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How To Schedule Pinterest Posts

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Benefits Of Using Tailwind

Create a PINTEREST PLAN SCHEDULE! | ( How to Post to Pinterest in 2021?)

Tailwind is just one of many Pin schedulers. So what makes it unique, and what services does it provide that others dont?

  • Analytics Tailwind actually began as an analytics company, so they have over 5 years experience with that. Their metrics are superior, and because the company is focused on visual marketing, you can be assured that they know what theyre doing. Tailwind makes it simple to track your re-Pins, your likes, your followers, and basic profile metrics.
  • Integration Tailwinds analytics are linked directly to your Google analytics account, so you can also track your domain insights. Tailwind tracks those stats in real-time, so you can track which Pins are coming from your domain and which Pins are the most popular coming from your domain.
  • Content Curation Once you know what your audience resonates with, you can provide more of it. Tailwind not only tracks Pins from your own domain, but all Pins that you Pin to your profile. This can help you decide on what types of photos your followers will rePin, which keywords are performing well, and which Pins speak to your audience.
  • Re-Pin activity Because of the new Summed Up Activity reports Pinterest has started using, it can be very difficult to track how many re-Pins your own Pin has gotten. Tailwind allows you to track your personal re-Pins. With that information, you can make decisions on which boards to Pin to, what time to Pin, etc.

Sourcing And Editing Images In Hootsuite

Hootsuite has a built-in image editor AND image library, provided by Pixabay .

If you wanted to, you could create a pin from scratch right from within Hootsuite by choosing an image, resizing the image by either choosing one of the many social media sizes provided, or manually cropping. Then, you can add text, change the filter, and more!

How Many Pins Should I Send Out Per Day In Tailwind

First, lets recap:

I am using BoardBooster to schedule my own content and using Tailwind to schedule other peoples content.

  • I now need to send out at least 50 pins per day of other peoples content on Tailwind to meet the 50% my content, 50% other peoples content goal.
  • I just paid for the Tailwind Plus subscription so I can send out unlimited pins.
  • Tailwind only auto-populates 4 time slots a day for me so that is not going to cut it.

    Im going to have to add more time slots each day to get closer to the 50.

    Ill spread them out throughout the day so I am not spamming my followers at any one time.

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    Select Your Desired Date

    Once your content is uploaded, you can schedule Pins easily. To do this, take a look at the calendar and choose a date for your Pinterest post. Then click the + in the corner of the box for that date.

    Then click Create a new Media Post. Then a small window displaying your media library will pop up.

    Simply select the media you want to publish on this date, and click Add Media. Pallyy will generate a Pinterest post ready for you to add the finishing touches.

    Note: In the calendar view you can also see all of your previously scheduled Pins.

    Why Am I Using Tailwind Versus Boardbooster

    How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Your Craft Business

    They are both pin schedulers but Tailwind has a few features that BoardBooster does not.


  • Tailwind has the Tribes feature that makes it easy to find great content that fits your niche .
  • Tailwind makes it really easy to schedule content as you find it with its browser tool.
  • This approach was recommended by some of the top bloggers in the game. Im not fighting it.
  • Okay, so decided. Im using Tailwind to pin other peoples content.

    If you havent signed up for Tailwind, think about trying out the free trial. If you decide to move forward after the trial period, its only $10 a month.

    With the traffic youll be bringing in, the cost is a wash.

    I just upgraded to the Plus plan, which is $119 a year, so that I could schedule unlimited pins. The benefit of this plan is that I dont have to stress about going over a limit, which means I can focus all of my time and energy on making and scheduling pins, instead of worrying about hitting the limit on my plan.

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    Set Up A New Calendar On Your Google Account

    Thankfully, Google accounts are free and come with Google calendars. So, if you dont have one yet, go ahead and .

    Once you have your free Google account set up, head to

    This calendar will act as the source and schedule of your pins that you want to share with a specific board, so name this calendar something similar to the board youre going to schedule pins to.

    Do I Have To Specify A Time When Scheduling Pins

    You can also specify a specific time to send out a pin by clicking the little time icon to the left of the Add to Queue Now button.

    You dont ever have to use this time icon unless you want to. I think us beginners should just leave this alone for now.

    Tailwind has setup default time slots for your pins in the scheduler so that they get the most reach. More to come on that later.

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    Benefit #: Consistently Drive Traffic To Your Site

    Consistency is key, is a phrase many social media managers use and for good reason.

