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How To Remove Inactive Followers On Instagram

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How To Find And Remove Bots

Cleaner App for Instagram – How to Remove Ghost/Inactive Followers

Bots can be easily identifiable on Instagram.

Heres what a bot account looks like:

  • No profile picture

These are the number of factors you should take into consideration to identify a bot.

However, you need to make sure to go through each person meticulously.

This is because there could be real people that have all of these factors but bots that dont.

So, you shouldnt jump to conclusions.

How To Delete Ghost Followers On Instagram

If you decide to get rid of ghost followers, we advise you to do it manually. There are three reasons for avoiding third-party apps for deleting Instagram ghosts from your account.

  • Your account may be hacked afterwards. Using all these magic apps promising to solve your problem with ghost followers is not safe. They require you to enter your account data. You never know how they use this information.
  • The apps are aimed to delete only bots. But there are a lot of profiles among you followers, who are real but don’t give you photos likes. They also should be deleted.
  • The apps can delete a profile by mistake. They deem any account with near zero followers and followings, and no profile photo to be a bot. But these accounts may belong to a real person who gives you likes and comments. They should remain among your followers.

How Do I Cleanse My Account Of Ghost Followers

Weve searched long and hard for a program that not only identifies ghost followers, but can remove them in bulk without fear of blocking those real followers who dont post regularly.Sadly were yet to find a safer process than simply manually browsing your followers one by one and blocking any that appear suspicious.If you think this process requires patience, youre right. However, weve seen influencers who have cleansed their account successfully rejoin TRIBE and have even more success as a result of their improved engagement.

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How To Remove Instagram Followers

Ready to get rid of those fake followers?

Good choice.

If youre going to make yourself as attractive as possible for potential collaborations, cleansing your followers is an absolute must but be warned, there are no real shortcuts that are as effective as rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself.What about apps that automatically unfollow ghost followers on Instagram?

There are ghost follower apps out there that promise to help you remove fake Instagram followers but its important that any third-party apps and sites you use are just used as a rough guide.


Well, deleting ghost followers is something youre going to want to dedicate a bit of time to to ensure youre doing it thoroughly and safely. The battle between bot accounts and detection tools is very real and unless youre willing to put in some hard work yourself, youll never be absolutely certain the spammers havent managed to avoid detection.

How To Remove Fake Or Inactive Followers On Instagram With Follower Insight

How To Remove Ghost Or Inactive Followers On Instagram Mashnol

Follower Insight is another great application available, though, only for Android which can be used to analyze in detail the personal profile of and also see false or inactive people. It is a free application which, however, presents several advertising banners and every now and then mini spots appear which can be closed after a few seconds by pressing on X. Alternatively, you can purchase the premium version which removes the ads for the cost of 2,49 .

That said, let’s see how to make the most of it:

  • From your Android device, proceed with the download of Follower Insight from the Google Play Store and launch it once the installation is complete.
  • From the screen that appears, fill in the fields username e Password by entering the correct credentials, click on the empty box next to I agree the Terms & Privacy Policy and tap up Login to access the main software screen.
  • After a brief analysis carried out by Follower Insight, scroll the screen slightly and press on Ghost followers.
  • Now you just have to tap on each ghost profile to access its page and choose whether to block it or not by pressing on 3 dots top right, up Block and then Yes, I confirm per confermare l’operazione.

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How To Find Ghost Followers For Free On Instagram

Your Quick Answer:

You might notice a large number of followers on your profile and many of those could be ghost followers, the followers whose accounts are inactive or no longer in use.

Well, the situation is always an issue on the way to finding the perfect solution to this in order to get rid of these accounts from your Followers tab.

These fake followers are the burden on your follower list who are inactive for a long time. If you are finding ways to get rid of these fake followers from your Instagram account then there are many apps available to delete or unfollow these fake followers in one Tap.

Ghost followers on Instagram are generally fake followers which serve a large number on your followers list but if you need only genuine ones then you have to remove these.

The increased amount of followers may increase your social status, but once a ghost follower is spying on your profile then you should remove those in order to protect your privacy.

Directly with a few steps, you can find the inactive ghost followers on Instagram.

I Found A Site To Help Me

Wed recommend you use third party sites that give you an online inactive follower percentage as a guide only, and work through your audience to check each account for accuracy. For larger accounts, its worth splitting up the followers into smaller groups. This may help you accurately pick up where you left off.Also worth implementing what we call the alphabet strategy and utilise the handy search bar in your followers to go through every follower from A to Z.

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How Ghost Followers Affect Influencers

Ultimately, brands partner with influencers to reach an audience that is interested in their product and, hopefully, willing to buy it.

