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How To Send Bulk Email From Gmail

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Creating Templates In Gmail

Sending Mass Emails in Gmail : How to send Bulk Email in Gmail

Google Labs used to be a place where Gfans could test out new features and send their feedback directly to Google. A lot of people have been asking where has Google Labs gone?, Its not gone. Google just incorporated it into the Advanced Settings section of your G Suite. Here, youll find the option to enable templates of frequent messages and other little features you might not know about.

  • Head to Gmail and open Mail Settings in the top right corner by clicking the icon.
  • Hit See all settings.
  • Enable the templates option.
  • Dont forget to hit Save Changes
  • A mass email campaign can have any number of purposes. If youve not read our article with Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing, go do it. If you cant be arsed, in true NetHunt fashion well break it down for you.

    Heres a little inspiration for your mass email marketing campaigns.

    Welcome to the club.

    Welcome emails are 86% more likely to be opened than a standard newsletter. Theyre a free hit when it comes to email marketing, and the first chance your business has got to make an impression. If your welcome email blows, its also your businesss last chance to make an impression.

    The sole aim of your welcome email is to encourage a user to take the next step. Something like this should do it.

    Wed send this email to all our New User label.


    Wed send this mass email to those customers in industries we know are suffering.


    Wed send this to our label.


    Where To Find Sent Bulk Emails

    Open the Email page go to the Sent filter on the left-hand side of the page.
    All emails you’ve sent, along with your bulk emails will be found here.
    Click Bulk Send to open the list of contacts who’ve received the email. Click on each email to view it separately. Note: You’ll be able to see who’s opened your email if you have email tracking enabled.
    • You must first connect your Gmail / Outlook email address to Email Sync to send emails in bulk.
    • There are limits associated with the number of bulk emails you can send per 24 hours/user:
    • If you’re subscribed to the Legacy plan , you can send up to 200 emails per user/day.
    • If you’re subscribed to the Professional plan, you can send up to 250 emails per user/day.
    • If you’re subscribed to the Business plan, you can send up to 450 emails per user/day.
  • You can send up to 30MB per email in attachments.
  • You can use variables in your subject line of your templates.
  • You can customize your subject line to include first name, last name, company etc.
  • If you chose to ‘open in your email client’, your email signature will lose it’s formatting as Mailto links do not support HTML.
  • You cannot delete emails in bulk in OnePageCRM.
  • Easy Steps To Send Mass Emails That Seem Personal

    These 5 steps are common to most mass email platforms out there.

    Well show how to do it with Salesflare, because its the software we built and use ourselves, but also because it has a series of advantages:

    • You can start from your existing contact database
    • You can use any data from that database to personalize emails
    • You can connect multiple inboxes at no extra cost
    • Its super easy to use
    • You can organize the further follow-up within Salesflare too
    • And you can even track your prospects/customers as they check out your website!

    Not convinced about using Salesflare? No worries, like I said, the steps are the same across platforms, so lets dive in.

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    The Solution To Send 10000 Emails At Once

    SalesHandys mass mailing feature with automated follow-up lets you schedule as many emails as possible and yes, we are talking more than 10,000 emails too.

    We have mentioned here that we let you schedule all these emails to be sent at one go but the sending will be programmed as per your email service providers daily email sending limit. As it is not recommended to send multiple emails at one go as it may damage your email account reputation and result in your emails ending up in recipients spam box.

    Using SalesHandy one can send Mail Merge Campaigns from Gmail or Outlook or any other email service provider without decreasing their email domain reputation

    Additionally using SalesHandy, you can set up automated follow-ups to the bulk email campaign that you are sending, freeing you up from taking email follow-ups manually and also increasing the reply rate of your campaign.

    It might take a day or two to send all those emails scheduled, depending on your email service providers daily email sending limit. But this and the drip frequency optimization technology that we use while sending your campaign ensures that your emails dodge recipients spam filters and get you higher email deliverability though you are sending more than 10000 emails from your email account.

    How To Send Bulk Emails On Gmail Without Getting Blocked

    How to send bulk emails using Gmail

    There are several steps you should take to avoid having your mass emails blocked by recipients.

  • Use an SMTP relay service to authenticate your email as genuinely coming from you. This is one of several important signals Google and other spam filters use to determine the validity of your email.
  • Quality content. Make sure your content is worthwhile to your recipient so that they dont mark one of your messages as spam. Once a recipient marks your emails as spam, future emails from you are likely to be sent to their junk folder , and your sender reputation can suffer. The lower your sender reputation, the more spam filters will block your future messages.
  • Valid email addresses. Your undeliverable emails also affect your sender reputation, so it pays to validate every email address on your list before you send your bulk campaign. If youre sending 2,000 emails, its not uncommon that as many as 200 or more addresses have become invalid and thus undeliverable, which will hurt your sender reputation.
  • Dont spam. Avoid the temptation for a quick result by cutting corners and getting into spam territory, because whatever momentary gain you may enjoy will be offset by a long-term penalty from spam monitors. A handful of these independent monitors influence thousands of spam filters to block the emails you send.
  • GMass itself now has over 1 million registered users, meaning I need to use this feature myself whenever I send an announcement to my users.

