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How To See Deleted Facebook Posts

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Help The Evidence I Need Is Gone

How To Find Facebook Deleted Post

Can you do anything to recover deleted posts? Everything is gone!

Our office gets a call like this every few days. Unfortunately for the hopeful PI or paralegal on the other end of the line, there usually isnt much we can do after content is taken down. This is why we recommend incorporating SMI Aware into your workflow now. You would have collected this information when it was still available. Dont wait until its too late add this to your workflow early in the process. Why are you running a report a day before the deposition?

Although it depends on the site, once a post, profile or webpage is gone, its often gone forever.

Still, there are rare cases when its possible to recover deleted information. This blog post will help you determine if you still have a chance of recovering the content.

Their Facebook profile is gone!

When a person decides its time to pull their Facebook profile down, they have two options:;temporarily deactivating it or permanently deleting it.

If a person has merely deactivated their Facebook account, you might still be in luck. When someone deactivates an account, they are simply making it inaccessible for a period of time. They have the option to go back in at any time and restore their profile, and they can even set a date for the profile to reactivate.

If youre very lucky, the subject may decide on their own to reactivate their account. They can also be court ordered to reactivate their account and hand over the information.

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