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How To Schedule Posts On Pinterest

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Schedule Pins By Adding To Queue Or Using An Interval

Create a PINTEREST PLAN SCHEDULE! | ( How to Post to Pinterest in 2021?)

You can schedule out your pins by either 1) adding them to the queue and they will fill up your available time slots in order. Remember to shuffle your queue when youre done filling it!

A better way is 2) to use the interval feature to schedule them exactly according to your preferences. The maximum amount of time between pin publications to different boards is 90 days, meaning if you publish to 10 boards , you have two and half years worth of mileage out of that one pin!

Now, youll have your own strategy that you will learn and implement in time. But a good starting point is to schedule to at least 5 8 relevant boards including group boards if you have found any high-quality, targeted ones.

You will also find the Communities feature of Tailwind super helpful. Formerly known as Tribes, the Communities tab offers ways of connecting with like-minded creators in your niche and gaining re-shares by organically sharing the content of your Communities mates.

Set Up A New Calendar On Your Google Account

Thankfully, Google accounts are free and come with Google calendars. So, if you dont have one yet, go ahead and .

Once you have your free Google account set up, head to

This calendar will act as the source and schedule of your pins that you want to share with a specific board, so name this calendar something similar to the board youre going to schedule pins to.

Why Pinning Time Matters

When you Pinned was super important. Pin at the wrong time and no one would see it!

Now we have Smart Feed. At first glance, it might seem that when you Pin isnt important anymore.

Thats because you want need your followers to interact with your content when it first arrives.

This really helps you !

So knowing when your audience is around is really important.

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Select Your Date For Pin To Be Published

Now, there is a limitation here. You can only pick a date thats a maximum of two weeks out. So if you are OK with scheduling out your content every two weeks, this is likely a good solution for you.

Once you have made your optimizations and picked a time and date, and a board to publish to in the top right hand corner, hit schedule.

However! There is another limitation you need to be aware of. Its not actually possible to edit the pin once you have scheduled. This means if you decide to publish at a different time, want to change your title, URL, description or any aspect, you cannot. You can only delete or publish now.

How Often Should You Schedule Pins On Tailwind

How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Your Craft Business

Although there is no exact formula, most pinners start out pinning 20% their content and 80% others. This is good in the beginning especially when you dont have a lot of your own content to share.

As you grow you blog and you have more content, you can start shifting that to more of your own content. Like I said, theres no magic number, but Ive heard of some very successful pinners pinning 90% their own content. It may be best to start small and then use trial and error.

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Have Several Boards On The Same Topic

A great way to distribute pins on your profile is to have similar board topics.

When you do this, you can pin the same pin to multiple different boards.

For example, if I search kid activities, I get a lot of global topics:

This can start some of your board topics like:

  • Indoor kid activities
  • Outdoor kid activities
  • Kid activities while camping

In my course Ready Set Blog for Traffic, I share more optimized ways to name your boards so that pinners find your pins and boards and grow your traffic and profile.

Edit The Times You Want Your Pin To Be Scheduled

Once you choose some boards to schedule your pin out to, you will need to set the time that you want them to be pinned. You have a couple of choices here:

  • Choose Add to Queue Now which will fill any vacant spots in your feed. I dont recommend this unless you are only adding individual pins from the feed onto only one board. If you use it to pin one specific pin to multiple boards, it will go out back to back and you could get shut down for spam.
  • Use Interval. This is the best option for scheduling to multiple boards as you can set the start date and time for the first pin and then create a lapse between each pin. Most pinners only pin the same pin once every other day to a different board so I have found it best to set my first pin to now and then set a 2d interval for the rest.
  • Once you determine how much time between posts, you can choose whether you want the interval to be: Open will fill open spots in your schedule, Optimized Will create slots if your schedule is full or Exact choose your own schedule
  • PRO TIP: You can set up a list of your favorite boards to save time in Board Lists in your Publisher dashboard of Tailwind to save time! I usually schedule out my pin to the most relevant board first, followed by my Best Of board so that it adds to my Pinterest cover.

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    Enter All Required Information#

    Now, click on the âConnect appâ button then you will now be redirected to a new page where you have to enter some required information about the app you are creating. Simply go ahead and fill up the necessary information regarding your Application. Afterward, hit the âSubmitâ button, and your application will be successfully created.

    Always Edit And Double

    ecomConnect – Ask the Expert | How to publish and schedule posts in Pinterest

    Then, edit that description. As well as making sure youve included keywords, and that the description is grammatically correct and free of typos before its published.

