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How To See Saved Posts On Linkedin

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How To Save And Find Saved Posts On Linkedin To Read Later

How to Save Posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place for people to find bigger networks, more professional friends, and countless valuable content. And that’s why there is a ‘Posts section’ or feed on LinkedIn.

‘Posts’ on LinkedIn are basic status updates. One way to get the most out of LinkedIn is to find useful links, articles, content, or posts relevant to read from professionals on LinkedIn.

But honestly, we’ve all gone through the phase where we scrolled through our LinkedIn homepage feed to see articles we wanted to read and thought we’d read about it later, and we often can’t find it again. Very annoying!

The good news isapart from searchingyou can also save posts that you have found for later reading. LinkedIn does listen to feedback sometimes, and theyve created an option to save posts so you can easily find them later.

LinkedIn also has done a pretty good job of making this helpful feature available to users who want to use their computer instead of phones to read lengthy articles in a long time online.

How To Unsave The Saved Jobs On Linkedin From Pcs Laptops And Mac

You can also unsave the jobs you like from the saved list. First, you need to click on the job you want to delete, and it will show an option of unsafe. If you click on that option, the selected job will be removed from the saved jobs list.

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How To Find Your Linkedin Post And Article Library

You wander off and do something else for a few hours. You come back to LinkedIn. Now, how do you find that saved item library?

Turns out the link has been staring you in the face all this time, and you probably just never noticed it. On the top left is a small box with your own profile pic, some stats and, you guessed it, a link to your saved posts!

I know that I have used LinkedIn for years without actually noticing or checking out this feature! A single click gets you to the My Items area, which has three categories of content: My Jobs, My Learning, and My Saved Posts. Choose Saved Posts and youll see something like this:

On the top left, you can see I have one saved job application, one my learning item, and five saved posts. Quite convenient.

Whats interesting is that the menu changes because theyre saved posts too:

A bit more rudimentary compared to Facebook but still simple and easy to use. Now you know how to save the best posts from LinkedIn and, through that Copy link to post option on the above menu, share links to those great posts with friends and colleagues. Done with the post? You can also Unsave them as desired too.

Pro Tip: Ive been writing about LinkedIn since the launch of the popular professional networking site. Please do check out my extensive ;for lots more tutorials while youre here!

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Saved Jobs On Linkedin: How To Manage And Save Jobs For A Successful Job Search

Synonymous with professional networking, LinkedIn has a special designation today. In a dynamic world with emerging technologies every other day, the tech company’s longevity is an ode to its dominance within its niche in professional social media. Among several features, I will talk about one of the essential processes for job search: the possibility of following up on your job search with the saving job feature. Saved jobs on LinkedIn helps you track your opportunities and organize your day.

This and several other useful tools make LinkedIn the prolific platform it is. With the platform, its easy to connect with professionals that will potentially help you find your next job.

With as many as 700 million active users in 2020, LinkedIn has come a long way to become one of the top social media platforms.

In 2019, LinkedIn was voted the most trusted network. It has evolved by adding new features. With a steadily growing user base, the LinkedIn audience is inclined towards career-minded professionals. Yet the platform has become much broader since its inception.

After Microsoft stepped in and took over, LinkedIn introduced several new features, such as Showcase pages, Calendar Chatbots, etc. AI technology has thus already made its way to the platform.

Regardless of what designation you may hold in a firm, be it the CEO or a part of the labor force in the lowest rung, LinkedIn will prove invaluable in reaching your goals.

Consideration Ads On Linkedin

How To See Your Posts On LinkedIn

Opt for a consideration ad if you want to qualify leads already somewhat familiar with your brand.

These types of ads are optimized to help advertisers meet the following goals:

  • Website visits: Get more eyeballs on your website and landing pages.
  • Engagement: Encourage likes, comments and shares, as well as visits to other social media platforms and websites.
  • Video views: Share your business story, your latest product, or a day-in-the-life via video.

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If Youre A Linkedin Mobile Diehard Or Intend To Be Here Are Some Additional Ways To Use Your App

From your Home Page screen:

  • Access your other LinkedIn apps from the grid at the top right.
  • At a live event or do you do a lot of video? Write a post and add native video right from your phone. Think about what youre posting first, of course. While production value is relative, make sure its your best effort and makes sense for your personal brand.
  • In the Messaging area check for any new messages and respond with a short message. Check for accuracy, clarity and typos.
  • From your profile screen:

  • Check your Settings. These change all the time, and the mobile app makes it easy to find and review. From your profile, click the gear icon to access Settings & Privacy. Remember to head over to the Settings & Privacy on your desktop version every once in a while to double check whats there. The mobile app may not have all of the current setting features.
  • Get comfortable using LinkedIns mobile app; it will make your LinkedIn experience better, easier and more efficient.

