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How To Search Twitter By Date

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Other Advanced Commands In Twittercom

How To Search For Old Tweets By Date From a Specific User On Twitter
  • All of these words: Tweets that contain all the words contained in this field regardless of their order
  • This exact phrase: Twitter looks for the exact matches. Tweets that contain what we exactly write in this field
  • Any of these words: Combining the different terms to show the tweets containing any of those words
  • None of these words: You can exclude words from your search and delete non related terms not
  • These hashtags: Tweets shared under these hashtags
  • Language: Language of the tweets
  • From these accounts: Twitter will show the tweets sent by the account that we type in this field
  • To these accounts: Tweets sent to this account
  • Mentioning these accounts: The results will show the tweets that mention these accounts

Near this place: Tweets sent from exact locations within a determined distanceMin. Retweets: You can search for #hashtag min_retweets:100 if you want to discover the tweets with more than this amount of RTs

Find Old Tweets Automatically With Twilerts Old Tweets Tool

We get so many people coming to our website looking for information on finding old tweets, that we created an app to help people easily see their tweet history in one interface.

All you have to do is log into Twitter, and our app will show you the initial history of your Twitter account Up to 3,200 tweets. Want a complete archive? We can provide that just email us for advanced usage and enterprise accounts.

Know The Difference Between Search And Advanced Search

If you’ve ever searched for a word or phrase on Twitter, you’ve likely used the site’s toolbar search field, mobile app search, or search page for non-users. They work great if you’re performing a quick search for a word or phrase. If you need more specific results, though, they’ll either come up short or leave you with a headache from having to remember “search operators“search field phrases that perform an advanced query.

While many search operators are good to know, you don’t have to memorize them or manually enter them to get more detailed results from Twitter. Instead, use Twitter’s advanced search on its desktop page.

To access it, visit , or, after you’ve done a search, click the three dots next to the search bar, and select Advanced search. The page that loads might surprise you with its many options: you can search Twitter for specific phrases, find Tweets to or from a user, or narrow down Tweets by engagement.

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Search Tweets By Date Old Tweets Finder

Searching Twitter by date is a very common solution, in fact that is a very common request from users and clients: how to create Twitter reports filtered by dates? or also How do I search twitter by date?how to search someones tweets. Tweet Binder can do that, just use the advanced commands since and until in our search box. It is important to note that there must not be any space between the since or until and the two dots. It is also mandatory to write the numbers separated by – and with no blank space between each digit. Twitter search must be exactly like that. This can be like an old tweets finder, you can also write that on Twitters search box.

With Tweet Binder you can analyze tweets with no date limitation. This means that you can look for a hashtag since 2006. These historical reports are done under demand but they are fun! For example, lets take a look at Barack Obamas tweets. He opened his Twitter account back in March 2007, we can create a report that goes back there and we can analyze all his tweets . Take a look at the historical report for Barack Obamas Twitter account:

See What Your Audience Likes

How You Can Easily Search for Tweets by Date on Twitter

Take a look at your past content to find which tweets were the most engaged with. Perhaps you ran a campaign or tweet series in the past that did quite well, but you forgot about it or it was done by a different marketer.

This can help you to update your current and find even more content thats proven in terms of audience engagement

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Twitter Advanced Search Hacker Style

If youve used to search old tweets, you might have noticed this blue bar across the top of the search results page:

Twitter calls the strings of text inside this bar search operators. You can use them to perform advanced searches directly in the main Twitter search box, without having to visit the advanced search page.

The operators were interested in today are the from:, since: and until: ones. Heres what each one of them does:

Typing from:username into Twitter search will return all tweets sent by

Typing since:yyyy-mm-dd into Twitter search will return all tweets sent since yyyy-mm-dd

Typing until:yyyy-mm-dd into Twitter search will return all tweets sent until yyyy-mm-dd

You can also combine these operators into one big operator to perform the same advanced search we did in Method #1.

From:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd

From:hootsuite since:2014-01-01 until:2014-01-30

Voila! Weve found some old tweets.

How To Search A Date Range With The Keyboard

First of all, if you like using the keyboard, you can easily select a date range by typing it in the search box in any folder, just like in previous versions of Windows. Just use the following syntax:

modified:2/1/2016 .. 2/20/2016

The key is the two periods between the dates, which tells the search engine to use it as a range. You could also use Datecreated: or just date: instead of modified: if you wanted to.

