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How To See Who Searched You On Linkedin

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What Happens If I View Someones Profile On Linkedin

How do I find out who searched for my LinkedIn Profile using LinkedIn Search

If you view someone’s profile on LinkedIn it is recorded in their profile history. LinkedIn saves a user’s profile views over a 90 day period which accumulates to a profile history. But, what is a profile history on LinkedIn? Profile history is designed to give you deeper insight into who exactly is looking at your profile. You can access your profile history when you click on the headline Whose Viewed Your Profile. This includes where the viewer works and where they are based, where they found you from and their own job title. When you view someone’s profile on LinkedIn, not only are you receiving their profile information but all of your profile information also gets recorded within their own profile history.

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Its Optimized For Recruiting

The platform also makes it easy for businesses to search for potential candidates for their open positions. With convenient features such as InMail and Messaging, LinkedIn makes communication between employers and candidates a breeze.

But what sets LinkedIn apart as an excellent place for sourcing candidates is that it allows hiring managers to review a candidates skills, qualifications, and employment history via their profilesoften eliminating the need to contact them and request this information. This makes the process of scanning resumes and screening individuals easier than ever.

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Tips To Optimise Your Profile For Search

Here are some tips with an idea of how they affect your Search Appearances. The quoted figures are from LinkedIn themselves and true in July 2017. In case you read this in the unforeseen future.

  • Profile photo. Members with a profile photo receive up to 21x more profile views than faceless people. As well as 9x more connection requests. Mind you, you will not show up more often in the search for a researcher by wearing glasses or a lab coat.
  • Experience. Members with current positions show up to 16x more in recruiter searches. If you do not have a current position, make one up. Sabbatical focused on .
  • Skills. I mean: skills equals keywords. DUH. We are talking search here! Members with more than 5 skills are 27x more likely to appear in searches by recruiters. Remember you can add 50 skills. Make sure to display them in the right order and review twice a year.
  • Location, location, location. Including the city where you are based makes you stand out up to 23x in searches. At times your postcode may show an area on the other side of your home than where you prefer to work. In that case, add the postcode of where you want to operate professionally.

Enter Parameters Benefitting Your Job Requirements

How to: Get On Page One of LinkedIn

With a clear set of primary job requirements, you can start to enter parameters for your candidate search results. Some of the fields youll want to fill out include title and industry.

This simple check alone will return thousands, if not millions, of candidates, so youll want to take your search a step further by entering parameters that line up with your list of job requirements. Target location, schools, past companies, and nonprofit interests to create a more focused candidate search.

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Linkedin Secrets Linkedin Won’t Tell You

I have written several articles about LinkedIn, and they often generate the most comments. Here are the highlights of my LinkedIn advice from previous articles, along with additional tips and tricks, many of which remain unspoken by the people at LinkedIn. With this checklist in hand, you can make your LinkedIn profile your best personal branding tool. These little-known, often-overlooked and seemingly counterintuitive tips deliver big results with minimal effort.

1. Be secretive. When youre updating your LinkedIn profile, it can annoy your contacts if theyre alerted to every little change. When youre in edit mode, head to your privacy controls. Turn off activity broadcasts and change the setting for select who can see your activity feed to only you.

2. Be opportunistic.Join groups that will let you connect with people who are in your target audience but are not contacts. Being part of the group gives you permission to reach out to them and invite them to join your network. You dont need to upgrade to Premium to do so.

3. Be redundant. Know the top five strengths for which you want to be recognized and use them in your profile repeatedly. If your top skill is project management, describe your project management proficiency in your summary as well as in multiple experience descriptions. This will help the right audience find you.

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Can You Search Resumes On Linkedin For Free

Like the majority of social media networks, LinkedIn is free to useto an extent, of course. With a Basic LinkedIn account, you can search resumes across the platform and see up to 100 profiles at a time in search results.

If you want to supercharge your LinkedIn recruiting efforts and have the budget for it, you also have the option of upgrading your subscription to LinkedIn Recruiterdepending on your businesss needs.

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What Your Search Appearances In Linkedin Tell You

– Says she can help global

Have you clicked the Search Appearances feature on your profile? Mobile or desktop, your choice. On your LinkedIn profile, youll see the number of searches you appeared in. Clicking gives you some handy insights.

How To Find Active Job Seekers On Linkedin

How to see who has viewed your profile on Linkedin

As with nearly all human capital information retrieval efforts, experimentation and pattern recognition are key.

