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How To Retrieve Whatsapp Messages

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Directly Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages From The Interlocutors Chat History

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Your Smartphone

So, what do you do if youâve deleted your WhatsApp chats from your iPhone? First of all, you can try to recover those deleted messages through your friend’s chat history. This is the simplest approach that is recommended while the messages are still there in the other interlocutor’s chat history. So you can ask him/her to export the WhatsApp chat history and send it to you. Or just screen shot the WhatsApp messages and send the picture to you.

But sometimes it’s embarrassing to ask someone to help you with this. As cloud technology has become an excellent way for people to back things up, it is much easier to recover data after a deletion. This is the reason why we are talking about the other 3 methods in this part as they are simple to recover WhatsApp messages for free.

How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages And How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Message

  • To read deleted WhatsApp messages, first you have to install an application from Play Store.
  • of application We are giving you the link here where You can directly download this app by clicking
  • Successfully you have to install this application in your mobile.
  • And all the permissions asked for in it have to be allowed.
  • Keep in mind if you are not satisfied with this app then do not install it in your mobile at all because this one is made for your entertainment
  • After this it will open in your mobile like this.
  • Now whenever someone sends you a new message and deletes that message, then that message will come in your app.
  • And by coming to this app, you can read that deleted message again.
  • It also comes with photos and videos that you can watch.

Restore From A Google Drive Backup

To maintain a copy of your chat history on Google Drive, you can enable the automatic backup feature for your chats and select its frequency as daily, weekly, or monthly. In order to successfully restore a Google Drive backup, you need to use the same phone number and Google Account used to create the backup.

To restore your backup:

  • Ensure that your new Android device is linked to the Google Account where your backup is saved
  • Install and open WhatsApp, then verify your number.
  • Tap RESTORE when prompted to restore your chats and media from Google Drive.
  • After the restoration process is complete, tap NEXT. Your chats will be displayed once initialization is complete.
  • WhatsApp will continue to restore your media files after your chats are restored.
  • If you install WhatsApp without any prior backups from Google Drive, WhatsApp will automatically restore from your local backup file.

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    Setting Up A Whatsapp Message Backup On Android

  • 1Tap the WhatsApp icon to open it. The icon looks like a white phone inside a speech bubble on a green background.
  • 2Tap the More icon. This icon looks like three white dots in a vertical line and is in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • 3Tap Settings. This option is in the bottom right of your screen.
  • 4Tap Chats.
  • 5Tap Chat backup.
  • 6Tap Back up to Google Drive. Choose whether you want to back up your messages daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • If you haven’t previously set up your Google account, you’ll be prompted to do here so before continuing with the backup.
  • 7Tap Back up over. Choose the network you wish to use to back up your data.
  • If possible, it’s best to use a Wi-Fi network to avoid any data charges associated with your cellular network.
  • How To Locate Whatsapp Backup In Google Drive

    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone without ...
  • Head over to and log in with your Google ID.
  • On the next page, click manage apps. This will bring up a list of apps that have access to your Google drive storage. Scroll down until you see Whatsapp messenger.
  • If you find WhatsApp messenger in the drop-down list, then that’s the proof you need. You’ll only see WhatsApp there if your data is being stored on your Google drive.

    However, if you’re still not convinced, then repeat steps 1 and 2 above. Next, in the general tab, tap on “view items taking up too much space”. Next, go to backup and you’ll find your WhatsApp backup file with your phone number attached to it.

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    How To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages

    Given that WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, theres no way to actually recover a deleted message. The workaround is to use an app that keeps track of your WhatsApp notifications. This is more like accessing your notification history to figure out the deleted message. It works almost flawlessly though and Ive been using it for over a year now without any issues. It even works with WhatsApp Business and other messaging apps like Instagram and Telegram. Heres how you can read and recover deleted messages on WhatsApp:

    • Head to the Play Store and install WAMR on your phone. There are several apps that do the job but this is one that Ive personally used for a while.
    • Once installed, open the app and read and accept the disclaimer. Tap on the Next arrow.
    • Youll then be asked to select the apps you want to monitor. Select WhatsApp from the list along with any other messaging apps that you use if you want to.
    • Read through and keep swiping right across the menus till you get to the Setupscreen. Here, tap on Enable next to Notification Reader.
    • You will now be redirected to your phones Settings app to grant notification access. Scroll down to find WAMR and tap on it.
    • Now, tap on the toggle next to Allow notification access and tap on Allow again.
    Deleted WhatsApp message
    Notification from WAMR
    Read the deleted message

    Recover All Whatsapp Messages From Icloud Backup Of The Lost Iphone

    To recover lost WhatsApp messages from iCloud to a new iPhone, follow the steps below:

    Step 1:: Make sure your new iPhone is signed in to your iCloud account.

