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How To See Your Linkedin Followers

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Invite Engagement By Posting Often

How to View Your Company Page Followers on LinkedIn VIDEO

This tip is self-explanatory. When a connection likes, shares, or comments on your status update, their connections are more likely to see your original post in their feed. If your content seems relevant, those 2nd-degree connections may take the step to reach out and send an invitation to connect with you.

Posting more often creates additional opportunities for engagement, thus syndicating your content across home page feeds everywhere. Dont be too concerned about annoying people by posting every day. LinkedIns algorithms are tricky, and your network isnt likely to see every post unless you publish an article natively using LinkedIns article tool , which does notify your network.

How To Find Your Followers On Linkedin

Note LinkedIn makes changes to their platform on a regular basis. If you notice that these instructions no longer work, please let me know and I will update them

To see who is following you on linkedIn, you can either click on this link

and then go to Step 3 below

Step 1 Go to any post in your feed. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner

Step 2 Click on Improve my feed

Step 3 Click on Followers

After you click on the Followers link, you will see a grid display of all the people who are following you.

You will note that this list INCLUDES people who are your first degree connections. Therefore, if you want to find the people who are following you but who are not connections, you need to take one more step.

Step 4 Look for the + Follow link

If you see the + Follow link, that means you are not following this person nor are you connected to them.

Your Linkedin Hashtag Search Is Over

How do you cut down on LinkedIn hashtag search time but still yield amazing results?

What hashtag analytics should you look into besides a LinkedIn hashtags follower counts?

In this article, we share the top reasons why you should start using hashtags on LinkedIn and an ultimate tool that will make your hashtag experience on LinkedIn easier and better.

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How To Connect To Your Linkedin Company Page Followers

by Christian | Oct 9, 2020

You probably already know how to You likely dont know that you can harvest the followers of your LinkedIn company page and transform them into connections to your profile. After that, you can message relevant contacts with information about your products and services. There are several easy ways you can find and connect with people who are engaging with your organizations LinkedIn content. Start by opening your LinkedIn business page in a web browser be sure to be designated as an admin of that webpage, then follow the steps below.

After you connect with your followers using the steps above, you can . Other useful information you can export is the demographics of the followers of your page. You can access data on follower geography/location, job function, seniority, industry, and company size. You can see the engagement statistics of other Linkedin company pages that are in your competitive set. Its useful competitive intelligence that should be added to your social media research key performing indicators dashboard.

You should also connect your personal profile to the people who are liking and commenting on the content you are publishing on your Linkedin company page. To do that, start by opening your LinkedIn business page in a web browser be sure to be designated as an admin of that webpage, then follow the steps below.

Tip : Create Linkedin Stories

How to see your LinkedIn page followers on your company page

Following the boom of Instagram Stories, other social media platforms have followed suit to replicate a similar feature for their platform. This has been rolled out towards the end of 2020 and from the looks of it, LinkedIn is pouring in resources to amp up user usage.

This is a great time for you to start planning how you could craft behind-the-scenes content and share peeks into the “imperfections” of your day-to-day – another fantastic opportunity to narrow the gap with your potential customers.

I’ve done the hard work to make it easy for you – check out for recommendations and best practices.

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How Do I Unfollow People On Linkedin

The easiest way is via the Following page.

This shows all the people youre following, ordered by the number of posts theyve made this week.

Click the relevant Following links on everyone you no longer wish to see in your feed. They wont be notified.

If you unfollow someone youre connected with, youll still be able to direct message them. And you unfollowing them wont mean they unfollow you.

Easily Find Your Target Audience

Riding on the previous point, using the right hashtags will also attract the right crowd of people.

Some easy examples include #marketing for marketers or #sales for salespeople.

However, the list doesnt stop there. It goes on depending on what type of audience youre looking to attract.

If youve secured an entry point for your business and know exactly the niche youre targeting, broad keywords like marketing might not be the most effective to create successful posts with high organic reach.

Thus, you may ask:

Do I have to create a list of hashtags relevant to my industry and look each of them up?

And the answer youre looking for is that it isnt necessary.

Initially, it can be a rather tedious process. There is no way of knowing how many followers each hashtag has unless you search for them one at a time or look up listings. However, with the solution Im about to share with you, your LinkedIn hashtag search is over!

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Is It Worth Connecting With Your Linkedin Followers

Is it worth reaching out to your followers who arent connected? This really does need to be considered on a case by case basis. If you see a follower who could be an excellent prospect for you, the fact that they have decided to follow you is a good sign and could be a great starting point for you to contact them on LinkedIn. However, you will need to weigh up why they have chosen to follow you and not connect with you.

