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How To Repost On Linkedin

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Linkedin Content Tips: Which Is Better A Like Share Or Comment

Repost or Share On LinkedIn? Which Is Better?

Heres a great reader-submitted question:

What is more valuable, a Like, a Share, or a Comment, particularly as it relates to a company page post?

If you’ve read my blog on , then you should already understand the basic mechanics of how to like, share, and comment on content on . But what happens when you actually perform these actions? Is one way better than the other?

Linkedin Renames The Share Button As Repost

LinkedIn is continuously trying to find ways to boost connection and engagement. The platform enabled the boost button on event pages, and the boost marketing features allow users to turn organic posts into LinkedIn ads. Today, LinkedIn renames the share button as repost.

LinkedIn now renames the share button as repost. The repost button will now show on the lower function bar of any LinkedIn post. As such, the new engagement options for a LinkedIn post will now show: Like, Comment, Repost, and Send.

LinkedIn renames the share button as repost on 18 July 2022.

How To Post On Linkedin The Best Time To Post

When you want to make sure that your content reaches your target audience, you have to share it when theyre around.

There is no point in creating the ultimate post just for it to get lost in your connections Home feeds.

That is why we highly recommend that you know the best time to post on LinkedIn. Of course, it is different for every brand.

You should do research about when will be best to post for you.

With that said, there are some universal post times that could get you on the right track. You should take inspiration from these suggested times and see how well it works for you.

Once you have posted a few times, you can take a look at how well the posts performed to see if the times work for you.

In general, the best days to post on LinkedIn are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On those days, posts perform best when shared between 8 am and 2 pm.

Here is a more specific rundown of best posting times by popular industry:

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Post #2: Personal Branding

Many users turn to LinkedIn to create and develop a personal brand. The goal is usually to stay involved with a broader network while establishing yourself as someone with separate skills, talents, and gifts to offer.

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn can be powerful for generating mobility and creating new professional relationships. Just remember that any conflict of interest between you and the company or business you currently represent could create issues. Be wise and respectful when sharing your personal thoughts and professional opinions.

How To Post On Linkedin

The New Face of LinkedIn: What You Need to Know About the Redesign

Written by Anna Sonnenberg

With 810 million members across the globe, LinkedIn is easily the top social media network for professionals. Its the place to make connections in your industry and generate leads for your company or clients.

LinkedIn company pages offer tons of options for promoting your business and engaging your customers. But if you dont update your page regularly or if you arent sure what to post, you may be missing out on key opportunities to grow your business.

With a social media management solution like Agorapulse, you have several tools for publishing and scheduling posts on LinkedInno matter what type of content you create or who needs to approve it.

So where should you start?

Find out how to post on LinkedIn using Agorapulse and native tools.

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So Before You Hit Publish

To engage followers and, therefore, expand your network, stay consistent. Publish regularly to prove your knowledge and experience. It helps to build trust and gain more followers.

You can also save time by scheduling your LinkedIn posts using the It will help you to speed up your LinkedIn marketing activities.

Consider this checklist every time you plan to publish a status update on LinkedIn:

  • Choose your content type to share, be it an informative or educational blog post, a how-to guide, data-driven research on the latest trends in your niche, a case study, or your company news or updates.
  • You have crafted a perfect headline for your post, relevant to its context.
  • Youve proofread and edited your LinkedIn post for it to meet the rules of web-writing.
  • When providing an image for your post, youve cared for it to be informative and valuable to a reader.
  • Your LinkedIn video is short, to the point, and of high quality. Viewers will learn from it, and it will help them understand your brand better.
  • Your company page on LinkedIn is for networking and PR, not direct sales.
  • You are on LinkedIn to grow professionally and help followers grow with you.
  • In order to be sure about what is working and what is not, use .

    Final Words

    You dont have to be a top influencer on LinkedIn to boost engagement. Be honest, share valuable information, comment on others content, be consistent with updates, and speak on topics you are passionate about.

    New Linkedin Feature = Repost

    – Entrepreneur | Investor | Founder | Bridge Builder Authenticity and humility peppered with confidence, trust and respect

    Have you seen the NEW FEATURE ‘repost’ ? Finally !!!

    Everyone know that Shares dont actually work But ‘Reposts’ will

    So what is the difference between a Share and a Repost?

    A Share used to be when you added your own thoughts above someone elses piece of content. It’s now known as a ‘Share with your thoughts.’

    Sharing is actively encouraged by LinkedIn.


    And the few shared posts that do make it into the feed, are largely ignored.

    Instead, comments do carry posts into the feed. Ie, youll often see in your feed —- commented on this.

    #comments as you know, are the super super power of linkedin #engagement


    This appears in the feed, as a comment would. No option to add your own thoughts to it.