    And its not just the words you want to double-check. Make sure the Pin youre scheduling is going to publish to the correct board and that youve included the correct link.

    Checking during the scheduling phase will help your brand avoid embarrassing mistakes.

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    What Happens Next Is The Genius Part

    Your new scheduled pin on your Google calendar will automatically be added to your board on the day and time you scheduled it too.

    To see if everything is working correctly, you can even check your IFTTT account activity feed. It will show you when an applet is created, running, or if there are any failures.

    Upload Pins Directly To Your Tailwind Dashboard

    This is your Tailwind dashboard. On the right is your schedule with all free timeslots in light gray.

    On the left is the list of pins to be published. To add new pins to this queue, you can either upload them by dragging them in or by using the Tailwind Chrome browser extension to schedule pins for any web pages .

    Once youve uploaded your pin , youll have some saved drafts.

    Youll want to optimize these, making sure they have the correct text and URL.

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    Choose The Google Calendar You Wish To Connect This Applet To And Click Create Trigger

    Remember that Google calendar we created? This is where you add it to your IFTTT applet. You can choose when to have this triggered by selecting how many minutes before the event goes off. But, keeping in at zero minutes will make the trigger go off when the event happens. Its okay to keep it at zero minutes.

    Tip #: Pin Based On Your Niche

    How to Schedule Facebook Posts in Your Craft Business

    Before you start scheduling Pins, you need to make sure theyre aligned with your niche and other social channels.

    For example, if youre a paint company, your boards could include design inspiration, home office tips, painting guides, and more.

    In comparison, a board about puppies wont make the most sense to someone who comes across your profile.

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    Want To Learn How To Use Social Media To Attract Attention And Grow Your Business

    My book Blogging the Smart Way How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media will show you how.

    It is now available on Amazon. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. I also reveal the tactics I used to grow my Twitter followers to over 110,000.

    Pin At The Best Times

    Another important tip is to post your Pinterest content at the best times to post on Pinterest. If you have been wondering about when to post on Pinterest, you can schedule pins in advance with a tool like RecurPost. When you post at times that are optimal for posting, you will increase the chances of getting higher engagement and visibility for your posts.

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    How Does It Work

    The PIN PLANNER has three tabs to view library, scheduled, and published. Your Pins will show up in chronological order in your media library, so all of your newest scheduled Pins will show up in the left-hand corner from left to right and top to bottom. An important thing to note is that you can only access your analytics if you have a Pinterest Business Profile click here to learn more.

    Customize Your Social Template#

    How to use Tailwind for Pinterest – Pinterest Scheduler TUTORIAL for Beginners (2021)

    Next, you should customize your social template. This option lets you choose how to display your content when you automatically share WordPress posts on Pinterest. Navigate to SchedulePressâ Settings and click on the âSocial Templatesâ tab. Scroll down to the section and change the options according to your preferences. Click on the âSave Settingsâ button to update your changes.

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    Add Links To The Caption Area And Url Box

    If you are the originator of the content, dont forget to add a relevant URL link in the URL box too. This link can direct traffic to the homepage of your website or blog, or better still an internal page such as a specific blog post or your product page.

    You can also link the pin to a squeeze page to build a list of subscribers, send visitors to an affiliate landing page to increase sales or even drive traffic to a recent press review for your product or service to boost your credibility.

    Just remember when you are pinning other peoples content to link back to the original source URL to avoid copyright infringement.

    Proofread And Double Check Your Graphics For Errors

    Yes! Do not skip this or skim it too fast. This is really important as you wont want to be deleting them later or wasting your Tailwind or Tribe share counts.

    Trust me on this one. Its really embarrassing to find out a post you created was re-shared by a huge developer with SPELLING & GRAMMATICAL errors.

    Ughhhhh. I learn the hard way I guess.

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    Using The Tailwind Chrome Browser Extension

    As touched on, the Tailwind Chrome extension is an even easier way of grabbing multiple graphics or images to pin. Once added to Chrome, every time you visit a page on the internet, youll be able to see something like this whenever you hit the extension.

    From that view, simply select all the pictures you want, and then hit schedule which will take you to the familiar drafts screen.

    Once youre on that screen, you can schedule each little batch as you go along, or add dozens or hundreds or pins to your drafts and then schedule them in one fell swoop.

    Remember, whenever you are scheduling you will need to select boards to pin to. So, make sure you have a decent selection or boards to pin to and keep adding to them. Pinterest never shows boards that have just a handful of pins. The key is both quantity and quality!

    Choose Your Social Media Graphics

    How to Schedule Facebook Posts in Your Craft Business

    You should see any of the graphics that are included in your post along with any of the hidden ones. Choose the graphics you would like to share by clicking on each of them. You will know they are selected as they will have a blue line around them.

