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How To See What Jobs You Applied For On Linkedin

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What Hiring Managers See When You Easy Apply On Linkedin

How To Search and Apply For Linkedin Jobs

Now that I have started a new job, Ive gone from job-applicant to applicant-reviewer. Here is what you need to know before you Easy Apply on LinkedIn: Easy Apply might as well be Easy Rejection.

Sure, it is easy to apply for lots of jobs quickly . But, you must develop your content, plan an approach, and take your time to put your best self forward.

What Is The Easy Apply Button

LinkedIn has become a first-stop for many job applicants; why shouldn’t you go to LinkedIn to look for a job? There are over 20 million jobs listed, with some companies only using LinkedIn to find candidates. To make applying easier on job seekers, LinkedIn created the Easy Apply button.;

This option provides you with a simple way to apply for a job: You click the button and enter your email address and phone number, and that’s it! Sometimes you’ll be required to upload your resume, while sometimes it’s optional. Either way, it makes applying to a job as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Try Using Voice Direct Messages For People You Are Already Connected With

Messaging professionals on LinkedIn is how you can network your way into a job. But how do you get professionals attention once you are connected?

Try recording a voice message, which is an option in the LinkedIn app on iOS and Android. Cancilla said if you are already connected to a professional, an audio recording is one way to separate your message from the rest that could be arriving in that persons inbox.

Most people arent using it, so I can guarantee you that you will stand out, and most likely the person will listen to it, which I think gives you that extra layer of getting someones attention, he said.

Cancilla cautions that this is not a recommended form of communication for your first outreach, but once you are connected, it can add a personal touch. You can be like, Listen, Im really excited, or, Heres why I wanted to connect with you. Hearing that personal story in 10-30 seconds is more compelling than a text, he said.

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Submitting Applications Via Company Website

Similar to LinkedIn, your application goes to the application management system that the company is using to recruit for that specific job post. Therefore, you shouldnt worry that your documents wont get to the right person.

When it comes to why companies prefer posting job vacancies on their career page, its a no brainer its the easiest place for people who know about their company to get this information. Not to mention, its the most convenient option since they can use it at no extra cost, unlike third-party job boards.

Some of the benefits of applying for a job on the companys website include:

  • You get a better insight into what the company is about.
  • There is less competition.
  • Youll be delivering credentials in the employers preferred format.
  • You can sign up for job alerts.
  • Your information stays in their system.

You Get a Better Insight into What the Company is About

While LinkedIn is a convenient platform that allows you to access all jobs related to your field, in most cases, you wont get any information about the company youre applying to apart from details about the jobs and what the company is looking for.

There is Less Competition

LinkedIn is a global platform accessible to anyone whos serious about their career. Theres no doubt that thousands or even millions of applicants are considering all the job posts you come across. The mere thought of this makes job hunting even more stressful.

You Can Sign Up for Job Alerts

Get Endorsements And Recommendations

Updates to Jobs Search Make It Easier to Find the Right ...

Having colleagues and other professionals leave endorsements and recommendations will make your profile more compelling. This ties into a common marketing tactic: social proof. People are more likely to want or desire what other people want or desire. If lots of people think you’re great…it must be true!

The best way to get these endorsements and recommendations is by giving them to others. You will be surprised to see the number of people that will return the favor!

Endorse your former classmates’ top skills. Recommend your co-workers based on their soft skills and group work. Ask your supervisor to recommend you based on your top skills–ideally, before you need to be looking for a new job.

Keep in mind that people look at your LinkedIn profile can see the recommendations you’ve received…and the ones you’ve written. Check out this post on , and resolve to write three high-quality recommendations this week.

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Insider Tips To Leverage Your Job Search Using The Work Worlds Primary Search Engine And Social Network

by James A. Martin, AARP| 0

Plume Creative/Getty

Get experts tips on using LinkedIn to leverage your job search.

Most job seekers know its important to add a recent, professional-looking photo to their LinkedIn profile. But did you know that;not;posting a photo may prevent recruiters from finding your in a job search?

LinkedIn is unquestionably;the;social network for job-seeking professionalsor even if youre not looking right now. Ninety-two percent of recruiters use social media in their work today, and LinkedIn is the social network they use most, according to;Jobvite.

And yet, many job seekers dont maximize LinkedIn to help them find jobs. Instead, they copy and paste their resume and hope the right employer finds them. Compounding the problem: Some professionals in their mid 40s and up may not be as social-media savvy as younger colleagues and dont know how to leverage LinkedIn, says Sue Gresham, a;.

Here are 10 LinkedIn strategies, tools and tips you might not have known about, each of which can put you one step closer to a new jobor new career.