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And if youre a real keyboard junkie, know that Windows uses the Advanced Query Syntax for search commands. This means you can search using Boolean operators, file properties, kinds of files, and a lot more. In fact, when you select options using the File Explorer UI, Windows is really just inputting those text searches for you.

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Historical Twitter Follower Count

If you want to start tracking your Twitter follower count you can do it right now with our , thats easy. You will be able to see your evolution since the day you started tracking. However, what many people want to know is the historical twitter follower count, the evolution since the creation of the Twitter account. Well, thats not technically possible because Twitter doesnt offer that BUT there is a way of estimate that.

Tweet Binder is developing a technology that will let you get your historical twitter follower count since the beginning. We use our Twitter Follower Tracker technology to estimate it based on the number of mentions, value and more variables. This is unique and we will be launching it soon in 2022 so if you want to try it . Our recommendation anyway is that you start tracking your Twitter Followers with us starting today, that way you will have a much more accurate result.

You can track your historical twitter follower count and anyones by the way. With Tweet Binder you can even compare them and you will be able to compare twitter historical follower count soon too.

Why Is It Important To Analyze Old Tweets

How to Search Twitter by Date

Firstly, because Twitter historical data gives perspective. It shows the amount of tweets and the accounts that were relevant. The thing is that Twitter is like a towns square. There are several conversations at the same time and about different topics. So, it is important to take time to check those tweets that talked, for example, about my brand. Or, on the other hand, Twitter historical data can help us to discover those accounts that started a relevant conversation or hashtag.

Secondly, old tweets are crucial to make decisions. We may have a strong marketing plan but if we dont know what has already happened, we are not going to be able to succeed. Take time to revise old campaigns. Request your competitors old data. Give yourself the information to make informed decisions. You may have already found out your own reason to get a Twitter historical report.

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The Simple Way To Search Old Tweets

The simplest but most time-consuming way to find your old tweets is to visit your profile and scroll back to your old tweets in your timeline. If youre a prolific Twitter user, however, this is a task that could take considerable time. Here at ShareThis, for example, weve tweeted more than 5,800 times. Thats a lot of scrolling!

The other hiccup with this method is that Twitter only allows you to scroll back to the past 3,200 tweets, so if youre like us and have tweeted more than 3,200 times, you wont be able to manually scroll back to the very beginning of your timeline. So, if youre in search of your first-ever tweet, the scrolling method wont work.

Now, if you really want to be thorough, you can request your full archive from Twitter. Go to your settings by clicking the More icon in the navigation menu, then click on Your account and then click Download an archive of your data. After verifying your account, click on the blue Request archive button on the next screen. Twitter will email you a link when your archive is ready to be downloaded, or if you have the app installed, youll receive a push notification. Your archive will include every tweet youve sent, including retweets, starting from the beginning, as well as other account data such as the accounts youve blocked or muted, interests and ads data, and more. The information will be sent in a .zip file, which can be downloaded and viewed in as an html file or CSV format.

The Ultimate Guide To Twitter Advanced Search

, examples, and quotes for your business if you know where to look. As a freelancer, I use it all the time to find new clients and examples for my articles. And Twitter’s advanced search makes the process a snap.

I’ll show you how to use Twitter’s advanced search to in your area, keep tabs on your brand, or follow a topic important to you. You’ll also learn an easy way to set up email notifications for Twitter search results or a Google Sheets spreadsheet to log ongoing results.

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How To Search Through Someone’s Tweets

1. Head to the and use the search bar in the top-right corner to search for anything.

2. At the top of the search results page, click the three dot icon next to the search bar, and then Advanced search.

3. A pop-up will appear with a variety of text boxes. Scroll down to Accounts and in the From these accounts field, type in the username of the person whose tweets you want to search. You’ll need to put in their exact @ name you won’t get suggestions.

4. Scroll back up to Words and specify what keywords or phrases you want to search that user’s tweets for. You can also use the None of these words field to exclude tweets that have those words.

5. If you’d like, scroll down to the Filters, Engagements, and Dates sections to make your search even more precise.

6. Click Search in the top-right.

You’ll be brought to a page with your search results. If you’d like to refine your search, just click the three dot icon and Advanced search again.

List Of Advanced Twitter Advanced Search Operators

Find Your Old Tweets: How to See Your First Tweet

To sum up everything that has been aforementioned, here is a list of the main twitter advanced search commands . Tweet Binder can analyze hashtags, terms or accounts. Moreover, the tool can be used with advanced commands. As a result, you will get the specific results. The most important operators are the following. NOTICE: These commands are valid at Tweet Binder for searches from the past 7 days . If you need tweets from months or years ago, try our .

