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How To Reset Linkedin Profile

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Optimize Your Linkedin Profile

Make LinkedIn profile changes without notifying your network

Beyond headlines and written descriptions, there are a myriad of other things you can do to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive and tailored to anyone who might stumble upon it. This may help you generate leads, find future job opportunities, or meet new people. can offer you pointed feedback on how to polish your profile and increase your visibility. Below, we offer even more suggestions to help you take your LinkedIn to the next level.

Resume Wordeds LinkedIn Review analyzes your LinkedIn profile and suggests ways to make it even better

Change Your Linkedin Profile Without Notifying Your Connections

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Learn who sees what when you change your LinkedIn profile + get step-by-step instructions for ALL the privacy settings you need to change so you can update your profile without alerting your current employer.

Its time to move on!

You want to start looking for positions outside of your current company. You know that 94% of Recruiters prefer LinkedIn to source their candidates. So, its time to spruce up your resume and LinkedIn profile to help you look more appealing to Recruiters and Hiring Managers. However, you need to be discreet.

Because you’ve Linked to your manager and colleagues, they can see any and all updates that you make to your LinkedIn profile.

You don’t want your present employer to see that you are looking for a job. You dont want to be forced out of your role or miss out on bonus checks – before you’re ready to leave. You also don’t want to bombard your connections newsfeeds with a notification for each of the many updates that you’ll be making to your online profile.

So, whats a Job Hunter to do?

First, its important to understand what’s in the span of your control on LinkedIn and what isn’t.

Here are the LinkedIn Changes that Send Updates to your Connections:

  • Update your profiles headline
  • Add or edit a new current job position
  • Add or edit a new current school or degree
  • Add a new link to a website
  • Recommend or Endorse someone
  • Add a connection

What If You Dont Have Access To Your Linkedin Email Address

Sometimes, for various reasons, you can lose access to your email inbox. This could be the result of your email account getting hacked or because you forgot your password. You may run into some problems when you try to change your LinkedIn email address. Luckily, LinkedIn has a way of changing your email address even if you do not have access to your emails inbox. It does, however, take some extra work to get your account reactivated.

Before you start that procedure, consider a better option, one that will save you a lot of time. You may have added a secondary email address to your account in the past. Its always worth checking. This opens another method that will only take a few minutes of your time but up to a few business days for LinkedIn to verify the information that you provide. If you do have other email addresses tied to your LinkedIn account, its worth trying these with the forgot your password method outlined above, as it could save you a lot of trouble. You might also ask someone in your network to see if they can help find your email address. Theyll need to understand .

If you went through all your email addresses but still havent been able to gain access to your account, you will have to send LinkedIn the following information:

  • Take a photo of your ID or drivers license with your phone or webcam

  • Provide the email address that is associated with your account

  • Providing additional information such as previous passwords might be helpful

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Tip #: Use Your Name In Your Linkedin Url

You want your URL to be as easy to remember as it possibly can be. On top of that, you want to ensure your profile is aligned with, well, you!

For those reasons, you should aim to make your URL some variation of your name. For example, my name is Austin Belcak so some options for me might be:

  • Austin-Belcak
  • AustinBelcak
  • Abelcak

You want to avoid using slang, pseudonyms, numbers, or other random language in your URL that doesn’t align with your actual identity:

More Things To Do When Announcing Your New Role

How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

You dont have to stick strictly to your profile when switching roles. Take the opportunity to write a post about your time at your current job what you did, what you learned, who you worked with, and how you felt about working there. Thank your co-workers, supervisors, and mentors, and tag them on LinkedIn if they have a profile.

Finally, do the same for your new job, and mention your new company and role. Tag your hiring manager or future supervisor, and let them know that youre excited to work with them. Itll be a great way to start things off on the right foot.

  • Tags:

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Sync Your Address Book

The contacts that youve recently added to your Gmail or Outlook account can be synced with your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn will match the email addresses in your address book with LinkedIn users. Unless theyve recently changed their LinkedIn email address, they will show up as recommended connections in your account. This is a quick way of expanding your network as you can add dozens or even hundreds of accounts in a single click. Please note that LinkedIn has algorithms to identify people that might be abusing the platform to expand their network quickly. To avoid any problems, you might want to stick to adding just a few dozen people a day instead of adding hundreds of new connections at once.

How Do I Recover My Linkedin Username And Password

Plenty of people without password managers end up forgetting their passwords. This is especially common if your passwords are complex. If you forget your LinkedIn password, you can always recover it. You can also recover your username if you forget it. You may not be able to recover the exact password you lost but you will be able to continue using your account by resetting a different one. The process is simple and it only takes a short time.

