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How To Schedule Send In Gmail

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What If I Need To Update Or Delete The Email

Schedule send in Gmail

If you decide you don’t want to send the email after all, you can still delete it as long as you get to it before the scheduled time.

Simply click on Scheduled on the main menu, choose the email you would like to delete, and select Cancel send.

If you need to update the time or date that the email is scheduled to send, cancel the email. A draft will appear where you can edit the content of the email and repeat the steps listed above.

How To Schedule An Email In Gmail

Here’s how to schedule an email in Gmail to send a message later

Learning how to schedule an email in Gmail takes mere moments, and will let you take much greater control of when your messages are sent.

Gmails email scheduling took a surprisingly long time to be implemented, only launching in 2019. Still, its a useful tool that saves you the trouble of installing any add-on software to do the same job. In this guide, well show you how to schedule an email in Gmail, using the current desktop and mobile interfaces.

For the purpose of this guide, well assume youre already a Gmail user and are familiar with how to compose emails. The scheduling process only takes a few quick clicks when the hardest part is making sure you dont hit Send by accident, you can be sure its not unnecessarily complicated.

Scheduling emails is handy if youre using Gmail for work, as it can help manage the workflow of both yourself and your colleagues, but theres nothing stopping you from scheduling personal emails too.

If you need to send an email and its not urgent, you could schedule it instead of sending right away, giving yourself a bit of extra time to go back and edit the message if necessary.

Catching Attention At The Right Time

This one is ideal for email-focused salespeople. Your target demographics are probably more likely to read and open an email on a certain day of the week, or a certain time of day, like 10:30 am Wednesday morning.

That timeslot may not be convenient for you to draft a new email, so scheduling the email in advance can help you hit that ideal timeslot no matter what.

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Send An Email At A Specific Time Gmail

Sending an email at a specific time does not require rocket science. Please follow the below steps to send an email at a specific time

Step 1: From the compose email window

Step 2: on the drop-down arrow near the Send button

Step 3: on Schedule Send

Step 4:SelectPick date & time

Step 5: Fill in the time you would like to send your email

Step 6: Set the time and click on Schedule send. You just successfully set your email to send at a specific time.

How To Schedule Gmail Emails On Desktop And Mobile

Gmail Delay Send

Long gone are the days where you need to use third-party plug-ins in order to schedule emails in your Gmail account.

In the latest Gmail update, Google released the ability to schedule emails to send at a later time. This allows for you to send your responses at a time you deem appropriate.

Email is an essential part of business internal communication and scheduling emails can help you better communicate with your team. Say you want to send a weekly update email to your team but have too much on your plate to manually send it. You now have the ability in Gmail to schedule that email to arrive in their inbox at 9:00 am Monday morning.

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A Few Email Scheduling Caveats

The Schedule send button in Gmail is dangerously close to the regular Send button, so be careful until it’s muscle memory.

Scheduling emails only takes a few clicks in most email clients, but you’ll want to finesse the practice.

  • Schedule the email for a random time. If people keep getting emails from you at 1 p.m. on the dot every day , it might become obvious what’s happening. So schedule your email to go out at a slightly more random timefollow your heart.

  • Unschedule the message if you change your mind. As you get started, it’s easy to confuse the Schedule send feature with a Drafts feature. Your email is going to get sent if you don’t do anything about it, so if you change your mind or need to add or remove something from the email, do it before the scheduled time.

  • Remember that “tomorrow” might not mean tomorrow. If you use time-based language, make sure it’s lined up with the scheduled email time. I recommend removing “today,””tomorrow,” and terms like that from your email lexicon entirely and using exact dates instead.

Email is already asynchronous, so why not use that to your advantage? If you’re ready to start delaying your emails, here’s .

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How To Cancel A Scheduled Email On Desktop

You can view your scheduled emails by clicking Scheduled in the left pane of the Gmail interface on your computer.

Open the scheduled email that you want to stop.

To cancel sending the email, click Cancel Send at the top right corner of the email.

Gmail will revert the message to a draft. You can modify its contents and re-schedule the email or send it immediately. If you dont want to send the email, you can delete the draft or save it for later.

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How To Cancel A Scheduled Email On Iphone Or Android

In the Gmail app for iPhone or Android, tap the menu button at the top left corner of the screen and then tap Scheduled in the sidebar menu.

Tap the scheduled email you want to cancel.

As on desktop, tap Cancel Send at the top right corner of the email to cancel sending it.

Gmail will revert the email to a draft. You wont lose the email unless you choose to discard the draft.

Microsoft Outlook will only send scheduled emails when you have the Outlook desktop program open. Gmail is smarter. It will send your scheduled email messages at the time you chose even if you dont have the Gmail website or app open.

