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How To Remove Phone Number From Linkedin Profile

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How To Change Mobile Number On Linkedin By Removing The Existing Number And Adding New One

How to remove a contact from the contacts list on LinkedIn®

Follow the below steps to change the mobile number on by removing the existing number and adding a new one through the mobile app.

Open mobile app.

Across the existing number, you could see the Cross icon. Click on the cross icon.

You are asked to enter your password. Enter the password.

The number will be removed

After the existing number gets removed, click on the Add phone number.

Fill in the details.

A six-digit number code will be sent to your mobile number to make the confirmation. Fill that code in the Enter your verification code and click Verify.

Now you can see your mobile number listed on .

If you are using on a laptop or desktop, then follow the below steps to change the mobile number on by removing the existing number and adding a new one through the browser.

Login to your profile.

Across the existing number you could see Make primary and Remove options. Click on the Remove option.

You will be asked to enter your password. Enter the password.

After the existing number gets removed, click on the Add phone number.

Fill in the details.

A six-digit number code will be sent to your mobile number to make the confirmation.

Fill that code in the Enter your verification code and click Verify.

More Essential Linkedin Profile Tips

1. What does your contact information say?ALL members1. Your email address.2. Website.3. Your Profile URL4. Address and twitter. A. Adding a New or Primary Email Address

  • You can have more than one email address but only one can be the Primary email address. All of your communications will be sent to your Primary email address.
  • If you only have one email address, and want to remove it…well, you can’t as then you would have no email address and no way of logging in. Instead you have to add a new email address, make that primary and then delete the one you don’t want

6. Check your email inbox. Confirm your email address by clicking the link – very important!7. Did you check your email? Did you confirm your email address by clicking the link? B. Removing an Email AddressC.Changing your Profile URLp.s. If you have a few minutes, check out my new online LinkedIn training platform ‘SmartFox Training‘ with a range of video courses created specifically to show anyone and everyone how to become a savvy and speedy LinkedIn user. Learn at your own pace, at home or on the go with easy to follow and step by step videos.

You Should Use Linkedin Privacy Settings Here’s How

The platform doesn’t just help you network it also monetizes user data

You join LinkedIn to share information with strangers or casual acquaintances, so it may seem like one social service where you don’t need to worry about adjusting your privacy settings.

But the company uses your data for more than helping you network. It employs member data for targeted advertising, and it can share that data with Microsoft, its parent company, along with third parties. LinkedIn generates billions of dollars in advertising revenue every year.

Remember, LinkedIn is a social media site, along the lines of Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. And as with all online services, it’s smart to pay attention to privacy and security.

The LinkedIn privacy settings described below can help you control what data the platform shares with other companies, and enhance your security. Additional settings under the Data privacy tab let you control how easy it is for other LinkedIn users to find your information.

We’re giving the directions for changing settings within a computer browser the controls are similar if you’re using the LinkedIn mobile app.

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How Long Does It Take For A Linkedin Account To Close

Once you close your Linkedin account, your data will stop appearing to other users on LinkedIn within 24 hours. However, it will take around 30 days for LinkedIn to close all your account data completely.

Here, you should note that your account may appear on search engines like Google and Bing even after a specific period. The apparent reason behind this is, search engines update slower than other individual websites. So, make sure to give it at least 14 days to clear all the caches and permanently delete your account.

Why It’s Important To Update Your Contact Details On Linkedin

Linkedin On Phone : How to remove my phone number from the Contacts ...

If you’ve been using LinkedIn for some time now, your contact information has likely changed over the years. Maybe your email address was updated, or you have a new phone number. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to make sure that your contact information is up-to-date.

This is especially important if you’re . If people are trying to reach out to you through LinkedIn, and they can’t find the correct contact information, they may not be able to get in touch with you.


Also, it’s a good idea to update your phone number and email address on LinkedIn in case you need to reset your password. The process of resetting your password is much easier if your contact information is up-to-date.

If you’re ready to update your phone number and email address on LinkedIn, follow the guide in the sections below

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What Happens After You Delete Your Linkedin Account

It takes LinkedIn up to seven days to remove all your information from its servers. However, as soon as you delete your account, all your contacts and profile information will be wiped.

This means that should you decide to return to LinkedIn again in future, you’ll need to start a completely new profile, and rebuild your endorsements and connections from scratch.

That said, even after those seven days have passed, there’s a chance you’ll still be able to see your LinkedIn account on search engines like Google and Bing. This is because search engines can update slower than individual websites. Just give it a few weeks, and search engines will eventually clear their caches and update their results.

LinkedIn does allow you to , should you want to retain any information after your account is closed.