When it comes to finding people who are likely to be active job seekers, the first thing you can do is think about what types of words and phrases these people might use on their LinkedIn profiles to signify that they are looking for a new opportunity.

I dont want to risk losing anyone with this comparison, but I think its critical that you realize that any solid sourcing methodology employs the scientific method for acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. The foundation of the scientific method is to propose a hypothesis and to design experimental efforts to test the hypothesis via predictions which can be derived from them.

Lets hypothesize that people on LinkedIn who are looking for new employment would actually state such on their profile, and lets predict that they might write such things as currently seeking, or seeking new.

We can test this hypothesis by running the search to see if we get any results, and if we do, how many results are returned.

When I ran the search, .

That struck me as low, but at least we have verified that some people do in fact mention that they are actively seeking new employment on their LinkedIn profile.

Now we need to continue to hypothesize as to other phrases people might use to denote that they are looking for employment.

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Found You Via Linkedin Search

Youve seen it often, Im sure? When you scroll to the Your Dashboard section on your LinkedIn Profile and click on the blue number above Who viewed your profile, youll see whos viewed your profile and, in italics, how they found you. You can see more people who have viewed your profile if you pay for LinkedIn Premium. I address the question, in another post. But in summary, on the free version of LinkedIn, you only get to see the last five people who have viewed your profile.

But what does Found You Via LinkedIn Search actually mean?

It means someone found you after specifically searching for your name in the LinkedIn search bar. LinkedIn is, just as Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are, a type of search engine or database after all. This is why it is important to make sure your LinkedIn name is accurate and reflective of your actual name, as opposed to a nickname. Youre only as searchable as you are accessible! I strongly believe that adding miscellaneous data to your name field will make you less likely to be found, so I dont encourage it. It is technically against LinkedIns terms of service too, so be very careful if you decide to be clever with your name field. I know people who have their profile taken down as a result of making this error!

There are other features similar to Found to Via LinkedIn Search too.

Can You See Who Views Your Linkedin Profile

The social media network LinkedIn lets you connect with other professionals in your area of business. You can search the profiles of other professionals, and they can view yours. The general public also can view your LinkedIn profile. If you have a premium LinkedIn account, the Who’s Viewed My Profile component of LinkedIn lets you see how many times your LinkedIn profile has been viewed recently by both LinkedIn members and the public.

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How To See Who Viewed Your Linkedin Profile From A Pc

LinkedIns Who Viewed Your Profile feature is technically available on both Basic and Premium LinkedIn accounts. However, there are a couple of differences.

When it comes to the Basic, free LinkedIn account, you can see who viewed your profile only if you allow other LinkedIn members to see your account when you view their profile. This is done by adjusting the private and semi-private mode you can set when you go to Profile viewing options. In other words, if you use private mode on LinkedIn, then you wont be able to use the Who Viewed Your Profile feature.

However, if you have a Premium LinkedIn account, youll be able to use this feature even if youre in private mode.

To set your profile viewing options to display your name and headline when you visit other profiles on LinkedIn, follow the steps below:

  • Visit on your browser.
  • Log in if you havent already.
  • Select Settings & Privacy on the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Visibility on the left sidebar on the new page.
  • Proceed to Visibility of your profile & network right under the Visibility tab.
  • Next to Profile viewing options, click on Change.
  • Choose Your name and headline.
  • The changes to your account will be saved automatically. Now that youve enabled others to view your name when you see their profile, youll be able to see who viewed your profile as well.

    This is how its done on a PC:

  • Open on your browser and log in to your account.
  • Select the View Profile button on the drop-down menu.
  • Why Is This Information Useful

    The Hidden LinkedIn Feature You Need to Know About

    You may turn up in LinkedIn search results, but that does not mean the searchers are looking at your Profile, or even looking for you at all, Bruce concluded.

    However, its always handy to know who viewed your profile and how they found you. Getting more profile visits means more opportunities for building relationships with people relevant to you, whether they be potential clients, business partners, suppliers, or employers, which is the whole point of LinkedIn!

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    Go To The Who Viewed My Profile Page On Linkedin

    How do you find out who has viewed your profile? This function is easily accessible on LinkedIn:

    • Choose View Profile.
    • From there, click on who viewed your profile in your dashboard banner.

    Note: you can also access this information from the home page: below your photo on the left side of the page, click on views your profile.

    Linkedin Offers Great Job Seeker Intel

    I cant move on before sharing one of my favorite features of LinkedIn the ability to see the top 10 results by current company, location, industry, etc.

