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How To Save Instagram Videos To Your Iphone

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How To Download/save Instagram Photos/videos On Iphone

iOS 14/15: Download Instagram Video to iPhone Camera Roll in 2020
Shanoon Cox

The giant social network that is Instagram has never been more popular and is a hub of more than 40 billion photos and videos, with 95 million more being shared every day. Sometimes you might see an image or video you’d like to save for later or to use as wallpaper on your device.

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll already know it’s not quite as simple as you might think to save Instagram photos to iPhone and iPad devices. Whether it’s a copyright issue or simply that they want you on the app, Instagram doesn’t let Apple devices download content from within the app itself, which can be frustrating if you see something you’d like to view again later.

If you’ve been wondering how to save Instagram photos on your iPhone, we’ve got just the tutorial for you. Here, we’ll investigate a few different methods of getting those gorgeous images from the app and saving them to your camera roll, without tearing your hair out in the process.

How To Save Instagram Photos To Your Iphone

If you have a smartphone, you probably use Instagram to share pictures and videos. Posting only the best versions, the ones you want to remember. But Im sure there are times when you want to download and save those photos. Maybe you took a photo with the in-app camera and forgot to save it to your phone. Or maybe you got a new phone and realized you werent backing up your pictures to the cloud.

While your pictures and videos are readily available on Instagram, saving them to your iPhone may not be as straightforward as youd hope. But dont worry, keep reading, and well go through some steps you can take to download them.

How To Download Instagram Photos On Pc Or Mac

To download Instagram pictures on your PC or Mac, you can use the same method as on iPhone take a screenshot and cut unnecessary parts with Microsoft Paint. With MacBook itll be even easier, just choose a part of the screen you need to save. Read here to learn how to take screenshots on MacBook and PC.

The next way is a bit more difficult and is great for proficient users. Follow the steps below to save Instagram photos on PC:

Step 1. Open a picture you want to save in your browser.

Step 2. Press F12 button to see webpage code.

Step 3. Click Ctrl+F to open search line.

Step 4. Type jpg in search line and click Enter.

Step 5. Copy the long link youll get and paste it in a new tab.

Step 6. Save Instagram photo as you save any other pic from the Internet.

Although it may seem terrible, its not that hard to extract Instagram photo following these steps. Further, you may burn DVD photo disc out of your Instagram pics.

Do you know any other way to save Instagram content? Tell us about it!

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Tip Recover Saved Instagram Videos In Camera Roll

What is losing these once saved Instagram videos in your camera roll?

Using professional software to recover files on iPhone is probably the best route to take. iMyFone D-Back is a data recovery tool that supports to recover lost or deleted data.

  • It has been recommended by CNET, techradar, PCWorld and other professional websites.
  • D-Back applies advanced technology to search for the deleted videos in the SQLite database in the most thorough way, which makes it the best data recovery tool with the highest recovery rate in the market.
  • Four different recovery modes make finding and recovering data very easy: Smart Recovery, Recovery without backup, or from iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • Supports 18 + file types of iOS content like text messages, contacts, , WhatsApp data, notes and etc are supported.
  • It supports all iOS versions including the latest iOS 12/11 and all iOS devices.
  • Many users send their feedback to us in order to show their appreciation.

If you need recover data from an iOS device, set up iMyFone D-Back and follow the steps below:

Step 1.Launch D-Back on computer and start from the “Recover from iOS Device” tab. Then click on “Start”. Connect your device to your computer, once itâs detected, click “Nextâ.

Step 2.Select the types of files that you need to continue. After that, click “Scan”. The program will start searching for the deleted data from your device.

To Save The Video Loop Select The Save Option From The Overflow Menu

Cara mengambil video di ig

How to loop a video on iphone for instagram. Select the infinite sign if you want to make an endless gif but mind that instagram doesn’t support this format. Go to your pc, open itunes Videos you watch may be added to the tv’s watch history and influence tv recommendations.

I am a professional video editor if you want anything regarding editing i can pay you services. May #theforcechallenge be with you. The saved video will be available inside the camera roll on the photos app.

It presents a video or a set of burst photos in a manner where they are playing in forward and backward. Here you can choose from 2x up to 6x. Instagram introduces endlessly looping videos to please advertisers.

This is a simple video demonstrating how to loop or repeat a single youtube video, or even a. Bounce effects can be shared. Looping videos without any noticeable sign of a start or end adds so much production value to your work.

Convert imovie files to youtube, vimeo, instagram, facebook, iphone, and many other presets. Its beautifully simple interface makes it become one of the most popular video editing tools for apple users. However, if you want a lot more control over how your video is edited, you should try wondershare filmora.