    But, unlike a comment, it appears in your Activity as a Post.

    Unlike a post, there isnt any analytics.

    The lack of analytics infers that all views are gifted to the original author. ie.


    I think the best use of this new feature is to get employees and supporters behind it.

    They dont need to add their own thoughts, not even comment if they are pushed for time or stuck for words. Just click Share and then Repost to push the post out to their audience.

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    Structure Your Posts Like A Boss

    Given that reading online is 25% slower than in print be careful when structuring your LinkedIn posts.

    First of all, focus at the very beginning and narrow your thoughts to the maximum. The golden rule here is one post = one thesis. Also, make the first sentence of your post eyebrow-raising. Write something that would create a wow effect and encourage readers to click on See more for further details.

    Write a little-known fact, a behind-the-scenes experiment, a catchy quote, or an extraordinary insight. Use a conversational tone, avoid professional jargon to engage a broader audience. Also, write short sentences, and always end them on a positive note.

    Pro-Tip 1:

    As you remember, every online post is a story. So why not try starting it with a dialogue to hook your readers?

    Also, use the 50% rule suggested by LinkedIns international editor Isabelle Roughol. Once you decide on the topic for your post, spend 50% of the time writing a perfect headline, while the other 50% will go to writing the post itself.

    The more effort you put into LinkedIn headlines, the better.

    Tips to consider here:

    • The most views go to headlines of 40-49 characters in length.
    • How-to and list-style headlines work best.
    • Avoid posing questions in your LinkedIn post headlines.

    On LinkedIn, its okay to post longer status updates , but only the first three are visible. Together with a headline, they should sound like a teaser for readers to click on See more.

    Pro-Tip 2:

    Ways To Hack The Linkedin Pulse Algorithm

    New LinkedIn Feature RePost(ing) content

    Why do you blog? You want your content to be discovered and read by as many people as possible, right?

    But often your reach is limited. Youre limited by the size of your existing audience.

    Every day, people are bombarded with more content than they will ever have time to read. Most people are both incredibly busy and have the attention span of a goldfish .

    So how do you make your content go further and make sure lots of people read your stuff?

    LinkedIn Pulse can help you do just that.

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    Linkedin For B2b: Personal Profile Or Company Profile

    Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to using a personal profile over a company page and vice versa.

    Lets delve deeper.

    Your LinkedIn company page

    Company pages exist to give a sense of your company culture and educate prospects about your products/services and newest projects.

    They are limited in functionality. You cannot like, comment, or even share content using the business page. It only allows for one-way communication.

    Moreover, company page updates are only visible to:

    • Your company followers
    • Followers for the included hashtags
    • Some connections of users who engage with your company updates.

    With all these limitations, why do you need a company page?

    Despite the limited functionalities, the company page helps:

    • Distribute your company content like newsletters, articles, and press releases
    • Advertise on the platform
    • Create a central content repository for use by employees

    On to your personal profile

    Social networking is essential in connecting and building relationships on the platform. That means being able to engage your connections and followers is a necessity.

    Fortunately, your profile has these functionalities and more. A personal profile is also more alive and human-like, increasing the chances of successful social networking. After all, people buy people.

    Post Different Content Types

    Long story short, online content is about emotions and personal stories, not advertising. Users dont read but scan it, looking for something that would reflect their inner world when they scroll through a newsfeed. LinkedIn is about business, so brand storytelling is what you need to master.

    Tell your companys story, chapter by chapter, for readers to dive into the highest possible reality.

    Stories trigger emotions and therefore sell. Consider these rules:

    • Every story has a hero.
    • Every story has a plot.
    • Applying to core principles of human perception and thinking in stories, youll hook readers and get a positive emotional response from them.
    • Reflect human values in stories, and make sure your brands global goal resonates with them.
    • Stories need to be unexpected yet relevant to your brand.

    In the case of LinkedIn, tell your brand story through the following content types:

  • Blog posts: Introduce them with a personal comment to engage readers and make them crave more.
  • Case studies, research, and industry news: build awareness and trust, turning your company page into a reliable information source.
  • 3. How-to and list-style tips: They perform best on LinkedIn and get more likes and comments than other post types here.

    4. Company updates: Let people know whats in there for them and how your new features will help them succeed.

    For LinkedIn members to click on your content, make it educational, informative, and relevant to their interests.

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    Only Syndicate Your Unicorns

    Not every piece of content you write belongs on LinkedIn. So dont syndicate everything especially if youre publishing more than two articles per week around the web.

    Focus on your best stuff. Only use content that performed remarkably well elsewhere, whether it generated a lot of traffic for your blog or engagement on another social network.

    Your best content has already proven itself on one platform. That means it has a higher probability of doing well on LinkedIn as well.

