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How To Save An Image From Pinterest

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Save And Schedule Pinned Images From The Web With Tailwind Browser Extension

How To Add A Pinterest Save Button To An Image

With the Tailwind Browser extension, you can save images from websites to your drafts, or schedule them immediately!

Select the Tailwind Schedule buttonthat pops up. Select the Board youd like to add your Pin to.

Type your Pin Description. Save for later, or add to your Pin Publisher Queue right then and there!

Pin Every Image From Your Blog Post

Whilst the most engaging pins are portrait, with text, etc, other images are interacted with so youll need a higher quantity of these to drive more traffic.

Heres how we pinned every image in a blog post in under 10 minutes:

Make sure you have Tailwinds Chrome Extension added.

Once your post is live, head over to your post and make sure every image has loaded.

Press the Tailwind button in the extension bar.

  • Save

Then press Go Schedule.

Youll be taken to the Tailwind scheduler screen to add descriptions and boards. The title will automatically be taken from the blog post.

  • Save

Wiz through the images and add the relevant information, press Schedule all and youre done.

Save Images In Right Click Disabled Websites In Chrome

STEP 1 Go to the website that you want to save the image from. Now right click on an empty space there. Click on Inspect option from the menu that gets expanded out. The alternate option to open the Developer Tools window is pressing the keys Ctrl+Shift+I together.

STEP 2 A new window named Developer Tools opens up. Now look for the tab named Applications;at the top. Click on it once you find it.

If Application is not there , just click on >> and Click on Application from the Popped up menu.

STEP 3 In the left window pane , scroll down , you will see a folder named Frames. Click on the left arrow associated with it to expand it. Once it expands, expand the site from the list of site that opens, from which you want to save the image from.

Finally, expand the folder named Images. If you find any difficulties, refer to the following screenshot.

STEP 4 Under the Imagesfolder that just got expanded, find the image that you want to download. When you click on an image, its enlarged version will be shown to you in the right window pane.

STEP 7 ; Right click and click on Save image to save that image.

Do not let anything stop you from downloading your favourite images from any of the websites anymore. Try out this trick today itself and amaze yourself. Hope you had fun reading the article.

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How To Save Images In Right Click Disabled Websites In Chrome

August 25, 2021 By TechieWriter

How To Save Images When Right Click Is Disabled In Chrome:- And you finally find that wallpaper that suits your desktop perfectly well. But wait, you cant save it to your PC as right-click is disabled for that particular website. Nothing can get more frustrating! So what is the solution? Leave the website and forget all about the perfect wallpaper? No way! There are workarounds for every problem that you encounter in your browsing expeditions. If you cannot save a picture by right clicking on it, you can save it using another way. Capturing the screen doesnt sound like a great idea to me. It compromises the picture quality by a great deal. Why go for anything less when you can have the best? Read on, to learn all about this super cool hack that can be quite a rescuer!

Note: Before trying the method given below , just Shift-Right click on the image, then Shift-Right click again. You will now see Save Image As in the context menu. If it does not work try the method given below.

Download From Gif Website

Pinterest Save Button

Sometimes the download button is missing from the GIF or downloading the GIF using the above method doesnt play it. Meaning, its not animated and behaves like a JPG or PNG. For situations like those, you need to visit the website housing the GIF to download it.


Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the GIF or video on Pinterest that you want to download on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on the Visit button present below the GIF. Pinterest will take you to the GIFs website.

Step 3: Tap and hold on the GIF. If you get a Download or Save image option, tap on it, else tap on the three-dot icon and select Open in browser.

Step 4: Once in a browser, again tap and hold on the GIF until a menu appears. Tap on Download image.

Hopefully, the app will download the GIF on your mobile phone.

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Make It Easy For Others To Pin From Your Site

If you are using WordPress, like most other bloggers there is an abundance of plugins you can use to make it easy for others to pin from your site.

The obvious thing to add is a Pin sharing button where you include your other social sharing buttons such as Facebook Share or Tweets.

We used the Social Snap plugin and positioned these social sharing buttons floating to the side of the screen which makes sure they are constantly visible to users but also not too intrusive.;

  • Save

This is a great first step but this next technique will dramatically increase the number of times users pin your images.

When we activated this on our blog, we saw a 10x increase in the volume of pins made by others from our site.

