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How To See Scheduled Pins On Pinterest

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A Quirk Worth Noting About Later

How to Schedule Pinterest Pins and Drive Pinterest Website Traffic – #6 – From $0 to $2K

Since Later is largely focused on Instagram, within Later. At least, thats what seemed to be the case for me, because I couldnt find a way to bypass a notice asking me to verify I had the app installed on my phone. Once I did that I was able to schedule for Pinterest with no problem.

I just wanted to mention this as a consideration for those who dont already have an Instagram account and dont plan to open one. That said, if you do use Instagram or were planning to start anyway, you may as well give Later a try for scheduling to Instagram you get 30 Instagram posts for free too!

Rich Pin Text Vs Manual Pin Title And Description

If you have rich pins enabled, you may not want to fill in the title field when creating a pin. If you do, that title will replace your rich pin title. But if you leave the title box blank, your rich pin title will appear as normal.

PRO TIP: If youre using a plugin like Tasty Pins, you can now add custom pin titles to different pin images on your WordPress blog posts, as well as custom pin descriptions!


You can and should still fill in the Description text when manually creating a pin, because this does not replace your rich pin description. If you fill in the description box only, your rich pin title and description should show up as normal, AND the regular Pinterest description will show.

Whether scheduling pins or simply pinning a manually created pin, this tip applies.

It also applies to editing a pin thats already posted.

Benefits Of Using Tailwind

Tailwind is just one of many Pin schedulers. So what makes it unique, and what services does it provide that others dont?

  • Analytics Tailwind actually began as an analytics company, so they have over 5 years experience with that. Their metrics are superior, and because the company is focused on visual marketing, you can be assured that they know what theyre doing. Tailwind makes it simple to track your re-Pins, your likes, your followers, and basic profile metrics.
  • Integration Tailwinds analytics are linked directly to your Google analytics account, so you can also track your domain insights. Tailwind tracks those stats in real-time, so you can track which Pins are coming from your domain and which Pins are the most popular coming from your domain.
  • Content Curation Once you know what your audience resonates with, you can provide more of it. Tailwind not only tracks Pins from your own domain, but all Pins that you Pin to your profile. This can help you decide on what types of photos your followers will rePin, which keywords are performing well, and which Pins speak to your audience.
  • Re-Pin activity Because of the new Summed Up Activity reports Pinterest has started using, it can be very difficult to track how many re-Pins your own Pin has gotten. Tailwind allows you to track your personal re-Pins. With that information, you can make decisions on which boards to Pin to, what time to Pin, etc.

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Always Edit And Double

Then, edit that description. As well as making sure youve included keywords, and that the description is grammatically correct and free of typos before its published.

And its not just the words you want to double-check. Make sure the Pin youre scheduling is going to publish to the correct board and that youve included the correct link.

Checking during the scheduling phase will help your brand avoid embarrassing mistakes.

How To Make Pins On Snappacom

How To Schedule Your Pins For Free

3 | Pick a Pin template design. I picked the donuts!

4 | Upload or select a background photo. It all starts with the background!

You can search for an appropriate image using any keyword.

For this example, I just kept the original.

5 | Add any desired photo effects.

You can choose to add a color overlay to tone down your photo. Select any color you like! I used lilac here.

Other options that can help text placed over your photo to stand out:

  • Darken .
  • Brightness .
  • Blur .

You can adjust the saturation, hue, and contrast of the photo if you like, as well.

Since we have text over a color block here, I reset the photo to normal since these tweaks werent needed.

6 | The third tab is where you can add or edit any of the text.

Use the dropdown to select the font.

The next line lets you adjust the size and style:

  • Bold
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough

The next line lets you choose the alignment and any color you like.

Below that, Letter Spacing lets you space out or squish together the letters in the words.

Line Height adjusts the space between the lines of copy.

You can add a shadow! This is an awesome feature the helps your type stand out from the background.

Lastly, you can make the text semi-transparent.

7 | Under the graphics tab, you can add icons and graphics if you like.

Use the search bar to find just what you want. I added this cute emoji face.

8 | Also under the graphics tab, you can upload your logo, and save it for future use too.

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Schedule Pins By Adding To Queue Or Using An Interval

You can schedule out your pins by either 1) adding them to the queue and they will fill up your available time slots in order. Remember to shuffle your queue when youre done filling it!

A better way is 2) to use the interval feature to schedule them exactly according to your preferences. The maximum amount of time between pin publications to different boards is 90 days, meaning if you publish to 10 boards , you have two and half years worth of mileage out of that one pin!

Now, youll have your own strategy that you will learn and implement in time. But a good starting point is to schedule to at least 5 8 relevant boards including group boards if you have found any high-quality, targeted ones.

