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How To Request An Endorsement On Linkedin

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Linkedin – How to request for an endorsement or testimonial

Believe it or not, there is the option of turning off endorsements for your profile. All you need to do is to go to the Skills and Endorsements section of your profile and click on the pencil icon. After that, you can have the liberty to adjust your endorsement settings.

One way to make a huge impact on LinkedIn is when celebrities choose to endorse your skills. If you know some popular people and they endorse your skills then you can bet recruiters will want to know more about what you bring to the table.

Tip #: Get Endorsements From Other Highly Qualified People

Not all endorsements are created equal.

When you get an endorsement from someone who also has many endorsements for the same skill, you get a big boost with the LinkedIn algorithm.

LinkedIn even makes sure to call it out on your profile:

When you’re requesting endorsements, try to ask as many people as you can who are already highly endorsed for that same skill.

For example, want to get endorsements for Marketing? Find people who have a lot of endorsements for Marketing on their own profile.

If you do that, you’ll get additional prioritization in LinkedIn’s search algorithm!

The Best Way To Increase Your Linkedin Endorsements

Yahoo Small Business

5 min read · 7 years ago

Youve tried every LinkedIn trick in the book. Youve uploaded a flattering profile picture, filled the boxes with your most notable achievements, and reached out to every company on your Places to Work For list. And yet, every time you check your inbox, you feel like Captain Jack Sparrow having a conversation with his first mate, Mr. Gibbs, on recruiting 100 souls for the Flying Dutchman:

How are we going?

Including those four? That gives us four.

Considering the field youre in, the salt just feels more painful in the wound. Whod want to hire a marketer or advertiser who cant even sell his or her services to potential employers?

Well, there is one more trick that you havent tried yet. Its called Endorsements and it can transform your LinkedIn profile from a lifeless dud into a swaggering stud.

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Put Your Linkedin Lead Gen On Autopilot

There are so many strategies for optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and getting more endorsements is a powerful tool to get started with.

Now that you got LinkedIn endorsements out of the way, why not learn more about to take your profile to the next level.


Nick Biggs is a content marketer from Denver, CO. He helps B2B companies develop awesome content to connect with their audience. When he’s not working on content strategy, you might catch him out in the mountains, attempting a home reno project, or planning his next adventure.

Make Updates And Link To Your Social Media Profiles

LinkedIn: endorsements and recommendations

Do you have a blog? This is a great way to display your skills and earn endorsements for connections you don’t know that well. Share your latest blog posts using , make changes to your profile often, and engage other users who connect with you. In other words, don’t become the LinkedIn equivalent of a wallflower.

There are many people on LinkedIn, but few update their status on a regular basis. This means if you choose to post updates to LinkedIn, you’ll get on your connections’ radar. If you’re sharing insightful quotes and quality content related to the LinkedIn skills you have listed, you’ll also give them a reason to endorse you for those skills.

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+ Tactics To Get Endorsements On Linkedin

First, the skill endorsements you get must be relevant to your abilities and experience.

On LinkedIn, you can include up to 50 skills on your profile. But you should only include skills that are relevant.

Remember, quality over quantity.

And then, you should move your top skills to the top of your section by clicking the pencil button to change the placement.

You can even take LinkedIns skill assessment test to check your skill level. If you score in the top 30% percentage, you earn a skill badge.

Though the skill assessment test is not essential, it can still be an easy way to stand out.

Now, to get back on topic, there are a few different ways to get endorsements on LinkedIn. And most of them involve reaching out and asking directly.

1. Endorse fellow professionals

As mentioned above, start with endorsing your closest colleagues and friends.

The people who you know the best are more likely to return the favor.

For these colleagues, you should endorse them on skills theyve demonstrated working with you.

And if youre not sure which skills to endorse them for, you should start with their top skills.

Chances are, theyve also placed their most relevant skills at the top.

2. Write and publish content

One of the best ways to get your profile out there is to start publishing content consistently.

Write articles, comment on active conversations, get quoted in an article, and much more.

But the most consistent way to get more endorsements is to:

All you have to do is ask.

Email Template #1 If Youre Asking Someone You Currently Work With

Hi ,

I hope youre having a great week!

I want to let you know how much I enjoy working with you, as well as how much I value your insights and feedback. Ive especially enjoyed collaborating with you on .

I have a small request for you. I aim to keep my LinkedIn profile updated to provide an accurate picture of my skills and experiences. With that in mind, Id love if you could write me a LinkedIn recommendation that highlights my skills in and .

Id be happy to write you a recommendation in return. Just let me know if theres something specific youd like me to call attention to.

Would you feel comfortable writing a recommendation of this kind for me? Of course, no pressure either way.

