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How To Retweet On Twitter

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Why To Retweet On Twitter

How to Retweet on Twitter

Before jumping on the steps for how to retweet something on Twitter, you should learn why to retweet etiquette and the benefits of retweeting. You can retweet others posts for many good reasons. Some are

  • You can retweet to share someones opinion you totally agree with.
  • You can quote retweet someones post with whom you disagree and add a comment to state why.
  • You can retweet to build a relationship with or get noticed by the original author of the tweet.
  • Your retweet can sometimes help you start a conversation or engage with the audience.

How To Get More Retweets On Twitter

Getting your tweets retweeted by others is vital for expanding your reach on Twitter. Here, your followers are doing the marketing for you, exposing your content to their own audiences. This concept forms the basis for Twitters exceptional sharing of information. If you want your Twitter account to go anywhere, you definitely want to capitalize on this idea.

To help you out, we compiled a list of the ways that you can get more retweets. These tips range from basic to advanced techniques. We have also included examples to give you an idea of how each tip works.

Delete A Retweet On Twitter On Desktop

To remove a retweet on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, first, open a web browser on your computer and access the site.

In Twitters left sidebar, click the Profile option.

On the profile page, find the retweet you want to delete. Then, at the bottom of that retweet, click the Undo Retweet option.

In the menu that opens, click Undo Retweet.

And thats it. Twitter has removed the selected retweet from your profile page.

Did you know you can block someones retweets but still see their tweets?


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Some Pros And Cons Of Retweet With Comment


  • Retweet with comments allows you to add your own thoughts about the tweet.
  • It shows up in the section when you retweet with a comment.
  • There are no limitations on the number of times you can retweet with comment.


  • Retweets with comments do not appear in the mentions tab of the person whose tweet you are RTing.
  • When you embed a retweet with comment on a website, it shows up as a link, and not in a display box.

When All Else Fails Tweet Quotes


Quotes, especially those that are imposed upon images, are some of the easier retweets youll get. That Twitter study above showed a 19% increase in retweets when using quotes. People especially respond to quotes that they can connect with. This is why they are often considered as an essential part of .

The trick is to tweet quotes that are relevant to your brand or niche. Quotes said by important people within your industry are particularly popular. You can also tweet a quote that you personally like, such as this one.

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How To Delete Old Tweets Retweets Likes Or Entire Twitter History On Twitter

Twitter is a free social media platform that allows users to send and receive short messages known as tweets.

People use to connect with others and discover new things every day, whether its to share breaking news, post company updates, or follow their favourite celebrities.

Twitter is a microblogging service, which means you use it to make brief statements about what youre doing, whats going on in your world, or your thoughts on a current event.

Its not as simple as oops just burnt the toast, as many people believe. Its all about exchanging connections to other websites, expressing thoughts and opinions, and talking about current events.

Joining Twitter is completely free, and you may do so right from their home page.

Twitter uses the terms follow people and follow you to describe how you interact with others. When you compose a message, it is visible to your followers, and when you visit Twitter, you can view the messages of the people you follow.

You can send short private messages to someone if you dont wish to engage with them in public.

You can also include keywords or phrases in your tweets by using a hashtag , which allows Twitter to track trending topics keywords that are being discussed by a large number of people.

When someone clicks on a hashtag like #webdesign, theyll be directed to a page that displays additional tweets with the hashtag #webdesign, allowing them to see what others are saying about the issue.

How To Check Who Retweeted A Tweet

A couple of decades ago, if you would have asked people what tweeting was, theyd probably say its the sound a bird makes. Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their dog has a Twitter account.

Twitter is the ultimate information-sharing tool. As the birthplace of the hashtag, Twitter is where breaking news, memes, and daily rants live together side by side. Theres nothing quite like that giddy feeling of being noticed when getting your first retweet.

But how do you check who has retweeted you?

In this article, well be sharing tips on checking who has shared your tweet, depending on which device youre using. Carry on reading to find out more.

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Easiest Way To Get Retweets On Twitter: Ask For Them

A simple call to action that asks for retweets will help you get people pushing that button. Studies have shown that asking Please retweet can increase your chances of being retweeted by 160%. And you can definitely see that in action here.

Please retweet & use #BeKindToElephants, and for everyone who does, well make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Ellen DeGeneres

Make your requests noticeable by trying out different calls to action like:

  • Retweet if you agree
  • Please RT
  • RT

You can even tailor the call to action to suit the context of your request. This will surely grab the attention of the right people you want retweeting your content.

