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How To Retrieve My Gmail Password

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Click On Try Another Way

How to recover gmail password without email and phone number// gmail account recovery kaise kare

Choose the Try Another Way Option

You will be forwarded to the page of the phone verification method once you selected Try another way to sign in. If you are currently provided with your phone, tap on Yes to receive a verification code from Google. Then, to confirm your identity, you must input the verification code.

This technique is none of your use if you havent synced your phone number to your gmail account. In such conditions, you must prefer going with the other option, i.e., Try another way.

How Do I Change My Gmail Password Heres How To Recover Your Gmail Password Or Account

Gmail is the largest email service in the world, used by well over a billion people. Accessed through your Google Account, Gmail competes with other tech company products within the email service market, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Yahoo Mail.

The Google-owned email colossus was launched in 2004 before Googles worldwide influence in the modern day. Through updates and incorporation of other Google applications, such as Google Docs, Google Slides or Google Sheets, Gmail and its password security have proved to be versatile and valuable.

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Find Gmail Password Through The Official

Step 1: Go to your browser and search Gmail sign-in page. Enter your email address and continue.

Step 2: Next, Gmail asks you to enter the last password that you can recall in a way to confirm that you forgot it. If you crack the correct password, your Gmail will open. However, if your password does not match the current or any of your old passwords, Gmail will give you another chance with “try another way”.

Step 3: Here, a verification code will be automatically sent to your device connected with your Google account. So check your phone’s notification and tap on “Yes” and then you can reset your Gmail password.

In case you do not receive the notification or wish to sign in using another way, you can opt for “try another way to sign in” and choose “Use your phone or tablet to get a security code .

Step 4: If you had set it up with a recovery phone number when creating the Gmail account, Gmail would ask you for an option to send a text or call on that number to verify your identity.

So if you have your phone, proceed ahead with this step. Or else you skip to step 5.

Step 5: Alternatively, Google has another option to verify your identity. Just like you connected your phone number with the account, you are also asked to link another email and a recovery email during the time of account creation. So Google sends a recovery code to that email, and you can then reset your password.

Step 6: If you are lucky enough, enter the code sent to your device or the recovery email address.

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What Happens If You Dont Receive The Retrieval Link Or Cant Access Your Gmail Account

Let’s face it, losing access to your Gmail account will potentially cause tremendous stress. Important business and personal notifications may sit waiting for your attention. So, what if your retrieval link doesn’t work or doesn’t show up at all? You might want to give these steps a try:

  • Go to your phone settings for Google and turn off the two-step verification command.
  • If you’re still locked out, you may need to contact Google through the Help page and report that you need to recover your Gmail password. Next, get ready and wait three to four days for assistance.
  • Make sure when you use the Google Help or Support Center, you indicate that you want assistance directly from Google Support and not the Community Forum.

How to recover your Google Account or Gmail:

If you forgot your password or username or can’t get verification codes, follow these steps to recover your Google Account. That way, you can use services like Gmail, Photos, and Google Play.

Tip: If you use an account through your work, school, or other groups, these steps might not work. Check with your administrator for help.

Recover Forgotten Gmail Password With Google Recovery

How To Find Out My Gmail Password

If you would rather prefer using the standard Google recovery method to recover your Gmail password, this section will teach you how to do it.

If you have access to any of your recovery methods, you will be able to use this method to reset the password for your account. The following are the steps on how you do it.

Step 1: Open a browser and head over to the page. Once you are there, enter your Gmail email address and hit Next.

Step 2: The following screen will offer you various recovery methods saved in your profile. You’ll be asked to put in the last password you can remember.

Step 3: If you can’t remember any of them, click “try another way.” The next option will be “Get a verification code with your phone number“. Enter your phone number, and click SEND. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Gmail password.

If you do not have a phone number, clicking Try another way or I don’t have my phone, Gmail will ask a number of questions to try to establish you as the owner of the account. Once you have proceeded with your chosen recovery method, you should be able to set a new password for your Gmail account.

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How To Recover Your Gmail Password

  • On the Gmail sign-in page click on Forgot password.
  • You’ll be asked to type the last password you remember:

  • If you don’t remember it, click Try a different question.
  • Enter the secondary email address to receive a recovery email.
  • Enter the code into the corresponding window and you will regain access to your Gmail account. This way, you could set up a new password.
  • If you don’t have another email linked to your Google account, you can also use your mobile phone and receive a verification code on it.

