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How To Save Images From Pinterest App

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Why Cant I Save Photos From Instagram

How to Use Pinterest – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Instagrams copyright rules may explain why the app makes it difficult to save photo posts. If you took an Instagram photo or video, you own the copyright in that post. As the owner of the content, you can prohibit other users from copying or distributing your photos and videos. In an effort to regulate the behavior of 1 billion users, Instagram hinders copyright infringement by omitting an option to save photos directly from the app. For more details, heres an outline of Instagrams copyright rules.

Take Inspiration From Other Users

Save Instagram photos that inspire you. Think of your collection albums as a digital vision board. It could be about anything. Whether its a photo pose you want to recreate or a gorgeous flat lay- save it to your private collection.

Use this collection when you are ready to make your vision a reality. Search for photos, videos, or hashtags that are relevant to you. Keep your creative juice flowing!

Is It Against The Rules To Download Instagram Photos

Before you download other peoples Instagram photo, learn about Instagrams copyright rules.

If you took an Instagram photo or video, you own the copyright in that post. As the owner, you can:

  • Stop other users from copying or distributing your photos or videos.
  • Stop others from editing or creating new content based on your work
  • Grant consent to use your content
  • Prevent other people from using your content without consent

Instagram doesnt prohibit saving Instagram posts to re-post them later. However, you need to ask permission from the owner. Its best to get the permission in writing. Lastly, give credit where credit is due.

For more details, heres a thorough outline of Instagrams copyright rules.

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How To Save An Instagram Post Without Taking A Screenshot

Loved an ad and want to watch it later? Found a photo peg you want to recreate? Your favorite brand released a new product? You can easily keep track of these posts without taking a screenshot!

Last 2017, Instagram added a nifty feature that allows users to bookmark IG posts. This feature quickly saves the post to a remote folder within the app.

How do you bookmark an Instagram photo?

  • Simply press the bookmark icon the one that looks like a flag at the lower right corner of the photo.
  • Access the saved Instagram post through your profile page.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines
  • Tap the bookmark icon
  • To organize your saved IG photos:

  • Tap Save to Collection pop up.
  • Use the plus icon to start a new collection
  • To organize your Instagram bookmarked photos

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap the bookmark icon.
  • Select the plus icon to create a new album and move bookmarked photos.
  • When you save Instagram photos to collections, they will appear like your personal feed. However, the content remains private. The owners of the photos are not notified when their content has been bookmarked by another user.

    This feature may not be as popular as Stories, but it is pretty handy. For one, Instagram Collection allows you to keep track of the content you want to remember. You can then organize these posts into individual albums.

    Collect And Organize User


    Save Instagram posts that have mentioned your brand. Look for photos or videos where youve been tagged or create a unique hashtag. Add these content into an Instagram collection. This will serve as your inventory of user-generated content. Remember to ask permission from the owner before you re-share their post.

    Take a look at this Instagram post by Apartment Therapy. The original post was tagged with #apartmenttherapy. If you look into Apartment Therapys IG account, they mostly share user-generated content.

    A post shared by Apartment Therapy on Sep 13, 2018 at 1:13pm PDT

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    Click Save And You’re Done

    Depending on your intention, you can rename your video file or keep it as is. Once you’re satisfied with the name of the video file, click “Save,” and you’re done! Your file should be saved wherever you set the location to be. In the below screenshot, the file was saved in the “Downloads” folder.

    Learn more about how to use other social media networks at their maximum by heading over to the Kapwing Resources page. Dive deeper into other platform tips and tricks by visiting our YouTube channel.

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    How To Save Photos From Instagram

    Grab photos off the gram

    Wondering how to save photos from Instagram? Unfortunately, a feature within everyone’s favorite photo-sharing app doesnt exist. While theres a simple setting feature to save your own posts, it gets a bit trickier if you wish to download a full-resolution .JPG version of a photo from a different users account.

    Of course, this is by design you didn’t capture the photo, so you probably don’t have the copyright to use it. Luckily theres still a way to save those photos using a web browser. We will show you step-by-step how to save photos from Instagram, whether theyre your own posts or others.

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    How To Bookmark Photos On Instagram

    Downloading an image isnt the only way to save it. If you want a quick way to find a photo later, but you dont need it physically stored on your phone, you can bookmark it on Instagram. Instagram has the ability to organize saved posts, a bit like Pinterest boards.

    Using the bookmark feature, you can save photos to recall them later, like putting images tagged #foodporn into a folder of restaurants youd like to try or saving those epic landscape shots to a folder of dream vacation ideas. This feature makes your favorite grams easy to access, but unlike downloading them, youll only be able to access them within Instagram.

    Step 1: Below the image you want to save, tap the Bookmark icon that is located beneath the lower right corner of the image.

    Step 2: The photo is now saved, but if you would like to organize your saved Instagram photos, tap the Save to Collection that pops up in the app. Type in a name for the collection if you’re creating a new one. Then tap Done.

    Step 3: To view, edit, delete, or organize your Instagram saves, navigate to your profile and tap the Saved icon above your images on the website. On the app, go to your profile page, tap the Menu icon, and go to Saved.

    Download From Gif Website

    How to Use Pinterest App

    Sometimes the download button is missing from the GIF or downloading the GIF using the above method doesnt play it. Meaning, its not animated and behaves like a JPG or PNG. For situations like those, you need to visit the website housing the GIF to download it.


    Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Open the GIF or video on Pinterest that you want to download on your phone.

    Step 2: Tap on the Visit button present below the GIF. Pinterest will take you to the GIFs website.

    Step 3: Tap and hold on the GIF. If you get a Download or Save image option, tap on it, else tap on the three-dot icon and select Open in browser.

