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How To Schedule Tweets On Twitter

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How to schedule tweets on Twitter

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Keep reading to discover how to schedule tweets on Twitter to save time and concentrate on bettering your engagement.

Weve taught you the how tos for scheduling your tweets on Twitter using Hopper HQ; now its essential to know why.Scheduling tweets on Twitter gives you the benefits of maintaining consistency with content and allows you to tweet at the right times for the best engagement. It truly comes with a bundle of advantages.Here are 3 tips on why you need to get scheduling your tweets.

How To Schedule Tweets Automatically From Twitter

Twitter actually has its own way to schedule posts to be published at a certain time in the future.

However, actually getting to use that tool is, in our experience, a long and hard road. We say that because in order to get to the menu to enable the scheduling of tweets is really cumbersome and confusing.

But, in this post were going explain how to do it and wish you lots of luck in your journey .

To use the Twitter application directly you must have an advertiser account on Twitter, you can achieve this step by following this link.

Besides having an advertiser account on Twitter, you also have to create a campaign in order to activate your advertiser account. To do this you need to give your credit card information. Doesnt sound very appealing right? Thats why were going to give you more interesting options a little bit later, Read on!

Assuming youve completed the previous steps, Once youre in your advertiser account, you have to go to the Creatives tab and find a blue box that says New Tweet. Once youve clicked on it it, a panel will appear thats similar to the one you normally use, but it gives you additional options: You can choose to promote your publication or schedule it.

After choosing to schedule the tweet, you have to pay close attention when inserting the day and time in which you want to post. Once youve uploaded your content, you can check your queued posts by using Scheduled filter.

What This Means For Buffer

Many have been curious about what this means for a service like Buffer, which is similar to the Scheduled Tweets feature. I asked Leo Widrich, Co-Founder of the company, for his reaction. This is what he said:

Im very excited about Twitter building out a scheduling feature. I believe that confirms the need for people to post Tweets at the right time, which is something weve been trying to optimize for over the past few years with Buffer.

As for Buffer specifically, I believe Twitters new scheduling has some very positive implications as it helps educate lots of new people who didnt know beforehand that you can actually schedule Tweets.

Since Twitters main focus isnt just scheduling, I think that Buffer is a great extension to it as we offer a lot of features beyond just scheduling, such as other networks, like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, social analytics, as well as timing optimizing and smarter scheduling options.

It looks like Leo is taking the rising tide raises all ships outlook to the new feature release.

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Advantages Of Being Able To Schedule Tweets On Twitter

Once you know how to schedule tweets on Twitter, you get so much from the free tool.;

  • Youre better able to manage your time correctly. Everything, mostly tweets, has its space on your to-do-list.
  • You can efficiently multitask without content suffering on Twitter. If its a hectic day at work, your Twitter followers wont notice.;
  • Come rain or shine; you have content waiting to go out on Twitter.;
  • As a business, you save time, which translates to saving money.
  • You can test the effectiveness of time. This way, you determine what times get more reaction and schedule future tweets for then.;
  • You can schedule tweets for any time zone you want.;
  • Now, you know what youve been missing.;

    Without further delay, lets walk you through the steps on how to schedule tweets on Twitter.

    It Keeps Your Content In A Flow

    Twitter Announces Scheduled Tweets

    Consistent posting is the key to build a strong following on Twitter. Besides that, scheduling content ensures that your tweet quality is never compromised. When you create and schedule in bulk, you will never be out of content to post.

    Additionally, if you have a campaign coming up, you can schedule all related tweets in bulk and stay on top of your customers mind at all times. On launch day, you can worry about one thing less!

    Oh, and did we mention that Social Champ has a fantastic feature to create collections of posts and use them in a campaign, as well as the option to bulk upload content for the entire month?!

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    Using The Asset Library To Save Time With Twitter Scheduling

    You can save more time scheduling Twitter posts by using Sprouts Asset Library. Save images and videos to the Asset Library. Then when scheduling your Tweets, you can quickly select the content you want to use in seconds.

    In addition to media files, you can also add saved responses to the Asset Library. This helps you save time when you have to quickly respond to FAQs and social mentions.

    Twitter Scheduled Tweets Not Showing Up

    There is no such issue that could happen from your end like Twitter Schedules Tweets not showing up or working. However, if youre experiencing this problem, there might be Twitter App at fault. Heres what you can do when Twitter Scheduled Tweets dont work and show up.

    • First of all, check if;? When Twitter is facing an outage, then you might see scheduled tweets along with other functionalities. It might be possible Twitter is under maintenance.
    • Update the Twitter App; if youre unable to see Scheduled Tweets in your Twitter account, then update the Twitter App right away.
    • Another workaround is you can;try the Web version;or Twitter App to see the Scheduled Tweets.
    • If none of the solutions work, then;, they will help you with this issue.

