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How To Save Whatsapp Images

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Here’s How To Save Whatsapp Photos On Android Via Gmail:

How to Stop WhatsApp from Saving Images or Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on Android

Please launch the app on your Android device, and click the “More“> “Settings“> “Chats“> “Chat backup” option.

Step 2: Add Your Gmail Account

Click the “Back up to Google Drive” icon, and select a backup frequency. Then tap the “Add account” option to enter your account.

Step 3: Save Photos from WhatsApp to Google Drive

Hit the “Back up over” icon to select a network you want to use for uploading files. Once done, you can log in to your Google Drive to check the pictures.

Bonus: Planning to move photos from Android to a computer? Use these 4 proven methods, and you can achieve the transfer expeditiously.

Solution : Save Whatsapp Media Via Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp isnt just for phones. As you probably know, you can also use it on your PC. Likewise, you can save media from the app to your computer. Here is how to save WhatsApp media from Android via WhatsApp Web.

  • Launch your web browser and go to .

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your phone.

  • Navigate to the Menu and tap on WhatsApp Web.

  • Use your phone to scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen.

  • Choose a contact.

  • Your chat history will now be displayed. Click the file to display a preview. Click Download . Now all media files in this chat will be transferred to your computer.

WhatsApp web can be a solid option, but it is not without its downsides:

For one, it is limiting. You cant save text messages and audio to your PC.

Also, youll have to download files individually, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

Export Whatsapp Photos From Android Phones To Pc By Drag & Drop

Another convenient way to copy all photos and videos from WhatsApp is shared today. You can connect your phone to computer, then drag and drop the WhatsApp images from the phone to PC. But note that you could not move WhatsApp photos and videos of iOS device in this way. If you need to download all photos and videos on iOS at once, you can go back to solution 1 in this article.

Step 1: Unlock your Android phone to computer via a USB cable. As soon as it’s connected, on your Android phone, swipe down to the “Notifications Center” to approach the option showing “USB Charging this Device”. You need to change the connection mode into Transfer Files.

Step 2: Then your data could be detected by your computer. Open “This PC” and navigate to your phone driver. Open it and open the internal storage folder.

Step 3: Now you need to locate the “WhatsApp” folder. This folder will lead you to another folder called “Media” and open WhatsApp Images file folder. Open this folder you will see all saved photos from your WhatsApp.

Step 4: Select images you need and easily copy them to the desktop. Or you can drag the image folder to computer. This transfers all the images present on the Android phone to your PC easily.

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Manually Save Whatsapp Photos On Android Phone

The default setting in WhatsApp is to automatically download and save photos received in Chats to the Photos Gallery on your Android Phone.

This setting is designed to make sure that WhatsApp Photos remain on your device, even after they have been deleted from the Chats.

However, going with this default setting can result in tons of unwanted WhatsApp Photos and Videos being automatically saved on your device.

The solution for this issue is to disable WhatsApp media auto-download option and manually Save WhatsApp Photos to your phone, only when required.

Foolproof Ways To Save Whatsapp Photos On Android

How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos

Have you lost or accidentally deleted photos youve sent or received via WhatsApp? Use this guide to find out how to save photos from WhatsApp for Android.

Photos are worth a thousand words. Whether its a selfie or graphic design concept, a vacation shot or product pic, sending and receiving photos is an important part of communicating with friends, family, and colleagues. With WhatsApp, one of the worlds most widely-used Android apps, its easier than ever to send multimedia messages to contacts all over the globe. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen, and you may occasionally lose or accidentally delete files. If this has happened to you, youve come to the right place. Use this guide to learn how to save WhatsApp media from Android.

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How To Save Photos From Whatsapp To Androids Gallery

Sometimes, users find it hard to browse or access the photos that they have downloaded from WhatsApp. Ideally, all the photos that are downloaded from WhatsApp are saved on your device. You can go to your Android Gallery and access these photos under the âWhatsApp Imagesâ folder. Hereâs how you can learn how to save WhatsApp photos on Android.

1. Firstly, launch WhatsApp on your Android and go to the conversation thread where your photo is present. Just tap on the download icon to save this photo on your device.

2. You can find all the downloaded photos on your deviceâs Gallery. Just go to the Gallery app and look for the âWhatsApp Imagesâ folder. Sometimes, the folder is present in the âOtherâ section on Gallery as well.

If you want, you can just copy pictures from the “WhatsApp Images” folder and paste them anywhere else.

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Options On How To Save Whatsapp Photos From Iphone

iPhone Tips

4 min read

You may be worried that the iPhone storage would get full by saving all the images and videos that you get on WhatsApp. So, you may stop WhatsApp from auto-saving the images by turning it off in the settings. But, there are some photos you get on WhatsApp that are worthy of saving them to iPhone. In such a case, you may wonder how to save WhatsApp photos to your iPhone.

