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How To Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Chat

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How To Get Deleted Whatsapp Messages Back Without Backup

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Your Smartphone

How can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup on iOS devices? Actually, you can also choose an iOS recovery program. Nowadays, there are many iPhone data recovery tools on the Internet, so that you can easily select a reliable and professional tool to regain your lost WhatsApp chat history. But please pay attention to that what data they can recover without backup.

In addition, their usage is similar to using Android recovery software. Furthermore, you can get detailed guides from their official website with ease. Therefore, this part will not repeat the steps.

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Recover Recent Whatsapp Chats Without Losing Newest Chats

The tests I have made show that the chats created and deleted before the backup is done are not saved at all and are lost completely.

This can be avoided in case you need to restore your older chats without losing the recent chats that you might have engaged in before retrieving older files.

To keep a copy of the newest WhatsApp messages, you will create a MANUAL backup from WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup Conversations.

The MANUAL backup file will be saved as msgstore.db.crypt7 in your /SDCard/WhatsApp/Databases folder. Rename this chat backup file to msgstore.db.crypt7.newest or msgstore.db.crypt7.current.

How Can I Recover Deleted Whatsapp Chat History

How to restore your chat history

  • Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
  • Open WhatsApp and verify your number.
  • When prompted, tap RESTORE to restore your chats and media from Google Drive.
  • After the restoration process is complete, tap NEXT.
  • WhatsApp will begin restoring your media files after your chats are restored.
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    Retrieve Deleted Whatsapp Messages Via Local Backup On Android

    All messages are locally backed up, so users refer to these backed-up chats when they accidentally delete them.

  • Open the File Manager application on your Android device and navigate to the backup file for your messages depending on where it is stored.
  • For Root Storage: Device Storage WhatsApp Database
  • For SD Card: SD Card WhatsApp Database
  • There are a couple of files in the folder. First, select the msgstore.db.crypt12 file which is your most recent message backup. Next, tap the three vertical dots hamburger icon or more options button at the top right corner or in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen. Finally, pick rename from the option to change the file name to msgstore_BACKUP.db.crypt12. By renaming this file, you are preventing it from being overwritten.

    Apart from the msgstore.db.crypt12 file, there are other files in the msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 file name format. Among these other files in your Database folder, find the most recent file and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt12.

  • Open your Android device’s Google Drive application > navigate to your WhatsApp backup > delete your WhatsApp backup. By deleting your Google Drive backup, your phone will be forced to restore messages using your local backup upon reinstalling.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp application. After setting up your account using your phone number, the application will prompt you to restore all your messages. Click Restore to begin the process.
  • How To Restore Deleted Whatsapp Chat Messages From Icloud Backup On Iphone

    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats from Android

    Similarly, iPhone users can also restore WhatsApp chat messages from Apples iCloud. Just like Google Drive, WhatsApp also creates a cloud backup on iCloud. However, there are few things to note. First of all, you must be signed with the Apple ID you use to access iCloud and iCloud Drive must be turned on. Furthermore, there must be enough free space on both your iCloud and iPhone.

    The company says that you need to have at least 2.05 times the space available in your iCloud account and on your iPhone as compared to the actual size of the backup. The phone number used in backing up should be the same and you cannot restore WhatsApp for another account. Once it is clear, heres how to restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud.

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  • First of all, you need to verify whether there is an iCloud backup for WhatsApp or not. For this, you need to go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • If there is an iCloud backup available, you need to first uninstall the application and then reinstall it.
  • Open the application and enter your registered mobile number. The app will send an OTP to certify your number.
  • When prompted, tap on the Restore option to restore WhatsApp chat backup.
  • The app will then look into iCloud for the backup and then will download it on your smartphone.
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    How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Iphone For Free

    • MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS is completely free. The program can be installed on PCs and Macs and supports iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iOS 11.
    • iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery offers a free trial that supports most Apple devices and a variety of data formats.

    Do you want to learn how to recover messages on iPhone in more Detail? Then make sure to check out our HowTo!

    How To Get Whatsapp Message Back On Android Device

    Though it is quite easy to restore deleted WhatsApp messages by restoring the backup file, but it requires you to uninstall the WhatsApp application and restore the previous backup file.

    If you do this, then though you could restore the deleted messages, but will lose the latest messages! If there are some other important messages, then you would again have to repeat the process to restore that latest message and thus the process will become tricky.

    If you want to know how to get deleted WhatsApp chat without uninstalling WhatsApp or using the previous backup file, then use Tenorshare UltData – Android Data Recovery.

    Tenorshare UltData for Android is a reliable Android data recovery tool that allows you to restore all kinds of data deleted from your Android device, like photos, videos, text messages, call history, and much more.