Google no longer supports security questions so there is no possibility to recover your password via them.

N.B. If you haven’t accessed your account for 9 months or more, Gmail may have considered your account as abandoned and deleted it from the server. In this case, account recovery is no longer possible.

Do you need more help with Gmail? Check out our forum!

How To Reset The Forgotten Gmail Password

Step 1: When you go to the Gmail login interface, enter your Gmail account name in the box and then click Next button, you will get the Forgot password option here.

Step 2: After clicking Forgot password option, for the reliable users, Google will offer several ways for them to prove that they are the Gmail account owners and send them the verification code. If you fail in one way, you can change another way by clicking Try another way.

Way 1: Use the last password to prove you are the account owner. It needs you to enter the last password you remmber using with this Google account. Please pay attention that the last password should be the right one.

After that, you will be asked to enter the email address or phone number you added to the account to get a verification code.

Way 2: If you do not remember the last password, you can directly click Try another way and use the related phone number or email address to verify the account is yours.

Way 3: If you did not connect the phone number or annother email address with this account, you can get the verification code by answering the security question. As the screenshot shows, you need to provide the month and year when you created the Google account.

Then you will enter the account recovery interface by sending the verification code to your connected account. As you can not access the related account to read the verification code, you can click Try another way to enter a new email address to receive the code.

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How To Recover A Gmail Password With A Recovery Email

Apart from a linked phone number, you can also recover your Gmail password with its recovery email. While creating your Gmail account, you must have entered a recovery email ID. If you can still access it, then the secondary email can be used to reset your account. To learn how to recover a Gmail password using a recovery email, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start the Gmail account recovery process

Just like the above process, you can first go to the log-in page of Gmail and enter your email ID. Since you donât remember the password of your account, click on the âForgot passwordâ button instead.

Step 2: Submit the recovery email ID

Now, Google will simply ask you to submit the recovery email ID that would be used to reset your account. Simply enter the complete email address and log-in to your recovery account after that.

Step 3: Recover your Gmail email password

Afterward, Google will automatically send a verification email to your secondary account. You can just click on the verification link to reset your password or enter the authentication code on the setup wizard. This will let you recover your Gmail email password easily.

How To Reset Gmail Password On Computer If I Forgot

How To Recover Hacked Gmail | Make Gmail 100% Secure | Get Back Hacked Gmail | [Bangla-বাà¦à¦²à¦¾]

Gmail is by far the most successful email provider by Google that is served to the world for free. Technically, you can use as much space as you want on Gmail regarding receiving and send emails. As every email provider service, Gmail also requires to enter your email and password in order to access your account.

Although, Google account are very flexible and you will be logged in to other Google service like YouTube, G+ Hangout, Google Drive, etc. automatically if you are singed in to your Gmail account. So, if you forget password for your Gmail account then it is pretty much assumable that you won’t be able to log in to any of the services provided by Google.

Thankfully, even if you forget your own Gmail account password, Google still knows it. Gmail is very user friendly and it provides numerous ways to retrieve your password. We will be showing you how to reset your Gmail password within minutes. It’s not a rocket science and you don’t need to be a computer expert in order to reset your Gmail password. Just keep on reading and you should be able to reset your Gmail password by the end of this tutorial.

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How To Recover A Google Account From A Forgotten Email Address

In case you are not able to access your Gmail account because you canât recall your email address or you lost your phone, go to the Gmail account recovery page for forgotten usernames, and follow these steps:

  • Type your recovery email address or phone number and click âNextâ.
  • 2. Enter your full name and click âNextâ.

    Reset Gmail Password Using Recovery Email On Pc

    Gmail has different ways to confirm your identity so that it can make sure you are the original owner and not someone just hacking your account. Google uses a very systematic password recovery wizard that asks you a series of questions to recognize your identification and let you change the password.

    In the first part, we will show you how to reset Gmail password by using your Recovery email. It will only work if you have setup a recovery email before locking out. If you have setup a recovery email then simply use these steps to reset your Gmail Password.

    Step 1. Head on to and click on “I Forgot My Password“.

    Step 2. You will be asked to enter a previous password that you can remember. If you can enter this password correctly then it will be easier for Gmail to recognize your account and give you easier quests to reset your password.

