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How To Save Pictures From Whatsapp

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How To Save Whatsapp Photos On Android Wrapping Up

How to Save WhatsApp Pictures on iPhone and iPad

As WhatsApp becomes more and more popular, its important to learn the basic tips and tricks that make the use of the app easier. One of these useful functions is the ability to save media files shared in the app, so we can view them later or keep a backup to use in case of an emergency.

In this guide, Ive taught you how to save WhatsApp photos on Android using two main methods: the manual method and the method using a third-party app, like MobileTrans. If you followed the steps I laid out, you should have no trouble downloading images and media files off of WhatsApp like a pro.

Save Whatsapp Photos To Gallery By Downloading Them Automatically

You can change the setting on your WhatsApp so that the app will automatically save photos to your gallery when you are connected to the internet. Not only images, but you can also choose all other media files shared on Whatsapp to download on your Android. For that, follow these simple steps.

Open Whatsapp on your Android. Notice the three dots at the top. Tap them. Now select Settings.

You can now see the app’s settings options. Find Storage and Data from the screen. Tap on it.

You will find two options regarding Wi-Fi and Mobile Data.

Select When connected to Wi-Fi and in the box, Tick mark . Now, tap OK.

Similarly, open the When Connected to Mobile data prompt and tick mark . Then, tap OK.

If WhatsApp photos are not showing in Gallery: After you have completed the steps mentioned above, you shall hopefully be able to see your WhatsApp photos in the gallery. But if you are not still not seeing them, try the following:

  • Restart Your Phone.

  • In the setting option of the App, Enable Media Visibility for all contact.

How To Save Photos From Whatsapp To Android Gallery Automatically

You can also download photos from WhatsApp to your Android gallery automatically. The steps are straightforward. Follow these steps to do it.

Step 1. Launch WhatsApp on your device and tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2. Select “Settings” and then “Chats.”

Step 3. Ensure the “Media Visibility” is enabled.

Step 4. Then, go to the “Data and Storage usage” to ensure the “Media-auto download” settings have been set. You can download images when using mobile data, when connected to Wi-Fi, or when roaming.

Step 5. After setting, you can find downloaded images in a folder called “WhatsApp Images” on your device.

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Save Whatsapp Photos On Android By Downloading Them Manually

You may also save WhatsApp photos to Gallery Android manually. Many people are not okay with every WhatsApp photo being saved on their phone’s gallery. Because not all images might be significant enough to keep, also, it takes up a lot of the storage space.

In that case, you will turn off the automatic saving of WhatsApp photos on your phone. Instead, whenever you need to save a photo, just go to the WhatsApp conversation and tap on it. You will see the photo downloading. Generally, you will find the photo in the gallery’s WhatsApp Images folder. If it is not there, then check the Other folder.

If you want to save your WhatsApp photos to other locations rather than the default phone’s location, then you can select a photo and click on the three-dots icon. Click and choose to upload Google Photos. Select photos and save them to your device. You will find them in the folder.

Transfer Photos From Whatsapp To Pc Via Email

How to Stop WhatsApp Auto

Every data that is being saved in your WhatsApp can be easily retrieved through your Email Address. However, it is necessary for you to have it connected with your messenger. For backing up your Chat History, including media files onto any email, you are required to follow the steps as described below:

Step 1: Locate the Chat to be Backed Up

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone, followed by any chat that you find important to export.

Step 2: Approach the Navigation Bar

On the bar present on the top, you need to tap the portion having the group or nameâs subject. Select the option of âExport Chatâ or âEmail Conversationâ on the screen following it.

Once the process is complete, you can click to view it.

Step 3: Include Media

Following this, you are provided the option of selecting the media or have it excluded. Tap on the appropriate option.

Step 4: Enter the Email Address

Enter the Email Address where you want it exported and hit âSend.â You can view your chat as an attachment when you log into your Email through your PC.


  • All kinds of data can be exported via Email.
  • Chat history can be copied to other devices as well.


  • Chat logs are to be accessed for attaching that can prove strenuous.

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Save All Whatsapp Pictures From Iphone Via Chatsback

Step 1.Open iMyFone ChatsBack and select âDevice Storageâ from the home page.

Step 2.Choose WhatsApp Messager / WhatsApp Business and click the Start button to scan and fetch your WhatsApp images.

Step 3. Upon scanning, all the WhatsApp data will be shown. Select the photos that you want to save and click Recover to PC. All the photos will get stored in the selected folder.

Free Up Space On Android By Saving Whatsapp Photos To Pc

Saving every WhatsApp image can take up most of the space in your phone, sometimes these are just the photos we don’t need in our WhatsApp again. One of the solutions is to make a photos backup to computer and delete the photos you don’t need on your phone. So in this part we are going to introduce 3 ways to save the WhatsApp to pc and you can free up the space on your Android phone.

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Download Whatsapp Photos To Computer

After getting your WhatsApp Account on computer, you can follow the steps below to download WhatsApp Photos directly to your computer.