    You can restore deleted WhatsApp messages from your Android device. Moreover, it is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google Nexus, LG, Sony, etc. Using Tenorshare UltData, you can restore WhatsApp messages of any device, not just your own. So, if you want to know how to get WhatsApp chat history of other mobile using Tenorshare UltData, follow the below steps:

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    How Long Does Delete For Everyone Last

    7- WhatsApp says that you only get an hour-long window to delete the message for everyone after which the feature wont work. Initially, the feature would last for a window of 7 minutes. Now it has been extended up to an hour. If you try deleting what you have sent after that, it will remain with the receiver.

    Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages Without Backup

    3 ways to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Chat Messages (with Advanced Backup)

    FoneDog Toolkit- Android Data Recovery will now scan the entire Android device so it may actually take a while before the scanning is completed. Once done scanning, you can now see all the deleted WhatsApp messages onscreen. You can also find other files like deleted contacts, messages, call logs, and more.

    Go over the WhatsApp messages and find those deleted conversations. Mark the messages you only wish to recover if you donât want to restore the entire recovered items.

    FoneDog Toolkit- Android Data Recovery allows selective recovery by simply clicking on the boxes of the desired conversations you need. Donât forget to create a new folder on the computer to save the conversations.

    After you have chosen the desired messages to recover, click on the âRecoverâ button at the end of the screen.

    Note: You could go for more Android data and file recovery with the software as well.

    In just a matter of a few clicks, you have learned how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without a backup on Android devices.

    FoneDog Toolkit- Android Data Recovery also offers the free trial version for those who want to try and discover how amazing this program is. It can recover 1 year old WhatsApp messages without backup!

    As we mentioned above, the Android data recovery tool here could help recover kinds of data types. If you want to get your text messages deleted one month ago, the link is for guide.

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    The Simple Check That Every Sky Q Viewer Needs To Do Today

    WhatsApp is the worlds most popular chat platform, boasting two billion regular users. Those users will find that, every now and again, they would prefer to delete a conversation rather than archive it, but sometimes they may do so accidentally. Archived chats can be recovered very easily within the Facebook-owned app, but recovering deleted messages is not so. Here, shows how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your iPhone or Android.

    How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages Without A Backup

    Although data recovery from your WhatsApp backup is fast and convenient, you may have forgotten to enable it when setting up your account.

    The good news is that you can still recover lost messages and media thanks to your devices local backup or third-party software.

    Lets see how this is done when youre running WhatsApp on Android.

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    Once Whatsapp Chats Are Deleted Getting Them Back Can Be A Big Problem Here Is What You Can Do But Be Ready To Face A Problem

    WhatsApp chats deleted by you? And you want them back? You have a problem on your hands. However, even if you accidentally deleted an important WhatsApp chat thread or message, there is a way to retrieve them, but there is a catch. So, you need to be careful. If you want to get your messages back after deleting them, check these steps to recover deleted messages on your smartphone.

    WhatsApp is the most widely used service in the world, and users send billions of messages across the service every day. The messaging service allows users to send texts, images, videos, documents and almost any file types. These messages are delivered to users’ phones and WhatsApp promptly deletes them from the companys servers. When WhatsApp chats or conversations are deleted without meaning to, you should try this:

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    Use the cloud to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your phone

    Thankfully WhatsApp has a dual-backup system that saves chats to your smartphone as well as the cloud. This means that even if you lose your phone, the chats will be stored on your Google Drive account or your iCloud account and can be recovered at any time. It is this backup mechanism that will be used to recover messages easily.

    The problem with this method

    Steps to retrieve Whatsapp deleted chats using your Android phone

    Restore Deleted Photos From A Whatsapp Backup

    Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages and Photos from iPhone

    If the first method fails in your case, then here is a promising method if you routinely backup all your WhatsApp data. As Android and iOS devices possess Backup through Google Drive and iCloud, restoring the deleted photos to WhatsApp isn’t a great deal.

    1. Open your WhatsApp app, click on the “Three-dotted” icon and choose the “Settings” option. Now, execute “Chats > Chat Backup,” which will take you to the screen of the backup process, including the previous backup date.

    2. After the backup process, uninstall the WhatsApp device from your mobile and reinstall it from Google or Apple Store.

    3. Finally, proceed with the WhatsApp setup, confirm your phone number, and restore from the backup file when prompted. Your messages will then get restored to your WhatsApp account.

    So, that is how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp through the backup file however, here is a restriction. If you do the Backup after the photo deletion, you are out of luck.

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    Restore Whatsapp Chat History On Android From Google Drive Backup

    Before trying out this method, it should be noted that you can only restore WhatsApp chats on Android if you have turned on the backup option in the first place on WhatsApp. It means that if you had never created a backup of your WhatsApp chats, then you wont be able to retrieve any WhatsApp data that you accidentally delete.