If you would like support with your social media strategy, dont hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you need help with yourSocial Media Marketingdon’t hesitate tocontact us.

Enjoy this article?

Tip : Create Educational Webinars

How to see your company page followers | LinkedIn | Melanie Goodman

Create webinars.

This can be creating webinars for your platform.

Or joining other people’s webinars.

Every time you’re on a webinar, you can have a slide inside.

Or you can talk about it.

You can put it on the screen and share your LinkedIn profile.

Tell people that you have an additional resource if they want to learn more about a specific aspect.

That you are sharing this on your personal LinkedIn profile.

That’s how you can dip into your audience who is not yet connected with you on LinkedIn.

You can also share with other people’s audiences.

Who might want to join the webinar? You can grow your audience through those people.

Who has discovered you through a different channel on other than LinkedIn?

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Tip : Start With Connecting With People You Know

When you’re starting on LinkedIn you probably have no connections at all.

So start to connect with people you know.

This can be your family members.

Your friends.

That can be people, you met at a conference.

People you have been in touch with.


People working at an organization where you’re volunteering.

Connect to all the people you know.

Make a list of people.

You might not remember every single person who might have a LinkedIn profile.

Build a list.

Then over time. Every time you remember someone, find them on LinkedIn and send them a connection request.

This will help you to lay the groundwork.

You will notice that as you are starting to generate more traffic to your profile, people will often find you through a mutual connection, oo a friend or someone who is a follower of a family member.

This will help you to grow.

You need a certain amount of people you are connected with to quickly kickstart your LinkedIn journey in 2022.

How To View Company Followers On Linkedin

UPDATE September 2020: This feature has now been reinstated by Linkedin which is great news! All you need to do is navigate to your Company Page > Analytics > Followers:

Thank you for your support in getting this feature reinstated!

The below was a temporary workaround until LinkedIn blocked that too:

LinkedIn analysed how many people were viewing the followers of their company pages and decided that it wasnt worth continuing with. You what? Heck it wasnt! Anyway, after some hacking around we found that we could still use the old interface if we did some wizardry with the url. Here are the steps:

A sample of the url in question: trk=extra_biz_followers

1. First, you need to find the company ID by navigating to the company you want to see the followers of on LinkedIn

2. Once you have navigated to the company page, look for company id in the url. This is a numeric string like this: 18106083

3. Then you need to copy the above link and change this id with the id of the company you want to see the followers of

4. Paste the entire link into your browser and hit enter

5. Voila!

If you would like to know how you can get the most out of LinkedIn, please drop us a line and we can discuss how we can help you win business.

Unfortunately, this method no longer works as LinkedIn have blocked it. I am currently to get this feature added back. Please support the cause by commenting on the post below:

Thanks for your support!

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Write And Publish Articles

Its common practice to share blog posts your company and others have written that you feel will resonate with your audience by posting an update on LinkedIn and sharing the URL. When those insights are your own, its even more important to put them out in front of people. Publishing articles as native content on your LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to establish your personal brand and share your expertise in a given industry.

The great thing about native content is that your network is notified every time you publish an article, increasing your chances of engagement and brand exposure. This also points to the importance of not publishing articles every day, or your followers may start to tune out. While a simple call-to-action to get in touch or check out additional resources is usually acceptable at the end of the article, nothing will turn off readers faster than an article that ends up being nothing more than click bait or a sales pitch. So only write on topics that truly provide value to readers.

Getting to 500+ LinkedIn connections wont happen overnight, and if you already have 500+ connections, dont stop there. LinkedIn is the easiest and most powerful networking tool of our time, putting you one quick click away from meeting nearly anyone all without leaving your couch.

Tip 2: Cross Promote Your Linkedin Profile On Your Other Social Media Channels

How to see your posts on LinkedIn in 2020?

Promote your LinkedIn profile on other social media channels.

That’s related to tip number 22.

But you can tell people this, in way more creative ways.

For example, share a specific piece of content on your personal LinkedIn profile.

Something you are not sharing anywhere else.

Then go on Instagram and record a short story.

Telling them about a special resource that you shared on your LinkedIn profile.

The link is in your bio.

If they want to have it.

They have to head over to LinkedIn.

To your profile.

Or to get the link.

Encourage them to follow you there.

So then don’t miss out on any of your high-value content.

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Tip : Change The Button On Your Profile To A Follow Button

It’s a technical one.

Switch your personal LinkedIn profile to a “Follow” profile.

Every time someone is pressing the main call to action button on your LinkedIn profile.

