Text Message and Click on Send Button.

    5. Finally, you have been sent a GIF message with your good wishes. So from the WhatsApp Web, you can choose any fun GIFs and share those with your friends.

    Making GIFs and sharing them with friends is fun, creating fun is not easy but keeping joyful people around us is a great job so share fun GIFs with friends to bubble them into a laughing world.

    Please, let me know if you have different ideas for creating Custom GIFs through comments, or Share if it helps others.

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    How To Send Gifs On Whatsapp For Iphone

    Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Go to chats.

    Step 3: Then, click on a chat to send GIF.

    Step 4: Tap the + icon left to the text box.

    Step 5: Choose photo and video library.

    Step 6: Now, select GIF on the bottom left corner.


    • Tap on the sticker icon in the text box.
    • Choose the GIF at the bottom of the screen.
    • You will see different GIFs here.

    Step 7: Select the GIF you wish to send.

    Step 8: Now, you will see the option to add a caption.

    Step 9: Write the caption or send without a caption.

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    How To Send Gifs On Whatsapp For Android

    Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android phone.

    Step 2: Go to chats.

    Step 3: Then, click on a chat to send GIF.

    Step 4: Now, select the ’emoji face’ icon next to the text box.

    Step 5: Tap on GIF at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 6: You will GIFs here.

    Step 7: Select the GIF that you want to send.

    Step 8: Now, you will see the option to add a caption.

    Step 9: Write the caption or send without a caption.

    How To Create Find And Send Gifs On Whatsapp

    How to send gifs on whatsapp iPhone

    GIFs are a great way to express how you feel without having to type it out. Thats one of the many great features WhatsApp users can enjoy on the most popular instant messaging app. Did you now that you are not limited to the GIFs WhatsApp has?

    There are other apps you can use, and you can also use your own content to create GIFs. If you ever wanted to turn your friend into a GIF, this is your chance. Lets discover all your options when it comes to sending GIFs on WhatsApp.

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    How To Create Your Own Whatsapp Gifs

    If you can’t find the right GIF to suit your needs, you can create your own.

    Just tap the paperclip icon in the top-right, then choose Gallery.

    Next, choose a video that you’d like to convert into a GIF.

    You’ll be taken into a video editor, in which you’ll need to tap the camcorder icon in the top-right.

    You can then edit the video, which will need to last six seconds or less.

    Once that’s done, add a caption if you want, then tap the green arrow to send it.

    How To Send Gif On Android Whatsapp

    Sending GIFs on your Phone WhatsApp is very easy, within 4 steps, you can finish the process.

  • Simply open WhatsApp on Your Mobile and choose the target receiver name.
  • 2. When you open chat, in the type message text box, any character, on the keyboard, you will find the GIF option, select it.

    3. Now choose the GIF which you want to send any of your Friends and type a text message if you require and tap on the send button.

    4. The GIF message has been sent found on the receiver WhatsApp.

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    Adding Video To Messages On Whatsapp Can Be A Lot Of Fun Now You Can Include Gifs Live Photos And Video Shot On Your Iphone Easily And For Free We Show You How To Send Gifs In Whatsapp On Iphone

    | 06 Aug 19

    How do I send GIFs in WhatsApp on iPhone?

    WhatsApp is one of our favourite ways to keep in touch with friends around the world. Sharing messages and photos for free is always welcome, and now you can also include GIFs alongside Apple’s Live photos and short video clips. In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to easily add a splash of action to your WhatsApp conversations.

    On a related note, you may be interested to read our collection of brilliant Live Photo tips, and our tutorial showing How to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing.

    How To Find Gifs Integrated In Whatsapp

    If youd rather stick to the GIFs that WhatsApp has to offer, you can do that, too. To the left of the text box, youre going to see a happy face. Tap on that, and at the bottom you will see the GIF option.

    At first youll only see random GIFs, but if you want to find a specific GIF, tap on the search option at the bottom. Once you type in the keywords, youll see a large variety of your preferred GIFs. To see a preview of your GIF, just tap on it, and to send, tap on the arrow on the bottom-right.

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    How To Send Whatsapp Gifs Android 2020

    First of all, check the latest version of WhatsApp installed in your device. If not then download the latest version of WhatsApp for your android device to send GIFs in WhatsApp on android.

    Step 1:Launch the WhatsApp on your android device.

    Step 2:Open any conversation.

    Step 3: Tap the Emoji icon from below left side corner.

    Step 4: Tap on the GIF button at the bottom middle.

    You can see a number of GIFs on your device screen.

    Step 5: Tap on GIF you want to be sent.

    Step 6: Touch the Send button to send GIFs in WhatsApp contact.

    Its easy to send WhatsApp GIFs on android and iOS devices.

    Send Gif On Whatsapp On Iphone

    On iPhone, first, make sure to have the latest version of WhatsApp. Then, follow these steps:

  • In WhatsApp, select the desired conversation.
  • Tap on + at the bottom left corner and select .
  • Now, you have 2 options: Either tap on GIF at the bottom left corner of the screen to send GIF from GIPHY or select a video in Camera roll which is 6 seconds or less.
  • If you choose a video from Camera roll, then select the GIF tab to send the video as GIF. This option wont be shown if the selected section is longer than 6 seconds.
  • Lastly, tap on Send at the bottom right.
  • Or check this video:

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    Send Gif That Stored In Your Phone

    If you have to your device, you may send them to a WhatsApp chat and make it playable. It will be treated as a normal GIF from Tenor. Heres how to upload GIFs to WhatsApp.