    I find this information fascinating and when you run your own searches by your country or metro area, youll get even more applicable insight.

    Here are the top 10 results by location, current company, and industry for the 12 active job seeker term search:

    When searching globally, its not surprising to see some of the largest employers in the top 10, but there are some very large employers that are not listed and a few companies in the top 10 that I didnt expect to see there.

    Heres the global top 10 industry breakdown:

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    View Profiles Of Prospects And Narrow Your Criteria Further

    After entering the parameters for your People search, LinkedIn should return a list of candidates that meet your requirements. At this point, you can begin to view candidate profiles and identify ideal matches for your job opening.

    Along the way, you might find that youre receiving a certain type of candidate that doesnt quite fit the role you need to be filledperhaps an incorrect job title, industry, or location.

    You can use this information to further narrow your criteria and refine your search results. Be prepared to complete this process a few times before youre able to fully optimize your LinkedIn candidate search.

    Finding Out Who Is Searching For You

    Searching for Jobs on LinkedIn

    Now you have the tools you need to figure out who is searching for you . The next step is to piece it all together.

    Theres no exact science to this part of the process. Its all about applying common sense to the information you have.

    For example:

    If you applied for a job interview out of the state and see that someone from the same area has searched for you online, you can put two and two together.

    Too easy? Lets try another.

    You notice that someone viewed your LinkedIn profile. But how do you tell if theres something to it, or if its just a random profile view?

    You can find some basic information from their LinkedIn profile and cross-reference it with other data you have.

    Maybe someone from the same company searched for you on Google and found your BrandYourself profile. Or you got a recent visitor from that area to your personal website.

    This might mean its worth reaching out and making a connection!

    As we said, its all about making the best of the limited information you have. So long as online privacy law stays roughly the same, this is how its going to be.

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    How To Find And Identify Active Job Seekers On Linkedin

    Ive received a few inquiries over the past month regarding how to find active job seekers on LinkedIn.

    This isnt something I do, nor have I ever tried to do it, so I didnt have any read-made search suggestions for these folks.

    I dont recruit people because they are looking to make a move I recruit people based on their skills, experience and critical intangibles. I could care less if they are looking or if the thought of leaving their current employer is the furthest thing from their mind.

    In my opinion and experience, everyone is a candidate and anyone can be recruited if you have a great match between their skills, experience and interests and the opportunity youre looking to fill.

    Having said all that, if you want to search LinkedIn to identify people who are highly likely to be actively seeking employment, you have a few options.

    The Limitations Of The Who Viewed My Profile Page

    Be aware that if you have a , youcan only see the last 5 visits. Also, some people set their visit to be anonymous, so you will simply see a LinkedIn member has seen your profile or a journalist in the Information Services industry has seen your profile.

    To have full access to all members who have viewed your LinkedIn profile, you can sign up for a paid LinkedIn Premium version. Whether you have a free account or a Premium subscription, jump on these opportunities and take advantage of them to fine-tune the pace and content of your LinkedIn posts!

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    Spam Your Contact List

    When you start a LinkedIn profile, youll be asked if you would like to send out an invite to your contacts. Great idea right? Well, not really. Unless you are using an email address that you have only ever used to connect with people professionally, you might end up sending invites to everyone in your contacts list old friends, that guy you bought a fridge from. Be careful which options you choose.

    Made a mistake? Heres how to withdraw invites.

    How To Avoid Linkedin Commercial Use Limitations

    Find people faster with LinkedInâs new faceted search ...

    Here is the strategy that we recommend to follow in order to stay within the LinkedIn monthly people search limits. These practical tips come from our experience of helping our clients to successfully automate prospecting and lead generation on LinkedIn using InTouch Tool – a safe and easy tool to expand your network and send sequences of messages on LinkedIn.

  • Try to avoid running unnecessary searches on LinkedIn. Think carefully about the exact audience that youd like to find and figure out good search criteria to filter only the relevant people. This often requires some experimenting with the search filters which can be done using a couple of additional LinkedIn accounts. After youve found out your perfect search filters and keywords that are likely to give you your target audience, run the search with the selected filters only once using your main LinkedIn account. Make sure to collect the profiles in the search results, so you dont have to run it again if you close the LinkedIn search page. Collecting the results manually may take quite a lot of time, but you can easily automate it with a few clicks using InTouch Tool.

  • Expand your LinkedIn network. This point is related to the previous one: LinkedIn prefers if you search for people who are close to your network. If you have many mutual connections with the people in your search result list, LinkedIn will have higher limits of profile searches for you.

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