You will receive a connection request.

The problem with connection requests is two things.

First, you have a limit of 30,000 connections.

Second, once someone is a connection they can send you messages.

You want to make sure that when you’re growing your audience.

You only selectively connect with people who are potential customers.

So you’re not getting spammed all the time.

Once you have 30,000 connections you will get a lot of spam.

Then you might miss an important message of someone who wants to become a customer.

The default button will change to a “Follow” button.

If someone wants to connect with you.

They have to click the “More” button.

Then click on “Connect”.

To send you a connection request.

This will ensure that you are growing your followers.

And only serious people will send you connection requests.

How To Turn On Follow First Mode On Linkedin

To make the change on desktop:

  • Click the Me menu.
  • Set the Make follow primary slider to Yes.

To make the change on mobile:

  • Tap the profile photo in the top-left corner of the LinkedIn mobile home screen.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Followers.
  • Set the Make follow primary slider to Yes.

I made this change in mid October 2018 and found that it didnt reduce the number of connection requests I received . But it did increase my rate of new followers.

The net effect of that is that there are more eyeballs on my content, and thats great for raising awareness and getting more referrals.

This video shows what happened 1 year after I switched to follow first mode:

And this graph shows what happened after 2 years of follow first mode:

To see whether my follower rate would slow down if I switched back to the classic Connect first mode, I did an experiment on this throughout November 2020. Sure enough, they did slow down. Read about the experiment

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Tip 4: Start Your Own Blog

Start a blog.

Publish an article on your website.

You will notice once you write quality articles.

You spend a lot of time researching it.

You have a new, unique perspective.

Your articles are comprehensive and contain at least 2,500 words or more.

You will see that your articles start to rank on Google.

This means every time someone is searching for a specific search term.

They will come from Google.

To your website.

And if you’re promoting your LinkedIn profile.

For example, in the sidebar of your blog.

You will find that some of your readers who enjoyed your article.

That’s another great way how you can use Google to organically grow your LinkedIn following in 2022.

How Do I Manage My Followers

New on LinkedIn: You Can Now See Your Company Page Followers – Here’s How and What to Do Next

To review who you’re following and who is following you:

  • Select ‘Posts and Activity’.
  • On the far left, you should see a box featuring your profile image and LinkedIn description. ‘Followers’ will be in the bottom section of that box. Click on it.
  • A white bar at the top of the next page will say ‘follow fresh perspectives’ and will give you the numbers for both ‘followers’ and ‘following’.

    When you first open this page, you’ll be viewing ‘followers’. It’s important to remember that ALL LinkedIn connections automatically become followers. So to know how many pure followers you have, you must must subtract your total number of connections from the number of followers.

    By clicking on the ‘following’ option, you’ll be able to view and manage the accounts you are following. On this screen there will be a white bar with an icon on the right side .

    When you click on that icon, the dropdown menu will let you sort followers. Choose ‘out-of-network’ to view and manage profiles that you’re following but are not connected to.

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    See Linkedin Company Page Visitor Data

    Under Visitor Highlights, youll see two key pieces of data about visitors to your company page:

    • Page Views: The total number of views your page has had over the last 30 days. A view is counted across all devices and tabs on your company page.
    • Unique Visitors: The number of unique visitors to your page in the past 30 days. This number is calculated daily.

    These metrics are measured for a 30-day period so you can see how your page is performing month to month. This data is counted across mobile and desktop and applies to views from logged-in LinkedIn members.

    If you tap on See More under Visitor Highlights, youll reveal more information about visitors to your company page. In addition to overview data, youll see visitor demographics over the past 30 days.

    You can filter visitor demographics data by category, including:

    • Industry
    • Job Function
    • Company Size

    LinkedIn shows you what percentage of your visitors fall within each demographic.

    These insights are important because you want to ensure your LinkedIn page is attracting your ideal audience. If your page is attracting a different audience than the one youre targeting, this data might help you uncover opportunities with new markets/industries or collaborations.

    You may also find that a lot of potential employees may be visiting your page to learn more about your business or culture.

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    The Best Linkedin Metrics To Track

    There are countless LinkedIn metrics available to marketers, but does that mean you should be tracking, monitoring and reporting on them all?

    Simply, no. Thats a lot of data.

    Which LinkedIn metrics you should track depend on the For example, if your brand is experimenting with thought leadership articles and trying to engage new audiences through its published posts, keep an eye on update analytics. If you want to grow brand awareness on this platform, track followers and visitors analytics.

    If youre brand new to monitoring LinkedIn metrics, start simple. Here are some basic metrics you should be tracking.

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