Having a large number of followers may first attract different types partners. Reputable brands, on the other hand, will definitely notice the difference in engagement rate to followers count.

If an influencers numbers appear to be polluted by ghost activity, they may lose out on partnership opportunities.

As a result, if youre just getting started as an influencer, its best to grow your account organically in order to secure lucrative partnership offers.

When Can I Re

How To Remove Ghost / Inactive Followers on Instagram 2020! WORKING 100%

We would love you to apply to rejoin TRIBE once youve sufficiently cleansed your account, but we recommend waiting at least 30 days to properly review your followers. Simply contact to re-apply to TRIBE.It may take our Risk & Compliance team up to two weeks to review your account, but rest assured we want you back in as soon as possible.

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Dont Pay For Engagement

Instead of taking the time to manually delete all those ghost followers, some users opt to improve their engagement rate by purchasing likes, comments, and Instagram Story views. But while this may boost your metrics in the short-run, its not a sustainable practice, and soon youll be right back to where you started.

Determine What Your Audience Wants To See

If youre posting the wrong content, the simplest way to fix that is to start posting what your audience wants to see. An indication that you are posting the wrong content for your audience is if some of your posts have a good engagement rate.

If you scroll through your feed and notice that you have posts here and there with high engagement, its likely that your other posts just arent quite what your audience is looking for!

This is an excellent thing as its an easy fix.

Posting content that appeals to your audience will definitely improve your engagement rate and help turn those ghost followers into engaged fans of your account.

Understanding what your audience wants to see can be done in a variety of different ways! You can ask them directly what they want to see more of, you can create a poll on your Instagram story or you can go back and evaluate what type of content performed well in the past and replicate it.

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How Instagram Ghosts Can Be Harmful To Your Account

As I mentioned above, if the only thing that matters for you is the number of your followers, and you dont expect them to engage with your content, then you shouldnt be worried about having inactive Instagram followers on your page.

But if you want to to promote your products and services, or you are an influencer who aims to collaborate with different brands, then you might face serious consequences as a result.

these days businesses, with the help of several analytic tools, can analyze influencers pages and determine their authenticity.

Having a large number of Inactive Instagram followers will decrease the chance of your partnership with them.

Moreover, even casual users can spot it, if the number of your followers doesnt match the amount of engagement you get.

They will start questioning the authenticity of your page, and you will lose your credibility. Imagine an Instagram page with 10k followers with only 100-150 active users who engage on the posts!

Another drawback of having a substantial number of non active Instagram followers is that it lowers the engagement rate, and Subsequently, fewer people will see your posts.

Also, it prevents you from analyzing the actual performance of your page. So what should you do about it?

Use some Instagram cleaning tactics!

In this process, you can include fake accounts, ghost followers and inactive followers, or whomever you dont want on your page anymore!

Why Do You Need To Look For A Way To Remove Followers On Instagram

How To Remove Ghost or Inactive Followers on Instagram

I think the problem starts with this, we all want to see a higher number of followers on our Instagram accounts.

We cant deny the fact that its so gratifying when we see that Instagram follower count goes up, right?

Well, its amazing if you, which means they are people who are genuinely interested in your Instagram page and engage with your content. But what if there would be a significant number of non active Instagram followers among them?

If that is the case then youd better find some ways to get rid of those so-called Instagram ghosts as soon as possible before your page gets in trouble!

Obviously, you cant benefit from a bunch of inactive Instagram users who dont like your posts, leave a comment, share them, and essentially dont show any vital signs on your page, as if they are dead!

But how do non active Instagram followers hurt your account and your credibility to Instagram?

Just look at your Instagram analytics and see if the ped lately, it speaks for itself.

Now before going further and making it clear, lets define the phenomenon of , then I go for some ways to find inactive Instagram followers and introduce you to the best tools to remove followers on Instagram quickly.

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How Do You Recognize By Yourself If You Need To Do A Mass Unfollow Process On Instagram

Here is what your follower/following percentage speaks about you based on Work macro, the number signifies the percentage of your following related to the number of followers you have 400 is 0.5x of 1,000, 500-1,000 is 0.5-1x of 1,000, etc.

0.5 Spammer: If you are not acquainted with Instagram automation tools and are spamming followers in hope for follows back then you wont get genuine followers.

0.5-1 Suspicious: If you are used to , but you are following the fake user or have low quality content in your post then it will enhance to poor follow back rates.

1-2 Normal: If you have already benefited with Instagram automation then you should keep an eye on other approaches to gain more engagement.

10+ instagram Influencer: Likely to be rising celebrities that are famous on other social media pages.