Linkedin: Who Can See Saved Jobs

Youre wondering if employers and job seekers can see your saved jobs ? I get it. Most of us dont want our colleagues or boss knowing that we want to get a new job.;

According to LinkedIn neither your LinkedIn relations, your employer or even recruiters can see it. Its completely private.

No stress.

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Looking For A Job On Linkedin: What Are The Best Practices

  • Second, upload your;.

Applying for opportunities on LinkedIn is great. With the simply hired option, some companies only look at your LinkedIn profile without asking you to send them a resume and cover letter. Your LinkedIn profile is the first door to your new career.;

There are a lot of job seekers out there and you want to be the most efficient and the fastest to stack the odds in your favour and get that precious job interview.

Why You Should Use Both Your Linkedin Profile And Resume

Find and apply for jobs on LinkedIn (NO ADS!)

Even if you apply for a job using your LinkedIn profile and capture the attention of the hiring manager, they’re probably going to ask for your resume.

The hiring manager will also usually check your LinkedIn profile before inviting you in for an interview. It’s always better to provide both if you have the opportunity to do so.

There is only one situation where you wouldn’t use your LinkedIn profile: when it’s not up to date. Don’t apply with your LinkedIn profile if you don’t have a photograph, connections or a sufficient amount of information.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using your LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs.

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Your Application Is One Of Hundreds

LinkedIns Easy Apply tool means your job application is in a pile of hundreds of other job applications. Many applicants do not spend more than thirty seconds considering the role before clicking Easy Apply. I am amazed at how many people have no applicable experience or skills. Its as if they didnt even bother to read the job description.

Be discerning about your applications on LinkedIn. If the role youre applying for is different than your current skills & experience , you must craft your profile to show how you can succeed in the new role. Use the summary section to talk about how you are ready for more responsibilities, or have been doing this work in a freelance or volunteer capacity already, or have taken educational or certification courses to bring your skills up to the job requirements.

Should I Apply Through Linkedin Or A Company Website

Many people wonder is it better to apply through LinkedIn or company website. Companies determine how they want applicants to apply. If companies allow Easy Apply, you should feel good about your decision to apply through LinkedIn.

Applying through LinkedIn allows prospective employers to view your job history and recommendations. You cannot customize your profile to fit every open position. However, you may attach your resume and cover letter. By attaching these items, you better tailor your application to fit a specific job. This almost mirrors the process of applying through a company website.

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How To Message A Recruiter On Linkedin

Questions Answered

How to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn

LinkedIn message examples

How to send a note from the messaging page

What NOT to do when messaging recruiters

Are LinkedIn messages private

How to respond to a recruiter on LinkedIn

Search for a job on LinkedIn, Contact the recruiter, Land the job. Its That Simple, Right? Not Exactly!

Heres how you can reach out and send a note to a recruiter on LinkedIn the right way – hopefully leading to a job offer !

Youve run through LinkedIn searching for the perfect job opening, finally landing on the ideal match.

You find the recruiter responsible for interviewing/filling the role, and you decide to reach out.

Is it okay to message a recruiter on LinkedIn?

What do you do?..

How do you let them know youre interested?

Does Linkedin Easy Apply Work

How to Write LinkedIn Job Descriptions

If the job poster allows Easy Apply, it provides one of the quickest ways to apply for many jobs. This saves you valuable time.

However, you need to manage your expectations. The job poster will likely get many applicants. Despite this, the posting shows how many people have applied. Use that information to make your decision. If you see the early applicant sign, get your application in as soon as possible you stay closer to the top of the list.

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Jessica Hernandez Cpbs Cdbs

Executive Resume Writer LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 Certified Personal Brand Strategist President & CEO “A go-to resource for people looking to

UPDATE: As of May 2017 this information has been UPDATED. LinkedIn has changed the information employers receive when you apply to their posted positions on LinkedIn. Please see the NEW Infographic that was updated with this information. You can find the new Infographic here:

See the perfect position pop up in your LinkedIn newsfeed or down the sidebar on the right of your profile? Before you click to apply you need to know exactly what the employer sees on the other side of your application; it may change how you go about job searching on LinkedIn.

Recently I posted two positions on LinkedIn searching for additional Certified Professional Resume Writers to add to my growing team. The experience was very eye-opening for me from an employers perspectivebut I also stumbled upon some great information for job seekers as well. So I thought Id shed some light on what the employer really sees when you apply to that position on LinkedIn.