Best Ways To Get More Retweets On Twitter Easily 2022

How to Retweet on Twitter When Prompted to Quote Tweet

Want to learn how to get more retweets on Twitter?

As one of the biggest social platforms out there, Twitter can be a fantastic place to reach more potential customers for your brand.

In this guide, were going to show you how you can boost your Twitter engagement and get tons of retweets with ease.

Plus, these tips are all super easy to use, so you can get started right away.

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How To Create A Retweet Twitter Bot

Automate sharing for fun and profit

One of the things that powers Twitter is retweets. This iswhere a Twitter user copies someone elses tweet to their own page, either withtheir own comment or without. It is their way of supporting that tweet,promoting it, or if it personally mentions the retweeter, showing other peoplewhat is being said about them.

If you are retweeting mentions of yourself to promote yourself or your business, you will know the value of such retweets. They are whats called social proof. If lots of people are singing your praises, it shows others that you are someone worth watching. As a writer and author, this is invaluable advertising for my brand.

But unless you have lots of time to spare for Twitter, youare going to need to automate the whole retweeting process. This is why youshould consider setting up a retweet bot.

How To Quote Tweet On Desktop

Step 1: Open the official Twitter website and login into your account.

Step 2: Go through your Home timeline until you see a suitable Tweet you want to retweet.

Step 3: Click on the Tweet to open it, and press the Retweet button. Or, you can directly click on the Retweet button below the Tweet itself.

Step 4: Finally, select the Quote Retweet option.

Step 5: On the new window, enter the quote you want to add with the retweet.

Step 6: Hit the Tweet button to quote a tweet.

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Benefits Of Retweet Thank Yous

There are two core benefits of retweet thank yous that help you build relationships:

  • It brings a conversational aspect to your tweets.
  • It builds loyalty and a relationship with your followers.
  • Ask yourself this: If a user that you highly respect took the time to mention or thank you for a RT, how likely would you be to RT them again?

    These guidelines should help you build a more engaged following on Twitter by recognizing your followers and their value.

    Always ensure that your responses are value-added to both the user and your following, and it will have a noticeable positive impact on growing and nurturing your social media relationships. Do you recognize folks that retweet your content? If yes, how do you thank them? If not, why not? and might you choose to do so after reading this post? Wed love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

    Blog Categories

    What Should You Retweet

    How to Retweet with a Comment on Twitter: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

    If you think your followers would benefit from the info, retweet it.

    For example, if someone you follow tweets something that would amuse your Twitter audience, pass it on to them. Or, if you want to let everyone in on a conversation you’re having, retweet it.

    If the content is meaningful to you in some way, share it with your following, but avoid retweeting so much that your posts come across as spamthis is one of the fastest routes to being unfollowed and muted on Twitter.

    If your tweets are not endorsements, add a, “Retweets are not endorsements,” disclaimer in your bio.

    Remember that retweeting is all about having fun, being social, and sharing stuff worth sharing. Try it and see how it works for you!

    • What is a retweet number?

      A retweet number appears next to the retweet arrows. This number indicates how many times people have retweeted the tweet.

    • How do I delete a retweet I made?

      If you change your mind about a retweet you made, go back to the tweet and hover your mouse over the retweet arrows. Then, tap the arrows beneath Undo Retreat.

    • How do I retweet a thread?

      If you want to retweet a thread, which is a tweet plus all replies, select Show this thread at the bottom of the tweet. Then select the retweet arrows to retweet the entire thread.

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    Tactics To Avoid With Retweet Thanks

    1. Do NOT post numerous thank you tweets back-to-back. It makes your profile timeline non-value-added for new prospective followers viewing your profile. Twitter features the three most recent tweets in the user profile preview pane, so consider two your maximum number for consecutive RT thank yous.

    2. Avoid posting RT thank yous during peak content retweet hours. Instead, target off-peak Twitter times so as not to bore your following.

    3. Dont publicly post a generic Thanks! or Thanks for the RT! It provides no value to your following. Aim to include the original tweet or link if possible. You can also include a hashtag so your followers or other users can identify other relevant folks they may want to follow.

    4. Do NOT send a DM that merely says Thanks for the RT! This has no conversational value and equates to spam. Especially in the DM world, its likely to appear automated, which mutes the objective of building a relationship. Personalize the message so it adds value or ignites conversation.