Keep Your Account Safe From Hackers

Using a strong password is essential, but you can take your security further by turning on multifactor authentication, which the platform calls “two-step verification.” With this setting on, LinkedIn will send you a verification code to confirm your identity when someone tries to access your account from an unusual location, device, or browser. You can get codes using text messages, but the safest option is to set up an authentication app.

Turn on MFA: Click the Me icon near the top right corner > Settings & Privacy > Account preferences > Two-Step Verification > Turn On > Select your verification method.

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How To Control What Parts Of Your Linkedin Profile Are Visible To The Public

If you want your profile to be found in search engines and by non-LinkedIn users, but want to limit what they have access to viewing, you can do that through your profile as well. Here’s how:

  • Login to LinkedIn
  • Go back to the area marked “Your profile’s public visibility.”
  • You will see a series of categories that you can make public or private. If the item is visible, it will be marked “Show” and the button will be blue. To turn it off, click on the button to hide it. The button will turn gray.
  • To see what your profile now looks like to the public, click “View My Public Profile” as others see it link.
  • You can also customize who sees your profile photoyour connections, your network, all LinkedIn members or the public through search engines.

    Remember, the controls offered here are designed to limit access to people who are not a part of the LinkedIn community. Your connections and other LinkedIn members will be privy to information you provide.

    According To Linkedin You Should Add At Least One Mobile Phone Number To Your Account Here Is A Step By Step Guide You Can Follow To Add A Phone Number To Your Linkedin Account


    LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional network with millions of members. Creating a LinkedIn profile can give you better exposure. If you already have a profile in Linked then you should keep updating it. Refreshing the profile helps you in keeping the track of what you’ve done and where you’ve come from.

    According to LinkedIn, you should add at least one mobile phone number to your account. Add a phone number to help keep your account secure and be able to easily recover your account or reset your password if you have trouble signing in.

    Do you know how to add a phone number to your LinkedIn account? Here is a step by step guide which you can follow to add a phone number to your LinkedIn account.

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    How To Change Mobile Number On Linkedin By Adding A New Number Without Removing The Existing Number

    Follow the below steps to change the mobile number on by adding a new number without removing the existing number through the mobile app.

    Open LinkedIn mobile app.

    Fill in the details.

    A six-digit number code will be sent to your mobile number to make the confirmation. Fill that code in the Enter your verification code and click Verify.

    If you are using LinkedIn on a laptop or desktop, then follow the below steps to change the mobile number on without removing the existing number through the browser.

    Login to your Linkedin profile.

    Fill in the details.

    A six-digit number code will be sent to your mobile number to make the confirmation. Fill that code in the Enter your verification code and click Verify.

    List Of Tested Plugins In Alphabetic Order:


    URL: Chrome Extension

    BooleanAssistant is an email hunter and boolean generator. This extension has been on the market for some time, and in my 2017 test it got quite a good result, but after two years there is no visual or technical improvement. This extension only searches for email addresses, so dont expect any phone numbers.


    URL: Chrome Extension

    ContactOut is another application that I tested in 2017. In my previous test, they took second place among the tested Chrome extensions, and their performance in this test is still good.

    ContactOut extension delivers multiple email addresses for contacts, providing a mix of professional and personal emails, together with phone numbers and social networks.

    Find That Email

    URL: Chrome Extension

    Find That Email will help to find the email addresses of professionals in millions of companies worldwide. This plugin is focused only on email addresses so you will not find any phone numbers. They offer not only a Chrome extension but also a bulk email finder and email verifier. This extension will also help you find emails from your browser on various social networks.

    Get Email

    URL: Chrome Extension

    Get email was created by two French engineers, who use big data and machine learning algorithms to find email addresses. Its effortless to use this plugin, and if the persons email doesnt work, their system will tell you.



    URL: Chrome Extension


    URL: Chrome Extension



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    Are These Chrome Plugins A Linkedin Competitor

    There wont be any true LinkedIn alternative anytime soon. It will cost a lot of money to build and lets face it people are lazy. When you create your profile on LinkedIn, and you already have your network there, why you should go somewhere else to build something new?

    These plugins that I mentioned in this article have significant potential, and some of them are going to become interesting sourcers for recruiters, especially when they help you to find people who are not on LinkedIn. And those plugins that are already offering some ATS solutions already have an advantage against other plugins that dont have any CRM/ATS solution.

    I was always interested in ATS solutions there even was a time when I wanted to build one. Having a good ATS is an essential tool for every company, and many companies are still not using an ATS, or their ATS is not good at all. I still see a lot of potential on the ATS market for companies.