If you permit WhatsApp to access the Photos app of your iPhone, you can easily save pictures from WhatsApp. Letâs see how you can do this by following simple steps.

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Whatsapp Photos And Videos Not Showing In Android Gallery

Where are my WhatsApp photos stored?

Your WhatsApp photos are stored in your phones photo gallery.

How can I recover WhatsApp photos?

If you have backed up your WhatsApp photos to Google Photos, then you can restore them by going to and clicking on Download. If you havent backed up your WhatsApp photos, then unfortunately you cannot recover them.

Does WhatsApp save your pictures?

Yes, WhatsApp saves your pictures. The app stores your photos in its internal storage, and you can access them by going to the apps photo gallery.

How do you view pictures on WhatsApp?

To view pictures on WhatsApp, you first need to open the app and then select the conversation that contains the picture you want to see. Once you have selected the conversation, the picture will appear in the main chat window. If you want to save the picture, you can tap and hold on the image until a menu pops up, then select Save Image.

Why WhatsApp photos are showing in gallery?

When you take a picture using the WhatsApp app, it automatically saves the photo to your phones gallery as well. This is done so that you can easily access the photo later, whether youre using WhatsApp or not.

Does deleting WhatsApp chat delete photos?

Yes, deleting WhatsApp chat deletes photos.

Can anyone see my WhatsApp photos?How long do photos stay on WhatsApp?Should I allow WhatsApp to access my photos?Can you screenshot view once WhatsApp?Can you send disappearing photos on WhatsApp?

Export Photos From Ios/android Whatsapp To Pc Via Email

How to Backup Whatsapp Images in Google Photos || How to Save Whatsapp Photos in Google Photos

Every data that is being saved in your WhatsApp can be easily retrieved through your Email Address. However, it is necessary for you to have it connected with your messenger. For backing up your Chat History, including media files onto any email, you are required to follow the steps as described below:

When you are running WhatsApp, you can easily share a conversation via email. It’s a simplest way to export WhatsApp data. But you can not select multiple conversations to export at the same time, which mean you need to spend more time to export all chats and attached media files. If you need a part of WhatsApp data to export, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Unlock your phone, and open WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 2: For Android devices, you need go to the settings on the upper right. Then go to the next step via More option.

Here you can choose Export Chats. A prompt shows up, if you want to export attached photos and videos, you should choose INCLUDE MEDIA. Otherwise, you should pick WITHOUT MEDIA.

Then choose to share the selected conversation via Email. Enter the sender’s email address and receiver’s email then send the messages and attached media files.

Step 3: For iOS devices, choose a conversation and slide left, you will get an option More. Tap it then choose Export Chats.

A prompt shows up, if you want to export attached photos and videos, you should choose Attach Media. Otherwise, you should pick Without Media.

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How To Save Photos From Whatsapp On Android And Iphone

James Davis

Mar 07, 2022 ⢠Filed to: Manage Social Apps ⢠Proven solutions

âIs it possible to save photos from WhatsApp on Android and iPhone? I have some pictures that I wish to save permanently from my WhatsApp account to both of my iPhone and Android devices. What are the most convenient ways to store photos?

Given how the introduction of smartphones and the messaging app that come with them have made our lives much more comfortable, sometimes it could get a little complicated. WhatsApp, which controls 44% of the market share among the top messaging apps, doesnât instantly allow you to store photos to the smartphone, whether it be Android or iPhone.

However, all hope is not lost as there is more than one method that is equally simple to save photos from WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. We will discuss all of them in our guide, so please continue reading and learn them with step-by-step instructions stated with each section below.

Solution : Save Whatsapp Media Via Email

Aside from WhatsApp and traditional multimedia messaging, email is another of the most common ways to transfer files between people and devices. Heres how to transfer saved pictures from WhatsApp on Android to your PC via email:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.

  • Open your contact list or select a contact from your chats.

  • Once youve selected a contact click menu .

  • Tap More and Email chat.

  • Youll have the option to create an email with or without media. You can also add your email account here if you havent already linked one.

While this option does allow you to transfer text as well as photos, video, and voice, there are caveats:

First, you cant preview the media before transferring it.

Secondly, you cant select individual media. Instead, you will have to forward the entire chat log.

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How To Download Photos From Whatsapp To Computer Or Phone

If you want to download WhatsApp pictures or videos to your computer or another phone, you can rely on the powerful WhatsApp data transferring software, WhatsApp Transfer for iOS. It has the capability to copy all your WhatsApp photos, messages, conversions and more files to computer or phone.