  • Save

Save A Pin Without The Browser Button

  • Log into your your

  • Select Create Pin

  • Click Save from site and enter the website URL where the image you want to Pin is

  • Select an image and click Add to Pin

  • Add a title and;description

  • Click Select above the title, then click Save next to the board you want to save the Pin to or click Create board to create a new one
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    The Solution For Multiple Images

    How To Download Images From Pinterest

    This doesnt mean that all images should be prevented; instead, it means that all images that are allowed in the Pinterest selection tools should be somewhat good for saving to Pinterest. Not every pin has to be a long pin, but every pin;should be a decent pin.

    So how do you go about giving readers fewer options? There are two ways, and they work hand-in-hand with each other.

    Lets take a look at each.

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    How To Set Up Social Snap To Add An Overlay To Your Images

    Add the Social Snap plugin to your blog, the free version offers the basic features for this .

    • Save

    Now head over to the plugin settings and click on Social Sharing and then On Media.

    • Save

    Toggle the button Enable on media to turn on this feature.

    • Save

    Once activated, youll see a range of customizations you can make on how it displays. From where the button appears on the image, the size of the button, the shape, and many more.

    • Save

    It comes with a cool preview feature so you can see exactly what it looks like on your blog.

    Once youre happy with the settings, remember to press save and youre all set.

    Using Native Download Button

    Step 1: Navigate to the GIF that you want to download.

    Step 2: Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Download image from the menu.

    You will get a notification at the bottom indicating after the image saves. Open your gallery or camera roll, and you will find the newly downloaded GIF there.

    Fun Fact

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    How To Nopin Images

    <img src=”” data-pin-nopin=”true” />

    This attribute can be added to your image tags in two ways:

  • Viewing the text version of a WordPress post and adding it manually
  • Adding the NoPin Attribute Manually

    To add the NoPin attribute manually, open up a post in the WordPress dashboard and click Text. Find the image tags in the source, and type the nopin attribute in to the image tag:

    Adding the NoPin Attribute with Tasty Pins

    Tasty Pins includes a Disable Pinning checkbox for each image added to a post or page. Checking the box automatically adds the nopin attribute to the image, no code required!

    This only works on images in the content, so if you use plugins that add images to your sidebar or footer then youll need to reach out to the developer to add the data-pin-nopin attribute to the image HTML.

    Create Dedicated Pin Images

    Pinterest uses AI and your camera to recommend pins
    • Save

    Which ones are you most drawn to?;

    And which ones are you most likely to click on?;

    The data tells me these ones get the highest click-throughs

    • Save

    The key reasons why these get the most clicks:

    • Portrait orientation they take up more space in the feed, increasing the likelihood of being seen.
    • High-quality photo blurry images and poor quality images get down-voted and less likely to be seen and who would want to click on a bad image
    • Text on the image this shows that if you click through there are more information or more photos that you may like this hugely increases the click-through rate
    • No faces data suggests that images without faces get up to 23% more clicks than those with faces.

    So for every blog post you write, make sure you create at least 1 dedicated pin image for the post.

    You can make pins using any design app you like. If you are just getting started, I recommend using Canva, it comes with hundreds of templates that you can quickly edit and download.

    You should create at least one pin for each post on your blog. To start with you will need to go back in and create pins for all your existing blog posts. Once you have done that, you can just create a new pin each time you create a new blog post.

    Here are some more examples of pin images for inspiration

    • Save

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    Add Gifs From Website

    To add GIFs from the third-party websites such as GIPHY, check these steps:

    Step 1: Click on the add icon on Pinterest and select Create a Pin.

    Step 2: Click on the Save from site option.

    Step 3: Paste either the website link of the GIF or a direct link to GIF and hit the small arrow next to the box. Alternatively, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

    Step 4: Pinterest will start looking for the available images and GIFs on the site. Click on the GIF that you want to select and hit the Add to Pin option.

    Step 5: Finally, add a description and select the board for the pin followed by hitting the Save button.

    Also on Guiding Tech

    Image Downloader Chrome Extension

    The is a neat little app that allows you to copy images from just about anywhere online. Navigate to an image page on Pinterest, select the Image Downloader in the toolbar and select the image you want. Enter media cache into the filter box and select Download when the image is highlighted. Set your format and options and save.

    You can use this extension to batch download as well as download individual images. Its a very useful little app.

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