    Arfa | SheMeansBlogging

    When you schedule your Pins in advance, itll help you create a consistent cadence of posts thatll drive traffic back to your site.

    TIP: If you dont have the bandwidth to post every day, aim for a few times a week, track your performance, and find your way from there.

    How Can Tailwind Tribes Get You Free Promo

    ecomConnect – Ask the Expert | How to publish and schedule posts in Pinterest

    With the free Tailwind Tribes plan, you can join up to 5 tribes, and submit up to 30 pins per month across all of the tribes.

    Youll also be expected to share other peoples content, at least as much as you make submissions . Each tribe will have its own rules some have a 1:1 sharing ratio, some 1:2 and so on. Ive found that I generally have the most success in tribes with 1:1 ratios.

    Ive sometimes gotten loads of shares on a single pin submission , and the people sharing often have way more followers and reach than I do! However, Im not picky about sharing only big-name pinners, as I sometimes get just as much reach for my own pins from smaller pinners like myself.

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    Using Tools To Find The Best Time To Pin

    I have to be honest, the easiest way to find the best time to Pin is to let someone else work it out for you!

    In this case, that means Tailwind.

    Thats because Tailwind not only schedules your pins for you. it also has something called Smart Schedule. This is a clever feature that works out the best times to post based on your account.

    Even if you have a new account, it can calculate slots based on other Pinners in your niche. You simply tell it how many times a day you want to pin, and itll work out a schedule.

    If you choose 5, you wont get exactly 5 times every day of the week. It might be more on a Saturday if thats a busier day for your niche, but fewer on a Monday when no ones around.

    And the great thing is, you can periodically refresh your Smart Schedule and get up to date information. Just click, and Tailwind will update your time slots. I recommend doing this every 3-6 months for best results.

    To use the Smart Schedule, go into the your schedule area on Tailwind and then to the general queue.

    With their new Smart Guide, you will get an average number of timeslots, including any Smart Loop posts. It will warn you if you are going a bit too high on the number of Pins a day too.

    Select to shift previously scheduled pins to newly-created timeslots and then hit the big green button.

    You can manually add extra slots if you want to. The times with the dotted lines around are suggested timeslots, based on your account.

    How Often Should You Schedule Pins On Tailwind

    Although there is no exact formula, most pinners start out pinning 20% their content and 80% others. This is good in the beginning especially when you dont have a lot of your own content to share.

    As you grow you blog and you have more content, you can start shifting that to more of your own content. Like I said, theres no magic number, but Ive heard of some very successful pinners pinning 90% their own content. It may be best to start small and then use trial and error.

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    Edit The Times You Want Your Pin To Be Scheduled

    Once you choose some boards to schedule your pin out to, you will need to set the time that you want them to be pinned. You have a couple of choices here:

  • Choose Add to Queue Now which will fill any vacant spots in your feed. I dont recommend this unless you are only adding individual pins from the feed onto only one board. If you use it to pin one specific pin to multiple boards, it will go out back to back and you could get shut down for spam.
  • Use Interval. This is the best option for scheduling to multiple boards as you can set the start date and time for the first pin and then create a lapse between each pin. Most pinners only pin the same pin once every other day to a different board so I have found it best to set my first pin to now and then set a 2d interval for the rest.
  • Once you determine how much time between posts, you can choose whether you want the interval to be: Open will fill open spots in your schedule, Optimized Will create slots if your schedule is full or Exact choose your own schedule
  • PRO TIP: You can set up a list of your favorite boards to save time in Board Lists in your Publisher dashboard of Tailwind to save time! I usually schedule out my pin to the most relevant board first, followed by my Best Of board so that it adds to my Pinterest cover.

    Faqs About Pin Scheduling Tools

    How to Schedule Facebook Posts in Your Craft Business

    Pinterest is a popular social media and content discovery platform. More than social media, that you can use to find content around all different niches and topics.

    Tailwind is the most popular tool when it comes to . It offers you the system to create beautiful pins and schedule them for the best timings in advance.

    Final Word

    Hope you liked them and tell us in the comments if we have missed any of the tools. Also by commenting below, tell us your favorite tool. Stay tuned for more related updates.

    Get Best Software Info Right to Your Inbox

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    Schedule Up To 30 Free Pins At A Time

    Hootsuites FREE plan includes up to 3 social media profiles and 30 scheduled posts at a time.