    You Can Even Use It For Collecting Emails From Your Followers

    Bloggers make sure that they can collect as many email subscribers as they would want to. The Twitter cads such as email collection can prove to be a greater option to help you get access to a better degree of email subscribers.

    You can ask your Twitter followers to sign up for your email list right from the pinned tweet. The potential subscribers do not need to leave the Twitter platform to subscribe to your email newsletter. It can be an easy tip for the best possible experience you would want to go with.

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    How To Send A Normal Retweet On Twitter

    Chris Hoffman

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times and Reader’s Digest, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    Twitter has temporarily changed its retweet system. When you try to retweet something, youll see the quote tweet dialog that asks you to share your own thoughts. Heres how to send a normal retweet instead.

    Who Is This Tweeting 101 For

    How To Retweet on Twitter: On Desktop and Through Twitter Mobile App

    If you are new to Twitter, this is for you.

    But believe me, even those that seem on Twitter for awhile do not do these.

    If you have been on Twitter for years, and you deem yourself as a social media guru, please share your learnings by commenting below.

    If your knowledge on Twitter is intermediate, hop on to the best practices section.

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    Here Is A Complete Guide On How You Can Retweet A Tweet With A Comment Photo Video

    Twitter is one of the most frequently used app by millions of active global users. It is a great platform especially used in breaking and spreading the news in real-time. Tweeting frequently helps you in reaching a wide audience and enabling two-way communication with customers even retweeting a tweet works the same.

    What is a Retweet? A Tweet that you share publicly with your followers is known as a Retweet. In simple language, a Retweet is a re-posting of a Tweet. Even You can Retweet your own Tweets or Tweets from someone else. Here are the steps you need to follow to retweet a tweet.

    Promote Your Tweets Using Ads

    A simple and effective you to get lots of retweets quickly is to use Twitter ads.

    Like other social media websites, Twitter allows you to run ads and reach a lot of people with ease as long as youre eligible.

    To check, you can take a look at the and see if your brands Twitter account is valid or not.

    After that, simply open , and you can start setting up your Twitter ads. If you want to grow your account with more retweets, you can choose Engagements as your objective here.

    After that, you can pick a tweet to advertise and Twitter will then show it to people whore likely to find it engaging.

    Just like that, you can get tons of likes, replies, and retweets for your content with ease.

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    How To Allow Someone To Retweet Your Tweets

    When you first sign up, your Twitter account’s default privacy is set to “public,” meaning anyone on the Internet can read and retweet your tweets. Changing your account’s privacy setting to “protected” allows only your followers to view your tweets. As a result, “protected” status also prevents anyone from retweeting your tweets. If you find users can’t retweet you, it probably means your account got switched from “public” to “protected.” You can enable retweeting with a simple setting adjustment.

  • 1.

    Log in to your Twitter account. Click the “gear” icon in the top right of the screen to activate a drop-down menu. Select “Settings” from the menu options.

  • 2.

    Scroll down to the “Tweet privacy” section. Uncheck the box for “Protect my tweets.”

  • 3.

  • Enter your Twitter password when prompted to confirm the account settings changes.

  • References



    • Switching your Twitter account from “protected” to “public” will make any previously protected tweets available on the Internet. Make certain you’re comfortable with losing this level of privacy before making the change.
    • Always review follower requests before switching your account settings. Any pending follower requests will be automatically rejected when you change your account from “protected” to “private,” requiring the users to follow you again.

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    Use A Photo In Your Tweet


    In its own study, Twitter found out photos generate 35% more retweets than other content types. This plays right into Twitters wheelhouse of instantly recognizable content for short attention spans. You can scroll quickly through your feed, see a picture, and instantly like it enough for a retweet.

    Using your Twitter photos in different ways increases the likelihood of them being tweeted. You can, for instance, put text on your images. This lets you make your hashtags and calls to action more visible. You also get additional space if you still need more than the 280-character limit.

    Another way to make your images more retweetable is by using different types of images. GIFs like this are always attention-grabbing.

    The only #PrimeDay deal you need. Stock up on #MtnDewKickstart and get 25% off your first purchase.

    Mountain Dew®

    You can also create visual stories by tweeting a series of related images.

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    How To Retweet With A Comment On Twitter

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    Twitter’s Retweet function helps you to share someone else Tweets with all of your followers. Recently, Twitter launched a new feature called Quote Tweet. This allows users to embed a tweet in their own tweets.

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