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How To Remove Photos From Facebook

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How To Remove Anything From A Photo In Photoshop

How To Delete Photos From Facebook

By Dan Havlik Updated July 14, 2022 Save This Article

Its one of the most common questions for those just learning Photoshop. How do you cleanly remove something distracting in the background or the foreground of an image?

Fortunately, Photoshop has gotten easier to use over the years, letting you, for example, erase a car in the background or ugly telephone wires above someones head without too much trouble. How is it done? Jesus Ramirez of the shares three ways to remove anything from a photo in Photoshop in the below video.

We will use three techniques that will allow you to remove distracting objects from your photos, Ramirez says in the clip at the bottom of this post. The first two techniques in this tutorial will allow you to remove small things from your photos. While the third technique will be more advanced and will allow you to remove anything from a photo using Photoshop.

The easiest way to remove a person or an object in Photoshop is with the Content-Aware Fill tool, which Ramirez has explained in-depth in a previous tutorial featured on Digital Photo. In the below video, he shows you how to use Content-Aware fill to remove a photo bomber from an image, i.e., someone who wasnt supposed to be in the original image but snuck into the shot.

How To Remove Your Location Data Before Sharing Photos

The problem is you cant rely on social media to automatically remove location data from photos you post online.

Currently Facebook automatically strips out the EXIF information from uploaded photos. They do this for privacy reasons. They also strip out the IPTC information that professional photographers insert . Twitter also do this, and Instagram to an extent, but some other social media dont. The situation may change in the future as the automatic removal of EXIF data from photos by Facebook has been successfully challenged under copyright law.

If you want to strip the information manually, eg before posting or emailing, you can flip the switch in your camera settings or use an online service from your browser or download software to your computer to batch delete EXIF information. If you google batch remove exif data youll be able to select an app that suits you. They are generally quicker and easier to use than a full graphics software program. If youre using your phone, go to the app store and search for exif to find apps that will quickly delete the information. ViewExif is a good one. Heres a good article on removing EXIF data from an iphone.

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