1. Open the WhatsApp Message containing Photos or Videos that you want to download to your computer.

2. Once the Message is open, hoover your mouse over the Photo> click on Down Arrow> and then click on Download option in the drop-down menu.

3. On the next screen, select the Save Location and click on the Save button.

The selected WhatsApp Photo will be saved to your computer.

Here’s How To Save Whatsapp Photos On Android Via Gmail:

How to Transfer Photos from WhatsApp to PC 2020

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on Android

Please launch the app on your Android device, and click the “More“> “Settings“> “Chats“> “Chat backup” option.

Step 2: Add Your Gmail Account

Click the “Back up to Google Drive” icon, and select a backup frequency. Then tap the “Add account” option to enter your account.

Step 3: Save Photos from WhatsApp to Google Drive

Hit the “Back up over” icon to select a network you want to use for uploading files. Once done, you can log in to your Google Drive to check the pictures.

Bonus: Planning to move photos from Android to a computer? Use these 4 proven methods, and you can achieve the transfer expeditiously.

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Save Android Whatsapp Chat To Pc With Media

To transfer the media files from WhatsApp to computer, the traditional way is to use its built-in feature. Thats when youre going to choose to export certain chat as a .txt file, the photos can be transferred together as attachments. And you need to send it via available ways, like Email, Google Drive, One Drive Dropbox and more. And what you should note is that every single click can only allow you to export one or more photos in one chat. Thats to say, if you hope to export all WhatsApp photos, you need to export chats one by one taking you hundreds of clicks, you can skip to Method 2 to get out of trouble, or if the feature is exactly what you need, just read on…

Step 1Open WhatsApp and choose one target WhatsApp chat. Click to enter it, then hit on the vertical ellipsis icon to choose more > Export chat option. To export both text part and media files, click INCLUDE MEDIA. Then send the generated file to your computer via Email or some other ways.

Step 2Once you chose an export method, WhatsApp will start the transfer process. This WhatsApp chat will be then exported as a zip file with media files included. Next, to get the photos, simply unzip the file. Want to export photos on another chat? Repeat the same steps.

Save Whatsapp Photos On Android To A Computer With Mobiletrans

If you are looking for a one-click solution to save your WhatsApp data directly to your computer, then consider MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer.

This user-friendly solution is a part of the MobileTrans and supports every leading Android device out there. Using it, you can save all the WhatsApp exchanged media, chats, voice notes, etc. directly to your computer.

You can even transfer WhatsApp messages from your android to another android. To learn how to save WhatsApp photos on Android directly to your system, follow these steps:

Here is a video tutorial for you. You can also get more videos on Wondershare Video Community.

1. To start with, connect your Android device to your computer and launch the application by clicking on the âBackup& Restoreâ option from MobileTrans’ home page.

2. Once the application would launch, go to the âWhatsAppâ feature from its sidebar and click it.

3. This will automatically initiate the backup process as the application would save WhatsApp photos to your system. Kindly be patient while the backup is completed and make sure that the device stays connected to the system.

4. When the backup process is 100% completed, the application will let you know. If you want, you can view the backup data from here as well.

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How To Manage Media Storage In Whatsapp For Android And Ios

Now that youve disabled WhatsApps auto option to save pics to your phone, you still have to deal with the media youve accumulated so far. You can easily wipe out all large files via WhatsApps settings.

  • In the WhatsApp app, go back to Storage and Data as shown in the previous sections.
  • Select Manage Storage at the top.
  • Youll see a detailed breakdown of the media files youve already saved on your device.
  • Tap on the Larger than 5MB option to view a list of large files you may want to delete to clear your storage.
  • Select the images you wish to delete by tapping on them.
  • Hit the Thrash icon in the upper-right corner to delete them from your phone. You should have a bit more storage on your handset now.
  • Alternatively, if you wish to delete only media associated with a certain conversation, you can do so by opening the chat in question.
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Media, links, and docs from the menu that pops up.
  • In the Media section, manually select all the images you wish to delete by tapping on them.
  • Press on the Trash icon in the upper-right corner.
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    How To Save Pictures From Whatsapp On Android And Ios

    Whatsapp status kse save kre

    Heres how to fix all of the problems you may encounter when trying to work out how to save photos, videos, and files from WhatsApp on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

  • Are you checking the correct folder in Gallery and Photos? Photos and other media downloaded from WhatsApp don’t go into the usual Downloads or Pictures folders as you might expect. Instead, theyre in a folder titled WhatsApp, located within the Internal Storage folder on Android smartphones and tablets and under the My Albums category in the Photos app on iPhone and other iOS devices.

  • Enable the WhatsApp default auto-save option. The easiest method for saving pictures from WhatsApp is to have all media from conversations save automatically to your devices Camera Roll or Gallery app.

    On iOS, you can enable this option by going to the WhatsApp Settings> Chats> Save to Camera Roll. On Android, click Settings> Storage and data> Media auto-download and manually check which media you want to download on the various cellular or internet connections.