    In our next post, well take a look at the other LinkedIn mobile apps.

    Why Is My Instagram Not In Chronological Order

    Today Instagram announced it will be changing the order of posts in its feed. Your feed will no longer be in strict reverse chronological order, rather posts will be ordered based on the likelihood youll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.

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    Unsaving A Saved Job On Linkedin

    Did a saved job on LinkedIn just lose its charm, or you found one even more interesting to stick to? Here’s how you can easily organize your Saved jobs’ list by Unsaving the ones that no longer interest you :

    • For Desktop Users

    Simply click on the ‘Cancel’ icon on the right-hand side of the job title.

    • Alternatively, you may also click on the respective job and then click the ‘Unsave’ button located at the top of the job details page.
    • For Mobile Users

    If you’re an Android user, tap on the More icon right next to the job . Find the ‘Unsave This Job’ option and tap on it.

    If you’re an iOS person, the only difference for you will be that the More icon appears as three horizontally arranged dots rather than vertical. Rest assured, every step remains the same.

    Are Saved Jobs On Linkedin Visible To Recruiters And Your Current Employer

    LinkedIn Tutorial – How to Save Posts to View Later

    The answer to that will be a straightforward No. The function of ‘LinkedIn Saved Jobs’ is only reserved for your own convenience. Bookmark and save as many jobs as you wish, recruiters will not get a whiff of you doing that.

    Coming to the question, if it is visible to your current employer, the answer is again Negative.

    According to LinkedIn, all your application activity is discreet and private. It is not visible to any of your connections, forming your network.

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    How To Save Posts And Articles From Linkedin

    If youve taken the time to;;then youll find your LinkedIn experience has improved, and some of the posts and articles you see can be a helpful source of news and inspiration.; If youre responsible for the management of content for yourself, your business or your clients, or youre, like me, and enjoy a good thought provoking read, then youll enjoy being able to save your favourite updates and return to them when you have time to read or watch them in full.

    You can save posts and articles you view in your feed from your desktop or from the LinkedIn mobile app.; Heres how.

  • Click the;More;icon from the top right of the content you want to save.
  • Click;Save.
  • Once youve saved the content, a banner will briefly appear at the bottom of the screen that includes a link to;View all;saved content.

    Listen to how to use LinkedIn to grow your side hustle

    Giving Kudos On Linkedin

    The one other type of post that you can try on LinkedIn is Kudos. Unlike traditional post types, this is the one thing that you will have to publish organically as you cant schedule it.

    Basically, this type of post gives you the ability to give a specific shout-out to recognize someone that you have worked with for going above and beyond, innovation, and other traits.

    If you are an employer, this could be a meaningful way to recognize employees. You can also use it to thank partners or collaborators.

    Because this tags the person that you are connected to, it is a good relationship-building tool, and something fun to throw into your content mix from time to time. Like video posts, you will need to do this one manually from your LinkedIn account.

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    How To Save Great Linkedin Posts For Later

    One of the best things about LinkedIn is that its post quality is generally quite a bit higher than any other social network. This means its no surprise that you might encounter an interesting post or link that you do want to save for later reading, sharing, or study. Heres an example from James Zahn, deputy editor of The Toy Book:

    Good move by Disney and an interesting story to save and perhaps share from an environmental perspective too. That can be easily accomplished by clicking on the link on the top right, which pops up a menu of options:

    As highlighted, all you need to do is click on Save and youve just saved your first LinkedIn post or article for later perusal. Easy.

    In fact, theres a useful little notification thatll show up on the lower left:

    Click on View all and youll be able to jump directly to your saved post library but lets look at how to access this same library at any time, not just the few seconds after youve added a new item.

    How Can I Find My Own Posts On Linkedin

    How To See Your Posts On LinkedIn

    Ever since I first started using LinkedIn, Ive been baffled by how hard it is to find my own posts even a few minutes after I post them. Is there a trick to this?

    launched a major site redesign in early 2017 and while the interface is now quite different, its nice that one of the things that they did change was the ability for you to find your own posts. I know exactly what youre talking about with the old version of LinkedIn, however, and used to also get so frustrated that if I wanted to check on how an old post was doing it was essentially impossible to find it on the site. Everyone else could probably get to my posts with ease, but somehow I was always penalized as the owner of the post. Worse, the posts you make dont show up in your own timeline so you click Post and they just vanished. Most odd.