If you are in between 0.5 Spammer or 0.5-1 suspicious group and you need to put some reliability to your page, that time you need to mass unfollow on Instagram.

How To Turn Inactive Followers Into Active Followers

Turning your inactive followers into active ones is a better option than removing them.

These followers may be inactive because they havent been enjoying your content recently, at which point they may have muted you.

A simple solution to this issue is to engage with their content.

Leave real comments on their posts and express your appreciation for their content via direct messages.

Make sure you are not engaging with a fake account.

People are more likely to reciprocate if you engage with their content.

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How To Find And Get Rid Of Inactive Or Ghost Followers On Instagram

There are many ways at your disposal to find inactive followers. You can manually find your inactive followers and get rid of them or use third-party software.

Please note that if you use a third-party app, then exercise caution.

Instagram does not approve such services, so you can find yourself in hot waters if caught by Instagram. There are horror stories of people losing their Instagram accounts only because they used these services without being mindful.

Real People Or Inactive Followers

How To Find your Inactive / Ghost Followers on Instagram | Instagram Tips and Tricks

Lets talk for a second about two types of inactive Instagram followers: real people, and robots.

You will easily be able to recognize an inactive profile as a robot, because they usually dont have a profile picture, and they wont have too many posts on their Instagram feed.

Their comments will be generic and pretty similar to one another, and they wont have too many people following them.

They will be using a wired username, and they will have unattractive, low-quality images.

Despite this, you need to do your research well, and check these profiles carefully, because there are some people that could include all of these features on their profile.

However, what really matters at the end of the day is your overall goal, which is finding people that are actually going to interact with your content.

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How To Find Inactive Followers Or Ghost Followers

There are two well-known methods to find inactive Instagram followers on your profile and the easiest way in our opinion is the solution that Instagram offers its users.

Instagram has figured out a way to recognize people who are sitting inactive on your profile by including lists of most shown in feed, and least interacted with that you can find on the app both for Android and iOS.

This is a great way to see which of your followers arent actually interacting with your content anymore.

So, if you want to use the Instagram app to figure out who is a ghost follower on your profile, then follow the below instructions.

  • Go to the Instagram app.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Select following, where you will see the two categories we just discussed: least interacted with and most shown in feed.
  • The least interacted with option will provide a list of profiles that interacted with you the least during the last 90 days.

    The most shown in feed option is going to include a list of all the profiles that were most active on your profile during the last 90 days.

    The thing about going through and checking your followers one by one to discover who is a ghost follower and who is real is its going to be challenging and a big waste of your time.

    This is why we suggest the second method, which is choosing a third-party company that can help you with the process.

    How To Find Inactive But Real Followers On Instagram

    Inactive Instagram accounts do nothing for you other than raise your follower count.

    If you use Instagram to promote your products, they wont buy the products you promote or comment on your posts.

    In short, they never interact with your content.

    On Instagram, there is a wonderful feature called Least Interacted With.

    Instagram essentially presents a list of the profiles with which you have had the least interaction.

    If a person is on the list, it is likely that they have not engaged with your content.

    To see the least interacted followers:

  • Tap on your profile icon on the bottom right
  • Tap on Followers
  • Tap on Least Interacted With
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    Brands Know How To Tell If Someone Has Fake Followers

    You might be able to splash the cash if an impulse purchase jumps out at you from the sale rail when youre shopping but marketing teams just cant.

    Every penny or pound spent on an advertising campaign needs to be justified and when it comes to paying influencers, a big part of that justification is proving that the account theyre planning to use represents a good ROI.

    You know what ghost followers look like and so do the marketing teams that take a look at your follower lists. You could get in touch with your favourite brand with the best email and look like the best influencer thats ever knocked on their door but if your followers look suspicious, they wont waste their time on you.

    What Are Instagram Ghost Followers

    How To Remove Ghost or Inactive Followers on Instagram

    Ghost followers are inactive or fake Instagram accounts that may follow you, contributing to your overall follower count. However, they never interact with your content.

    Sometimes these accounts are created by real people who simply dont use their account. However, theyre often social bots with no actual users behind them.

    These accounts exist because people are willing to pay for followers, which has created a market for follower accounts. All those fake followers must be created though, and this process is often automated.

    Just because you didnt purchase them doesnt mean these fakes arent lurking in your follower count. In 2019, the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance conducted an and found that up to half of all the accounts following celebrities like Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ariana Grande werent real at all.

    All large Instagram profiles have some percentage of ghost followers, says David Dundas, founder of influencer marketing agency HelloConvo. He estimates that 10% to 20% of brand accounts followers are fakes.

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