  • Check your WhatsApp download preferences. Both the Android and iOS WhatsApp apps allow you to specify what type of media files automatically download and what internet connections will trigger each download.

    For example, you may choose to allow photo uploads on cellular and Wi-Fi but restrict video to Wi-Fi only to save on data. On iOS, do this via Settings> Storage and Data. On Android, Settings> Storage and data> Media auto-download.

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    How To Save Photos From Whatsapp To Gallery Android

    Transfer WhatsApp

    May 17, 2022 ⢠Filed to: Transfer WhatsApp

    5K views, 5 min read

    WhatsApp is a helpful tool for communication. And users often wonder how to save photos from WhatsApp to gallery Android. Well, you will find all the valid methods in the following article.

    How To Save Pictures From Whatsapp On Android And Iphone

    WhatsApp is the most used mobile messaging app in the world. It allows users to send videos and photos. If you dont know how to save photos from WhatsApp, this post will help you out no matter you are using Android devices or iPhones.

    This post will walk you through the steps of how to save pictures from WhatsApp and how to stop WhatsApp from saving photos.

    You may want to make a video from Photos, here I recommend MiniTool MovieMaker to you, a free video editor, GIF maker, and photo slideshow maker.

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    How Do I Transfer Photos From Whatsapp

    Part 1. How to Save Photos from WhatsApp to Android Open the chat with the photo that you would like to save. In the options that appear, either choose the file explorer app to save the file or choose the upload to Google Photos option. If you choose Google Photos, select the images and save it to your device.

    How To Manually Save Whatsapp Photos On Iphone

    How to Transfer Photos from WhatsApp to PC: Save WhatsApp Photos to Computer

    If you dont want to grant WhatsApp access to your camera roll, or have images automatically downloaded and saved to the camera roll folder either, then follow these steps to manually save pictures via WhatsApp app:

    1. After opening WhatsApp on your iPhone, go to the Chats tab.

    2. Now click on the chat from where you want to download and save images.

    3. After selecting the picture you want to download from the chat, click on the icon down below at the bottom left corner.

    4. Click on Save from the options, and the image will be downloaded and saved to your camera roll.

    As you can see this is a fairly easy process to do on your own manually, however if you want to directly save images through WhatsApp, the app will ask for permission to access the Photo app through a popup. Simply tap on the Allow button in the menu and youre good to go, with the images being directly saved.

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    How To Download Photos From Whatsapp On Android To Computer Via Whatsapp Photos Backup

    The last recommended way to save WhatsApp photos on Android is using WhatsApp Photos Backup. This powerful tool helps you download photos from WhatsApp to a computer in one click and restore WhatsApp backups from the computer to a new device quickly. What’s more, it can also transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone, Android to Android, iOS to Android, or iOS to iOS.

    The highlights of WhatsApp Photos Backup:

    * Back up and restore WhatsApp messages from Android/iOS devices on a computer in one click.

    * Selectively transfer WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp messages attachments, and other files between iOS devices and Android.

    * Easy, secure, fast, and user-friendly WhatsApp transfer tool.

    * Widely compatible with most Android and iOS devices, including Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra, LG W31+/Wing 5G/G8/G7/G6/G5, Sony Xperia 5/5 Plus/4, Huawei P40/P40 Pro/P40 Pro+/nova 7/nova 7 Pro/nova 7 Pro/Mate 40/30, Motorola, HTC, Google, ZTE, etc.

    How do I download pictures from WhatsApp to a computer using WhatsApp Photos Backup? Repeat the three steps below:

    1. Install WhatsApp Photos Backup on your computer.

    Launch WhatsApp Photos Backup after installing on your computer and choose Backup WhatsApp Messages from the toolbox.

    2. Connect your Android phone to the computer.

    Plug your Android device into the computer with a USB cable. When this program detects your phone, click the Backup button to start the backup process.

    3. Wait until it completes backup.

    Further reading:

    How To Transfer Photos From Whatsapp To Google Drive On Iphone

    While transferring WhatsApp photos to Google Photos on android doesnât require any third-party software, we have taken up the aid of MobileTrans- the world No.1, phone-to-phone transfer software as a solution, to transfer WhatsApp photos to Google drive. To make it more transparent for better understanding, here is a step-by-step manual on how to transfer photos from WhatsApp to Google Drive on iPhone.

    Step 1: Transfer WhatsApp Photos from iPhone to pc with MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

    • From the main interface, choose the âBackup & Restoreâ module to proceed further.
    • Now, go to the App Backup & Restore feature and choose to backup your WhatsApp data.
    • All the mobile data from the WhatsApp application will be detected automatically by MobileTrans including Photos. Now Hit the âStartâ button to begin the backup.
    • Now simply wait for the backup process to be completed, and do not disconnect your phone during the process.
    • When the process is completed, you can click on View it to view all your backup files. From there you can view your newly backed-up WhatsApp File.
    • Now choose the Photos from the left side and click on Recover to Computer, your photos from WhatsApp will be transferred to your computer accordingly.

    Step 2: Transfer photos from PC to Google drive

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