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    We Count How Many Emails Youve Sent And Adjust

    If youre a Google Workspace user and youre sending a single mass email to 8,000 people, then unless you adjust the Speed setting your campaign will send the maximum of 2,000 emails/day over four days. If you dont send any other emails during those four days, then this should run like clockwork. If you do send other emails, be it person-to-person emails with the regular Gmail Send button or other mass emails over those four days, prior to sending a new batch of campaign emails, we will count how many other emails have been sent from your account in the last 24 hours and adjust your campaign sending speed accordingly. This includes person-to-person emails, and even email campaigns sent from any other mail merge tool.

    For example, if youve also sent 100 regular correspondence emails in the last 24 hours, now only 1,900 emails will be sent for the days batch instead of 2,000. After any batch of emails is sent, you receive an emailed report showing you how many emails were sent, when the next batch will send, and an explanation for any forced throttling put in place for you to prevent you from reaching your Gmail limits.

    Heres an example of a report after the daily Gmail limits have been exceeded for the day:

    Email Tracking And Analytics :

    Email tracking allows you to see if your emails are being opened and clicked on, allowing you to figure out what works and what doesnt. Unfortunately, Gmail does not provide a specific email tracking and reporting dashboard.

    How GMass Can Help

    With GMass, gathering data about your emails is easy.

    Open tracking allows you to view how often your emails are opened by recipients, offering you a good idea of what content captures your audiences attention. GMass also enables , which allows you to analyze how your audience interacts with your communications more deeply.

    GMass automatically converts all of the links in your newsletter to a trackable format. Once you connect GMass with Gmail, information regarding which links your recipients click begins to flow. In addition to this, GMass records all of the essential information about how often your messages are opened, read, responded to, and bounced. You may just sit back and let GMass handle it all for you!

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    Why Do People Choose Mailmeteor For Sending Bulk Emails With Gmail

    Mailmeteor is a top rated bulk email service for the Google Suite. And its easy to see why. Weve worked hard to make sure that our tool helps you send more emails, safeguards your privacy, and is super simple to use. Read all reviews.

    Send Bulk Emails Easily

    Most bulk email tools will cap your free sending limit. We help you send more emails and launch bigger campaigns. Learn more about how we compare with others.

    Your privacy is protected

    When you install Mailmeteor, you wont be asked to sacrifice your privacy. We only request the necessary permissions to send emails on your behalf.

    Advanced bulk emailing features

    Access advanced features like scheduled campaigns, attachments, email tracking and more. Our plans are more affordable than other bulk email service providers.

    Using it from last 2 weeks, completely satisfied. I was researching to find a tool with the help of which I can send bulk emails from Gmail, was not happy with any of tools that I tried. Finally I got Mailmeteor and no looking back so far.

    Mailmeteor review

    How To Send Personalized Mass Emails With Excel In Gmail

    Gmail mail merge tutorial – Send bulk email from Gmail [2020]
  • First, we start with our Excel spreadsheet, in this case one with a few customers of Ted, our fictional shopkeeper, who wants to use his list to send personalized emails. An Excel spreadsheet on your computer, with three customer names and their email addresses.
  • Now we want to import this list of email addresses into Google Sheets. To do that, make sure you are logged into your Google account, and then go to . Google Sheets, with no sheets in it yet.
  • Click this folder icon to open the File Picker.
  • This will bring up the Google Sheets File Picker, allowing you to pick your Excel file to upload. Click on Upload to select your Excel file.
  • The screen will change, asking you to either drag or select a file from your computer. In our example, well select one. About to select our Excel spreadsheet after clicking here.
  • From here, pick your Excel spreadsheet from the file manager on your computer. Selecting the Excel file from your desktops File Manager via Google Sheets.
  • Select Edit from the menu, and drop down to select Delete rows 1 2. About to delete rows 1 and 2.

    Our quickly cleaned-up sheet should now looks like this and your list of email addresses is ready to use with GMass for your Gmail mail merge:

    Sheet is now ready to use with GMass.