    Share A Job Announcement

    How To Become a Thought Leader on LinkedIn

    Dont be scared to share a job posting. 49 million people use LinkedIn every day to search for jobs and six are hired every minute.

    Job announcement promote the social platform and signal to job hunters that opportunities are out there.

    While this will generate a ton of engagement, most of it is superficial. But it can help to garner more LinkedIn followers.

    Top tip:

    • If youre currently looking for a job dont be scared to use the Open To Work banner.
    • Respond to posts looking for freelancers in your industry.
    • Make sure your profile is up to date.

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    The Other Way: How Employees Can Share A Company Blog Article Using A Url

  • Navigate to a blog article on the company website.
  • Copy the URL from the browsers address bar
  • Navigate to a LinkedIn homepage / personal page to share the article.
  • Paste the URL. A preview of your link may automatically appear.
  • Add a personalized comment and @mention a person or company if needed
  • Adjust the Post Settings to be public or limited to only your LinkedIn Connections.
  • Post #2: Milestones And Accomplishments

    Have you reached a new chapter in your career? Have you earned a significant promotion and want to talk about it? LinkedIn is the perfect place for discussing corporate and personal accomplishments. Your LinkedIn posts may even serve as a documentary that follows your major milestones. Use it to celebrate the journey, and encourage others to do the same.

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    Create A Linkedin Post From The Agorapulse Asset Library

    If caption writing is typically the first step in your content creation workflow, then the steps above may be all you need for publishing LinkedIn posts. But if you prefer to start the process by choosing a photo or video, then creating a post from the Agorapulse Asset Library is more efficient.

    To get started, open your Asset Library and navigate to the right folder for your client or company. Then search for the image or video you want to publish. For example, your team might have separate folders for campaigns, clients, social networks, or other themes.

    When you find the right image or video, click the orange arrow and select Publish This Asset. The Publishing Composer will open automatically, so you can continue following the steps above to publish, schedule, or reschedule content to LinkedIn.

    Scheduling And Writing Content

    175. Reposting newsletter content on LinkedIn as a post or article

    Its important to publish posts on your LinkedIn Page regularly. According to LinkedIn, organizations that post at least monthly generally gain followers 6x faster than those that dont.

    We recommend posting content daily, either in the early morning, lunchtime, or early eveningthe three times Linkedin says its users are most active.

    Shorter copy performs best. But if you need to write a longer post, make it easier to digest by using bullet points or paragraph breaks.

    One engagement tactic is to name the audience youre trying to reach right in the copy of your posts. For example – Hey Travel Agents, heres what you should know about booking European Vacations.

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    @mention Connections Or Influencers

    A great way to get new eyes on your post is to @mention someone, particularly someone notable. Ideally, you want to have already formed a relationship with this person.

    You can also @mention a connection whos been influential to your business or your career. Perhaps they shared valuable advice. Maybe they wrote a book or featured you on their podcast, whatever.

    The goal is to get them to respond to or comment on your post. If they do this, your LinkedIn post is more likely to appear in their connections feed.

    Its just another trick that you can use to grow your network, and give a shoutout to those who have helped you in one way or another.

    Personal Profile Vs Company Page: Verdict

    Since being active and engaged is essential on LinkedIn, using your profile is the way to go here.

    Besides, a company page has low engagement rates following its faceless nature. Only about 10% of people engage with a LinkedIn business profile. Its not unusual for content posted on a personal profile to have a 1-5-2x reach than business profile updates.

    So personal it is. What do I post?

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    How To Write A Linkedin Post That People Will Read And Share

    A lot of people get bummed out by the lack of views, comments, shares, and likes they receive on their LinkedIn posts.

    They think I need to go viral to get a ton of clients.

    Understand that those people who go viral see an uptick in connections, but they dont lead to more sales or inbound messages. In reality, theyre bloating your LinkedIn connection list with a bunch of low-value leads. People who will never buy from you.

    Dont write a post to go viral. Write content your ideal customer wants to read.

    And make it easy for them to read. People skim read on social media no matter what industry they are in.

    A good LinkedIn post follows this framework.

    Example Of A Linkedin Share

    Repost a post â CourseNetworking

    As you can see, these appear similar. But in the share, a comment is passed along with the post. This allows the person sharing to @mention someone, such as in the example above, in which the author of the piece receives a shout-out.

    It also lets you add your thoughts on the article that you’re sharing: why someone should read the article, your general opinion on the piece, why you found it helpful, etc.

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    Why Post On Linkedin In The First Place

    Posting helps get the most out of LinkedIn. Every quality content you share on the platform increases your visibility to your target audience. Thus, the more active youre, the more visible youre.

    Creating and sharing content helps build your brand too. It provides a chance to share your career aspirations, interests, and probable future endeavors.

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