Canceling A Scheduled Email In Gmail App

How to schedule an email in Gmail

In case you ignored the Undo button or need to cancel sending the scheduled mail after scheduling it and before its time, tap the hamburger icon to the top left corner of the Gmail home screen.

Navigate to and tap the Scheduled tile under All labels.

Tap to open the email you want to cancel sending. Then, tap the Cancel Send button in the scheduling notification.

A canceled scheduled email reverts to a draft. Tap the pen icon to continue editing the drafts. Or tap the Go to drafts button in the schedule canceling notification at the bottom of the screen to reach your list of drafts.

On both devices the desktop client and the mobile app, Gmail records your last scheduled time. The next time you schedule a new email, you will see your last emails schedule.

Thats about scheduling an email on Gmail! We hope you found our guide useful in understanding how smoothly you can schedule and cancel sending an email!

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Schedule Gmail Message Via Your Phone

Launch the Gmail app on your phone and compose your message. When youre ready to schedule it, tap the Options button on the upper-right side of the app. Then choose Schedule send from the menu.

Next, youll get a screen with some options for times and dates on when to send it. For example, it will show some convenient dates like Monday morning or tomorrow afternoon. Or, you can choose the Pick a date & time button to schedule it for whenever you want.

After youre done, you will see a message at the bottom of the screen letting you know the message is scheduled. You can also undo the action or view your message. Its similar to the Undo feature already present in Gmail.

You Can Respond To People Immediately

Imagine you send someone an email asking their opinion on something small, and 10 minutes later, you have a response with their opinion. Ten minutes is a decent amount of time to think about something small, do some quick research, and write back . But your first reaction is going to be: wow, they didn’t really think about that enough.

If the person took the exact same amount of time, but the email showed up in your inbox six hours later, or even the next day, you’d think they’d put more thought into it. They didn’tbut perception is reality.

Especially if you , you’re bound to see some messages the instant they come in. Responding right away is sometimes helpful for the recipient, but usually, a delay is the way to goit’ll make the person feel better about the thoughtfulness and intentionality of the response.

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How To Schedule An Email In Gmail In 6 Easy Steps

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Many professionals use Gmail to communicate with colleagues or share important documents with others. Sometimes, professionals may want to send emails at a later time or different day entirely, which the schedule feature allows them to do. If you use Gmail often at work, it might be helpful to understand how to schedule an email. In this article, we explain situations in which this feature is beneficial and provide steps you can follow to schedule one, along with measures you can take for editing and canceling a scheduled email.

C How To Edit Your Scheduled Emails In The Gmail Mobile App

How to Schedule a Gmail to Send at a Later Date/Time

You can also edit your scheduled emails through the Gmail app on your Android device and iOS device .

Heres how to do it:

First, follow the steps I mentioned above to cancel your scheduled message. Then, from your Drafts folder, do the following:

Step 1Open the email and tap the little pencil icon to begin making changes to your scheduled message.

Step 2When done, tap the three dots located near the send icon.On Android, these dots are vertical, while on iOS, theyre horizontal.

Step 3Select Schedule send and pick from the preset times or select your own. You can choose to send the email at a later date and time or send it when you had initially planned.

While Gmails scheduling feature is excellent, editing your scheduled emails is still a tiring process that involves deleting and rescheduling the emails. Additionally, if you want to schedule multiple emails, it can be very tedious as youll have to add dates/times manually to each one.

Fortunately, powerful email outreach tools like GMass can help schedule your Gmail emails effortlessly.

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Follow Up Sometime Later

Even if you send an email at the right time, there is a slight chance that it might go unnoticed. Scheduling will help you with follow-ups and having the message resent if the recipient has yet to respond. Some of the instances where a follow-up may be needed include after a meeting, after a networking event, after sending several follow-ups, and after sending a voicemail.

How Does Schedule Send Work In Gmail

There are tons of tools to do work online today, from chat apps to video conferencing software. And in terms of marketing, webinars or digital conferences have become incredibly popular.

However, nothing seems to have replaced the classic need for email. Its the most reliable, widely-used method of conducting official business on the web with a 4,200% ROI. But if you dont have the right tools, youre bound to become distracted with email.

One of the keys to being more productive via email is sending your messages at the right time. Gmail launched the ability to send an email later in April 2019.

So in this article, well discuss how to use schedule send in Gmail and why theres a better option that you can use:

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Reasons To Schedule An Email In Gmail

First, lets cover some common reasons you might need to schedule an email in the first place:

  • Different time zones for employees / students / clients
  • Writing the email in advance, where the information will not be accurate until a certain date
  • Following up professionally at the right time of the day during business hours
  • Those are just some of the reasons. But how do you actually do it then?

