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How To Sell On Pinterest

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Add Description And Destination Link

How to Sell on Pinterest: Guide for eCommerce Sites

Once you have uploaded your image and are pleased with the results, it is time for a pin description. Dont simply rely on a beautiful image! Make sure to add valuable information for your followers to feel inspired to learn more about your product, or whatever you are pinning. Try writing a description with a maximum of 300 characters for optimal results.

Make Collections Out Of A Single Pin

You can also create a pin that links to more than one product.

For example, if you are a clothing retailer, you can create a board titled, Best New Looks for Fall and turn each pin on the board into a look book. As users scroll through the board, they can click on different items in the photo and be redirected to your merchant shop. You can redirect users by adding tags to your pins and adding links to products in your online shop.

Collections offer a powerful way to increase traffic and can be helpful for most retail businesses. To use this feature, make sure the pin shows multiple shoppable items in one image.

Shop the look pins let you link multiple items in a single pin.

Build A Good Foundation For Success

Everything starts with your online store you cant create a Pinterest business account without it. If you already have one, we can jump right into selling on Pinterest. If you dont, check out our product and store creation guide to getting started, and well see you back here when youre up and running.

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Make Your Business Selling Account

You have a Personal Pinterest account, Fine! But it will be great if you switch your personal profile to a business account . This will give your brand more credibility and can access a range of options too. Pinterest also acts as a search engine. It relies on keywords to give context to your brand. You can optimize your profile by

  • Use keywords Add keywords to your brand name, profile descriptions and pinned content. Describe what you are offering.
  • Make most of the descriptions Add descriptions to the images and link to your product pages on the Pinterest board.
  • Adding hashtags Pinterest also uses hashtags. Include some pins to help the customers to find your content.

Repurpose Your Content With Multiple Pins

How to Sell on Pinterest: A Step

Did you create a great Pinnable image for your newest product or blog post using some of the tips above? Fantastic! But, why stop with one?

Creating multiple images is a great way to increase the distribution of your content on Pinterest in a way that appeals to a wide variety of your followers and other Pinners.

Try with text overlay and without. Specifically, try a direct call to action in your text, such as, discover, find yours, start now.

Create a collage of products in a category. Share a lifestyle image with product images beneath . Turn user-generated images into stunning Pins that inspire!

When you save a new Pin or reshare one youve shared before, try switching up your description to target a new group of keywords for .

This will enable your images to appear in more search results!

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Collaborate Using Group Boards

To use group boards to your advantage, you can:

  • Create a board with other influencers or industry experts, hosting the board on your profile while they share their expertise and high-quality content. This works well with both niche influencers who reach members of your target audience and broad-appeal influencers with large audiences.
  • Create a private board with individual customers where you can share ideas. A shop that makes custom designs or does engraving work could share different examples of what they can do on a private board.

Add Business Profile To Personal Account

  • Select the menu button in the top right corner
  • Select Add a free business account
  • Select Get started
  • Fill in your business information
  • Choose ad preferences
  • Create your first Pin
  • As mentioned before, Pinterest integration is especially smooth on Squarespace, Square, BigCommerce, and Shopify. Connecting is slightly different for each one, so weve listed the steps below.

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    Engage With Your Customers

    One of the best digital marketing strategies is not focusing on selling. It is significant to understand that the success of your social media promotion is defined by your ability to engage with customers. Increased engagement results in an increase in sales and revenue.

    We recommend avoiding an overly pushy approach and mix promotional and non-commercial content in your pins.

    Pay attention to the Gift tab. The gift tab is an innovative drop-down menu that gives users the opportunity to search for gifts at fixed prices.

    It is very simple to join this list: just add a price tag to the product description, and youll be added to the list automatically.

    Use Keyword Research To Find The Best Product Keywords

    How to Sell on Pinterest

    Getting your business to show up online in unexpected, yet still relevant places, can increase the likelihood of people saving your Pin or clicking on your ad, suggests .

    While you should certainly use your product keywords, youll find some less direct keywords will also be very helpful. Start with your typical words and work your way out. Need an example?

    Lets start with the example of Nursery Bedding. Whats one step beyond a search for nursery bedding? You could look at it from a couple of different perspectives:

  • The expectant parent might look for this when theyre in a place where theyre ready to consider nursery bedding:
  • Nursery ideas
  • Someone looking for gift ideas for the parents to be might search:
  • Baby shower gift
  • Unique baby shower gift
  • Ideas for new parents
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    Make The Most Of Promoted Pins

    Going the Promoted Pins route means that youll be paying to have your Pins appear in users feeds. The Pins become visible as users browse through different pages or in their search results.