    1. Open a chat window, then tap on the attachment icon.

    2. Tap on Gallery and select the GIF you want to send from your phone. Be sure that the size is less than 16 MB.

    3. You may add a caption before sending the GIF.

    Sending A Gif From Your Camera Roll

    How to Search GIF and Send GIF on WhatsApp
  • 1Open WhatsApp Messenger. The WhatsApp icon looks like a green box with a white speech balloon and a telephone icon in it.
  • 2Tap on a conversation.
  • If WhatsApp opens up to a conversation, tap the back button in the upper-left corner to go back to your Chats page.
  • If WhatsApp opens up to a different page, tap the Chats button on the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. It looks like two speech balloons.
  • 3Tap the + button. It is located in the lower-left corner of your screen next to the text field.
  • 4Tap . This will bring up your Camera Roll.
  • 5Tap on a GIF from your Camera Roll to send it. You will be able to review the animated GIF file before you send it.
  • Alternatively, you can send a video from your Camera Roll as a GIF. Instead of tapping on the GIF button, tap on a video from your Camera Roll and select the GIF option from the review screen before you send it. Your video will send as an animated GIF image file.
  • 6Tap on the GIF button in your Camera Roll. If you don’t have any GIFs to send on your device, this button will let you search GIFs from GIPHY or Tenor’s GIF libraries. You can find this button in the lower-right corner of your Camera Roll right next to a magnifying glass icon.
  • 7Tap on the text field to search for a GIF. The text field will be at the top of a list of GIF images and animations. It will bring up your keyboard.
  • 8Type in a keyword. It will search related GIFs as you type.
  • 9Scroll down to find a GIF you like.
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    Using An Iphone Or Ipad

  • 1Open WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone or iPad. The WhatsApp icon looks like a white phone in a green speech bubble. You can find it on your home screen or in an app folder.
  • 2Tap a chat on your Chats list. Find the chat you want to send a GIF to, and tap on the chat’s name or icon to open the conversation.Advertisement
  • 3Tap the + icon on the bottom-left. This will open your attachment options in a new pop-up.
  • 4Select on the pop-up menu. This will open your iPhone or iPad’s photo and video gallery.
  • 5Find and tap the video you want to convert into GIF. This will open the selected video in WhatsApp’s video editor.
  • 6Tap the GIF button on the top-right. You can find this button next to a video camera icon in the upper-right corner of your video in the video editor.
  • The GIF option will look white-on-blue when selected.
  • When this option is selected, your video will automatically turn into a GIF.
  • 7Trim your GIF on the video timeline at the top . You can hold down and drag the < and > icons on each end of the video timeline at the top and trim your animated GIF.
  • 8Tap the Send button. It looks like a white paper plane on a blue button. You can find it in the lower-right corner of your screen. It will send your GIF to the selected chat. Advertisement
  • Quite Easy To Send Animated Gifs In Whatsapp On Iphone

    Step 1. Lunch latest version of Whatsapp on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Open up any Contact to search and Send Animated GIF image.

    in latest Whatsapp: Open a contact and tap into text field then tap on sticker icon appear in text bar. On the bottom side, you can see a Gif button so tap on it and get Gif and Search bar to send Gif image on whatapp iOS.

    Step 3. Hit on the button to launch a popup.

    Step 4. Now tap on Attach

    Step 5. Tap on GIF option at the left-bottom side on the screen.

    Step 6. Here you have two options, Search Tenor GIFs picture or choose from starred GIF images. then Tap on Send button located at right-bottom side.

    Thats it.

    There is also an option to send multiple GIFs in Whatsapp at a time. As well as very easy to crop, add emoji, and put text on GIF image. In addition, there is a Starred tab to view all bookmarked GIFs and to send often very easily. Even while you received GIFs in Whatsapp, then you can easily copy, delete and forward with other contacts of your list.

    To send Live Photos as animated GIFs, you will have to just 3D touch any live photo from attaching and then choose select as GIF.

    To send Videos that are 6 seconds or shorter, you can now send them as an animated GIF, the trick to send a video as GIF in Whatsapp on iPhone. Just Tap the GIF toggle after picking a video for that, you must have iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X,8,7,6S,6, SE,5S.

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    How To Add And Send The Custom Whatsapp Gif Stickers

    Method 1 – for Wondershare UniConverter

    If you are using Wondershare UniConverter for creating customized animations and stickers, the process of adding and sending them to your WhatsApp on phone is simple and quick. The steps for the same are as below.

    Step 1. Open the Wondershare UniConverter software and from the Toolbox section, choose the Transfer function. Connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to which you wish to transfer the created stickers.

    Step 2. When the device is connected successfully, the program interface will show its name. Next, add the created animated to the transfer tab by clicking on the + sign or the Add Files icon. Multiple files can be added here.

    Step 3. To transfer one file at a time, click on the Transfer button next to the animation. To transfer all files at a time, click on the Transfer All button at the bottom-right corner.

    Method 2 – for other softwares

    If you are using other third-party tools for creating animated files, the process of adding them to WhatsApp is as follows:

  • Ask your friend to send you some sticker that is already not present in your WhatsApp library.
  • Next, you need to replace this new sticker with the one that you have created. To start this process, go to the phone’s File Manager > Internal Storage > WhatsApp Media> WhatsApp Stickers> Sort filesin descending order of the date that will put all the latest stickers on the top.
  • The sticker can be saved to the library for future use.
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