How to loop a video on iphone / ipad / ipod touch again: Loop a video on imovie easily without losing quality. If you press the play icon now, the video will play in a loop between the points a and b.

How To Loop Video On An Iphone With Pictures Wikihow

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How To Download Instagram Videos On Pc Via Browser

The last but not least way to download videos from Instagram to your computer is to use a browser extension. By adding a video downloader extension to your browser, like Chrome or Firefox, you will be able to save Instagram videos on your computer in directly.

There are so many video downloader extensions for you to choose from and most of them work similarly. Let me show you how to use Blob Video Downloader to download Instagram videos on PC via Chrome.

To save Instagram videos to your computer:

Step 1. Go to the Chrome web store to add Blob video downloader to your browser.

Step 2. Restart your browser and go to

Step 3. Now you could see there is a “Download” button over the cover of each video.

Step 4. Click the button and you will go to a new page.

Step 5. Scroll down on the page and click “Download”.

Step 6. Wait for the video to play. While playing, click the three dots and choose “Download” to save the video from Instagram to your computer.

Save Your Own Instagram Videos

If you have a video you created on Instagram for your profile or story, you can easily save it when youre finished making it.

Simply record your video, and click on the download button at the top before you post it on your feed or story.

This works with videos you create for your feed and the ones you create for your Instagram story.

Luckily, if youve already posted the video to your Instagram Story, you can still save it.

Start by going to your Story and viewing the video. In the lower right hand corner, click on the three dots for more options.

Bonus: 14 Time-Saving Hacks for Instagram Power Users. Get the list of secret shortcuts Hootsuites own social media team uses to create thumb-stopping content.

Youll then be taken to a menu where you can tap Save Video.

Your video will then download directly onto your phone.

Pro tip: Go to Settings> Privacy and Security> Story Controls and then toggle on Save to Camera Roll to automatically save all your Instagram Stories to your phone.

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How To Download Instagram Videos To Your Camera Roll

Not only is Instagram the top photo-sharing site out there, but its quickly becoming one of the best ways to film and share videos. There are all kinds of ways to share videos on Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV and Instagram has some great tools for making your video stand out.

But what happens when you want to save Instagram videos to the Camera Roll on your iPhone? Is this even possible? The short answer is yes, although it does require a bit of extra effort. Heres an overview of different ways to save Instagram videos, including how to download Instagram videos from your story or an Instagram DM.

How To Save Instagram Videos On Computer Online

How To Save Instagram Pictures and Videos on iPhone To Your Camera Roll (2 Clicks) iOS 12 – 13

Apart from desktop tools, some online video downloaders also work well to save Instagram videos to computer. An online video downloader enables you to download an Instagram video on PC without software installation. However, given that not all online video downloaders work equally effective and most of them are full of ads, you should be careful while choosing a tool to apply.

To show you how an online tool works to download Instagram videos, here I’d like to take the Instagram video downloader from as an example.

To download videos from Instagram on PC:

Step 1. In Instagram, find the video you want to download.

Step 2. Click the three dots above the post and select “Copy Link”.

Step 3. Go to the and paste the URL in the address bar.

Step 4. Click “Download”. After a short processing procedure, you will see the video available under the bar.

Step 5. Click “Download MP4” next to the video.

Step 6. Now you will see the video is playing on the page. Click the three dots in the corner and choose “Download” to start downloading the Instagram video to your computer.

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Instagram Video Downloader App For Android

For Android users, we developed a brilliant Insta saver application that works great on Android mobile phones and tablets. The application is called

  • Watch videos offline. Never get bored.
  • Use a media gallery to collect music & videos.
  • Manage your files. Get rid of the mess.
  • Listen to the music. Favorite tracks on the go.

Manually Record Instagram Stories

Unfortunately, Instagram doesnt allow you to download videos you find on your feed or on other users stories.

But, as long as you have the original posters permission, there are several workarounds for that. One easy way to save Instagram videos is to record your screen while the video is playing.

For iOS users, you can do this in five steps:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to reach the Control Center.
  • Press the circular Record button.
  • Tap Start Recording. A three second countdown will now begin before recording.
  • Record your video.
  • Open the Control Center again and tap the red circular Record button to stop.

Your video recording will now be available in your photos app. Check out the gif below for a full breakdown of this.

Androids dont currently have a built-in function that allows you to record a screen. But there are some great apps out there that allow you to do it. Heres a few of them:

Any of these apps will give you a good screen recording experienceand theyre free.