    Fortunately, as I said, the new LinkedIn design fixes this very problem, though its still not super obvious how to get to your trail of posts and content on the site. So lets have a look!

    To start, on the new LinkedIn home page, find your profile pic on the top left:

    A click on it and youll get to a page with your full profile information:

    The important bit here, however, is the lower right: Views of your post in the feed. Whatever that number is click on it and youll get to a page that has, yes, all your posts!

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    Procedure To View Saved Jobs From Any Ios Device

    • Firstly, you have to download the LinkedIn app on your iPhone from the App Store.;
    • Then you have to open the app from the home page.;
    • The next step is to tap on the option of Jobs that is at the bottom part of the app.
    • Further, you have to click on the menu. It is on the right side of the search column.;
    • The next step is to click on the option of Saved Jobs at the bottom.;

    2a. Steps to delete a saved job from the list;

    • The first step is to click on the menu that is situated on the right side of the saved job.
    • Then you have to tap on the option of Unsave at the bottom.
    • Finally, the job is removed from the list.;

    Sales Navigator For Lead Generation

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Search is a fantastic tool built with lead generation in mind.

    If you are using LinkedIn for lead generation, you can significantly improve your efficiency and effectiveness by using the Advanced Search in Sales Navigator. It saves you time and effort, creating the sales pipeline full of your ideal clients, making it well worth the investment.;

    Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for lead generation. However, to use the tool effectively, you must have a strategy. If youd like to learn a highly effective method of building rapport with decision-makers on LinkedIn, attend my free masterclass:. Watch it here.

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    How To Save Articles From Your Linkedin Feed

    • User

    LinkedIn isnt known much as a publishing platform even though it allows users to publish articles. The feature was initially introduced to LinkedIn influencers but was eventually rolled out to all users. Additionally, news sites also push their content to LinkedIn. You can subscribe to areas of interest and regularly view trending posts. LinkedIn has recently rolled out a new Save feature that lets you save posts for reading later. Its only available on iOS and Android apps and not on the web interface. Heres how it works.

    Open the LinkedIn app and scroll through your feed. Articles that can be saved have a bookmark icon next to the title. Tap it and it will turn blue to indicate the article has been saved. You will also see a banner alert at the top that confirms the article has been saved.

    To read the articles, go to the Me tab. Below your basic profile information and the recent profile views, is a card indicating your saved items.;The saved items appear in a list view when you tap it.

    The saved items arent sorted by date nor are they in alphabetical order. The articles appear as little more than a very long list of items youve saved with no search feature to speak of.

    A save feature was sorely needed on LinkedIn but the implementation is poor and renders it of little use.

    Video Posts On Linkedin

    Where To Find Saved Jobs In LinkedIn

    Not as many people post videos on LinkedIn as some other social media platforms, so this is a good opportunity for you to stand out.

    Before you take the time to create something though, make sure that it fits in

    • ASF, AVI, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MKV, QuickTime, and WebM formats only
    • Minimum size 75KB and maximum size 5GB
    • Minimum length 3 seconds and maximum length 10 minutes

    As with all LinkedIn posts, focus on quality content rather than gimmicks. That is why people are on LinkedIn in the first place.

    You can schedule both image and text post types using a social media management tool like Agorapulse. This can save you time and make it easier to track your results. However, at this time you will need to schedule video posts manually.

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    What Should I Be Posting On Linkedin

    You should only be posting on LinkedIn about topics that are relevant to you and your niche.

    If you work in marketing, keep all your posts about marketing related topics.

    Dont post on LinkedIn about your new dog. That is for and .Here are a few guidelines for posting on LinkedIn:

    • Post frequently
    • Speak the language of your audience
    • Keep links relevant
    • Narrow down the topics you post about
    • Almost always talk about business-related topics
    • When others scroll through your profile, you want them to feel like they can find answers to their problems on a specific topic

    How To Save Jobs On Linkedin

    After finding a job position that you are interested in, saving it is a process that you can get over within a jiffy.

    It is as easy as clicking the ‘Save’ button on the job details page. So find a job you like and click the Save button to view it when you are ready to apply. Check out the red arrow mark in the image.

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