    LinkedIn sees the potential too, and thats why they recently shared that they built their ATS solution. That was a brilliant move from LinkedIn. Imagine an ATS that is with LinkedIn, so companies using that ATS could get a notification when somebody from their candidates in the DB turns on I am looking for a job on LinkedIn. These things could give their customers a fantastic advantage and reduce time to fill. .

    How Do I Setup My Linkedin Profile As A Fresher

    How to remove my phone number from the Contacts Info on LinkedIn
  • Create Your Profile at least 48 hours in advance
  • The second step is to create a custom profile URL.
  • Pick a photo that perfectly represents your profile.
  • #3 Get the Headline Right.
  • The 5th step should be to summarize your thoughts effectively.
  • Make sure that the section on your experience can be optimized
  • There are 7 Keywords.
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    Delete Linkedin Connections On Desktop

    If you are on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, use the LinkedIn website to delete connections.

    To start, open your web browser and launch the site. Log in to your account on the site.

    In the top bar of LinkedIn, click My Network to view your connections.

    In the left sidebar, click Connections.

    You will see all your LinkedIn connections. Find the person to remove, and next to that persons name, click the three dots.

    From the menu that opens, select Remove Connection.

    A Remove Connection box will open. At the bottom of this box, click Remove.

    And you are all set. Your selected person has been removed from your LinkedIn connections list.

    You can also remove a connection through the persons profile page. To do so, open that persons profile page on LinkedIn. Then, click the More > Remove Connection option.

    Confirm the prompt and your connection will be removed. Enjoy!


    Are These Plugins And Solutions Worthy

    Imagine that you are not going to use them on LinkedIn at all and you will be accessing LinkedIn through a different browser, so you are not going to break LinkedIns terms. Then these plugins could help you to find hidden talents on various other websites.

    Most recruiters tend to rely on LinkedIn because it is a known environment for them, candidates are there, and they can easily contact them. If you take the global labor workforce, around 3.5 billion people are working worldwide, and only 600 million of them are on LinkedIn. .

    Based on the data, around of the 82% labor workforce is not present on LinkedIn yet. Of course, some countries like the US, UK, etc. have a more significant percentage of people on LinkedIn than other countries. But globally there are 82% of people who are hidden to recruiters that only use LinkedIn.

    I did some tests on various sites some years ago I found that around 5% of users on these sites are fake accounts created by bots . Some 18% of the total global workforce could be on LinkedIn, but the real percentage could be even smaller because there are also fake profiles.

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    Stay Anonymous When You Browse Other Profiles

    There are two options: The first lets the other person know that someone at your company or with your job description viewed their profile. The second will only tell the other person an “Anyonymous LinkedIn member” took a look.

    There’s a disincentive, though. If you turn on this privacy setting, you won’t be able to see who’s been viewing your profile, and it will erase your viewer history.

    To stay anonymous as you browse: Click the Me icon near the top right corner > Settings & Privacy > Data privacy > Profile viewing options > Select the option of your choice.

    How To Delete Linkedin Account On Pc

    add phone number to linkedin account

    Step 1: To delete LinkedIn account, sign in by entering the username and the password. On the top right hand side corner, you can find the “Me” tab. From the “Me” tab drop down menu, you can go to Settings & Privacy. Now, under the “Account” tab find the “Account Management” option.

    Step 2: Next, to “Close your LinkedIn account” find the “Change” option and click on it. You will get a warning if you are a premium member that without canceling the premium membership, you cannot close LinkedIn account. Click on “Youâll need to convert it to a Basic membership” option to reach the membership cancelation page.

    Step 3: Then, you need to click on the answer why you wish to delete LinkedIn account from the options available like I have a duplicate account, I’m getting too many emails, I’m not getting any value from my membership, I have a privacy concern, I’m receiving unwanted contact, and Other. At the bottom of the page, click on “Next”. You are asked to enter your password. Now, click on Close “Close Account”.

    This automatically deletes LinkedIn account officially but, it takes few more weeks to remove LinkedIn account from the search engines as well.

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    How To Close Linkedin Account On Android Phone

    If you wish to close LinkedIn account on Android phone, thereâs nothing to worry about. It is very similar to how you delete LinkedIn account on PC.

  • At first, tap on the LinkedIn app and then click on the displayed profile picture. Next, on the top right corner you can find the Settings tab, tap on it. From the Account icon, click on Close Account.
  • A message appears if you wish to “continue”, so tap on the continue option.Once you click on the continue option, a similar message like the above in delete LinkedIn account from PC appears as to why you wish to close LinkedIn account. Click on any one reason for leaving LinkedIn and then, proceed to tap “Next”. It asks for your password to ensure itâs you and for the security of your account and once entering the password is complete, tap “done”.
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