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    What Is The Best Way To Schedule A Tweet

    Screenshot via

    Just a few months ago, there was no way to schedule a tweet through Twitter itself. Instead, you needed to use a scheduling tool to do it for you . However, Twitter has since boosted its game to let you schedule tweets before youre ready to post them, right from its web app.

    Unfortunately, this feature isnt yet available on the mobile app, so youll need to head to Twitters website on your mobile device or computer to use it. Heres how to do it:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Start composing your tweet as you usually would.
  • Instead of hitting the Tweet button, click the calendar icon.
  • Change the day and time youd like your tweet to post and hit the Confirm button.
  • If you want to view your scheduled tweets, click the calendar icon, followed by the Scheduled Tweets link.

    How To Schedule Tweets Using Android Ios And Desktop

    How to Schedule a Tweet on Twitter

    Scheduling tweets is now much easier with Twitter, allowing you to schedule tweets from Twitter itself. You no longer need to schedule tweets using third-party apps that risk your data. Moreover, you can schedule tweets using your android and IOS devices. In this guide, I will show you how to schedule tweets using the Twitter website and on Twitter mobile.

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    Schedule Tweets On Twitter And Save Time To Concentrate On Engagement Tip #2 The More You Tweet The More Chances Of Increasing Your Engagement

    Everything starts with the posting of a tweet. Engagement works in two ways on Twitter. 1. By actively tweeting and 2. By engaging with other users tweets. By scheduling tweets, you can begin to start different forms of conversations; the more you tweet, the more chances have in front of your audience.;

    Fortunately, Twitters algothrim focuses on recent content and actively engaged users. Post regularly to build brand exposure and respond to your mentions and notifications as soon as you can.

    Our favourite design developing tool,;Adobe Photoshop, has formed a content series to interact with their audience by asking for their opinion. Its a common theme throughout their Twitter profile, and it works.;

    Maintaining Your Posting Schedule

    Planning and scheduling your Tweets can be useful if youre trying to establish or maintain a content calendar. By planning out Tweets for the week or weeks ahead, you have the opportunity to create a consistent posting schedule where theres no risk of forgetting to send out a Tweet at a certain time. So feel comfortable knowing you can publish your Tweets based on your pre-planned schedule, whether its around a specific campaign or seasonal content.

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    How To Schedule Tweets On Tweetdeck

    TweetDeck is a free Twitter tool for managing multiple accounts, schedule posts, real-time tracking, organizing, reaching target audiences, and discovering the best of Twitter.

  • Sign in to your TweetDeck account and click the Tweet.;
  • Confirm that the Twitter account youd like to Tweet from is selected.;
  • Compose your Tweet. Include an image or video with the Tweet by clicking Add images or video.
  • Twitter also recently introduced which are like story-type disappearing tweets and which is a group audio chat to discuss anything with followers. Try these too!

    How To Schedule Tweets Automatically In Predefined Publishing Times

    How to schedule tweets on Twitter

    Think about when you have tens or even hundreds of posts, or maybe when you want to post the same thing on multiple accounts but not all at exactly the same time; its a tedious task to have to set the time and date for each and every post.

    The ideal thing to do is to define a set of default publishing times, for example, every day at 9 in the morning or Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am and 10 pm. In this case, Postcron;has a feature that lets you schedule posts automatically in default times that you can define beforehand

    This option enables you to set up the times and days of the week for each account ahead of time. Then, when it comes time to post, all you have to do is click one button. Instead of clicking on the Schedule button, click on the little arrow next to it and then select Schedule in Predefined Publishing Times

    You can define your publishing times by going to My Account;menu, option: Social Media Accounts. Once there, youll see all your accounts and next to each one, a button that says;Predefined Publishing Times.

    Then a panel will come up where you have to enter the default times when you want your posts to be published for each account listed.

    Then, all you have to do after creating your post is choose Predefined Publishing Times from the main screen and the post will automatically locate the next predefined time slot thats available.

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    Create Content That Matters

    Feeding your target audience with rich and valuable content is the key to go viral on Twitter. This valuable content can be anything that relates to your audience news, product updates, memes, industry updates, etc. News and current affairs are the most shared content types on Twitter.;

    From current holidays and the weather to scientific studies and politics, people love to share about anything newsworthy. People engage a lot with such content and tend to retweet it often. In short, help your audience to discover good content, and they will help you in making it viral.

    Can You Schedule Tweets For Free

    It is possible to schedule tweets for free using the native Twitter platform. However, you can only schedule one tweet at a time. Thus, if you want to schedule 3-4 tweets together, you need to compose them and schedule them separately. If you are a business or individual who manages just one or two Twitter accounts, this option might be feasible for you. Simply go to Twitter, compose your tweet, click on the calendar icon and schedule tweets for your desired date and time.