    Tip: In case you don’t remember your last password then you can click on “Try a different question” so that Gmail can give a different set of questions in order to reset the password.

    Step 3. Next, Gmail will send a security code in your recovery email which you will be required to enter on the prompted asked page. The security code will contain 6 digits and it will be sent on the email that you have chosen as recovery email when you signed up in

    The following screenshot demonstrates how the email sent by Gmail team looks like.

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    Forgot The Password But My Browser Remembers It:

    Here, if your device browser remembers your password, that is, the password field is automatically filled when you log in to your Google account, and you’re able to log in, from here, you can retrieve your password through your browser’s password manager.

    Visit your browser settings, and a password manager to retrieve your password depending on your browser.

    How To Reset Your Gmail Password

    How To Retrieve Gmail Password

    CassandraRead more November 26, 2021

    Theres never a wrong time to change your Gmail password. Its always good to routinely switch your password for security purposes. Furthermore, you never know when a security breach will occur or if a hacker has compromised your account behind the scenes.

    To ensure your Gmail messages and account settings remain private, change your Gmail password every few months. Even if you do this, you may sometimes forget your password since it gets changed frequently.

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    How To Recover Your Gmail Account Without A Recovery Email

    If you don’t have a recovery email associated with your account, there are some other options to try. Click Try another way to go through a few extra steps.

    You may be prompted to answer a security question that you set up when you initially created your account. If you answer correctly, you’ll regain access to your Gmail account.

    If the Gmail account is logged in on the mobile app, when you click Try another way you’re prompted to enter the last password you recall. You’ll then see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you are the account owner by tapping Yes on your linked mobile device.

    Alternatively, Gmail could ask you to verify your identity by selecting the same two-digit number that appears on your screen in an email sent to the account whose password you want to retrieve. After that, you can go ahead and create a new password.

    How To Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number And Recovery Email

    People generally forgot the password of their mail once they log it onto their laptop and/or their mobile phones. They sometimes dont sync their phone number and recovery mail on it. Here, we will tell you how to recover gmail password without phone number and recovery mail.

    In their daily lives and at work, the majority of individuals rely on email. You can be driven over the edge, if you forget or lose your email passwords, such as your Yahoo or Gmail account and password. As long as you have logged in to your email on the internet or in the applications on your phone, you can still view the saved password, such as one for the email.

    Recover Gmail Password

    We will show you how to recover Gmail password without phone number and recovery mail on your iPhone in this article. You can also download an iPhone/iPad password unlocker to retrieve passwords saved on your iOS device, such as WiFi,web browsers, and so on. We will also give you some more pointers on how to recover gmail password without phone number and recovery mail on your iPhone.

    There are some of the ways are given below that you can use to recover Gmail password without a phone number and recovery mail. Read it to the end to easily get your Gmail password next time you forgot or lose your email password.

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    Make Resetting Your Discord Password Easy With Donotpay

    Did you successfully follow all of the above steps and get your password reset only to find yourself locked out again the very next time you tried to sign in? Maybe you never even got that far before throwing in the towel.

    Either way, DoNotPay understands you have other things to do and would like to spend your time actually enjoying Discord rather than trying to access it. That’s why we take the tedious and make it simple.

    DoNotPay lets you recover your password in 6 easy steps:

    1. Go to the Recover Passwords product on DoNotPay and select the type of account you are trying to recover, such as email, streaming service, social media, gaming, eCommerce, and more.

    2. Tell us more about your account, including usernames and associated emails and phone numbers.

    3. Help us verify your account ownership by entering the date you first created the account, when you last logged in, and any payment methods saved under the account.

    4. Upload photographic evidence if you have any that can help prove your account ownership.

    5. Enter any last known or previously used passwords to help verify your identity.

    6. Enter your contact information and submit the task!

    That’s it! We do the heavy lifting and let you get back to living.

    How To Change Your Existing Gmail Password When You Know It

    How to recover gmail password without recovery email and phone number 2 step verification ||2022

    If you already know your current password and can access your account, resetting it is as easy as clicking a link.

  • Sign in to .
  • Click on Security in the left menu, scroll down to the Signing in to Google section.
  • Click Password, then enter your current password if prompted.
  • Enter your new password and confirm it, then click on CHANGE PASSWORD.
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