  • Back up and restore various WhatsApp files to computer and smart phone.
  • Export one or more WhatsApp messages and chats in HTML or CSV.
  • View and restore selected or all WhatsApp data from backup.

Selectively Backup And Restore Android Whatsapp Photos

How To Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos On Android « 3nions

If you would like to export WhatsApp photos on Android to computer in batch, dont hesitate to install Syncios WhatsApp Transfer to your computer. Its a professional software that enables you to transfer, backup and restore Android/iPhone/iPad WhatsApp database selectively and effectively. Up to now, it can support thousands brands of smartphones or tablets, including Samsung, Oneplus, Motorola, Google, Xiaomi, Huawei and etc. With the tool, you dont need to afraid of losing important WhatsApp data anymore.

Backup and restore WhatsApp backup to Android/iOS devices. Export WhatsApp backup to HTML and CSV files. View and print out certain WhatsApp chats. Preview the backup contents and restore selective data.

Step 1Havent installed the WhatsApp Transfer? Get one suitable version from the button above now. Then, run it on your computer. You can see 4 modules in the homepage: Backup WhatsApp, Restore WhatsApp from local backup, Restore WhatsApp from iTunes backup and Transfer WhatsApp between two devices.

Step 2Connect your Android device to the computer with original USB cable. Click on Backup WhatsApp module. Remember to enable debugging mode on your Android and follow the on-screen tips. When being detected, tap Start button to begin the backup process.

Step 3 In the backup page, you will see a progress bar and related reminders. Just patiently wait till complete.


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How To Save Whatsapp Photos On Android In Two Ways Plus Troubleshooting

As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

There are two main ways to save WhatsApp photos on your phone. One is by manually downloading and saving the photos, either by using the download button or by doing Gmail backups. The second is by using a third-party app, like MobileTrans, that makes the process much easier.

WhatsApp is a handy tool that lets you communicate instantly with people around the world. It has several powerful features, one of which is the ability to freely send text and media files, like documents, videos, and photos.

Because we use WhatsApp for practically every aspect of our lives, its a must to know how to because there might be important pictures, video clips, or even GIFs that we need to view later or keep a back up of.

In this article, Ill teach you how to save WhatsApp photos on Android using two main methods, plus how to troubleshoot common issues!


  • 4 How To Save Whatsapp Photos On Android Wrapping Up
  • Export Photos From Ios/android Whatsapp To Pc With Whatsapp Web

    WhatsApp Web is a very entrusted extension provided by the WhatsApp authorities that provides you with the ability to not only have your media exported to the computer but even use it for sending messages to your friends and colleagues. Just as in the smartphone, you can easily send messages, including emojis, gifs, videos, and documents to communicate. However, considering the issue involving transferring data, WhatsApp Web provides its users this service over a few easy steps which are described as follows:

    Step 1: WhatsApp also can be used on computer. Visit on your computer browser to start the extension. Or Google “WhatsApp” to open its official website Download WhatsApp for Windows or Mac version. Then install and start the app.

    Step 2: From your Android phone, you need to access the drop-down menu from the top-right of the screen and select the option of WhatsApp Web. On your iPhone, you need to go to Settings then choose WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

    Step 3: Then point your phone to computer to capture the QR code. It is important to scan the QR code on the PC Screen to connect your phone with it. Or you can establish the connection via a USB cable.

    Notes: Internet Connection is required on both the device and the PC.

    Notes: You could only download files in one conversation at once. If you need to download all photos and videos of all conversations at one time, you can go back to solution 1 in this article.

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    Save Photos From Whatsapp To Android Gallery Automatically

    If your WhatsApp images not showing in gallery, you can turn on the function to save photos to gallery automatically by:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap on the three vertically stacked dots in the top right corner.
  • On the popup, choose settings and then pick âChatsâ.
  • Make sure that âMedia visibilityâ is enabled. This will allow your downloaded photos to be shown in your gallery application in a separate folder. They can be relocated manually within the gallery application.
  • Then, go to âData and storage usageâ and configure your âMedia auto-downloadâ settings so that photos are automatically downloaded.
  • You can also opt to automatically download other media content when connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

    Once these options are enabled, you will be able to launch your gallery application and find a folder called âWhatsApp Imagesâ, which will contain all of your downloaded WhatsApp pictures. You will have complete control over these images, so you can edit them or move them to another location.

    Save Whatsapp Photos: Which Settings Are Important

    How To Save WhatsApp Profile Picture | WhatsApp Profile Picture To Gallery

    There are two ways to download pictures from WhatsApp to your smartphone. They are auto-saved in the WhatsApp folder on your mobile device or you can proceed manually via Share and save your pictures in the photo app or gallery.


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