You will also find the Communities feature of Tailwind super helpful. Formerly known as Tribes, the Communities tab offers ways of connecting with like-minded creators in your niche and gaining re-shares by organically sharing the content of your Communities mates.

Select Your Desired Date

Once your content is uploaded, you can schedule Pins easily. To do this, take a look at the calendar and choose a date for your Pinterest post. Then click the + in the corner of the box for that date.

Then click Create a new Media Post. Then a small window displaying your media library will pop up.

Simply select the media you want to publish on this date, and click Add Media. Pallyy will generate a Pinterest post ready for you to add the finishing touches.

Note: In the calendar view you can also see all of your previously scheduled Pins.

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Difference Between Archiving Pins/boards And Deleting Them

Archiving pins will make them invisible to your audience and you will not get notifications or recommendations for saved pins and boards. Plus point, if you change your mind later, you can always unarchive them and they will be back on your profile like before.

On the other hand, deleting pins or boards would literally mean getting rid of them for good. Once you delete a piece of content, you will never be able to retrieve it. So, make a choice wisely and only if you are very sure of doing it especially when you are using

If You Dont Have Time To Pin Manually


I recommend Tailwind. One of the best features of Tailwind is the programs amazing insight of when to schedule pins, your peak performance times, and what keywords in your Pinterest descriptions get the most clicks.

Tailwind also offers a free first month of pinning and then has different membership levels, with the yearly membership the most cost-effective.

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Schedule From An Online Store

If you own an online store, like Etsy, Ebay, Shopify, TeacherPayTeachers , you already know the powerful and free sharing tool that Pinterest has to offer. This example is shown in the Mozilla Firefox Browser, but remember you can repeat this in any supported browser.

When you find the perfect product that you’d like to schedule, you’ll want to make sure that you click into the product description page so we can grab the correct and full URL and not just the store’s homepage.

  • This etsy store has a very unique background and clear image that would be perfect to use for Pinterest! The Tailwind Browser Bookmarklet will work on this page, but for this example click the Pinterest “Save” button located below the product’s details.

  • 2. A new pop-up window will open and the Tailwind Publishing Extension will be just to the right of the Search Boards box. Click the”Schedule“button to move on to the next steps of adding board and description.

    3. Once satisfied with what board and the description, the pin will be scheduled and published as click Schedule Now or Add to Queue Now to schedule. Click the “Save for Later” button to save these pins as Drafts to be scheduled later.

    Helpful Tip: If you wanted to add an Interval, this would be the place to do it!

    Scheduling your products can definitely give you an extra boost of business! Learn interesting marketing strategies for online stores from the Tailwind Blog:

    What Board Should You Pin To First

    Your Pin should be pinned to the most closely related board first and then move outward from there. For instance, if you have a pin about Lima, Peru it would first get pinned to your Lima board, then your Peru board, then your South America board, then finally your brand board. Once the pin hits your brand board, its done. Again all of this pinning space out about 7 days.

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    A Potential Strategy For New Bloggers:

    When youre a new blogger you may not have much content yet, but its still important to make sure youre pinning consistently, even if that means only one pin a day. If you dont have enough of your own content to fill out your schedule , you might want to schedule in some other peoples content, just to keep the consistency going.

    Example Schedules:

    To schedule one pin a day for a month, you could use either Later or Hootsuite.

    To schedule several pins each day, a week at a time, you could use either the native Pinterest scheduler or Hootsuite.

    To schedule 30 pins each day, you can use Hootsuite .

    You could use all 3 schedulers at the same time to try out different strategies, and be able to schedule more content in the process.

    Number of Pins vs. Pinning Frequency

    As you may have noticed, the more frequently youre able to log in and update your schedule, the more pins you will be able to schedule for free each day or week.However, while it may be tempting to post as much as you can right away, keep in mind that pinning consistently is more important than quantity of pinning, so pace yourself!

    If youre a new blogger really low on your own content, Id recommend using Later to schedule 1 pin each day of the month, and otherwise manually pinning. That way, you can make sure youll have 1 pin going out each day, and you dont have to stress too much about it until the next month.

    Should You Schedule Other Peoples Content

    How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest in Your Craft Business

    Pinning other peoples content with free schedulers will likely be a waste of time because youll have to manually upload their pins and link to their pages, and this will eat up your limited schedule slots. If you dont yet have any of your own content to post, this may be worth it to you. Otherwise, Id recommend using your scheduling slots to make sure your own content is being circulated regularly, and then just manually pin other peoples content as you find something worth pinning.

    In other words, its much better to pin ONE pin every day than 30 pins once a month. If youre using a FREE pin scheduler like Later, 1 scheduled pin a day is all you get anyway , so you want to make sure youre prioritizing your own best and freshest content in your limited timeslots wherever possible. Then, if you dont log into Pinterest for a month, at least youve had one of your own pins posted for you every day while you were gone.