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Audit Your Twitter Account

We have an entire post on how to conduct a quick, , and that includes deleting old tweets. Doing a search through old tweets is important if youve ever rebranded your business, changed up your messaging or removed old products and services.

These old tweets are no longer relevant, and you dont want them to turn up in a potential customers search of your business, confusing them or turning them away from your business if they find a product they want that is no longer available.

Its a good idea to regularly audit your Twitter account and remove tweets that no longer make sense for your business or fit your goals and objectives.

Access Twitter Advanced Search Feature

You can also initiate a twitter search by date by accessing the advanced search page when you visit the main Twitter page. You can make queries based on words, phrases, and hashtags, and you can exclude specific words and dates to tailor your search. You can search for tweets sent prior to a specific date, after a specific date, and within a specific range of dates. The easiest way to do a twitter search by date is to use the dropdown calendar menu and select a from date and a to date or both, depending on what youre looking for.

You can also initiate a twitter search by date from the first public tweet on Twitter to any date since that tweet was posted.

Its important to remember, however, that the first tweet on Twitter was posted on therefore any search you initiate will begin at that date even if you enter a date prior to this one.

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How To Use The Advanced Search Feature On Mobile

  • Log on to on your mobile device.
  • Use the regular search bar to search for keywords in the tweet you’re looking for.
  • Tap on the three dots in line with the search bar to reveal more search options.
  • Select Advanced search.
  • Fill in a search word or phrase.
  • Scroll down to filter search results by date, engagement, or any other parameters you wish to use and tap Search.
  • Using Allmytweets To Find Your Old Tweets

    How to see Old Tweets on Twitter Android

    Screenshot via AllMyTweets

    Cant wait for days to get an archive of your Twitter history from Twitter? Apps like AllMyTweets make it possible to find your old tweets instantly or at least in a few minutes, as opposed to days. And its easy to do:

  • Sign in with your Twitter account at AllMyTweets.
  • Enter the username of the account for which you want to find old tweets.
  • Select what you want to view for the account you entered: Tweets, Likes, Following, or Followers.
  • AllMyTweets will generate a list of tweets or likes , accounts following or followed by the account you entered in step #2.
  • You can click on the icon at the end of each tweet shown in the results to visit the tweet directly on Twitter.
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    How To Search Your Twitter Timeline

    If there’s one Twitter feature I always wanted but never had, it’s to search my timeline. Well, thanks to TIL that feature is already here: use “filter:follows filter:nativeretweets” followed by your search, eg: filter:follows filter:nativeretweets iPhone If there’s one Twitter feature I always wanted but never had, it’s to search my timeline. Well, thanks to TIL that feature is already here: use “filter:follows filter:nativeretweets” followed by your search, eg: filter:follows filter:nativeretweets iPhone Paul Hudson

    Using this little trick, you’ll be able to search your Twitter timeline for specific topics or terms, so you’ll only see Tweets and retweets from the people you follow that relate to your search term. Here’s how you do it.

    How To Search For Tweets From A Specific Date Or Time Period

    Benj Edwards

    Benj Edwards is an Associate Editor for How-To Geek. For over 15 years, he has written about technology and tech history for sites such as The Atlantic, Fast Company, PCMag, PCWorld, Macworld, Ars Technica, and Wired. In 2005, he created Vintage Computing and Gaming, a blog devoted to tech history. He also created The Culture of Tech podcast and regularly contributes to the Retronauts retrogaming podcast. Read more…

    Twitter often seems like a firehose of information that flows by faster than we can comprehend. Luckily, its possible to merely take a sip by searching for tweets from a specific date or date range. Heres how.

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    Why You Should Search Your Twitter History

    Now that weve covered how you can check out all of your past tweets and account mentions, lets talk about why you would want to do this.

    It might seem tedious to go back and check on your past Twitter history, but I promise theres a method to this madness. Here are a few reasons why you want to search your Twitter history every so often.

    Why Did Twitter Switch Course

    How You Can Easily Search for Tweets by Date on Twitter

    Twitter announced in 2018 that it developed new ways to give you more control over your timeline. It learned that showing the best tweets first is “more relevant and useful” – but it doesnt “always get this balance right”. So, it’s providing users with an easy way to switch between a timeline of the latest tweets, rather than the most relevant ones.

    This is a better way to browse the web.

    1/ Were working on new ways to give you more control over your timeline. But first, some context: Twitter helps you see whats happening by showing the best Tweets for you based on your interactions.

    Twitter Support

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