    Step 2:: On your new iPhone, download and install WhatsApp from the App Store. Go to WhatsApp and sign in.

    Step 3: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions by tapping “Agree And Continue.” When prompted, confirm your country and phone number.

    Step 4: Select “Restore Chat History”. Tobegin using Whatsapp, tap Next.

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    How To Restore Whatsapp Messages On Android From Iphone

    If you are switching devices from iPhone to Android, you may find that there are limited ways to move the WhatsApp data between the devices. You will not be able to restore an iCloud backup of your WhatsApp messages to the Android device because iCloud uses encryption protocols that your Android device will not be able to recognize.

    The only way therefore for you to transfer WhatsApp messages on Android from iPhone is to use a third-party tool to transfer WhatsApp data from the iPhone to the Android device. The best for the task is MobileTrans- WhatsApp Transfer and the following are some of the features that make it the most ideal solution

    • ⢠It can be useful in the transfer of all types of data between devices including contacts, photos, messages, and WhatsApp data
    • ⢠It supports thousands of Android devices and all iOS devices and all versions of the iOS firmware
    • ⢠It is also a great way to make a backup of the WhatsApp data on your device to your computer and restore the data when necessary.

    To use MobileTrans- WhatsApp Transfer to transfer WhatsApp from your iPhone to the Android device, follow these simple steps

    Step 1: Download and install MobileTrans on your computer. Run the program and select âBackup& Restoreâ in the main window to begin.

    Step 2: Now, select âApp Backup& Restoreâ in the options that appear on the next screen and then connect both devices to the computer using USB cables, and click “WhatsApp” to continue.

    Delete Whatsapp From Your Device

    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android without Root

    2. Download the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play and install it on your device.

    3. After installation After installation, you can open the app and input your personal information, including your name and number.
    4. During installation, a message will be displayed on your screen, asking you if youd like toRestore the chats to Google Drive. Click on Restore to begin the process of recovery.
    5. After your data has been successfully recovered, Follow the instructions on-screen to finish the installation.

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    Q5 Will I Lose My Whatsapp Conversations If I Change Phones

    You will not lose your WhatsApp messages even if you change phones. Your conversations are saved in iCloud backup and you can just transfer them to the new phone. Open your WhatsApp and go to the âSettingsâ > âChatsâ > âChat Backupâ options. Click on the green âBackupâ button to get your WhatsApp chats on your new phone.

    Backing Up Your Whatsapp Messages With Keepster

    The Keepster app lets you back up your WhatsApp messages but once they’re backed up, you can search for specific messages by keyword, sender, or date. You can also create folders and organize your messages in any way you want. This backup system gives you the most flexibility to work with your messages once they’re saved.

    Keepster also lets you create printed books from your conversations so you can turn them into gifts and keepsakes. There are versions available for macOS and Windows 10 so you can run it from any modern PC.

    It works with more than just WhatsApp as well. Keepster supports several different messaging platforms, including:

    • WhatsApp
    • hike Messenger
    • Viber

    If you use different apps to chat with different people, it’s the perfect way to back everything up in one place.

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    How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Samsung Without Backup And Without Having To Uninstall Whatsapp

  • Upon first opening the program, a popup will appear asking you to install the latest drivers. Click OK and wait for the installation to be finished.
  • Choose Recover from Phone
  • Connect your phone with your computer. The program will automatically detect the device.
  • Once this is finished, you will be prompted to enable USB debugging mode. To do this, follow the on-screen tutorial
  • To access all recoverable data, you also need to root your smartphone.
  • WARNING: Rooting a phone basically grants you developer access on your device, unlocking options, files and settings usually not available to users. It also isnt a completely safe process, so a backup of all your phones data before attempting this is strongly advised.
  • Next, go to Device Ready to Scan and choose whether you want to do a Quick Scan or a Deep Scan.
  • Select which types of data you want to scan.
  • Now you can see and restore deleted WhatsApp messages* as well as other data. To quickly see deleted files, theres a slider to Only display the deleted items.
  • Select the messages you want to recover and then click Recover in the lower right corner of the program interface to restore them.
  • How To Restore Or Recover Deleted Whatsapp Chat Messages From Icloud Backup On Iphone

    2 Methods to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Android

    Similarly, iPhone users can also restore WhatsApp chat messages from Apples iCloud. Just like Google Drive, WhatsApp also creates a cloud backup on iCloud. However, there are few things to note. First of all, you must be signed with the Apple ID you use to access iCloud and iCloud Drive must be turned on. Furthermore, there must be enough free space on both your iCloud and iPhone.

    The company says that you need to have at least 2.05 times the space available in your iCloud account and on your iPhone as compared to the actual size of the backup. The phone number used in backing up should be the same and you cannot restore WhatsApp for another account. Once it is clear, heres how to restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud.