    The unique benefit of Hootsuites free plan is that the 30 posts dont seem to be specific to a timeframe , there just cant be more than 30 posts scheduled at a given time! Therefore, if you wanted to, you could schedule all 30 posts in one day and come back after theyve posted to schedule all of the next days posts. Or, you could schedule 4-5 posts a day and come back to fill your queue once a week.

    how to add pins to your Hootsuite schedule:

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    My book Blogging the Smart Way How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media will show you how.

    It is now available on Amazon. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. I also reveal the tactics I used to grow my Twitter followers to over 110,000.

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    Supported External Scheduling Tools:

    Strap yourselves in for a total love story, imagine some romantic violin music playing to set the scene. Pinterest has been the biggest game-changer for my business, I definitely wouldnt be where I am today without it. Its always been my first port of call for finding inspiration, and aside from the marketing benefits, Ive used it as a designer for years to collect my thoughts and ideas. Once I started applying some thoughtful strategy to my Pinning, my website traffic grew by 2500% in less than 9 months, and my revenue tripled. I also started getting press opportunities and exciting collaborations with people who found my work via my Pins. Today, around , so its safe to say Im a big fan so much so, that I now teach other creatives how to implement the same strategy in their businesses.

    I usually schedule between 1520 pins per day, and I schedule them all out on a Sunday with a cup of tea and a playlist blaring . This takes a couple of hours to schedule all my content for the week, which I LOVE because then I can focus on other things and trust that my Pins are out doing their thing.

    What tool do you use to schedule your Pins?

    Once I started applying some thoughtful strategy to my Pinning, my website traffic grew by 2500% in less than 9 months

    Pinterest is the easiest and fastest way to share new blog posts & ideas with a large audience.

    Its obviously a great place to find inspiration for new projects, too!

    Smart Planning With Analytics

    Schedule Multiple Pinterest Posts | Use Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule hundreds of pins

    Get an organized overview of all your followers, pins, and collaborators through one dashboard.

    This is why the Social Champs algorithm provides you with platform-centric analytics to make comparisons on a weekly and monthly basis. Repurpose top-performing content by posting it again and directly from the dashboard. Plan your next Pinterest marketing strategy keeping the analytics in mind.

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    Drawbacks Of Using Free Pin Schedulers

    Of course, there will be drawbacks to using these FREE schedulers they will still require more manual time and effort to get pins scheduled and maintained than paid versions.

    With free schedulers, you will pay in extra time and manual effort. You also wont be able to leave them fully on autopilot for long periods of time.

    Also, none of these apps would be my first choice as a paid solution, because they will still be more clunky than other paid solutions. But heck,

    Using The Tailwind Chrome Browser Extension

    As touched on, the Tailwind Chrome extension is an even easier way of grabbing multiple graphics or images to pin. Once added to Chrome, every time you visit a page on the internet, youll be able to see something like this whenever you hit the extension.

    From that view, simply select all the pictures you want, and then hit schedule which will take you to the familiar drafts screen.

    Once youre on that screen, you can schedule each little batch as you go along, or add dozens or hundreds or pins to your drafts and then schedule them in one fell swoop.

    Remember, whenever you are scheduling you will need to select boards to pin to. So, make sure you have a decent selection or boards to pin to and keep adding to them. Pinterest never shows boards that have just a handful of pins. The key is both quantity and quality!

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    Schedule Photos And Videos With Just Few Clicks

    RecurPost is a beautiful platform that will bring your futuristic and thoughtful boards to an unbelievable yet truthful reality. You will get to do all things Pins on our tool. From creating your boards to getting more clicks and planning your pins, you will get access to all with our automation tool. After all, getting more clicks, keeping the current audience entertained while reaching new followers is the sole goal of social media profiles. Our Pinterest planner offers life-changing features when handling postings and creating content. It will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors. We also have great features for when you . Our tool is also a great Facebook scheduler for when you .

    Schedule Your Pins In Two Hours A Week

    How to Schedule Facebook Posts in Your Craft Business

    First, check your analytics and see what is working. Once you have some numbers under your belt, then go into Pinterest or to your blog, and start scheduling. Pay attention to which Pins work best at which times. For example, food Pins work really well on Sundays, so schedule those first. Stack your Pins so that the most popular go out at the most opportune time.

    You can also just add random Pins to your queue, shuffle them, and they will go out at random times during the week. Interval Pinning is another great way to get a certain Pin onto multiple boards, without Pinning them all at once. The beauty of this system is that once you have them scheduled, you dont have to think about them anymore. Theyre done!

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