    From the outside, Promoted Pins are very much just like normal Pins.

    They may include images and videos with the only key difference being the Promoted tag situated at the very bottom.

    Promoted Pins allow for a great degree of customization. You can optimize them to achieve different goals provided you clearly define your objectives. Once that is spelled out in black and white, youll have a clear picture of what youre paying for. This may include:

    • Referral traffic where you get to pay for clicks
    • App installs where youre prompted to pay for the total number of clicks on the download page
    • Brand awareness where you have to pay for every 1,000 impressions
    • Brand awareness via video you get charged for every 1,000 impressions. Usually, these videos auto-play in users feed

    Theres some degree of flexibility with Promoted Pins because you can configure different budgets. Depending on your long term goals, you can define both the daily and total budgets.

    In addition to this, you have the power to schedule both the start and end dates for every campaign you run.

    Join The Verified Merchant Program To Build Your Brand

    People love to shop from brands they trust. Thats what the Verified Merchant Program is all about. It includes benefits like a verified badge on your profile and eligibility for enhanced distribution. Plus, eligible verified merchants can use merchant details to showcase their brand values and the communities they identify with.

    Step 3

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    Make Sure To Publish Eye

    Before posting, its pertinent that you carefully think about the message youre looking to share.

    Once thats is considered, the next phase involves contemplating the visuals for your tagline.

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    It helps to be playful with colors. Research conducted by Curalate ascertained that reddish-orange colors usually go down well with many audiences. Having an assortment of dominant colors also helps your cause because youre more likely to get more repins.

    Another study by Curalate was able to show that most Pinners prefer posts that dont have a face. While it would not hurt your campaign to have a face with every post you make, you need to try being objective and putting more emphasis on the product whenever you can.

    Since weve analyzed a couple of different suggestions, were certain some will hit home more than others.

    Which strategy do you think would work well for your business? One? Two? A couple? Or is it all of them?

    Make It Easy For Others To Share Your Content

    How to Sell More Art with Pinterest

    Of course, you also want to make it as easy as possible for site visitors and customers to share the content on your site to their Pinterest accounts. Add a Pin It button to your site and they can share everything from products to infographics, outfit inspiration, and recipes. This is an excellent way to reach new audiences without spending a penny.

    The extension automatically adds a Save button to all of your product photos, so customers can add them to their boards with one click.

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    Dont Miss The Webinar Replay

    The video replay disappears at midnight Tuesday night. Watch it here. Thats also the deadline for the special offer from Daniel and John that will help you sell more on Pinterest easier and faster than ever before. Even if you dont buy, the webinar replay will put you light years ahead of your competitors.

    How To Know What Posts Are Being Pinned

    Knowing what posts people are pinning from your site will help you to grow your art business.

    First, you will have a clear idea of what people are interested in.

    Understanding what your audience is interested in will help you when it is time to create a new blog post or social media posts.

    If they are interested in a particular topic you are covering, keep writing about it.

    Second, you can reverse-engineer your post to see why it is so popular.

    Maybe it is because you added more images, or you included a video.

    Perhaps the flow of your content is better.

    Discover why the post is being pinned so much and use that strategy in your future posts.

    Type in the search bar, WEBSITE NAME .com

    Here is an example using my site,

    A page will display all of the posts that are being pinned from your site and who is pinning it.

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    Create Your Own Boards

    Remember that Pinterest was started as a scrapbook of a kind: thats why people here really love organization. While you can learn all hacks on creating boards in our previous article, we have one more secret thing with you to share: create a board that will give people a reason to follow you. Try to think of some kind of content that can be produced by you only and divide it between boards.

    Optimize Your Online Store

    How to Sell Digital Products on Pinterest and Make Sales

    PageFly has a proven track record of trust from Shopify and customers alike as one of the best store design Shopify apps. The app is ranked number 1 in the page builder category, as well as landing in the top 5 most recommended apps on the Shopify apps store.

    Put simply, PageFly is an e-commerce CRO solution for Shopify. With various powerful elements, sections, and features, this app is a necessary tool to empower the customization ability of users and increase conversion rates.

    With the mindset of putting user-friendliness as our top priority, PageFly was built with a drag-and-drop interface and offers a wide range of useful customized options. As a result, It gives users full control over each elements styling, formatting or placement as they don’t need to know a single line of code.

    Not only providing the necessary elements to build site pages from blank, PageFly also offers plenty of ready-to-use templates so you can use it to kick-start your store in a fraction of the time.