Recovering Your Account

  • Go to LinkedIn’s website and click on the option ‘Forgot Password’ locate beside the option ‘Sign In.’
  • You will receive an email from LinkedIn. Click on the provided link to reset your password. You may also receive an SMS message containing the reset PIN if you used your phone number.
  • Enter the PIN provided to reset your password
  • If the link you received via email does not work, copy and paste the URL to the address bar of your browser.
  • If you intend to change the password because you think your account may have been compromised, check on the option ‘Require all devices to sign in with a new password.’ This way, you will be logged out of other devices.

Recovering Your Account Without the Primary Email Address

In such instances, you would be required to use a special form that LinkedIn creates specifically for this purpose. On that form, you will find a link. Click on it to access and submit your form.

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How Do I Log Into Linkedin Without An Account

LinkedIn is a social media site for business professionals. It allows users to connect with colleagues and other business professionals, to find jobs, and to promote their businesses. It is a paid site, but offers a free trial. To log into LinkedIn without an account, visit the site and click Sign In in the top right corner. Then, click Not a Member? and follow the instructions to create an account.

Adjusting Your Email Spam Settings

How To Reset Linkedin Password
  • If you try to reset your password but do not receive a password reset email from LinkedIn, your email program might have sent the email to your spam or junk folder. Check that folder for the email and click the link if it is available. To ensure all future communication from LinkedIn goes to your Inbox, add “” as a trusted domain in your email program.

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    How To Edit Your Profile On Linkedin

    This article was co-authored by Melody Godfred, JD and by wikiHow staff writer, Darlene Antonelli, MA. Melody Godfred is a Career Coach, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Write In Color, a full-service resume and career development company that specializes in developing compelling personal narratives and brands. With over ten years of experience, Melody has worked with clients at entertainment and media companies including Apple, Disney, Fox, Netflix, Riot Games, Viacom, and Warner Bros, among others. The Muse invited Melody and Write In Color to serve as one of its 30 trusted career counselors to provide one-on-one coaching and resume services to the platform’s more than four million active users. Melody earned a JD from Loyola Marymount University and BS from the University of Southern California. This article has been viewed 47,745 times.

    LinkedIn is your source for professional connections throughout the Internet. It is important to keep your information up to date so that you appear current and professional. Editing your profile is a simple process, and it can be a game changer when a potential recruiter or hiring manager views your profile. This wikiHow will teach you how to edit your profile on LinkedIn using a web browser and the mobile app.

    Can You Recover A Deleted Linkedin Account

    It is possible to recover a t. An account holder will have to make the request to the administration team of the social networking website. The request is processed subsequently and the LinkedIn account is reopened. The reopened account functions and works in the same way as the earlier account, and it can be used normally by the account holder and user once again.

    A deleted account can also be reopened when the user tries to log in directly into his or her LinkedIn account. The LinkedIn account can be reopened by utilizing the link that has been provided to the user through the account closure email.

    You can view that email once again and use that link on your mobile device or desktop to reopen the account.

  • Open the LinkedIn website and go to the login page.
  • Enter your email address on the LinkedIn account and provide the password.
  • Alternatively, you can open the original account closure email and click on the link for reopening the account. The user will be redirected to the login page if the link does not work anymore.
  • You will see the button reactivate once you log in. You will have to click on the reactivate button and the reactivation process is initiated.
  • LinkedIn will also send an email to the users email address. The user will have to confirm that he or she wants to reopen the account.

  • The administration and the Help center can be accessed by clicking on the contact us link that can be found on the LinkedIn website.
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    Linkedin Monthly Profile Search Limits

    The exact number of LinkedIn profile searches is not really fixed and depends on multiple factors. The most important one is whether you have a paid LinkedIn account or a free one. The maximum number of profile searches is much higher for those LinkedIn users who have Sales Navigator and Recruiter accounts than for the ones on the free plan.

    As you approach the maximum number of LinkedIn profile searches, LinkedIn typically displays a warning. Sometimes the warning is not displayed, for example, if you approach the limit very quickly. The good news is that your number of used searches resets every month, at midnight PST on the 1st of each calendar month.

    Note that it applies only to 2nd- and 3rd-degree people searches. It means that you can always search among your 1st-degree connections using the Connections page without limitations, even after youve exhausted your free searches for the month.

    Moreover, LinkedIn allows unlimited searching for people by name using the search box at the top of any LinkedIn page. So if you are searching for Jane Doe, this doesn’t count towards the limit.