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Copy The Instagram Link

Once we have the link, we revisit and choose the tab corresponding to Instagram. Paste the link in the bar and then click the Download button.

If everything goes well, a green message appears again indicates that the video successfully finds. Then get a URL to download the video, but we will click on the link, we will limit ourselves to copy the link.

To do this, you must press and hold on the link until a contextual menu appears, and we press where it says copy?

Use A Photo And Video Saving App

How to download and save Instagram videos to your iPhone ...

The App Store has a good collection of apps that can download photos and videos from Instagram. To name a title, we would rely on QuickRepost. The app is solely developed to save photos and videos from Instagram and so the interface kind of resembles Instagram as well. However, after you have downloaded the app from App Store, open it from the home screen icon and login using your Instagram username and password.

You should be logged into your Instagram profile. QuickSave looks almost like Instagram while you are logged in so it will be much easier to navigate. Find the photo or video that you want to save and tap on the photo. QuickSave should show you a Save option in the app interface. You could also copy the caption using Copy Caption button, or repost the photo to your without saving it using the Repost to Instagram button.

Once you download a photo using QuickSaves Save button, the photo will be located inside the Camera Roll of your iPhone.

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How To Download Instagram Videos And Save Them To Android

Much like iOS devices, there’s just no way to download an Instagram video directly to an Android handset. Instagram simply doesn’t allow it.

And we have the same cautionary take about Android as we do Mac apps or online tools on the web. Downloading an unreliable app can bring malware or other features you don’t want. Why risk it?

Any to get those videos onto an Android device, we again prefer AnyDroid, which is also available for Android! The files can be easily transferred to your Android handset via the AnyTrans app, and viewed any time you like. Because they’re downloads, you don’t have to worry about WiFi or a cellular signal at all.

Nothing about the download process changes when you use Android. Follow the above instructions.

Save Instagram Videos On Android

For Android users, there are several options when it comes to downloading Instagram videos, including using one of the web-based services mentioned about. There are, however, also apps that you can use to make things a little easier. One such option is , a free app that does very much what its name suggests.

As the app is free, you’ll have to put up with ads, but this is a minor distraction. Video Downloader for Instagram does an excellent job of explaining how to use it, but it’s worth summarizing nonetheless.

Within the Instagram app, tap the three dot button to the upper right of a post you want to save the video from and select ‘Copy link’. Switch to Video Downloader for Instagram and select the ‘Paste’ option. That’s all there is to it.

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Is It Alright To Download Instagram Videos

Keep in mind Instagram wants to keep you tethered to the native app. Its business involves serving you ads, which is only possible when you’re using the app. This is a main reason it doesn’t allow downloads.

But there are so many good reasons to allow downloads from Instagram! Imagine trying to surprise someone with a video montage for their birthday asking them to send you videos would be a dead giveaway of what you’re doing. Downloading their publicly available videos is a much better way to surprise them.

It also makes editing the videos really easy. You can trim, splice, and append videos to one another however you see fit.

That all begins with downloading and transferring videos, which is why we love the workflow of Pulltube, AnyTrans for iOS, and AnyDroid for Android. Downloads are a snap, and transferring those files to other devices is totally seamless.

And both apps are available for free as part of a seven-day trial of Setapp, the best suite of productivity apps for Mac. Along with Pulltube and AnyTrans, you’ll have immediate access to dozens of other excellent apps during your free trial. Once your free week ends, Setapp is only $9.99 per month!

How To Save Videos On Your Iphone From The Internet

How To Save Photos & Videos From Instagram on your iPhone Camera Roll

With the IOS 13 software update:

  • On your iPhone, visit and navigate to a video that you would like to download.
  • Tap download and accept the file size link.
  • In the top right corner you will see an arrow with a download bar, and once the video has finished downloading click the arrow and it will take you directly to the video.
  • The video will download and be saved in your Files folder.
  • Open Files and open the video that you downloaded.
  • Tap the square with an arrow in the bottom left corner and select Save video.
  • Go to your camera roll and select videos.
  • The video may be the most recent download or further back in your gallery as videos sort by date published.
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    How To Save A Reel In Instagram

    The best and easiest way to save Reels is to use the native Save function offered by Instagram. This will save the video to your profile so that you can revisit it later whenever you want. Note that the video is not downloaded to your device. Yes, this is akin to bookmarking something, not downloading. Lets take a look at how you can do this.

    Open Instagram on your mobile device and navigate to the Reel you wish to save. Tap on the 3-dot menu icon in the bottom left corner.

    Now tap on Save.

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