All the best,

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How To Get Valuable Linkedin Recommendations And Endorsements

Business Colleague is happy to write a LinkedIn recommendation.


This post is the final in a series called The Baby Boomers Guide To LinkedIn. For part one, part two part three part four, part five

Baby Boomers you know a lot of people. So you should be able to get many endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn. This is a very important section that most people overlook, forget about or have not had anyone recommend them recently.

I was working with a new career client named Ed, a Project Engineer in his late 50s who had never seen a need to be on LinkedIn until he took the retirement package from his long-term Fortune 500 Company. Once he left his employer, he wanted to go back to work. Then he realized the need to have a good LinkedIn profile. He stated, I never thought about the need for getting anyone to recommend me. How do I go about that Robin? And how do I make sure they say the things I want them to mention? Some excellent questions. Lets me break it down for you.


LinkedIn only allows you to formally request one recommendation at a time. You dont want to get caught up waiting for someone to respond to the LinkedIn request. Here is the more effective way to get a great recommendation:

Skill Endorsement

LinkedIn recommendations are your online references. These are what every hiring manager and recruiter reads. They are a very valuable part of your page so be sure you have several recommendations on your profile.

How To Endorse On Linkedin

LinkedIn – How To Endorse Someone On LinkedIn

LinkedIn skill endorsements can be vital to not only building your professional image but also helping your friends and colleagues prosper in their respective fields. The process of endorsing someone is a relatively simple one, and can be done by following these steps:

  • Look up the person you want to endorse via the search bar on your screen. Alternatively, go to your connections and select the person youre looking to endorse.
  • Go to the Skills and Endorsements section on that persons profile and select the skill you wish to endorse by clicking on the plus sign next to it.
  • Fill out the short form that appears right after youve selected the skill. You will have to choose your level of endorsement between three options: Good,Very Good, and Highly Skilled. Stating your relationship to the person youve chosen to endorse is optional.
  • Finally, select the Submit option at the end of the form, and youre good to go!
  • When everything is done, a tick mark will appear next to the skill that you chose to endorse. LinkedIn has limited the number of endorsements that you can give within 24 hours to 150. It is essential to remind yourself not to go overboard with this feature. Be sure to use it responsibly and professionally.

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    How To Get 99+ Endorsements On All Your Linkedin Skills

    I got 99+ endorsements, and they all help prove my proficiency in key areas.

    Thats what Jay Z might say if he was optimizing his LinkedIn profile.

    Hopefully you get the reference.

    But seriously, LinkedIn endorsements are really important.

    In fact, theyre one of the most effective ways to prove your expertise and back up your claims.

    Anyone can say they possess a particular skill, but having 99+ endorsements proves that.

    The Difference Between Endorsements And Recommendations On Linkedin

    While we said an endorsement was sort of like a recommendation, theres a clear distinction on LinkedIn. Lets start with endorsements. When you created your LinkedIn profile, you will have noticed that you were asked to select your skills to be displayed on your profile. You had the choice of up to 50 skills, and they were placed under a section called Skills and Endorsements. From there, connections are able to verify your skills whenever they see that list. Recommendations on the other hand are similar to a traditional reference. They are written statements by your connections vouching for your skills and capabilities. These are displayed on your profile or are available in the form of a virtual recommendation letter. Endorsements are usually easier to come by so dont feel too pressured to ask for them. In this article, well focus on how to ask for endorsements on LinkedIn when your profile is fresh and you havent had many visitors.

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    Include Endorsed Skills On Your Resume

    The skills on your LinkedIn profile are part of your personal brand. They help reinforce the story youre telling about your career and how you function professionally. You can complete this image by including your endorsed skills on your resume.

    That doesnt mean you have to list the number of endorsements next to each skill. Just make sure the skills are there so you present a consistent image across your LinkedIn profile and resume. That way, if an employer looks at both, theyll see the same story on all platforms.

    For more tips and tricks to optimize your LinkedIn Profile and make networking easier, download our .

    Straight Up Ask For Endorsements

    How to Ask Someone for a Recommendation on LinkedIn: 11 Steps

    One thing Ive learned in life, as well as in business, is that its important to ask.

    Some of my biggest breakthroughs were simply the result of me asking for help, a favor, etc.

    And you know what?

    A lot of people are more than willing to help you out.

    Tactic #1

    If youre looking to raise your number of endorsements quickly, I suggest politely asking others to give them to you.

    An article on Portfolium discusses a specific formula for increasing endorsements by asking.

    Its simple.

    The author, Scott, created a brief message that he sent to 300 connections asking for endorsements.

    Heres what it looked like:

    Id like to point out his opening line:

    What skills do you want to be endorsed for?