    To enable WhatsApp chat backup, open WhatsApp, and go to Settings > go to Chats > tap on Chat backup. Over here, you can set up the frequency of your chat backup between never, daily, weekly or monthly, or you can even do a manual backup as well. Additionally, youll have to select the Google account where youd want the backup to be stored if you use an Android smartphone. After that, your WhatsApp automatically backs up chat history every day at 4 am system time. Its WhatsApp backup folder can be stored for up to 7 days.

    Now it is surprisingly simple for you to restore Android WhatsApp chat history that less than seven days old by uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp.

    How To Recover Deleted Photos From Whatsapp On Android

    For those of you who have an Android phone, the following method can apply to you. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

    1. Make sure your chats were backuped more or less at the time you had recieved the photo, video or file you’ve lost through Google Drive.

    2. Now you can uninstall WhatsApp and later re-install it.

    3. Log back into your WhatsApp account and click on Backup to download your chats again.

    Another possibility for your Android device is using programs that can help you restore deleted WhatsApp images. These options include:

    • Restore Image: This application searches for photos that have been deleted from WhatsApp or any other messaging application recently. It is important to mention that no root permission is required for its use, which is why it is a very useful tool.
    • MobiSaver: In the case of not having had good results with the previous application, you can use MobiSaver, with which you can recover the recently deleted content from your phone’s memory. This application is effective both with the free version and with the paid version .

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    Retrieving Old Whatsapp Messages On Ios

  • 1Long-press on the WhatsApp icon until it shakes. The other apps on the screen will begin to shake as well.
  • 2Tap the X in the upper left corner of the icon. This brings up a dialog window asking you to confirm that you wish to delete WhatsApp.
  • 3Tap Delete. The app is deleted from your iPhone.
  • 4Reinstall WhatsApp from the App Store.
  • Tap the App Store icon to open it. The icon looks like a white letter A on a blue background.
  • Tap the
  • Understanding Whatsapp Chat Backups:

    How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Chats And Message | 100% Working | Youtube

    In order to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, you need to enable Chat Backup in Settings.

    WhatsApp offers several backup frequencies in Under Auto Backup: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Off.

    Remember, WhatsApp will only retain the most recent backup file in iOS and the two latest backup files in Android.

    These daily auto backups make it easy to recover messages soon after deletion.

    Weekly auto backups allow you to go further back in time to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from less than seven days ago at the expense of losing recent chat messages.

    Simply select the WhatsApp auto backup frequency that best suits your needs.

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    Tip : Can I Restore Deleted Whatsapp Chats Without Backup

    First, make sure that before doing anything, the easiest option to recover your lost WhatsApp messages is to back up your messages. To do this, set up frequencies in the Automatic Backup: daily, weekly, monthly, or turn it off.

    Here is the step-by-step process to take backup of your WhatsApp messages. To use Google Drive backup, you should have:

    • An active Google account on your smartphone.
    • Google Play is installed on your device. This app is used to update Google apps and other mobile apps from the Google Play Store.
    • Sufficient free space on your mobile device to create the WhatsApp messages backup.
    • A fast and stable Internet connection.

    Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.

    Step 2: Navigate this: More options > Settings. Then, go to Chats > Chat backup. Finally, click on the Back up to Google Drive option.

    Step 3: Choose the desired backup frequency other than the Never option.

    Step 4: Choose the desired Google account on your phone, where you’d like to back up your WhatsApp messages.

    Don’t you have a Google account connected? Don’t worry! In this case, tap Add account as prompted and fill in your login details.

    If you backup your messages or chats regularly, the instant messaging app – WhatsApp allows you to restore your lost conversation from the backup. But if for any reason you forgot to take backup, then there is no in-built feature to restore WhatsApp chat. But with the usage of certain third-party apps, you can restore WhatsApp messages.

    Recover Whatsapp Messages Deleted On Android Via Google Drive Backup

    You can recover WhatsApp messages online through Google drive storage. This storage is where a duplicate of your local backup file is stored. Here is how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android through Google drive backup.

  • Uninstall your WhatsApp application from your Android device.
  • Do this by holding down the WhatsApp icon of your Android phone, then select the Uninstall option.
  • You can also go to your Android phone Settings app, select the list of applications, and then remove WhatsApp app.)
  • Open your Android Google Play Store and download and install the WhatsApp application.
  • Set up your Android device with your phone number You will be asked to include Your Name, display picture, and a short About for your profile.
  • After the setup, the app will prompt you to restore all your messages. Tap the Restore option. This will restore all your messages from Google Drive, including the chats that you accidentally deleted.
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