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    How To Post A Pin From Your Own Photos

    Once the image is uploaded, add a title and Pinterest description of the photo before saving it under one of your personal blog boards. Whether creating a business account pin or a personal pin, make sure the title, content, and description are all accurate and clearly reflect the topic of your pin. You can also add an alternative text description under your title to inform your viewers what your pin is about.

    Scheduling Your Own Pins

    1. Inside Tailwind, go to Publish > > Drafts

    2. Click on Create New Pin> > Upload Image

    3. Your new image will be added to your drafts. Now go to it

    3. Add in your caption, which boards to pin to, and which times

    4. Now your pin is scheduled and ready to be repinned and you’re ready for more blog hits!!

    Tailwind is very supportive and easy- they have video tutorials on almost everything, so you’ll never be stuck. Hope that this was helpful and you’ll check out Tailwind. Now, get to pinning!

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    How Do I Get Tailwind Create

    If youre not already a Tailwind user, .

    Once youve joined Tailwind, youll find Tailwind Create right in your dashboard.

    And the best news on your FREE Tailwind account, you can create AND schedule 20 Pins for free each month, forever!

    Upgrade to create and publish more Pins and posts, OR stay on the new free plan forever.

    One of the big problems with using templates from Canva is that everyone is using them.

    Weve all been there and we dont want that to be our Pin!

    How To Use Tailwind Create

    How To Schedule Pins On Pinterest For Free (New Trick)

    Heres how it works in a quick video. Then below, well run through each of the steps as text plus screenshots.

    Set your brand preferences

    This is a one time job unless you change your branding!

    Add your brand name and logos.

    Then choose your fonts and colors.

    Tailwind can then automatically add these to your Pin designs but you can also edit these after youve made Pins, if you like.

    Start creating Pins

    Now you can get started with Pin creation.

    Add your destination link and Pin title.

    Got photos? Upload 3 or more. Or select some from the free stock photos available. Just search for what you need!

    Thats it! Now Tailwind will create a whole selection of Pins for you to choose from. Literally in seconds!

    Shown is just a small sampling of Pins created.

    Personalizing the Pins

    But thats not all. You can also edit these Pins to make them just as you want.

    On the side menu, you can add a subheadline, change fonts, or change the color palette.

    You can use brand colors, pull colors from the images, or even choose some preset selections.

    Theres an option to remove the branding entirely if youd like to test this.

    Editing the individual Pin

    If youre really a stickler, you can individually edit the Pin to fine-tune things.

    Select the Pin and use the edit option to access the Advanced Editor. This is more like youd see in Canva.

    Here you can change all the things. You can:

    • Change the image.

    Once you have finished fine-tuning the Pin, either download it or save and go back.

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    Sourcing And Editing Images In Hootsuite

    Hootsuite has a built-in image editor AND image library, provided by Pixabay .

    If you wanted to, you could create a pin from scratch right from within Hootsuite by choosing an image, resizing the image by either choosing one of the many social media sizes provided, or manually cropping. Then, you can add text, change the filter, and more!

    Tip #: Pin Based On Your Niche

    Before you start scheduling Pins, you need to make sure theyre aligned with your niche and other social channels.

    For example, if youre a paint company, your boards could include design inspiration, home office tips, painting guides, and more.

    In comparison, a board about puppies wont make the most sense to someone who comes across your profile.

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    Drawbacks Of Using Free Pin Schedulers

    Of course, there will be drawbacks to using these FREE schedulers they will still require more manual time and effort to get pins scheduled and maintained than paid versions.

    With free schedulers, you will pay in extra time and manual effort. You also wont be able to leave them fully on autopilot for long periods of time.

    Also, none of these apps would be my first choice as a paid solution, because they will still be more clunky than other paid solutions. But heck,

    How To Program Pins Using Moyens I/o

    How To Schedule Your Pins For Free

    Step 1: After logging into Moyens I/O, hover over the Create icon

    Then select Create Pin.

    Step 2: Add all the details for your Pin

    Choose which board this Pin will appear on, choose whether the Pin appears more than on the board or create a new board.

    Write a description, add the website link and add the eye-catching image.

    Step 3: Edit the image

    You can optimize your chosen photo using Moyens I/Os built-in photo editor. Edit color, contrast and more and choose the ideal size. Moyens I/O recommends the ideal aspect ratios for each social platform.

    Step 4: Click Schedule for later

    Step 5: Choose the ideal date and time

    Step 6: Click Schedule

    If you select the drop-down arrow next to Schedule, youll see options to save Pin as a draft, schedule and reuse accounts, or schedule and duplicate a post.

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