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    The Benefits Of Scheduling Tweets

    Why schedule a tweet in the first place?

    It saves you time! Twitter is one of the only social platforms that rewards frequent posting. Tweet sizes are limited to 280 characters, which forces users to tweet the way Twitter intends with quick, to-the-point posts. Many Twitter users tweet multiple times each day and see excellent reach and engagement from their efforts.

    But you dont want to spend all day on Twitter, right? Scheduling a tweet lets you create tweets in bulk to send out at optimal times without flooding your followers feeds with 20 posts from you at a time. For example, you might schedule a full day of tweets in the morning but space their posting times throughout the day.

    Scheduling also lets you target prime posting times to increase engagement when you cant be on Twitter to post in real-time. Youll also get your tweets in front of people in different time zones, ensuring that your full audience gets to interact with your posts, no matter where theyre located.

    How Many Tweets Should I Schedule On Twitter

    How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter

    You can always schedule tweets on Twitter but there is no official limit announced yet. However, when Twitter thinks youre crossing the tweeting limit, it will send out an error message. Then, you will be allowed to try again later. At least Twitter doesnt suspend us for this one, yet! It is ideal to tweet 3-4 times or a maximum of 6-7 times a day. Anything beyond that would probably be considered spamming and irritate your followers.

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    How To Schedule Tweets Via Social Champ

    With Social Champ, you schedule tweets in a few easy steps.

    • Either log in or signup for a Social Champ account.
    • Once you are on the content composer, select your Twitter profile.
    • Write your content, add visuals and hashtags.
    • Select Schedule from the bottom of the content composer.
    • Select your preferred day, date, and time.
    • Your tweet is now scheduled.
    • Check out all the scheduled posts from the Social Media Calendar!

    How To Use Tweetdeck To Schedule Twitter Posts

    Twitter owns the social media management application TweetDeck. It gives skilled users a new way to organize and keep track of their activities.

    In the TweetDeck app, youll see a Scheduled section where you may keep a record of scheduled tweets. If the scheduled tweet went out as planned. You should be able to go back on your computer now. When you return to Twitter, youll see that your tweets are running at your planned time correctly.

    TweetDeck allows you to plan an unlimited number of tweets across different Twitter accounts. This is a wonderful option for people who are very busy and have no time for Twitter.

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    Add Content In Libraries

    Libraries allow you to categorize your posts neatly into different spaces. You can fill them up with awesome content and set a recurring schedule to make all that content go out in a loop on your Twitter accounts and other social platforms too. Your libraries can be found under the Recurring Posts tab.

    When you sign up, 3 libraries will be created by default. You can edit or delete them, or create as many new libraries as you want. In these libraries, you will find a lot of options to add recurring updates. You can add a single update, add images/text/link posts in bulk, add content through a CSV/excel file, import content from a social account, or set up an RSS feed.

    How To Schedule Tweets Via The Twitter App:

    How to Schedule Your Tweets on Twitter For Free
  • Open the Twitter app on your phone on Android or iOS, and make sure you are logged in to the correct account.
  • Type in your tweet and add any media like image, video, gifs, emojis, or create a poll, just as you usually would for any tweet.
  • Hit the calendar/clock icon to open scheduling options.
  • Set the date and time to your choosing and time zone, a handy option if you need to figure out different times around the world.
  • Done! Hit confirm at the top right, and your tweet is scheduled.
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    How To Schedule Tweets On Twitter Website

  • Open;;on your web or phone browser, and log in to your Twitter profile.
  • Type your tweet and add any media like image, video, gifs, emojis, or create a poll based on your preference.
  • Now click the calendar/clock icon to set scheduling options.
  • Set the correct timezone, date, and time to schedule your tweet to publish.
  • Note:;You cant schedule a Tweet more than 18 months in the future.

    Schedule Tweets With Buffer

    Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once.

    Using Buffer, you can quickly schedule content from anywhere on the web and collaborate with team members working on the same accounts.They have a feature similar to Twitter ads, where you can schedule tweets with images, like so:

    The Buffer browser extension also lets you right-click on any image you find on a site and use it in your tweet. They;automatically add the link of the page, so you can easily credit the owner of the image. This uploads the image to Twitter itself, which means Twitter will show it inline.

    The advantage of using Buffer over Twitter Ads is that you can also;analyse rich statistics on how your posts perform: Another tool that was mentioned was;Spreadfast, which is a paid-for tool hence not reviewed here. Let us know if that tool is worth looking into too.

    So there you have it lots of;easy ways to schedule tweets with images.

    What are you waiting for? Get scheduling your tweets with inline images!

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