    A How To Schedule An Email In The Gmail Mobile App

    Schedule send in Gmail

    Gmails mobile app can help you with scheduled sending on the go.

    Heres how to do it:

    Step 1Open the Gmail app on your Android or iOS device and tap the Compose button.

    Step 2Compose the email youd like to schedule.

    Step 3In the Compose window, find the three dots located at the top of the screen.

    While these dots are vertical in an Android device, they are horizontal in an iOS device.

    Step 4Then, tap Schedule send from the pop-up menu that appears.

    Step 5From the window that appears, select the later time and date you want to send your email.

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    Select Compose An Email And Write Your Email

    To open a blank email, select the “Compose an email” button, which is near the top left corner of your screen. The “Compose an email” button is an icon of a red pencil. Before you schedule the email, it’s important to write your message and add a recipient. Type the email in the white text box and add your contacts into the “To” field. You may also want to add a subject line to emphasize the topic of your message.

    How To Schedule An Email On Desktop

    In the Gmail website in desktop browsers, compose your email regularly. Instead of clicking the usual Send button, click the down arrow to the right of the Send button and then click Schedule Send.

    Tell Gmail when you want to send the email. You can pick a time like tomorrow morning or provide a custom date and time.

    You can even schedule an email for a few years out. Perhaps you want to send a message to your future self a few years from now! Gmail will let you schedule emails up to the year 2068. If Gmail is still around in 48 years and Google hasnt changed the way this feature works, Gmail will send the email to your desired recipientassuming they still have that email address.

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    B How To Cancel Your Scheduled Emails In The Gmail Web App

    If youve scheduled an email but no longer want to send it, dont worry. Its pretty straightforward to cancel a scheduled mail from your Gmail inbox. Heres how:

    Step 1Sign in to your Gmail account on your desktop browser.

    Step 2Locate the Scheduled folder on the left-hand side of the screen and click it.

    Step 3Select the email you want to cancel by clicking the checkbox to the left of the email.

    Step 4Finally, click the Cancel send button located just beneath the search bar.

    The scheduled send email will no longer be sent at the specified later date and time and will move from the Scheduled folder to your Drafts folder, where you can delete it.

    From The Gmail App On Your Phone Or Tablet

    Getting started with Schedule Email for Gmail (How to schedule sending ...

    Schedule a date and time to send an email.

    From your mobile phone, locate the three stacked dots.

    1. If you’re using the Gmail app to send an email, locate the stacked three dots in the upper-right-hand side.

    2. Tap the dots and select Schedule send.

    3. From there, a menu will appear and you can add the date and time you want it to send.

    4. Click Schedule send. A message box will appear in the bottom-left corner that says “Send scheduled for” You can undo the action or view your message.

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    How To Schedule Your Messages In Gmail To Send Later

    Gmail is now rolling out a new feature that allows you to schedule your messages up to 49 years in advance via the web version or Gmail app on your phone.

    Have you ever needed to send a message from Gmail at a specific time, but forgot to do it? Wouldnt it be nice if you could compose a message or multiple messages and schedule them to be sent at a specific time? Particularly if you work with others across time zones. The Boomerang extension allowed it for years.

    But now the feature is being baked into Gmail on the web or via the mobile app. Google recently announced the feature in a post that celebrates 15 years of Gmail.

    Its important to note that Google started a gradual rollout of this feature on April 1st and not everyone has it yet. If you dont see it yet, try logging out and back in or updating the app on your phone. Once you do have the feature, here is what to look for and how to schedule your messages.

    You’ll Have Less Email Stress

    Email stress is the main reason I schedule emails for later. And in this case, “later” isn’t some fuzzy amount of timeit’s a really specific time when I know I’m ready for the recipient to read the email. That time is decidedly not at the end of my workday or in the last hours before my weekend.

    Example: it’s 4 p.m. on a Friday, and I’m sending an email that I know the recipient won’t be thrilled about . I have a feeling I’ll get either a lot of questions or an unhappy response. If the person is at their desk when I send the email, they might read it right awayat 4 p.m. on a Friday. So then:

    • I’ve ruined their weekend.

    • I’ve ruined my weekend because I’m stressed about how they’ll react.

    • I’ve further ruined my weekend because I keep checking my work email just in case, hoping they wrote back in a totally understanding way.

    • If they did write back, I either have to leave them hanging until Monday morning or work on the weekend in order to respond promptly.

    But equally as annoying is not writing that email even though it’s on my mind. It’s one more thing I didn’t check off my to-do list, I don’t have going into the weekend, and I have an emotionally stressful task waiting for me on Monday morning.

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