    When you have selected all of the ones you want, click on the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner that says GO SCHEDULE!.

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    Set Up Your Pinning Schedule

    After you are all signed-up, youll want to set up your pinning schedule preferences. Depending on where you are with your blogging business, youll want to create a schedule so that you can pin your own pins with a combination of other, high-quality pins.

    To set your daily pinning schedule, head over to Publisher> Scheduled Pins in the dashboard. This is where all your scheduled pins are shown .

    At the bottom of your daily view on the right, you will find a clock icon and a link that says Add/Remove Time Slots. Click on the button Recreate Schdedule to modify the number of pins per day you would like to schedule.

    Thats all you have to do! Tailwind will automatically choose timeslots that are the most active for your audience which is awesome!

    Sign Up For An Ifttt Account And Add A New Applet On Ifttt

    The tool youll be using to link your Google calendar to your Pinterest account is called If this then that or IFTTT.COM

    IFTTT.COM connects various devices and services together using simple If this then that statements and logic. So, for this automation to work, were going to set up a statement that says If any event starts on your google calendar, then add Pin that event to this board.

    Seems pretty simple, right? Lets walk you through how to do it.

    Click here to join IFTTT.COM. Once you make your free profile, click on My Applets and New Applet to start the process of connecting Google to Pinterest.

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    How To Schedule Pins Using Hootsuite

    Step 1: After logging in to Hootsuite, hover over the Create icon

    Then choose Create Pin.

    Step 2: Add all the details for your Pin

    Choose which board this Pin will appear in, choose to have the Pin show up on more than on board or create a new board.

    Write a description, add the website link and add the eye-catching image.

    Step 3: Edit the image

    You can optimize the photo you choose using Hootsuites built-in photo editor. Edit colour, contrast and more, and choose the ideal size. Hootsuite recommends the ideal aspect ratios for each social platform.

    Step 4: Click Schedule for later

    Step 5: Choose the ideal date and time

    Step 6: Click Schedule

    If you select the dropdown arrow next to Schedule, you will see options to save the Pin as a draft, schedule and reuse accounts, or schedule and duplicate the post.

    Bonus:Download a free guide that teaches you how to make money on Pinterest in six easy steps using the tools you already have.

    Configure Schedulepress Social Profile#

    Schedule Multiple Pinterest Posts | Use Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule hundreds of pins

    Navigate to SchedulePressâ Settings from your WordPress dashboard and click on the âSocial Profileâ tab. Here, you can simply head over to the tab and toggle the option to enable auto-sharing on Pinterest.

    Afterward, click on the âAdd New Profileâ button. A pop-up will appear where you can enter your Pinterest App ID and App Secret. Click on the âGenerate Access Tokenâ button when you are done.

    After you are done, click on the âSave Settingsâ button. By simply following the previous steps, you can add a new profile and connect multiple user accounts with SchedulePress.

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    How To Plan Your Pins

  • Click on the PIN PLANNER on your PLANOLY dashboard.
  • You can either drag and drop content from your desktop to your PIN PLANNER dashboard or upload content, from Google Drive or DropBox, by clicking on the plus icon on the left planning bar.
  • When your content is uploaded, you can click on any Pin to schedule. You can also drag a Pin directly onto your scheduling calendar to the desired date, and the schedule view will pop up.
  • In the Schedule View, add in your Pin Title, Pin Description, and a Pin URL to drive traffic back to your site.
  • Then, select a board for your Pin OR create a new board. When creating a new board, theres also an option to make it a secret board .
  • Choose your desired date and time and click SAVE
  • *PIN PLANNER Tip: Once a Pin is scheduled, itll move over to your SCHEDULED tab, and a light blue icon will appear on the top left corner of the Pin. If a Pin has been published, itll move over to the tab and have a grey detailed tab under it with your board information, day, and time it was published as well as these three metrics: Impressions, Saves, and Clicks for each particular Pin.

    Schedule Photos And Videos With Just Few Clicks

    RecurPost is a beautiful platform that will bring your futuristic and thoughtful boards to an unbelievable yet truthful reality. You will get to do all things Pins on our tool. From creating your boards to getting more clicks and planning your pins, you will get access to all with our automation tool. After all, getting more clicks, keeping the current audience entertained while reaching new followers is the sole goal of social media profiles. Our Pinterest planner offers life-changing features when handling postings and creating content. It will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors. We also have great features for when you . Our tool is also a great Facebook scheduler for when you .

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