  • Now go to Gmail and click on GMasss red spreadsheet button near the top to connect to an email list in a Google Docs spreadsheet. Click the spreadsheet button to connect to your Google sheet.
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    What Are Your Options To Send Mass Emails

    Because most popular email clients include the option to send a mass email to different recipients within the BCC line, we will discuss the different possibilities below.

    We will cover the following email clients:

  • Compose a new email by clicking Compose within Gmail or pressing ctrl + C

  • Type your email subject

  • Copy the text into the email field and include your email signature

  • Type your own email address in the To: field

  • A new popup will open so you can type your email

  • Type a good email subject line

  • Copy the email message into the message field

  • Copy the list of email recipients

  • Paste the email addresses in the BCC field

  • Type your own address in the To: field

  • Check your email to avoid any grammar errors

  • The Best Way To Send A Mass Email

    The best way to run an email marketing campaign is by using proper software designed specifically for this purpose, such as Anyleads prospecting.

    Using Anyleads, you can easily import your Gmail contacts or even connect Gmail as a sender in one click. This way, you will be able to target and expand your Gmail audience enjoying advanced features with a direct impact on mass mails effectiveness and conversion:

    • Emails verification: Our email verification tool allows quick detection of all duplicate and non-valid emails so that you can maintain good housekeeping of your contact list.

    • Personalization: Adding personalization in your mass emails is just as easy as choosing a relevant macros from the extensive list of options. What is more, there is a tool to help you enrich your base with lacking information.

    To discover Anyleads and assess the benefits of professional email marketing, start a free trial.

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    Create Your Email List

    First thing first, you have to create a list of your recipients to whom you are looking to send a bulk email from Gmail or outlook. Always make sure you have a clean list with the Name and Email address of your recipients. Having a Name will help your bulk mail sending look more personalized as well as will be a great assist in avoiding email spam filters.

    Why You Need An Email Marketing Service Like Sendinblue

    How to send bulk emails in Gmail?

    Gmail mass email will put your sender and brand reputation at risk. To be able to send marketing emails to large volumes of contacts, you need a dedicated bulk email service like Sendinblue.

    You can test-drive Sendinblues free plan with up to 300 emails a day and unlimited subscribers. No credit card required.

    Still thinking about Gmail mass email? Here are 5 reasons to invest in a professional email marketing service to send mass email.

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    How To Send In Personalised Emails Without Mail Merge

    Even though Gmail is a great and reliable platform for people to receive emails with the utmost protection of spam emails not ending up in the inbox it also has certain drawbacks. With Gmail, a company can send only 2000 emails a day to all the recipients. Post that the emails will show failure in sending.

    Although the limit is suitable for small or moderate size businesses, but for businesses that are run on a bigger scale this might not be a suitable option since there are thousands of recipients lined up every day.

    In such a case using an email tool to send in personalised emails is a great option and with the help of Esto Leads- Lead generator machine you can now send personalised emails in bulk to all your recipients in your email list. Esto Leads allows you to personalise and schedule your email and thereby create a good impression in front of your prospects and current consumers.

    Esto leads provides you with a wide set of databases and helps you find b2b leads for your business. It provides you with a list of prospects who can be converted into potential customers through the lead generation funnel. Apart from all this, it is always wise for companies to have an email marketing tool.

    How Can You Send More Than 500 Emails A Day On Gmail

    There are two ways to increase your Gmail sending limit, and one way to create an exception:

  • Multiple accounts. Establish more than one authorized Gmail or Google Workspace account, each with its own limit. For example, in addition to , you might create and . Your customers would recognize the name, and you can expand your Gmail mass email capacity to 1,500 .

    In this case, you would divide your recipients into smaller groups and send your bulk emails separately to each mailing list. Of course, this means youll need to monitor multiple email accounts for a single campaign. This may not be practical, depending on how busy you are and what your personal bandwidth limit is.

    The same principle applies to Google Workspace accounts, where you might create email addresses such as , , and to increase your bulk email limit to 6,000. But again, youll have to segment your lists and manage three campaigns instead of one.

  • Mass Email Service. Its much more efficient to use an email marketing service such as GMass, which works right inside Gmail or Google Workspace and offers features to increase your campaign limit to 10,000. If you want those details, you can skip ahead to read more.
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    The Start Of Automating Your Mass Emails

    In order to start automating your mass emails you will need the following:


    This list contains all the email addresses of the recipients that will receive your mass email

    A spreadsheet with additional information

    The spreadsheet contains one or multiple additional columns which contain personal details such as first name, last name and company details

    An overview of the number of emails you want to send

    If you want to build a well-performing outreach campaign, its often useful to send multiple emails such as reminders

    A unique copy for every single email

    Every email you send out requires unique content. You can write different versions for every email to learn which type of content will improve your results

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