Each time someone applies to a position posted on LinkedIn the employer receives an e-mail notification. I received one e-mail for each person that applied. In each e-mail was a snapshot of that candidate. Heres what was included in the e-mail:

The Candidates Name

The Headline beneath their Name

Current Employment Job Title Titles onlyno employment details


Everyone Can See You Are Job Hunting On Linkedin Unless You Do This

I dont know who needs to hear this right now, but your LinkedIn actions are not necessarily private. As a social network for job seekers and a database for recruiters, LinkedIn is a place where professionals can both connect with future employers and check out old colleagues, high school classmates and exes.

But if you check out your old college boyfriend without taking steps to conceal yourself, hell know you looked him up. And if your goal is to quietly switch jobs, know that your job hunt can become public with LinkedIn connections.

Take this cautionary tale detailed by The Wall Street Journal: After being contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn, Houston consultant Joshua M. Evans found out his job search had been revealed by a LinkedIn notification. Evans hadnt turned off his LinkedIn notifications to his network, so his boss saw his new connections with the recruiter and two managers at the company where he was applying. It created a very awkward situation, Evans told the Journal.

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List More Than Your Job Title In Your Profile Headline If You Want To Attract Recruiters

Cancilla said one of the most underutilized LinkedIn features is the headline section on a profile page. It appears below your name on LinkedIn and it is a branding opportunity to sell your career story for recruiters right away.

Its called a headline, but a lot of people put their title there, he said. If you just enter your current job title, youre missing a chance to hook a reader into why they should scroll down and learn more about your experiences.

Cancilla said the headline section is an opportunity for students who may not have a lot of job experience yet to put down their college major, their passions, or subjects they have studied. You can show off more of who you are in the headline by adding expertise in something, passionate about something or industry knowledge in something, Cancilla recommends.

You could be a social media manager, but if youre like, social media manager, expertise in direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies, as a recruiter Im like, Thats gold. Thats exactly what my client is looking for, he said. It gives you the opportunity to get my attention pretty quickly.

Linkedin Easy Apply: What Employers See When You Apply On Linkedin

LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial – How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

The difference between LinkedIn Apply and LinkedIn Easy Apply, what an employer sees when you apply through LinkedIn, and how you can grab their attention

When browsing youll notice that some jobs have an Apply button while others have a LinkedIn Easy Apply button.;Whats the difference between these two options?

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Make The Message Short And Concise

The best cold messages on LinkedIn will be fewer than 100 words. 50-75 words is ideal.

When somebody opens your outreach message, theyre much more likely to read it if it looks manageable and easy to read at first glance. You want it to be inviting to read!

For email, you can go; a bit longer, but Id still stick to four to six very brief paragraphs with two or three sentences per paragraph.;

Always remember to include good spacing. Try to send two or three small paragraphs instead of one large paragraph, for example. This is true for email, LinkedIn, and any other online platform.;

Understand Linkedins Role And Use It The Right Way

Before you can use LinkedIn to find a job, you need to understand what itâs designed to do. Within the realm of social media, each platform offers unique benefits for its users.

LinkedIn has seized different ground in the social media universe, and now provides one of the best platforms for connecting with others in your industry.

Obviously, LinkedIn can do more than just help you find business contacts. It can also be used to strengthen your resume presentation, by providing a platform for you to tell more of your story. In that way, it can showcase you as a real person in ways that your resume cannot.

In addition, its advanced search tools can offer recruiters and others an easy way to locate you–which could lead to job interviews and offers. So, take the time to understand this platformâs importance, and make sure that you properly leverage your LinkedIn page to maximize potential benefits.

Your LinkedIn summary can be one great place to start! Check out our post on that topic: .

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Fill Out Every Part Of Your Profile Because Each Section Is An Opportunity To Optimize For What A Hiring Manager Is Looking For

Beyond headlines, LinkedIn profiles have many features professionals can fill out, such as about, background and skills sections. Each section is an opportunity to include relevant keywords that recruiters could be typing in their job searches. Thats why Ashley Watkins, a job search strategist with corporate recruiting experience, said her top LinkedIn hack was profile optimization.

Think about keywords or competencies relevant to your job target. Then, include those terms in your headline, about section, job titles, and skills section, Watkins said. Once you combine profile optimization with networking, you will be appearing in more recruiter searches, she said.

Think of the LinkedIn profile as a space where you can add accomplishments and skills you didnt have room for on a resume. Its where you can put down your impact and the results you have achieved.

For me, when I screen resumes, I build this narrative in my mind on who this candidate is based on their resume. When I see their LinkedIn, its like, Oh wow, they do a lot more stuff than I thought, said Jackie Cuevas, a human resource administrator for a nonprofit who has worked as a recruiter.

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