    On a more technical side, PageFly can enable you to make mobile and desktop navigation effortless and decrease page load time. Read more on why PageFly is a perfect match for your Shopify store HERE.

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    Collaborate With Other Business Owners

    Tailwind Communities are groups of like-minded business owners usually made up of those who blog about a certain niche topic.

    If you have a blog, you can use Tailwind Communities to add in your best content, which your Community Members can then share out potentially expanding your reach and growing your traffic.

    If youre not a blogger, you might use Communities to find quality content to share to your own account to keep your account active during times when youre unable to create your own fresh content.

    You may also find valuable partners for potential content collaborations in your Community.

    Sponsorships From Promoting Brands

    Companies are always looking for a cost efficient way to market their products to interested customers. Sponsorships have become a very popular option because the return on investment tends to be so high.

    Think outside the box. There are likely to be obvious brands or companies to go ask for a sponsorship. There are also plenty of related niches where you might find potential partners. That means many good opportunities for creating a partnership. This is often especially true with smaller to mid-sized brands. They also often don’t require the same traffic numbers as larger ones when it comes to sponsorship options.

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    Keep Up With The Community

    Need a few ideas? Besides pinning articles from your own artist blog, make an Art Marketing board and save blogs from art business experts like Felicity OConnor or tips youve found useful on Artwork Archives blog. Make an inspirational board dedicated to art quotes and new piece ideas or your favorite Edgar Degas paintingsanything that illustrates who you are as an artist will bolster your brand.

    Artwork Archive artist Kelly OBrien has featuring not only her own art, but inspiration.

    Dont forget this last rule about pinning! It is always good manners when someone pins your art to leave a comment saying thank you and maybe even give them more information about the piece. Follow anyone in the artist communitylike interior designers and collectorsor any art-related board you find inspiring, because you never know what will lead someone to you or what will give you the next burst of inspiration.

    Track & Analyze Pin Performance

    How To Sell On Pinterest With Shopify â Cara Chace

    From there, you will be able to see an overview of your top Pin, top boards, impressions, engagements, and outbound clicksall of which can be filtered by date so you can get a sense of your progress over time.

    Track impressions, engagements, and audience reach in the Analytics Overview section of your Business account dashboard.

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    Create Product Tags For Shop The Look Pins

    Once your store is connected to Pinterest, you get access to the product catalog. Now, you can use the shop the look pins feature to tag all your products in a single pin.

    After the feature is activated, the available products are shown with white dots, and when hovered over the image, users can find similar products and shop for them.

    Though the process of tagging images is manual, it is worth investing your time in tagging the relevant products to get more sales.

    Determine Your Target Audience

    Its always important to have a good understanding of a social media platforms demographics before starting a new campaign.

    Putting together a customer persona will help you make sure you know exactly who you need to be targeting on the platform. This will consist of your target audiences optimal income, job criteria, lifestyle and more.

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    Know Your Target Audience

    Do you want to sell more on any channel? First, know your target buyers! Users always see promoted pins. Pinterest makes targeting your ideal audience very easily. This platform also announced the Pinterest Taste Graph.

    It offers 5,000 categories within the . Companies can reach more specific audiences. You can increase your sales chances if your target is more refined.

    Set Up A Business Account

    How to Sell your Shopify Products on Pinterest – Updated 2022

    Having a is very different from having a personal account. You get access to more features, such as analytics, ads and other necessary elements for selling on Pinterest.

    If you created your account as a personal profile, dont worry. You can easily switch to a business account by logging into your existing profile and converting it.

    Otherwise create a new Pinterest business account right off the bat. Just head over to and sign up!

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    Tag Products In Shop The Look Pins

    Shop the Look Pins are a great way to link to several products at once in a single Pin. Whether its an outfit or home decor post, each product available for purchase in the photo is shown via a white dot that users can click on to see more.

    You can share photos of your models wearing an outfit of your latest collection or a room filled with your furniture or similar products to promote more products on the platform.

    The process for Shop the Look Pins is manual, and once your Pin is linked to your claimed website, you can tag as many products as youd like.

    # 5 Get Your Product Catalog In Order

    If you have already connected your store or data feed to Pinterest and you have claimed your website, you can use product catalogues to create pins.

    • Navigate to Business Hub, Click the Ads drop down menu, Click Catalogues
    • Complete the details for your new data source URL under New Data Source
    • Click Create Pins

    When your catalog is created, you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon next to it on the catalogues page.

    DataFeed Optimization Solutions can help to create and optimize your data source to improve traffic and sales.

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