    Additionally, LinkedIn tries to analyze your activity patterns and decreases your allowed number of monthly searches if there are any cues that you use LinkedIn for lead generation or recruiting. For instance, these activity patterns include:

    How To Customize Linkedin Url On Phone

    How to change profile URL in Linkedin

    To put a LinkedIn custom URL from your mobile device, follow the steps below:

    • Tap on your profile picture
    • Now, scroll to the Contact and Personal Info section and tap the Edit icon
    • On the Edit contact info page, tap on your personal Profile URL and you will be redirected to the Public profile settings page
    • Under the Edit URL section, tap the Edit icon next to your public profile URL
    • Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box

    Here are a few things to keep in mind before you customize your LinkedIn URL

    • Custom LinkedIn URLs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis
    • Members can only have one custom LinkedIn URL at a time
    • Your custom LinkedIn URL can have 5-30 letters or numbers
    • You can not use spaces, symbols, or special characters.
    • The customizable part of the URL is case insensitive i.e., using LaraJane, larajane, or laraJane will all lead to the same profile
    • You can change your LinkedIn URL up to five times within six months

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    Changing Your Linkedin Email Address Is A Great Opportunity

    The moment you log in to LinkedIn you have an excellent opportunity to go beyond just changing your email address. LinkedIn provides tons of ways to stand out among your professional peers. Though the platform has hundreds of millions of users, a great profile can still stand out. Most people dont bother perfecting their profile, so an extra 30 minutes can profoundly impact your success rate on the platform. Dont limit your visit to LinkedIn to only changing your email address but rather look at the other opportunities you have in improving your profile.

    What Is Your Linkedin Url

    Your public LinkedIn URL is the link that directs to your specific LinkedIn profile.

    You can think of it like your address on LinkedIn! When people go to that specific link, they’ll be taken directly to your profile.

    That means that you can include your LinkedIn URL in places like websites, resumes, cover letters, and business cards, and anyone can find your profile from those locations.

    If you’re a person who learns best with video, here’s a quick recording that will show you exactly how to change and personalize your LinkedIn URL in less than 30 seconds.

    Check it out, then read on for the step-by-step breakdown of the best practices, strategies, and examples of LinkedIn URL personalization:

    How Do I Find My LinkedIn URL?

    Your current LinkedIn URL is super easy to find. All you need to do is log into LinkedIn, head to your profile, and check out the link that’s sitting in your browser navigation bar.

    For example, mine is :

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    I Closed My Linkedin Account By Mistake Can I Recover It

    If you change your mind, you can reactivate your account within 20 days after you deleted it. However, you will not be able to recover your recommendations, subscriptions, pending invitations nor group memberships. That is why we always advise you to download a copy of your LinkedIn data before deleting your account permanently.

    Where Can I Find My Linkedin Url On Web Browser

    How To Change LinkedIn Profile Picture On iPhone

    To get LinkedIn profile URL, open your web browser and type, sign in to your profile, and follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Click on the Me icon that you will find on the top of your LinkedIn homepage
    • Click on View Profile
    • On the right rail, you will find an Edit public profile & URL tab
    • Under the section Edit URL in the right rail, locate your public profile URL, it looks something like-
    • You can copy this link and share it with others if needed

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    Should You Even Turn The Feature Off

    Even though this decision is totally under your control, its still recommended to keep the feature on, albeit switching it to something else, like the Im open to remote work option or, if youre not, simply keeping the Flexible, Im casually browsing feature on.

    That way, when you do need work and start looking for some, recruiters will take into account the fact that your LinkedIn account has been active that youve been up and about, hunting jobs. It leaves a good impression from your side.

    Furthermore, if you delete feature altogetherwell, theres nothing wrong with that per say, although it would seem strange to some recruiters, given LinkedIn is mainly about jobs after all.

    So, whichever job preference you end up setting for your profile , make sure it reflects positively on your profile overall as far as job hunts are concerned.

    How To Stop Linkedin From Telling Someone You Viewed Their Profile

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    LinkedIn often tells people when you view their profiles and shows them your name. That person may even get an email or alert saying you viewed their profile. Heres how to browse privately without LinkedIn sharing this information.

    It may seem silly to prefer anonymity on a social network, but other social networks dont work this way. Facebook and Twitter dont send someone a notification whenever you view their profile.

    To find this option, head to the website, click your profile icon on the top bar, and select Settings & Privacy.

    Select how you want to appear. You can select Anonymous LinkedIn Member for pure private browsing or select your private profile characteristics, which may appear as just Someone on LinkedIn or something more specific.

    People will still see that someone viewed their profile after you view their profilebut theyll see only that an anonymous person viewed it.

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