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  • First of all, you need to verify whether there is an iCloud backup for WhatsApp or not. For this, you need to go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • If there is an iCloud backup available, you need to first uninstall the application and then reinstall it.
  • Open the application and enter your registered mobile number. The app will send an OTP to certify your number.
  • When prompted, tap on the Restore option to restore WhatsApp chat backup.
  • The app will then look into iCloud for the backup and then will download it on your smartphone.
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    How To Restore Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Iphone With Backup

    If you have an up-to-date backup of your chat history, reading deleted messages is a piece of cake. In case you are not sure when your last backup was, the information can be found under WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. Check that the last backup includes the latest messages. If not, backup your chat history.

  • To display the deleted messages, you first have to uninstall WhatsApp.
  • Reinstall the app.
  • Enter your phone number and follow the on-screen prompts to recover your chat history. This is what you need the backup for.
  • Now, even formerly deleted messages are displayed.
  • How To Check Whatsapp Messages With Kidsguard For Whatsapp

    KidsGuard for WhatsApp is a program that will help you monitor social communications on WhatsApp. It is a great way to save and see all types of media files that one has shared on WhatsApp .

    Although Kidsguard for WhatsApp cant directly restore the WhatsApp data to our phones, we can check all the WhatsApp messages and files online and never let the phone storage space occupied, very convenient! If youre not sure about the abilities of this program, you have the possibility to use a free online demo of KidsGuard for WhatsApp to see and understand how it works.

    Trying a demo version can be a great way to know if using this program will worth it for you or not. Next, lets see how Kidsguard for WhatsApp works in details.

    Step 1: Register and Purchase a Service

    We will need to use an existing email address in order to register on KidsGuard. From there, if you want advanced monitoring features, you will have to take the premium option and buy this service.

    Step 2: Download and Install KidsGuard for WhatsApp

    On the device that you are currently using, you will need to download and install KidsGuard. Once its done, you will have to launch it and follow all the instructions given by the application.

    Step 3: Verify Setup and Start Monitor

    From this dashboard, you will see various options regarding WhatsApp. You will be able to track WhatsApp call logs and record the calls, access WhatsApp multimedia files as well as view WhatsApp chats and status.

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    How To Backup Whatsapp Chats On Android Device

    If you’re an Android user, then chances are that your WhatsApp has been preset to backup data to Google drive. This backup is usually done in the background at specific time intervals. Most times you may not even notice it.

    However, if your Android isn’t set to backup WhatsApp data automatically to Google Drive, you can do it yourself.

    How Can I Recover My Two Year Old Deleted Whatsapp Photos

    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone(without backup)

    To recover your two year old deleted WhatsApp photos you have two solutions : either use a backup or download an application that will specifically help in recovering your data. The data recovery application that we advise for you are MiniTool Mobile Recovery and iMyFone D-Back. They can both be used with Android and IPhone. If you know that you have a backup, like on Google Drive for instance, then you just need to connect your device and authorize the deleted files to come back to your phone.

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    How To Backup Your Whatsapp Data To Google Drive

    Here are the steps for a Google Drive backup:

  • Open your WhatsApp and tap on the 3-dot menu icon
  • Select settings, tap on chats> chat backup
  • On the next screen that pops up, click on “Backup to Google Drive”.
  • Select any backup frequency other than “Never” from the drop-down list.
  • Choose the Google account you want to back up your WhatsApp chat history to. Note that it should be one of the accounts connected to your device. If you haven’t connected a Google account yet, then tap “Add account” when prompted and enter your login details.
  • Click on Back up over to choose what kind of network will be used for the backups. You have 2 options – WiFi or cellular network.
  • Note: Backing up your files over a cellular network may attract additional data charges from your ISP.

    Backing up WhatsApp data to Google Drive is quite effective because your data will always be safe. If you need to restore your data, all you have to do is log in to google drive and restore. But before you can use Google Drive backup the following things must be in place:

    • One or more Google accounts activated on your android device
    • Google Play services are installed and activated on your device. Google Play services updates google apps and other apps downloaded from the Google play store
    • Enough free space on your device
    • Very stable internet connection .

    Once you have met the above requirements, then you are good to go.

    An Advanced Whatsapp Backup Strategy For Android

    Because you can easily view and edit WhatsApp chat backup files on Android, it’s easy to manipulate them if you like. Renaming them allows you to keep as many backup files as you want.

    All you need to do is rename a backup in the msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 format to something else, such as or 2021-June-Backup. Because this file doesn’t use WhatsApp’s naming convention, it’s now protected from WhatsApp overwriting it.

    Consider creating your own backup file in this way once every month or so. That way, you won’t lose tons of messages if you have to restore from an older backup. For even more safety, you should copy these backup files to cloud storage or your computer so that they’re safe in case your phone stops working.

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