    I think this is a more effective way to approach people than immediately asking for an endorsementit doesnt make you come across as overly self-serving.

    After sending this message to 300 connections, Scott saw a drastic increase in his number of endorsements.

    It went from a meager 28 to 302, which was an increase of over 1,000%!

    The amazing thing is that it took less than 15 minutes.

    Tweak this template as you see fit, and send it to as many connections as possible.

    While you may not get quite the level of results that Scott did, I can pretty much guarantee youll see a substantial spike in your number of endorsements.

    Tactic #2

    Heres another simple way to go about asking.

    Some examples might include your blog and email.

    Heres what you do.

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    How To Ask For Recommendations On Linkedin

    After all that planning, how do you go about it?

    What are the things you need to say to your contact to get a response from them? These are some tips on this.

    Asking for recommendations on LinkedIn via a web browser or the app is similar.

    You need to go to your LinkedIn profile and look for your connections.

    From there, select the person you need to ask for a recommendation and click on the Request a Recommendation button.

    You will fill out the Relationship and Position At The Time of the person you are requesting a recommendation from. This will then show a text box where you can create your personalized message to them.

    Dont forget to click on the Send button as this is the most crucial part of the request. Doing the steps and not clicking it will waste all your efforts.

    Writing a message to the person doesnt need to be that long.

    Make sure to personalize your message and not create a template for everyone as you might not get a response from them. Dont forget to start with a greeting as this might be your first interaction in a long while.

    Highlight in your message the intention of the recommendation so that they have an idea of how you want your message to be written. It also helps to mention that you can write a recommendation back once they have given you one.

    Skills & Endorsements Vs Recommendations

    Skills & endorsements are not the same thing as Recommendations, endorsements are a specific skill that your colleagues or friends can vote on, and support you. You are the one choosing the skills you want to feature in your LinkedIn profile.

    On the other hand, recommendations are short messages that people write about you, you cannot choose what is said about you, but you have the possibility to Show or Hide them from your LinkedIn profile.

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    Do Endorsements Matter On Linkedin

    Recruiters will use LinkedIn pretty extensively, which is why its so important to utilise the Skills and Endorsements section. Its a great free tool that can help you rank higher in search results on LinkedIn. Especially if you have a greater number of endorsements for the skill that the recruiter is seeking, so be sure to use this to your advantage!

    Kat de Sousa

    Why Endorsements Are Important For Your Linkedin Profile

    How to get endorsed on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn endorsements can be a huge benefit when it comes to doing new business, recruiting, or job hunting.

    Endorsements on Linkedin make it more likely that your profile will be discovered through the search function.

    Linkedin members who add 10+ skills are 20x more likely to have their profiles viewed!

    This verification simply serves to put your profile in the best possible light. It also eliminates any uncertainty that someone viewing your profile has about your competence.

    If someone has a lot of expertise endorsements, it’s likely that they are trustworthy and so can you.

    Your relevant skills, Linkedin endorsements, and recommendations all serve as social proof for your profile and experience.

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    How Do You Make The Ask

    Be courteous and professional, make it super easy for them to say yes, and pay it forward.

    You can acknowledge that you recognize they are busy and offer to write a draft that they can edit . You can also offer to provide a recommendation in return and ask for specific things theyd like you to include in your recommendation to them, suggests Artis.

    When you go to write your email to this person, give them context about what you are looking for within the recommendation. For example, are you switching jobs from a financial analyst to project manager? Then, ask for specific feedback around key skills required of a project manager, says Artis.

    What does that look like? Here are a couple email templates you can try. Or, if youre connected on LinkedIn and want to make it super easy for the person, use the Ask to Be Recommended button at the bottom of your profile and copy and paste these into the note:

    How To Get Endorsed On Linkedin

    This article was co-authored by Amber Leima. Amber Leima is a Resumé Consultant and the Founding Editor of Best Words Editing. She has two decades of experience helping people and companies express their unique value. Amber is a master at drawing out what matters from your personal story and promoting it to optimal effect, crafting beautifully clear resumés and on-point personal branding supported by thoughtfully-structured interview coaching. She holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in English Literature from the University of Sussex, England. Her clients have been hired by their employers of choice, including Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and PayPal. This article has been viewed 2,416 times.

    LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool that you can use to build your career. On LinkedIn, your connections can endorse you for skills that they know you are proficient in. These endorsements appear on your profile and look good to hiring managers and others that visit your profile. You can get more endorsements by asking people directly and by staying active on the platform.XExpert SourceResumé ConsultantExpert Interview. 18 March 2022. With the right approach, you can get 99+ endorsements on all your skills!

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