    Step 4: Once in a browser, again tap and hold on the GIF until a menu appears. Tap on Download image.

    Hopefully, the app will download the GIF on your mobile phone.

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    How To Screenshot An Instagram Story

    Since Instagram Stories are usually displayed full-screen, images shared through Stories can make for great wallpapers for your phone. In fact, some photographers will specifically share pictures this way for this purpose. Theres one trick to taking a clean screenshot of an Instagram Story that you need to know.

    Step 1: When you view an Instagram Story, it will have information, like the users name, overlaid on it. Simply tap and hold anywhere on the screen, and these overlays will fade away .

    Step 2: With your finger held on the screen, take a screenshot. This may require a bit of finger gymnastics, but it shouldnt be too hard. Heres how to take a screenshot on an iPhone X, iPhone 8 and older, Samsung Galaxy phones, and .

    Using Native Download Button

    Step 1: Navigate to the GIF that you want to download.

    Step 2: Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Download image from the menu.

    You will get a notification at the bottom indicating after the image saves. Open your gallery or camera roll, and you will find the newly downloaded GIF there.

    Fun Fact

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    Save And Schedule Pinned Images From The Web With Tailwind Browser Extension

    With the Tailwind Browser extension, you can save images from websites to your drafts, or schedule them immediately!

    Select the Tailwind Schedule buttonthat pops up. Select the Board youd like to add your Pin to.

    Type your Pin Description. Save for later, or add to your Pin Publisher Queue right then and there!

    How To Save Your Instagram Photos To Camera Roll

    Pinterest is finally rolling out its updated app design / Digital ...

    Maybe you want to save photos you take using Instagrams in-app camera or maybe you want to save an edited version to your phones photo library. Either way, saving your Instagram images to your camera roll is simple. Just enable this one setting in your account and your IG photos will save automatically.

    1. Go to your profile page and tap the icon with three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

    2. Tap Settings at the bottom of the menu and select Account.

    3. Select Original Photos and tap the toggle button next to Save Original Photos. As long as this option is turned on, any image you post on Instagram will save to your camera roll.

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    Image Downloader Chrome Extension

    The is a neat little app that allows you to copy images from just about anywhere online. Navigate to an image page on Pinterest, select the Image Downloader in the toolbar and select the image you want. Enter media cache into the filter box and select Download when the image is highlighted. Set your format and options and save.

    You can use this extension to batch download as well as download individual images. Its a very useful little app.

    Add Gifs From Website

    To add GIFs from the third-party websites such as GIPHY, check these steps:

    Step 1: Click on the add icon on Pinterest and select Create a Pin.

    Step 2: Click on the Save from site option.

    Step 3: Paste either the website link of the GIF or a direct link to GIF and hit the small arrow next to the box. Alternatively, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

    Step 4: Pinterest will start looking for the available images and GIFs on the site. Click on the GIF that you want to select and hit the Add to Pin option.

    Step 5: Finally, add a description and select the board for the pin followed by hitting the Save button.

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    How Do I Save Instagram Photos To Camera Roll

    Perhaps you want to save photos youve taken directly through Instagram. Or you want to save the filtered edited version to your phone. Saving Instagram photos to your camera roll is easy. Simply turn on one setting and your IG photos will be saved automatically.

    Heres how:

  • Go to your profile and tap the icon with three horizontal lines
  • Tap the Settings > Original Photos
  • Tap the toggle button next to Save Original Photos
  • Tip: As long as this option is turned on, all photos youve uploaded on IG will be saved to your camera roll.

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    How To Download Instagram Photos

    How To Upload Photos To Pinterest

    Whether you took a photo with the Instagram in-app camera and it didnt save a copy to your phone or you accidentally deleted the original photo and the only copy you have left is the one you posted on Instagram, getting photos from Instagram is easy. We can show you a few easy ways to download Instagram photos.

    • A PC or mobile device

    • An internet connection

    • A web browser

    • The Instagram mobile app

    Instagram has a downloader tool that lets you download all of your data photos included in a single process. To give you options, were going to run through Instagrams official process of downloading your content before diving into the other options, which include bookmarking, using screenshots, and using third-party apps.

    Before you get too far, though, remember to respect other users photos just because you can download Instagram photos doesnt mean you should if they aren’t yours. Some users may specifically share images meant to be saved as wallpaper, but if its not clear, its a good idea to ask before you download. Instagram has a detailed outline of its copyright policy.

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    Keep Track Of Your Competition

    It makes good business sense to scout your competition. Know what your competitors are up to. Save Instagram photos to keep track of how much engagement they get on particular posts. For example, create a collection to save posts with entertaining captions. This will serve as an inspiration to make new and even better content.

    Dont worry! Saving Instagram posts to collections is completely private. Your competitors will never know.

    How To Download All Of Your Information From Instagram

    Instagram has a simple tool that lets you download all of your data in a few simple steps. Below, well walk you through the process.

    Step 1: Log into Instagram in the web browser of your choice and go to your profile.

    Step 2: Click on the Gear icon thats to the right of where it says Edit Profile and select the Privacy and Security tab.

    Step 3: You should now see a page that says Account Privacy on the top. If you see that, scroll down all the way to the bottom, and youll see a header that says Data Download with a link below it that says Request Download. Click that link.

    Step 4: You will be prompted to enter your email and password to confirm who you are and where you want the data to be sent. Once your identity has been confirmed, its just a matter of waiting.

    You can also complete the download request using the app:

    Step 1: Open the app and go to your profile.

    Step 2: Tap the Menu icon in the upper right corner, then choose Settings.

    Step 3: Tap Security > .

    Step 4: Type in your email address and then tap the Request Download button. Then type in your password and tap Next. Then select Done.

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